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So, we meet again lol. First let me say thank you for continuing on to this third installment. That being said if you haven’t read the first two then you’re not going to know what the frack is going on with this one.

We’ve seen his view and her view. Now I’m trying to add a little 3rd person ‘group view’ so to speak. Hope it works out if not I’m sure someone will speak up and tell me.

* * * * *

As always thank you to those who like my stories. Please vote.

For those who don’t…… go write your own.

Thanks again to the best editor I could hope to have, my wife.

As always, all sexual encounters are between those 18 and older.

* * * * *


Driving away from the house this morning I feel kind of numb. I was actively avoiding Cat for the first time ever. It scares me thinking that we might be over.

Over because last night I told her about what I found out from the 23 we were talking the other day about spending the weekend here at home with you guys.”

Now let’s see how she reacts. “That’s fine sweetie,” then I whisper, “but first you might want to wipe your lipstick off Jacob before his Mom gets here.”

She immediately tries cover her mouth, “Hey I’m not wearing lipstick!” Then it dawns on her and her eyes get really big. She knows she’s caught. “Please don’t be mad Daddy.” Oh it’s ‘daddy’ now? She only pulls that out when she knows she hasn’t got a leg to stand on.

Giving her my best ‘Dad stare’ I just point in Jacob’s direction then turn my head to look at him and crook my finger. “Come here Jacob.” He looks at us and he knows they’re busted as well. To his credit he didn’t cower or bluster. He kept his cool and let me say my peace. “Alright you two, how long?”

“About a month into the first semester. We were always hanging out together and kind of one thing led to another ya know.” He informs me. I just look at ’em letting the silence stretch a bit before I speak.

“Ok here’s what’s going to happen.” I see them both brace for the storm. “You two are going to listen to each other. Respect what the other has to say and for God sakes be honest with each other. I know there’s no blood between y’all but fact is you’re already family. Y’all are going to be in each other’s lives one way or another ’til the day one of you kick. You two end this anyway other way than on good terms it’s just going to make the rest of your lives that much harder. Understand?” They both look at me, mouths open, like I’m a two headed freak.

With everything that is happening between me and Cat I refuse to turn into the ‘love police’. Hell I am after all walking and talking proof that ‘SHIT HAPPENS’.

“Uh, yes Daddy!” She says breaking into her brightest smile.

“Yes sir, thank you sir.” He’s just grinning like a loon.

‘Sir’ what the hell. “Stop that sir shit Jacob it’s still just Rion.” Oh, thank goodness there’s Sara. Now what the hell? “Jacob, did you know your mother would be in a moving truck?”

“Uh yeah, didn’t she tell you?”

I just start shaking my head, saying nothing.

“Hey she’s your sister.”

Hearing this I have to once again remind myself Jacob doesn’t know about me and Sara. He doesn’t know we were ever married or worse why we got divorced. Avrupa Yakası Escort She never wanted him to feel like it was his fault. She also didn’t want Anthony in his life either. After the birth he swore up one side and down the other he wasn’t the father. Him and his clueless wife went on smear campaign painting her the slut. She let him sign away his rights in return for no support, kind of like Cat and Art. That way she would be sure he’d never infect her son with his bullshit morality.

I start grumbling, “Yeah my sister alright, should of known better.” Quickly I turn back to the kids before she’s done parking. “Listen up! You two are also going to tell your moms this weekend. I will not be put in the middle of this you hear! By the end of this weekend I better be hearing about this from each of them, got it!” Each of them nodded quickly as Sara walked up.

After she hugged her son and Bella, she made at hugging me and I just waved her off. “Oh no Mouse you don’t get a hug.” She looked dejected when I said that so I quickly continued. “No one who brings me a truckload of furniture to unload gets a hug.” At that she goes all red faced.

“Oh that … must’ve slipped my mind Ri,” then I feel truly betrayed as Bella starts giggling over that one.

“Mom why’d he call you mouse?” Damnit, I did it again. Got to watch that shit around my wife.

Smiling really big since she was so happy I was using it again. Sara answers. “Oh, that’s just Ri’s nickname he gave me back in 2nd grade when I almost died.” This brought out all the appropriate shock as to be expected. Sara then took great delight in telling the tale of how, she got her voice and the name of Mouse.

“Alright you two enough stalling. Story times over get moving. I’ll help only if there’s something too big for the two of you.” Damn kids laughing at me, I’ll show ’em.

Turned out they were all Sara needed. With goodbyes made I gave Jacob a look and nodded toward his Mom. He knew what he had to do. Then I left and headed over to the house since it was late enough in the day. ‘Man, I just need to get in the shower and wash this day off of me.’

* * * * *


Today has been the definition of a ‘bad day’. Rion didn’t say goodbye this morning. First time in five years he didn’t tell me he loved me before he left. Then again why should he, when I’m ripping his heart out. He doesn’t deserve that. I mean he didn’t do this on purpose. This was beyond his control.

If I understand the timeline right Buddy did his donations back in 74 when he and his friend were working with Chuck. They were all 18 or so and they didn’t know any better. Hell, if he hadn’t neither I nor my siblings would even exist. It’s not Rion’s fault we have the same father.

He loves me, and I know it. He showed how much he loves me yesterday. He made love to me even though he knew I was his sister. Is that what I have a problem excepting, that he knew? I mean he shouldn’t want to be with me? Should he? God, I shouldn’t want to be with him! This is just so damned unfair. He’s ‘the one’, he’s my ONE!

Then I get a text from Bella.

* * * * *

Bella: Hey Mom me and Jacob just got done helping his Mom unpack. Bahçelievler Escort We’ll be over for dinner tonight is that ok? We’ll bring chicken 🙂

Me: Yes, sweetie that’s fine. Tell Jacob I said hi.

* * * * *

As if my day couldn’t get any worse. She’s here now. Knowing my daughter, she’ll probably invite her over as well. Not only is she Rion’s ex-wife, she’s his ‘stepsister’ too. To make it even worse my kids all call her ‘Aunt Sara’. Rion told me how they had all decided that Jacob didn’t need to know Rion and Sara were ever married. Mainly because they didn’t want him to think it was his fault they split up. So, I can’t even vent about how his ex is always around. Fucking hobbit.

I get up from the couch in the den. I know it’s still early in the afternoon, but damnit I needed a drink.

Right then the front door opens. It’s Rion, we just stop and look at each other. Not with our usual affection but with sadness. I know him. He made his position clear yesterday when he made love to me. Now he won’t do anything else until I do. ‘I’m so sorry love, I’m trying to deal with this!’

Shutting the door, he walks closer. “I didn’t mean to intrude on your alone time. I was just wanting to get a shower before the kids got home.”

Intrude? Why is he talking like that? Like he doesn’t belong. “This is your home Rion, you’re never intruding.” If he’s thinking like that, then what else does he think he needs to do? ‘Please don’t leave me!’

“I didn’t think to ask last night. I was wondering whether you’re thinking of telling the others, about you I mean. I know they’re curious. I’m just not sure it’s a good idea. At least not until we’ve figured us out that is.”

“I haven’t really thought about that, and no I haven’t told anyone yet. Honestly, you’re the only one I was concerned with Cat. Yours is the only opinion that matters to me.” Saying this he steps closer and I hate myself because I feel my body wanting to step back. I lock up my muscles and make myself stay put. I tense up so much I actually start to shake.

Damnit. He notices and I can see the pain in his eyes. “I’m going to go take that shower now.”

Half way to the bedroom he stops and looks back. “If you need to keep this from the others, we’ll do that Cat. We’ll do whatever you want, to find peace with this.”

Find peace? Why is he behaving like it’s the end? Because I’m still hurting him that’s why. Something inside of me isn’t capable of moving past this. If I could find that piece of me, I’d cut it out.

A lifetime of dogma drilled into me. From my first communion to Catholic school graduation to now. Telling me this is wrong, a sin and that I’ll go to hell. Of all the things happening in this world how can loving someone with all your heart be a sin?

I don’t want to tell the others, but maybe Lucy. I should be able to trust her. She’ll be able to listen if only that. I need to text her and see if she’ll come over after work.

* * * * *

Me: Can u come over tonight after work?

Lucy: That’s what Bella just asked. I told her yes since her and Jacob were going to be there. She said she’d ask David over Bahçeşehir Escort too.

Me: Ok just making sure ttyl

* * * * *

I guess Bella was in the mood for a big family meal I hope she brings enough. So, with that settled I head to the office and try doing some more work until the kids get home. That doesn’t help though since it’s still just as tense between Rion and I with them there. The children can see it. Every time one of us enters a room. The other just turns and leaves. Me because of some fucked up engrained stigma. Rion because he’s tired of being hurt by my rejection.

This sad parody of ‘musical chairs’ continues until David arrives. Rion’s able to stay in the same room now as long as he’s talking to someone, anyone, other than me.

That’s when I finally notice it. The resemblance between the two of them. Rion’s taller by a couple of inches while David’s thinner with a runner’s build. Both with that same strong jawline and then there’s those eyes. How did I never see it before?

I’m lost in thought when Lucy shows up. “Hello David.” Then with a tentative look his way. “Hi Rion.” She’s still upset and embarrassed about last night. God what is she going think when I tell her.

Before she can get swept up in conversation with the boys, I take her by the hand and lead her to the bed room.

“Geez Cat where’s the fire?” Pulling her inside I shut and lock the door. “Ok sis you got me worried what’s going on? Is it Rion? Is he still upset with me?” Unable to talk yet I just crumble against her and cry as she holds me. Worried about what’s happening she tries to calm me down. Finally, I slow down enough to form words again. I don’t want anyone to know so I take a gamble.

“Lucy will you be my lawyer?”

She goes blank faced at this and just looks at me. Then with a practiced calm. “Yes Cat, I’ll represent you, but you know what kind of law I practice.”

“I do and God help me I’m scared I might need you. This can’t go any farther than you right?”

“Of course, Cat, once I agree to represent you everything you tell me regarding this is privileged.”

Trying to hold it together, I keep talking. “He’s going to leave me Lucy and I don’t know how to stop it!”

“What happened? What did he do? Did he cheat? Did he hurt you?” Oh God, she’s getting the wrong ideas.

Shaking my head, “No he didn’t do anything but love me. Only now I can’t make myself love him back. He’s going to leave because I can’t stop hurting him.” She knows I’m in real pain but she also knows I’m not making any sense either. She hugs me again patting my back trying to calm me down.

“Sweetie I need you to take a deep breath and start from the beginning ok. I can’t help if I can’t figure it out.” So, I do, I take a breath and steady myself.

“He told me Lucy, he told me why he really went to talk to his Dad.” Another deep breath. “Rion did his DNA profile on 23&Me.” Oh God, here I go. “It’s the reason he reacted the way he did when we asked him to be your donor. Rion is ‘John Smith’. He’s our brother.”

Her eyes are getting wet as tears are forming. “He also thinks his dad is the donor, our father.” There they go. Falling from those beautiful blue/green eyes, our father’s eyes.

“Oh, shit Cat, you and Rion, six years next month. Holy fucking crap on a cracker! That’s so fucked up and the birthday thing being born on the same day. Does that make you guys twins?”

“FUCK! I asked my brother to impregnate me and give me his babies! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Strangely enough seeing her freaking out was actually helping me feel so not alone in all of this.

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