29.The punishment

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29.The punishment29.The punishment Notes from Dawn written up by EdHaving done a lot of spanking and the occasional slipper or paddle, on one visit master, Ray, decided it was time to up the stakes and use a cane, he also decided that it should be in front of Andy to demonstrate my submissiveness. Just as I was about to leave the masters house, he told me that he had decided this was to happen the following weekend. I drove home with my heart racing at the thought of what Andy my husband would think. We soon sat having a coffee me recalling the things the master had done that day for Andy who enjoys the thought of the master using me. I explained that the master had said that he wished Andy to attend the next weekend and that he was going to cane me, something that had not happened before. There was a moments silence then Andy asked if that was what I really wanted. I replied that as was what master wanted and that I trusted him and was willing to do it, although I was apprehensive as to the pain it would cause.I told him it was as much to test his mental strength as mine, and that the master had said he was to ready me and present me to him then he was to witness my punishment.Andy said that he wasn`t really keen on me being hurt, but if that was what I really wanted then fair enough he would go along with it.There were five whole days to the punishment, and I knew I would need to keep busy to avoid my resolve weakening, I kept telling myself for Ray I would do whatever it took, ,.On the third day he rang me, Andy was out as Ray well knew he would be and I had just returned from work.My heart leapt as I took the call hoping against hope he was about to tell me He had been joking and that he just wanted to see my reaction.Nothing of the sort, he wanted to know if we were ok for the weekend.I said we were and that Andy though not keen was going along with it for me. He said that leaves just the question of the number of strokes.My heart missed a beat, I asked in a whisper what he suggested, and was dum-struck when he said 25 strokes, I said I could not possibly take that amount of pain, so we began a bidding war, he starting at 20 me at 6, we finally came to 12 but he warned me that at least half would be full power strokes as I had bargained him down from his 25 goal. I knew I dare not tell Andy of the call, as he would have I am sure, refused to allow such a harsh sentenceHe rang off after saying he was looking forward to my screams as there would be no gag. I stood telephone in hand stunned that I had offered my tender arse to my master for 12 stripes of the cane, imagining the pain involved.My sex was wet with the thought as I replaced the receiver.On the day Andy helped me to get ready. First Andy shaved me as he always does before sending me to the master, and then I showered, before gently and with care he dried my body, dusting me with talc, his hands caressing my backside as if knowing what was to happen to the pink cheeks his hand slid across. He then assisted me to dress, as I stood for him in the clothes I had carefully chosen; hold up fishnets, so no suspenders to impede proceedings, a small black thong which barely covered my freshly shaven cunt and left my whole arse exposed for the masters cane, finally a black lacy shelf bra, just for effect. I put on my 5 osmaniye escort inch heels and stood for Andy to fit and locked my collar in place and to admire his handy-work.His eyes asked again if I was really going to give myself to this man to inflict such pain, so I kissed him and said “It was what Ray wanted”A final trip to the loo, empty my bladder, not wishing to lose control under the cane, just too humiliating.I put on a short coat and when he had opened the doors, headed quickly out to Andy`s car, not wishing to be seen by neighbours, the tops of my legs feeling distinctly cool and exposed. On the drive there Andy didn`t say a word and I was starting to feel nervous. Fifteen long minute`s saw us on Rays drive. Andy pulled up fairly close to the house and walked round to open my door. Before he got me out he attached the lead to the collar then he led me to the door, we stood me feeling very exposed till Ray opened the door, we stepped inside and Andy took off my coat and handed the lead to my master saying “this belongs to you” a sure sign of his subservience though I did note the reference to me as “this!” thinking you will suffer for that my lad.The master nodded, looked me up and down, nodded his approval to Andy, pointed my coat to a hanger in the hall and with a curt “follow me” he led us upstairs.I was glad there was no waiting as by now my nerves were getting the better of me. We went straight upstairs my shaking legs finding the stairs steep, he led us to his playroom.As we got into the room it suddenly started to feel real, by now I was feeling very nervous and my legs were like jelly, Ray and I alone knew the sentence and I was now terrified just as he wanted me.I could see Andy just stood there looking dumbstruck, as my Master placed a chair in the middle of the room ordering me to stand against the back of it and bend over, and grab hold of the front legs; luckily I didn’t need to remove any clothes as my now shaking fingers would have needed help. I did as asked, the chair back rough on my tummy, my backside feeling very vulnerable, my brain whirling through a million thoughts all centred on what was about to happenRay produced 4 large cable ties which he passed to Andy telling him to fix my wrists and ankles to the chair but only if he was ok with my master going through with the whole 12 stroke punishment. By now I was feeling real terror my tummy churning as Andy walked round me and looked straight in my eyes, he now knew the sentence, shocked though he was he knew there was no need to ask, I would not want to refuse my master, I just managed to nod. He later said that as he placed the ties in place, his stomach was now doing somersaults at the thought of what he was condemning me too knowing now what was to happen and he remembered thinking ‘god knows what Dawn must be going through waiting the pain she knows is to come !’As he stooped to secure my last wrist I silently mouthed to Andy that I loved him. He nodded his actions telling me it was mutual. He returned to Ray and was given the choice of standing behind me or in front.He didn`t want to see the pain on my face or my tears so he chose to stand behind me out of my line of sight, I was glad as I would have cracked much earlier seeing his face during the caning.Ray now picked up escort osmaniye a cane and swished it about then took a stand behind me and started to stroke my arse and rub a finger between my cheeks, the touch was electric and I knew now where the first blow would strike. I sensed him standing back the cane in hand now just touching the target, positioning it, savouring the moment we all knew was it was about to strike .Andy said later that He drew back and swiped at me, the sound a ‘splat’ as the cane struck, my body twitching and arching with the pain had Part of him exited and part fearful not knowing wether to stop the punishment that he knew I had agreed to or just stand and watch me suffer.For me that stroke was a red hot shaft of pain across my seat, instant heat, I am sure I cried out but could not remember, My arms, pulling automatically against the bindings, my body wriggling as best it could with the pain. Before I could draw breath there was a second, then a third. God my arse! I desperately wanted to scream but knew that would show weakness, and for Andy I wanted to be brave.There was a slight pause then again the fourth blow struck, Ray taking more time now, putting more force behind the stroke, each one aimed just in a different line. To Andy`s horror a red wield on the pink of my backside showed each hit. My whole arse now on fire, I lost count, I bit my lip, wishing I had a gag, tear`s began to form waiting for the next blow to fall praying the each would be the last, have mercy Ray I knew he wouldn`t, and I knew I was losing control.Andy said later my bum had been red all over since the seventh blow and I began to cry at the 9th or 10th blow, He said he was shaking. He felt sorry for me but exited at the same time, never once could he take his eyes from the marks slowly appearing across my buttocks, and had no idea if Ray was enjoying the experience at all. The 11th blow fell, God please, no more, tears falling now, sobs, gasping for breath , the last blow ripped across my skin like fire, there was silence save for my gasps and sobs, head shaking with pain fingers gripping tight to the legs of that chair, desperate to clasp my hands to my backside, expectant that they would release me.Behind me, silently Ray passed Andy a pot of soothing cream.I felt gentle hands smearing cream onto my poor hot and marked backside, me desperately trying to pull myself together,As he put it onto me the cream felt cold, balm to my hot skin, he could feel the heat from my arse through his hand,Ray then took the cream and took over, wiping his hands in the jar and then dribbled some at the top of my arse so it ran down the crack, his hands rubbed the cream in, and his fingers strayed to my very wet pussy,I had not noticed how excited I was, the pain being so intense, his finger found my clit, immediately I began an almighty climax, cum running from me like a waterfall my body relaxing despite the severe pain, it was over I was proud that I had taken so much, proud of Andy showing his love by standing by accepting my need for this pain, and accepting that I was someone else`s for that moment in time.I was left still secured as Ray saw a surprised Andy to the door, he was to leave me to my fate, a severe test for any man , my pride at his acceptance of Ray`s superiority osmaniye escort bayan over both him and his wife being overwhelming.Andy said they paused at the bottom of the stairs Ray gave him my coat and said that “she won’t be requiring that, not even to wear home, tomorrow.” He made no other comment, not a word about the punishment, or the fact that Andy had delivered me to him, or that I had submitted my body in such a way, he just opened that door and ushered Andy out.The door closed and Andy found himself on the gravel drive there was nothing he could now do, so in a daze he left and drove home wondering what fate was in store for his wife and how she was going to get home, spending the hours alone wondering if I was still in bondage or having more punishment, being screwed front or back, mouth or arse, he said it was exquisite mental, sexual torture.Me, I was having time to think, there`s not a lot else you can do secured as I was; that cane had hurt badly, I was glad I had done it, I was feeling proud and even a little pleased. Here I was still secured, vulnerable, at my master`s total and utter control; would he decide to give me more pain, or pleasure, there was nothing I could do or say to change my future, I was his heart soul and body. That feeling is delicious, fantastic, beyond words.As he returned feeling of dread came over me, he kissed me and went from my line of vision. To my relief His finger found my rosebud, and then slipped into my body fetching me to another small climax it would not be the last.The rest of the weekend was spent with master using me for his pleasure, Fucked for most of it, a lot of the time in bondage, I was tied and teased without rest till the next evening, there was no relief except for food and drink, the man was unstoppable, climax after climax came and went, all count was lost, I was used and exhausted when finally he told me to dress. Having just my underclothes, he offered me a tea-shirt to cover my body as best I could. It hardly covered my striped arse.We waited in the front hall for a taxi, one he had trusted and used before, he kissed me goodbye, thrust my lead into my hand and pushed me from the door having finished with me.Like Andy I found the door closed and me outside on the gravel driveFeeling well used I scurried to the taxi glad of the failing light.How we didn`t crash going home I will never know as the driver didn`t take his eyes off me, his eyes asking a million questions that were still unanswered when I scrambled from the car and into my own home, less the neighbours could see.When I got in a relieved Andy met me at the door, we just hugged and I gushed thank you and I love you.I was Happy that I had done it tired and in need of a hot showerWe went to bed where I showed him my marked arse which his fingers ran over time and again then we fell asleep cuddling up together, knowing that if Ray called we would do it over again at the drop of a hat.. What`s in it for Andy? Well he loves the feeling of being powerless, wondering what`s happening to me, being deprived of his wife and in a lot of cases an orgasm as I have him wear a chastity device for long periods. Do I love my husband, emphatically yes, more than anything in this world, but I obey my master who makes me feel totally controlled, sexually alive, used yes, but with him I achieve climaxes I didn’t believe possible. I love the feeling of helplessness when I am restrained andYes I have been punished since, it happens often now, but not always with Andy there and never as severely as this the first time.

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