2 Masters (part 1)

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2 Masters (part 1)As the last guests leave, we both sigh a little. It’s fun having people over, but it’s nice having the place to ourselves. Almost to ourselves. One guest is staying overnight. Will, a friend of a friend, in town for a couple of days was going to stay at a hotel, but we both insisted he stay with us. Devious intentions? Maybe. I watched you flirting with him earlier, the attraction obvious. He easily joined in when the conversation turned dirty, making his own lewd remarks, making you blush a little. I have to admit, the thought of sharing my slave with another master was a little exciting.. The three of us sat down and poured another drink, enjoying the music and the peace and quiet. I think Will had figured out our kink. He began by making references to our earlier conversation, soon zeroing in on the master and slave topics. You got up to get another drink, and half-jokingly asked if you could get your masters another one. “Yes, slave.” I answered. “But your serving wench outfit must be worn.” We all laughed as you left, but when you returned the laughter stopped. You had the drinks, but they were soon forgotten as Will and I drank in your outfit. A sheer gown revealed a black corset, black hose, and your special black bra with the rings surrounding your hardening nipples. We were speechless, but only for a minute. “Your slave seems very obedient.” Will bursa escort said. “What does she enjoy doing for you?” Getting into the flow of things, I answered, “She enjoys sucking cock very much. And is extremely good atit.” Will seemed to ponder this and then asked, ” Has she ever sucked two cocks at the same time?” “Not yet, but I think we can rectify that.” “Does she enjoy being tied up and spanked?” “Oh, yes. She’ll squirt over and over.” “Anal?” “Absolutely.” As your two masters discussed what they planned to do to you, your pussy was almost dripping, thinking about the torture to come. And the two cocks. “Slave! Turn around. Now bend over and show our guest what he can look forward to.” Shaking a little from excitement, you turn and slowly spread your legs, bending over. We both stand up and come over to stand closer to you, at first rubbing your ass through the sheer material, but soon taking turns spanking your ass, watching your cheeks turn red. Two Masters spanking your ass at the same time. Both cheeks getting equal attention, getting redder and redder. But we had other plans too. “Time to go into the bedroom, slave. Kneel on the bed with your legs spread and we’ll be right in.” Obediently you went to the bedroom, kneeling down with your nipples rubbing against the bedspread. You wanted to rub your pussy so bad, but knew your Masters would make you pay bursa escort bayan if they caught you touching yourself without their permission. Oh well, I guess that’s the price I’ll have to pay, you thought. Your fingers reached down and spread your lips open, feeling the wetness coating your lips, wanting to rub your clit, but holding off as long as possible. You slid two fingers into your pussy, and slowly drew them out until they found your hard clit. Just then you heard the voice from the doorway and realized your two Masters were watching. “Don’t stop now, slave. Show us what a slut you are. Rub your clit until you squirt for us.” Oh, God. You weren’t sure which was making you hotter, rubbing your clit and pussy or having two men watch and make lewd comments. ‘I’ll give you a show you won’t soon forget,’ you thought. Making a ‘V’ with two fingers you spread your lips wide, exposing your hardening clit. As you felt your juices starting to flow, you brought the fingers of your other hand up to tease and pull on your clit. “Man, I can’t believe how wet she is already. She won’t have any trouble taking two cocks in that pussy at the same time.” “First things first. She’s got two cocks to suck. And I mean deep.” Listening to this, your fingers sped up, rubbing your clit harder, knowing you were going to squirt any minute. Your two Masters realized this as well, escort bursa and wanted to make it happen as much as you did. “After she’s come a couple of times, I wouldn’t mind seeing her in bondage.” “What about this. We turn her over and strap her arms and legs tight to the corners of the bed. She won’t be able to move an inch. We can do whatever we want at that point. Clip her nipples while we both rub our cocks on her face.” The wetness was now seeping from your pussy, threatening to turn into a gusher. You started to press your clit between your fingers, while your other hand slid into your hot cunt. Your Master’s words spurred you on. “How about this? I’ll kneel over her face, forcing my cock into her mouth, while I hold her legs open. You can fuck her as deep and hard as you can. Then we’ll switch. She’ll taste her own pussy juice all over your cock while I ram her as hard as I can.” You could feel it starting. Your pussy contracting uncontrollably, getting ready to squirt harder than you ever have. “Is her ass trained yet? Could she take both of us at the same time?” Almost there. “I’ve started her training, but she hasn’t taken my fist yet. Her pussy can almost take it all, but I haven’t taken her ass that way yet.” “Shall we try tonight? If we go slow, I’m sure we could slide both of our cocks into her ass at the same time. And then come at the same time.” That did it. Your pussy opened wide as you squirted hard. Both Masters could only watch in wonder as you ejaculated again and again, soaking the bed, making their cocks harden totally. And they haven’t even touched you yet. To Be Continued ???

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