(2) Mums bedroom treat

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(2) Mums bedroom treatAfter my sexual encounter in my mothers bathroom, I purposely laid-low for a while and avoided anymore visits. It wasn’t that I was ashamed about it all, it was quite the opposite in fact. The problem was that all I could think about was my rude and horny mother every minute of the day; her full curvy figure, her welcoming soft breasts, her long shapely legs and the tender way she had stroked my cock that evening to make me come. I was even trying to imagine what her cunt looked like; hairy or shaved. I was starting to lust for more and I couldn’t seem to avoid it.I spent two weeks trying to wank it out of my system with no success. In the third week I met up with an ex-girlfriend. After a few drinks at the local pub, we ended up at my flat and into bed. I thought this might do the trick and clear my head… but, as I looked at this skinny young minx bucking wildly on my cock, I knew this wasn’t what I wanted. I wanted something that I shouldn’t be allowed to have, or allowed to even think about… and that made it all the thrilling for me to reach that goal.Almost four weeks had passed now and I heard my phone ringing in my coat pocket early one evening. The number belonged to my mother. “Hi..” I said. There was a long pause from the other end. “Baby, I’ve missed you” my mother muttered eventually. It sounded like she had been drinking and maybe crying too, I wasn’t sure.”Sorry, mum. I’ve been busy at work… you know…” I tried to lie but I didn’t make a very good job of it. She then asked “Have I driven you away, by what I did to you in the bath? I thought we were having fun?” I didn’t need to lie anymore “Of course not!” I exclaimed, “It was fun… and its been on my mind ever since.” I almost said I’d been wanking a lot about it too.I heard her sigh and then say “Will you come over tonight and see me? I’ve had a drink or two and I can’t drive. I’ve missed you so much, son.” No sooner had she said those words, I’d agreed and was in my car on my way to her house. Soon I was there knocking on her door. As it opened, I saw she was wearing a very sexy silk dressing gown that hugged her figure and I noticed she was also wearing black high heeled shoes. I thought that was a bit strange if she was sitting in the house in her nightwear.My mother hugged me on the doorstep and once more I felt her tits pressing against me and her warm breath on my neck. She pecked me on the lips. I closed tipobet365 yeni giriş my eyes and felt a tingle down my spine, that seemed to stop at my crotch. I could feel my cock now coming to life, and this was just from a hug and a kiss. “Come in” She said, “I’ve got something to show you”I took a seat on the couch and my mother explained that she had been clothes shopping to cheer herself up and she had bought something that we both might like. My heart was racing as now I realised she must be wearing the items under her dressing gown and I was about to get a close-up view very shortly. Not only that, but her hair looked different and she was wearing makeup and lipstick which caught my attention. It was a nice sexy look an my cock was becoming stiff and uncomfortable in my jeans. “Ta da!” My mother suddenly shouted and let her dressing gown fall open.What I saw underneath was like staring into paradise. My eyes rose slowly from her shiny black stiletto heels, to black stockings and those smooth long legs, to a pair of see-through black panties which revealed a nice bush of pubic hair, to a suspender belt around her waist and up to black lacy bra pushing her wonderful tits upwards… like two mountains that I needed to climb. My hand naturally fell onto my crotch and I massaged my swollen prick. “What do you think?” she asked, smiling broadly at me.I was dumbfounded. She was like a picture of pure sex that touched my a****l instincts and my lust was starting to overflow. I stammered the words “I love it..” Without warning my mother became quite serious, put her hands on her hips and asked “But do you love ME?” I was puzzled but replied “Yes, of course I do!” She looked me up and down and demanded “If you love me, then show me.”I got up from the couch with my hard-on clearly visible through my jeans and asked “Erm… how? Its a bit late to go and get some flowers.” Her eyes were now focused on my bulge and they looked wide open with passion. “Prove you love by making love to me tonight” She said the words very plain and simple but they rang in my head like a bell. I felt light-headed and it all became more like a dream for a second.I wanted to fuck her so much but I still hesitated when it came down getting what I was lusting over. My mother knew I was nervous and unsure. She told me more “Listen, I’ve got some condoms in the bedroom. If you wear one, then we aren’t really touching tipobet365 giriş each other properly. Does that make it sound better?” She smiled and I smiled back. How could I resist? We wasted no more time and headed upstairs.I’d walked past my mothers bedroom many times over the years and peeked in and wondered what she must have got up to in there, but had never been in it properly. But now inside, my horniness grew massively because her bedroom is the place that my mother either sleeps or fucks… and we were about to do the second one! I could hardly wait. I noticed the bedside lamp was already on and a pair of red tights were covering the shade, dimming the light to a sensual level. It seems as though she had this seduction of hers planned in advance, which turned me on even more.My mother wasted no time in removing her new underwear, throwing them on a nearby chair, and for the first time I gazed at her fantastic figure. Long legs, a peachy backside, a thick pubic bush and those full breasts hanging there waiting to be squeezed and sucked. She stood and watched me undress while rubbing her wet gash and soon I was naked too, cock standing proud and throbbing. My mother offered to put the condom on me and, as I pulled my foreskin back ready, a big droplet of pre-cum oozed from the pee hole. She ran her finger across the tip and the pre-cum stretched like string to her lips where she licked it and enjoyed the salty taste of her own son.She knelt down infront of me and unwrapped the condom. “I bet you’d like me to suck that cock of yours right down to the base, wouldn’t you?” She teased. My prick stiffened even more and I nodded eagerly. “Well, not tonight.” she smiled wickedly “I don’t want you coming before you’re inside me.” She was right. If she placed those cherry red lips around my pulsating member, I would have sprayed the back of her throat for sure!The condom was now in place and my mother said she wanted to ride on top so I took my position, flat on the bed. I was shaking with anticipation as she climbed above me, hovering above my thick shaft. I held my cock for her to sit onto and I could feel the wetness of her cunt on my hand as she rubbed it back and forth across the head of my cock. I wanted to finger fuck her first and taste her pussy juices on my fingers but there was no time; she lowered herself slowly onto my twitching cock as I gasped in complete surrender to the tipobet365 güvenilirmi situation.At the point of entry, I felt the undeniable rush of sexual pleasure from penetrating my mothers tight, juicy and welcoming cunt. My mother began to thrust back and forth; a couple of shallow thrusts followed by one big deep one with the head of my cock banging against her cervix. Although I was wearing a condom, the sensation I was feeling was nothing short of incredible, due to the fact that I was now fucking the pussy that actually gave birth to me, all those years ago.My mother came twice while sitting upright and squeezing her own tits, which looked so sexy in the dim red light of the room. She moaned softly as she came each time and kissed me gently on the lips afterwards. I could feel her juices running onto my thighs after she came. I’ve never known a woman so wet. I was now on the verge of my own climax and I wanted so much to shoot my load deep in her twat. Just the thought of that caused me to orgasm and I screamed out loud and buried my head into her bossom, as the fire of passion faded from my body.As we laid together, slowly drifting off to sleep, I couldn’t help feeling that I had been cheated by that condom and my seed should now be deep in my mothers womb and not in a rubber sheath in the bin. That thought stayed with me until I finally feel asleep with my arms around my mother.The morning brought a surprise; just me in the bed. But soon enough I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. My mother entered the bedroom with a cup of coffee and she was completely naked. “No point covering my naughty bits up anymore” she remarked, laughing at the same time. I had a morning erection already but that soon started to fade when I realised I had to quickly leave for work. I jumped out of bed and grabbed my clothes off the floor.”Before you go, love” my mother said “do you still have that weeks holiday to use up at work?” I replied yes and asked why. “Well, I’ve got a holiday booked next month for a week. I was going with Peter but we’ve split up, as you know. Why not come with me instead. Its all paid for.” I thought for a moment and then agreed, thinking that this might give an oppotunity to ejaculate into her cunt. It was really bugging me now that I didn’t do it last night. Especially now as she was sitting on the bed drinking her coffee with her legs crossed, with her sweet lickable pussy on display.”Oh good. I was hoping you’d agree” said my mother as she winked cheekily at me “One more thing though. Its a holiday with a difference… but I’m sure you’re going to love it.” I didn’t have time to go into details with her, so I hurriedly left with a hundred questions burning in my head.

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