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A few years in the future and England has changed with the close encounter with the great comet. Government has fallen and a Royal Council has been formed and rules in the place of Parliament.

Something in the comet has caused a decline in nursing mothers in regard to milk production and now young healthy women are compelled to step up and help with the production of human milk for the greater good.

This story follows one such in her journey to becoming a Hu Cow.

Part One

It was my twenty first birthday and the day had arrived for me to leave my home and parents and present myself for state duty as all young healthy girls must during this time of crisis in the long history of our country. Since the comet, things had changed so much in London but now that the panic was over and order had been restored the Royal council was now able to concentrate on the things that really mattered and this was of course the survival of our species. The damage caused to the city and its services paled into nothing when compared to the damage done to the young nursing mothers ability to produce milk and nourish the new born of our limping city.

Such was life now for one such as myself, a young and healthy virgin who could be induced too lactation.

A travel warrant had been issued by the council and making use of it I had taken the railway and a local bus to the little hamlet of Walton Green deep in the Surrey country side and at any other time I would have been captivated by its charm but today I was just to nervous with the approaching life change and didn’t know what to believe about the Hu Cow programme that was now in force. As with all the new inductees to the program I had been assigned to live at the home of a Facilitator who would mentor and assist me to full production.

At the end of a long day I found myself at the gate of a small remote cottage at the edge of the small hamlet. It was the home of a retired librarian, one Penelope Robbins and that was all the information I had on her so my nerves returned as I approached the door, put down my bag and rang the door bell.

* * *

Miss Robbins garden was beautiful and plovers exploded from the apple tree at the sound of the peeling bell, there wings stirring the leaves of the apple tree. I heard someone coming down a corridor, the sound of bolts sliding before the door opened and I had my glimpse of the bahis firmaları woman who would now be controlling every part of my life.

She was about my size; that is five foot ten and quite petite with large full breasts that were tightly held under a vest, long hair tied in to a bun and long legs hidden under a conservative skirt. It is the thing that I will always remember about my first meeting with Miss Robbins; the conservative nature of her clothing and the proper way she held herself as we checked each other out.

” Good afternoon, my name is Miss Robbins and you must be Susan Hynes and I think you must also very tired after your long day. Please, won’t you come in Miss Hynes,” she said in the voice of the culture of her class.

” Thank you err . . ., Miss Robbins, thank you. Yes I am rather weary,” a nervously replied and entered the cottage for the first time.

It was beautifully appointed and look like something that had had made its way through time unchanged. There was art on the panelled walls, beautiful curtains and some small tables displaying china in the entry way and I gasped when lead into the study. Books, it was full of books and their accompanying leather aroma. The cosy room was lit subtlety by wall lights and with the fire crackling it gave a welcoming appeal.

“Please Miss Hynes won’t you have a chair by the fire and I’ll ring for some tea and cake,” said miss Robbins as she moved to a bell pull then took a seat next to me at the fire.

“I know you have so many questions but I find that they are best answered by a night’s sleep and a clear head so allow yourself to be my guest for this evening and I’m sure that as we move into the induction programme tomorrow they will all be answered,” she said in her pleasant way.

She saw me flinch at the word induction that triggered a shudder at what would soon be happening to my breasts. She noted it I saw.

“Of course there are one or two things that can’t be delayed with your arrival but they won’t take long. Let’s have some tea and cake, then we can start.

A maid had bought a tray, she poured and we soon had a cup of tea and cake. I found myself ravenous and had soon finished both. With that Ms. Robbins said we should proceed as the local constable was very strict with sow registration here in the village. She noticed my flinch at the word “sow”.

“Now Ms. Hynes I think you are aware that we will kaçak iddaa be taking you off the net and that you collar will be taking the place of phone ID. May I have your phone please?” she asked?

I reluctantly reached into my hand bag and passed my electronic identity over to my new Mistress. I would soon have my link to the world irretrievably broken and would be totally in her hands. Slowly my ID was taken from me.

First I gave her access to my bank accounts and my small amount was transferred into a council trust account. Next were my email and internet/ social accounts. These were just shut down with a council standard email saying that I had transferred in to the Hu Cow program. So it continued, tax, bills, housing rent, travel passes until finally my electronic identity had ceased to exist. I had ceased to exist in a way electronically!

“I sorry dear I know that this is hard,” she said as she noticed my tears “but now we can issue your new sow ID. Please lift your hair and bend forward and we can get this collar on and we can get it transmitting and get you on the sow web,” said Miss Robbins.

I burst into tears at this final break from my former life, in moments I would be a sow

“There now my dear, all done for tonight,” as she bought a hand controller from the table and pressed a few buttons and my tracking collar came on line. I was now collared and tracked on the Councils sow.net. I was a registered Hu Cow. I burst into more tears and sobs.

* * *

Miss Robbins

With a new sow in the cottage I always awoke early and it was before dawn that I entered without knocking the guest bedroom where I found the new sow awake with a tear stained face hugging its second pillow to its breasts. I always bought a cup of tea with me for two reasons. It would be the sows last human food/drink and it contained two drops of a potion that would dull the sows brain during the next few difficult hours.

” Oh dear 22 you are in a state,” I said.

This bought the expected cry of shock as I knew it would because the days of Miss Susan Hynes existence were over and that life was gone. Its new designation was simply Sow 22 now as it was the twenty second Sow that I had processed since the new Human Milk Bill had been passed by the Royal council. I looked down at the new collar and made sure 22 noted me looking at its new government supplied jewellery. I had taken its electronic/web kaçak bahis identity last night but of course this was not nearly enough for me.

I wished to take it immediately from its comfort zone and into the Hu Cow program in the quickest possible time and I had found a way that gave me great pleasure as I watched the Sow cause the baring of its own breasts. I sat beside it and slowly eased the pillow from the clutching hands, speaking softly as I did so.

“Now now my dear, it’s time to start,” I simpered ” let go and when you’re ready I want you to lie on your back for me, pull the bed clothes down to your waist and lastly place your hands on top of your head.”

I shall not bore the reader with how long that took but in the end, yes there was an end; the sow was on its back with its teats on display and covered only by the thin cotton of the pyjama tops. 22 was not happy but I was glad that she was calmer then I thought she would be at this stage. My potion was working.

I had learned and since sow 6 had I had my own methods that worked to perfection in bringing a new Sows teats into the light of day. There must be something in my methods for it is unusual for a new Sow to win the “Sweetest Milk” trophy on her first outing at the local livestock fair. I looked down at the teats and started to speak gently to the former Miss Hynes but at the same time keeping my eyes on the teats that I would soon turn into to udders.


End the first part


But that is not a very good ending is it? Please find the opening below of the next part of my story. Enjoy. Author.


I looked down at teats but to 22 they were still breasts. Hidden mounds, the second most private part of her body, something that the norms of society agreed must be kept away from the eyes of the society she moved within every day. I was about to change that rather dramatically in the next few minutes.


“I feel that the best way to start you on the way into the Hu Cow program is to allow you the use of your own clothing. Some Facilitators have a sow stripped as they walk in the gate; but I myself find that human clothing in the early stages will enhance a sows teat development.”

I lifted my eyes from the teats and watched the emotions rush across the face. The potion slowed the brain and I had all the time in the world to fit the sow with soft, padded wrist cuffs and run a light chain through the ring on the back of its collar to hold the now cuffed wrists at the top of the head.

Two totally vulnerable mounds awaited my attention.

* * *

To be continued . . . .

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