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265 A CUCKOLDS DISTRESS Part3265 A CUCKOLDS DISTRESS Part3Nan and Micky went upstairs to wash and change, it was Sunday and as Terry her master had just left the house and they knew they needed to return to more mundane things. In the bedroom while slipping his braces onto his shoulders Micky glanced at his wife as she lifted her nightdress to remove it and caught sight of her bruised and marked backside, with its pattern of welts. His jaw dropped open, and he sat on the bed with a thump his braces forgotten. “whatever did he do to you my gal, your arse is a rare pattern of damage!” She turned to him and gently sat beside him explaining that she had “asked him to give her the belt good and hard” and “had enjoyed every caress of the leather,” but she suspected she would receive far worse in these films, but only if he agreed, adding “ it was nothing to what she dearly hoped they would do to her, but that though naturally she was nervous she was so looking forward to it, but it was exciting too, just anticipating her discomfort for some strange reason she didn’t really understand… and it would be paying well which was a bonus, so she was `happy to endure it’ if, that was the word for having fantastic sexual excitement. But, he must realise he would need to be tolerant and care for her wounds each time, and that it was her wish, to be used, if this whole thing was to work.”He ran his fingers across the top of the welts that she was not actually sat on, and asked “if she really and truly enjoyed the experience or was she just doing it to pay off their debts?” Which she affirmed that she had, “had a fantastic orgasm just from the belting” and that “it, having taken her back right to her c***dhood and her teens and it was great fun”For a moment or two he sat just mulling over the whole situation then he said, “look lass, I will agree to the films all the time you really are happy, but, and it’s a big but, if your once are of a mind to stop, have had enough or whatever then that’s it, you stop, no question about it, and we will manage somehow, just don’t do it for me, or the money, do it for you, though I won`t deny it turns me on big time, just watching or hearing about it,!”She kissed him, and the trousers were soon off once again as they made love, her on top, and his hands sliding gently over her welts the whole time.It was on the Wednesday mid-morning that the parcel arrived by post, a negligee of the finest green silk, with matching bra and knickers, a pair of the finest hold up stockings, rare at that time, and a card that said…to my lover, and I hope these will suit. And it was signed, ‘T.’ She sat aghast at the enormity of the gift, knowing the price of such a fine set.When Micky came home she showed him and he too was a little surprised at the expensive gift, especially when she explained about the pair of knickers, and what he had said as he threw hers on the fire!She showed him the card, and they noticed on the back it was a business card, it said `The erotic clothing company,’ and had a telephone number which, when they checked they realised was the one he had rung to talk to Terry, so Micky said, “he thought Terry must work for them and had got a staff discount!”She tried the silks on and they fitted perfectly, which instantly meant to her that he must have checked her sizes at some time during his stay, which also meant that he had been in her underclothing drawer such as it was and must have seen her collection of presentable but tatty, hard won workaday underwear, which made her colour up a little with embarrassment.It was soon Friday once more, and after tea they were surprised to hear the door knocked. It was Terry, neither were expecting him till the next evening, and were not dressed for meeting folk, Micky in his old work trousers and a vest, having just washed, and Nan in an old dress, just having done the plates from tea. Terry seemed unruffled and told her to dress herself in her new undies, do her hair and to be ready to go and meet someone in an hour, then he sat down in her armchair and drank tea with Micky, chatting about mundane stuff like the rain in the week and the traffic ,also adding he had an audition arranged for Nan and they would no doubt be late back and not to wait up, and that he would not be staying over .In just under the hour she appeared, looking her finest, knickers in hand asking should she wear these or not. He smiled and said, yes, she should wear them but that he was glad to see she had asked. She slid into the garment then they swept out leaving Micky to the lonely fireside and Dick Barton on the radio.Outside at the kerb sat a hard-top E type jaguar, all in silver blue, and polished to perfection, to her surprise he unlocked it, opened the passenger door and ushered her in, before taking the driver`s seat and whisking her from the little terraced street with a roar that thrilled both her and the neighbour`s k**s, playing hopscotch on the pavement.She felt like royalty as she wallowed in the leather seat, feeling a million dollars, though with a belly full of butterflies as she rode to meet her nemesis.It took 25 minutes to the factory yard, where the sign said `The erotic clothing company, and under that it said; wholesale warehouse not open to the general public! A man unlocked the gate locking it behind them once more, he approached Terry and said that “Philip was here and was waiting in the office and the camera and gear would be ready in ten more minutes, he was nearly set up!” Terry thanked him, led her from the car and into the big building, then on through the storage area, millions of garments all flimsy and all female, lined the place, some hung on rails, some boxed, but all items of a standard Nan had only ever dreamed of or seen in shop window displays knowing she could never have afforded them, In a whirl they arrived at the offices, and through a door marked on a brass plate as the office of MR T. TERRY. MANAGING DIRECTOR. He swept inside in a familiar way, sat her down and pressed a button on the intercom saying, “Were here Philip” then without waiting for a reply poured a drink`s from a cabinet to his left.He passed her the glass and sat with a wry smile on his face waiting for the entrance of Philip, and savouring her confusion and in reply to her unspoken question, saying gently that “yes, it was his company, and that he was delighted that he could have given her the impression that he was just a worker, it pleased him to do that on bahis firmaları occasions, and not please to give him away to Lina, as some mystery keeps women like her interested!”She in turn sat somewhat bewildered, sipping her drink and taking in the opulence of the office, his position in the company, and her reason for being sat, waiting for Philip, whoever he was!She had not long to wait, a knock, and to his call of “come” the door opened on a huge well-dressed negro, black as hearse, and easily 6ft tall, broad as a house, and blocking the light from the corridor as he lurched into the room, closing the door and standing at the end of the big desk smiling at her and extending her his hand. “Andy is nearly ready sir” He said.Terry grinned at her shocked look, then introduced the man as Philip, saying he would be her man tonight, and the `other one’, that’s Andy who let us in, will be your cameraman, we shall be making a trial film and if we are all happy you will come onto the pay-role proper, tonight will be a paid, one of “She finished her drink as the intercom buzzed, Andy`s voice said “OK, sir, ready,” and with a click the thing fell silent.Terry faced her then explained that” in the board-room next door are some clothes, change into them and then we shall begin just as soon as your dressed.” He went on as she rose “The storyline for this is that you will be stripped, tied then taken, fucked and strapped, and so on, more to try you out for the camera, than to make a proper film, though you will get a copy, and if you haven’t got one I will pay for a small projector and if he`s happy, even Andy will get a piece of the action, I too will have you before Philip who will have you as a finale and you go get dressed to go home, so it will be a full night for you, but I hope, for you a profitable one.Silently she rose, and Philip opened the board room door for her, without a word she wandered in a daze into the big oak panelled room, feeling like a real whore, and like a woman in a trance, she began to remove her clothes, each item she took off was laid almost reverently on the big table, till she was naked, next she began to dress from the waiting pile, a black half-cup bra first, stockings held up by a flimsy garter-belt, knickers, lacy and thin, a thin white tea shirt new from its packet and a short skirt with a pair of very high heels, all reducing her age and making her feel even more of a tart.She returned to the men, to a wolf whistle from Philip, who had a short rope which he wrapped, without a word, rather effectively and rapidly round her wrists, asking if she was comfortable and ready, she nodded, unable to speak her mouth dry, as Philip from behind placed a soft black cloth bag over her head and tied the draw-cord round her neck. In darkness now, she began to breath, a little heavier, panicking a little as she was now in the hands of virtual strangers, without sight, or the use of her hands, totally in their control.It was exciting, but it was rather daunting, and naked fear gripped her mind,They led her from the office, by the roped hands, the unfamiliar heels clip clopping unsteadily along a wooden floored corridor. She felt herself stopped, clattering gates and then the unexpected sensation of descending, a lift, yes, that was it a lift, clattering gate`s once more and then she was turned, and led. again this time on a colder but smoother floor, probably concrete, perhaps a basement of some kind, they passed by a noisy boiler room, she felt the heat in passing, and heard the roar of a burner, then a lock rattled, a door squeaked and, she was stopped, by a gentle hand on her arm and a grunt, to stand, as that same pair of hands ran over her breasts and her stockinged legs as if to appraise her body. In her dark world a voice she recognised as the man at the gate said, “well your no pin up but your more than tidy, I shall enjoy your screams, oh yes you can scream here by the way, you can, and I do belive you will!”She shuddered, fear gripped her, then the deeper and softer, chuckling voice of Philip was saying; “and that’s before I`ve filled her that’s sure to cause some noise!”Thick stubby fingers lay on her left shoulder the thumb behind the shoulder blade gripped her proving the hand was huge, so she knew instinctively that was Philip the massive black shuddered, as the sugar soft voice of the black giant whispered to her that “my dick is the biggest you will ever have had and it`s going to be stretching you soon…” it was a treat that caused her a moment of even worse panic, but it was cut short by the a whirl of an electric motor above her and the ropes at her wrists suddenly raising themselves, till she was stood at full stretch reaching upwards. A voice, probably Terry`s, hissed “enough” and both the lifting and noise instantly ceased.A voice she knew this time was definitely Terry`s, said “Cut!” and then quietly and close to her hood it said, “Are you comfortable in there?” she muttered it was hot and stuffy, and the voice hissed; “I will give you the choice of enduring our ministrations hidden in that sack for the next hour, or you can have it removed just as your clothes will be, then you can watch what`s coming to and in you and we can enjoy your screams and contortions, which we love… it`s up to you my sweety… it`s up to you!”She hesitated and was about to speak when he said that this film was for the us, and not for the American Market as they usually are so, he doubted she would ever be recognised here, though she could of course show some of her friends… they all laughed…except NanThat made up her mind, it was hot and stuffy in the bag and she wanted to breath and see so she asked to be un-hooded, to which to her dismay, he replied “OK soon! Then his voice crisply called `Action…’Within seconds cold steel slid up the shoulder of the dress, she shuddered and with a snap the big metal scissors or what-ever it was, cut into the shoulder of the new T-shirt, snap and the cut was straight through. She felt the warm cloth fall away from that shoulder, and the bra lose its support, as if the strap had been cut. the hand slid the cutter up the other sleeve, Snap, snap the shirt fell completely away from her top, the hand brushing it from where it hung up on the remains of the now ruined bra, to her a total waste. Then the cold cutter slid up her belly, snap, snap, snap and the rag that was once a good new t shirt fell away, her mind cursing the waste of a new shirt, knowing how kaçak iddaa much she would have paid. The fingers on the bag tie was now fumbling with the knot, with a whoosh, off came the sweaty bag, pulling a whisp of her hair as it went, the cool air hitting her hot face and the strong light causing her to blink as she in the unaccustomed light. She was surprised to find not three men, but four, Andy with a big professional camera on his shoulder, Philip, a pair of garden shears in his massive hands, and seated, Terry, still dressed and grinning at her discomfort just as she had imagined and expected, but sat watching intently, in this bland, cream walled room, as naked as the day he was born, his thin tool stiff already, in a folding chair at one side sat a boy, of perhaps 16years, all acne, and blushes, his eyes fixed on her body, as if waiting for her unveiling. She looked enquiringly at Terry and he smiled, and he again called “Cut!” then he stood, came to her and said “he`s my nephew Cyril and in a while, he`s going to get a special birthday present, it`s his birthday so he`s just legal, …” she went to protest and he put his finger to her lip, then whispered, “as his birthday present, he`s just going to use his belt on you, and we are all going to enjoy it, ok?” he raised his eyebrows and said “and only if you give him permission after that, will he be allowed to lose his virginity to you, but that`s strictly up to you!” He hesitated then added, “Now, remis of me, we forgot to give you a safe word didn’t we, if it all gets too much, you just say “POPPY” and we will stop, instantly, but be you warned, that will be the end of the contract— forever.” She nodded, then he retook his seat and waited a second for a nod from Andy then called “Action” Philip made eye contact and the cold steel of the shears slid up between the cups of her bra, its back in her mind tracing an imaginary furrow on her skin, then with a triumphal `snap’ the blades sheared the fabric, and the lacy black item fell apart. She felt both the cool air and the hot boy`s eyes boring into her very erect nipples. Her face turning a hot red blush, as she realised that boy, was carefully perusing his first ever set of real mature breasts.She watched as he began to smile, especially when his uncle sent him up to her hung body to caress the soft flesh, his cold but sweaty hands sliding over the soft milk-sac`s, hefting the pair enquiringly, gently, almost reverently, he found the nipples, tenderly at first, pinching the nubs between his thumb and forefinger, stroking the areola, licking his lips, she hoped in the preparation for suckling her, pulses of expectant lust running through her body, but it was not to be… Terry calling him back to his seat, where bright eyed he sat closely watching events unfold. She instinctively knew he was going to be eager to use her, and not gently or tenderly.Philip, stepped forward once more, and undid the belt of the skirt, allowing the item to fall round her feet, like opening the curtains of a stage, revealing the lower part of her body, the garter belt, the stockings and the tiny lace knickers with poking through the lace covering, the patch of rich brown pubic hair, hiding the inevitably wet, slot, that camels toe of her body, that she could tell the boy was oh so eager to see.Philip smiled the turning gave young Cyril the shears and said, “your turn.” He was up on his feet in a bound, a smile on his face like a Cheshire cat, in his eagerness the blade of the shears striking cold as it ran hard against her left leg, scratching their way up to the top of the garter belt. His handy-work was not as accomplished as Philip, the cutter`s jaws closed too slowly and wore its way rather than cut, slowly and uncomfortably through the materiel, before triumphantly chomping its way through. He was quick to repeat the action on the other leg this time with a much more efficiently snapping of the jaws though it took two goes, then pealing the remnants from her, in a flourish reminiscent of a bullfighter with his cape in a `look at what I`m unveiling’ way.The three men sang happy birthday, while laughing at the boy and his antics, before Terry told him to sit once again. The electrical lift burst into life and she found herself dragged to a low pillory her quickly released arms and head, clamped at wrist and neck in a matter of seconds. She was now stood folded forward from the hips, her back horizontal, her breasts dangling provocatively, her rump exposed, vulnerable, waiting for the lash she knew would soon be stinging its nerve endings. Andy filmed the whole of her, carefully taking in the as yet unmarked-body. then he returned to film her face, taking in young naked Cyril, eagerly stood now, tool stiff, belt dangling by his side, buckle end in hand, eagerly awaiting his uncle`s instruction to strike at her tender white buttocks.The instruction, given by a wave of the hand was soon given, and the leather swung down, as she expected, though she could neither see it or anticipate it, till with a shock, connecting with her skin with to the men, a most satisfying crack. By the fifth stroke things were getting in the swing, regular shoulder high stroke`s, striking like a metronome, the leather leaving a red welt with each contact, a pain track across the pale white buttocks. She moaned loudly, as each was delivered, revelling in the warming pain of each shock. At the tenth, she began to cry, by the twentieth, blood began to trickle, and she was screaming loudly each cut echoing round the room a joy to the three smiling men, her arse burning like fire as never before, her father never having given her such a massive punishment. As her first orgasm over-took her, her mind was confused mess, not now knowing if the pain was ecstasy or agony, love it or hate it she knew in her heart she was addicted. Terry realising the signs, gave the boy another hand signal and Cyril dutifully moved himself to her left side and struck her back, a red line instantly showing across her upper body as the belt bit once again, crack, crack, crack, red welts rising regularly, evenly spaced down the length of her back and her screams echoing even more chillingly round the room as each struck home with force.Her head on the other side of the pillory shaking from side to side with the ecstatic agony of pain as each stroke registered in her brain, each single stroke an individual step on the road to orgasm, the camera missing nothing, alternating kaçak bahis from her face to her back.Suddenly the target shifted, and to her amazement and horror as well as the joy of men watching, the boy on his own initiative brought the leather in an upward curve that struck her, very accurately it must be said, across both nipples. Agony of another level roared through both her breasts, it was beyond anything she had ever endured before, a bolt of pure sexual agony shot up through her body connecting to her brain in an instant, a blinding flash of white light that had her scream, deafening the men as her legs rapidly jiggled automatically, as if to rid herself of the hot welt that was once her tender nipples. It was the last stroke, and through her tears, she saw the belt fall to the floor as he came to her head, smiling at her tear stained face… He stuttered “M-m-m, mm, May I have you now please?” She was passed caring, she had cum just with the pain, eyes rolling, blinking, tears falling in a blur that she could not reach to brush away, desperate to take in her breath, she nodded, why not, she was a pain whore now anyway, let him enjoy himself, the other men soon would be doing the same, and that big black sod looked huge. She was aware of him scuttling behind her like a grey-hound from a trap, she was aware of Terry dropping his trousers, as she just about felt the boy`s thin penis, slipping into her, slim and not of any great length, he began his dance, it was but a tickle to what she knew Terry would soon be giving her. a few thrusts and it was over, his hot seed splashing into her to the applause of Philip and Terry, Andy filming as the boy withdrew and staggered to his seat thanking her politely as he passed her. Terry to her surprise taking over the camera.Andy, like the boy, practically running behind her opening his fly as he moved and without any thought, crashed his rampant tool deep into her wet channel. He was bigger than the boy, more steady, harder, more urgent, rapidly taking her regardless of her feelings or needs, his urgent uncaring cum, washing into her in a wave of hot wetness that lubricated rather than relieved. With a groan he pulled back and readjusting his dress, once again took over his camera. Her tears had dried now, though her eyes were misty as she braced herself for Terry`s onslaught. She was not wrong… his tool was soon opening her body as she knew it would. She began to enjoy the rapid but deeply-bruising invasion of her guts, her body unable to resist the battering it was receiving, a wave of sexual high rushing through her body his body folding over her backside so he could reach her breasts, rubbing the respective bruised and sore nipples in-between the fingers and thumbs of both hands, waves of pain adding to the orgasm that rolled over her, through her, engulfing her heightened senses.He began to pump, gush, gush, gush, her belly receiving his seed as a man in a desert takes the first gulps of water at an oasis.After a second or two she felt him rise and his tool fall from her body followed by the rush of the over-fill of three doses of male seed dribbling wetly down her legs. With fluttering heart and a feeling of dread, she became aware of a naked black body rising from his chair, she had been too wrapped in her orgasmic enjoyment of the other men, to realise he was undressing, she had forgotten him, this huge black giant, her eyes fell to his tool. Amazed she drew breath, he was massive, uncut his giant penis reached towards his knees, thick as a baby`s arm, his foreskin like a crinkly bag covering a head of some huge mushroom, the giant wandering past her with a single glance, a wry smile that said her face showed her shock and fear, that she was imagining what was to come and that she was glad of Terry having reamed her out a little, she braced herself, took a breath then felt his tip slipping up and down her labia.That huge tip slowly found her slippery entrance, easing its massive way into her, relentless, steady pressure, forcing her cunt to stretch open as never before, as each millimetre expanded the opening, filling her painfully, stretching her wider, wider, opening her body like some flower greeting the sun on a spring morning.The pain of her welts forgotten now her mind concentrating on her violated sex, as this massive invader forced himself ever deeper, wider god she would split, legs akimbo, as finally he got the head completely in, battering apparently against her diaphragm, the force, even effecting her breathing, he began to retreat, the giant phallus easing back only to reverse its progress once more and begin its regular piston like movement.The pain was enormous, massive, beyond any single emotion she had ever experienced, she was scared he would tear her, disable her, even kill her, it was sublime, she no longer cared, it was perfect, and it was without equal. His speed began to rise, each stroke battering at her insides like a hammer blow, driving her breath from her each thrust, then sucking it back like some massive bicycle pump, her body like a rag doll, not in her control in anyway, limp, impaled, gasps and screams rang from her with every fantastic thrust, the pillory sore now round her neck, and her wrists, red raw, but un-noticed, her toes just on the floor, her weight supported on his rampant tool, his balls slapping back and forth, irritating her exposed clit as they swung against her whenever he was fully home. It went on for an age, hump, hump, hump…As suddenly as he began, it was over, his balls tightening, cum, spewing like a fire- hose into her already overflowing body filling her, stretching her belly still further. Her orgasm bigger and better than she had ever experienced in her 20 years of sexual activity. Then she felt the tool pulling away, un-plugging her, the cum splashing on her shoes, and the discarded skirt, dribbling down her still stockinged legs.In a daze she was released, sat on a chair, left alone to return to this world her sex sore, pain returning to her seat, her back, her tits, it was all too much. In a whirl she found herself carried by Philips strong arms, along corridors, back past the noisy boiler, up in the lift, rough hands stuffing her into her dress, no underclothes, a coat wrapped round her shoulders, a big parcel thrust in her hands and before she knew it she was in Terry`s car zipping through the traffic. She remembered her front door, willing hands helping her up to her bed, tucking her in still in the dress, her body still draining, Micky in his PJ`s thanking Terry, sleep taking over…it had been a night of fantasy, a night of unbelievable excitement, and she smiled as darkness closed in…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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