180 Degrees-Tae , Vicky’s Tomorrow

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I sat in that hotel room and watched her…watched as she told her story, watched as she cried, watched as she grew exhausted and, finally, watched as she slept. I knew she only slept because I had strongly encouraged her to take a few sleeping pills…she really needed the rest. She’d been carrying a huge weight on her shoulders, that’s for sure. She was dating, and running drugs for, a man that would certainly hang her out to dry. And ultimately, she was working for Jimmy L, one of the biggest dealers in New York. It so happens he was also a problem for me. He just happened to be the number two guy under the man who had once tried to kill me.

I shook my head, grabbing my car keys, scribbling a quick note, and leaving a room that suddenly seemed too small and stuffy. As I folded my rather tall frame into my trusty Toyota, I shook my head again. I found the entire situation to be utterly absurd. And I wondered if I could save this woman…if she wanted to be saved. My mind was running a mile a minute as my foot pressed heavily on the gas. I felt the need for cool air against my cheeks, the feeling of freedom as the car made its way down a pretty deserted highway. I wasn’t sure which direction I was driving in…I wasn’t sure I cared. I was more amused that I had a knack for falling for women who wound up in trouble with gangs in New York City. Over a decade later and I was in the same situation. How had I turned my life completely around, turned it 180 degrees from where it had been when I was 19, and still wound up back in the same situation? In between a beautiful woman and the Netas.

I laughed, but I didn’t really find anything funny. She was in trouble and I was not sure I could help her. Not without radically changing my life and possibly ending my career. Because to help her, I would most likely need help from my grandfather. And I had been very careful to put a lot of distance between my job and my grandfather. Contacting him, asking him for guidance, and maybe even for protection, would most likely get me kicked off the force. You can’t have a criminal as a close relative. And my grandfather? I had checked once I was hired. He’d been indicted for murder at least three times. No way would my supervisors let that one go.

So, once again, I had to ask myself, was my life work risking for a woman? For this woman? I sighed. I didn’t know. I just didn’t know.


She was groggy when she woke. And the room was dark. Even so, she could tell Tae was no longer there. There was something about the feel of the room that made it obvious she was alone. She wouldn’t blame Tae if she’d left for good. The mess she’d gotten herself in? It was crazy. It was idiotic. And who knew if she could escape it now? What were the options? Testify against Dylan and Jimmy L.? That was a death sentence. She knew Jimmy was connected in a serious way in New York. He was certainly connected in a way that made Dylan fear him. Who was she to think she could save herself by turning him in? And what kind of life would she have anyway? Did she know enough to earn her protection from the government? Did she want to move to a new city, as a new person, and live a new life? Did she want to leave her teaching job, her friends, the Northeast…Tae? She sighed. Tae should not factor into her decisions. She wasn’t even sure Tae was coming back. Yet, the thought of never seeing the woman again…well, it wasn’t pleasant. She sighed again.

She stood, deciding to take a hot shower and maybe get something to eat. When she moved the comforter, she saw the sheet of hotel stationary fall to the floor. She picked up the paper and read the bold, neat handwriting. ‘Went for a drive. Stay put.’ So, she would return. She smiled at the thought, staring at the note as her eyes filled with tears. God, she’d made a mess of things. What right did she have to drag Tae into this? Tae seemed to be a decent person, she had a career, a life…if she decided to go against Jimmy, how could she ask Tae to risk her safety, her job, her life for her? What kind of monster would she be if she did that?

She wiped the tears from her cheeks, wincing as she encountered the raw, swollen bruises. In the bathroom, she stared into the mirror, wondering who was staring back at her. She recognized parts of the reflection, the dark, curls framing her face, the honey-caramel skin, the worried amber colored eyes, the dimples decorating her pronounced cheeks. But she couldn’t place the black and blue bruises, the puffiness, the thick, dark lashes, heavy with tears. She couldn’t place the pinched concern around her mouth, the wrinkles in her forehead, the bags beneath her eyes. Who was this woman staring back at her? Who was she and where had Victoria Longman gone? She shook her head. Maybe it was time to make some huge changes in her life. Changes that would allow her to face the woman in the mirror again. The question was, should those changes include Tae Gonzalez or not?


Tae pulled the car into a parking spot at bahis şirketleri the hotel hours later and simply sat. There were a million reasons to walk away, to leave the woman in that hotel room with some words of advice and nothing more. And logically she knew that’s what she should do. But she also knew that’s not what she would do. Instead, she intended to try and convince Vicky to risk her future, to risk her life, by turning in her boyfriend and a very well-connected drug dealer.

She made her way back to the hotel room and heard the shower shut off as she closed the door. She took a deep breath. She wasn’t sure she was ready to have this conversation with Vicky. How do you tell someone her life was over? That if she didn’t become a witness for the state, the men in her life would probably kill her? She turned the television off, combing her fingers through her thick locks impatiently. How should she start? Should she tell her about her grandfather? About almost being killed so many years ago? About the kind of men Jimmy worked for? About the options the DA would surely offer her? Which angle was the least intimidating, the least terrifying? Honestly they all sounded pretty shitty to her.

She wasn’t any closer to an answer when the bathroom door opened. But for a moment at least none of that seemed to matter. All she could see was wet, glistening, honey colored flesh, thick, shapely thighs, a nicely rounded bottom, heavy breasts with dark nipples, hard from the cool air…the sight of her charge, sans clothes, erased every other thought from her head. It was obvious Vicky hadn’t realized she’d returned. She was searching through a small make-up bag on the counter, reaching up to pull the elastic band from her hair and shaking the short curls free. She combed her fingers through her hair, not realizing how much more of her body she was exposing, before looking into the mirror and catching a glimpse of the tall woman who stood frozen, taking her in.

“Oh!” Vicky dashed back into the bathroom, closing the door between them.

Tae shook her head, trying to erase the image from her mind…trying to get her hormones in check. Jesus, the woman was intoxicating. It was the second time the woman had completely erased everything from her mind. Tae shook her head again, trying to focus. What was she supposed to talk to her about? Oh yeah, she was supposed to tell Vicky her life was over…

Minutes later Vicky stepped from the bathroom, a short tee shirt covering her well-proportioned frame. She smiled, embarrassed.

“Sorry, I didn’t realize you were back,” she apologized shyly.

Tae nodded, not sure she could get any other words past the constriction in her throat. The tee shirt wasn’t helping much. How could someone be so sexy in a fucking tee shirt? She turned her back as Vicky moved toward the clothes she’d left on the bed. She listened to the sounds of her sliding material over those delicious curves and swallowed again, trying to clear her head.

“Okay, I’m decent. Sorry about that.”

Tae turned to face the fully clothed woman and wondered why even the sight of her fully dressed wasn’t enough to cool her off. She ran her fingers through her thick, dark mane of hair again, sighing.

“Uh…you hungry?” Tae finally managed to utter, her voice thick with arousal. It would be best to get this woman out of the room and away from a bed before she lost control…again.

Vicky shook her head. She was hungry, but she didn’t really want to leave now that Tae had returned. Instead, she wanted to talk. She wanted to let Tae know she would understand if she left. That this was not her problem and it would probably be for the best if she just forgot about her and returned to her own life. She had rehearsed the speech in her head while she showered…now she just had to get it past her lips. She hesitated, approaching the tall, honeyed colored woman.

“Tae,” she started, licking her lips, forcing herself not to focus on the sheer energy the woman exuded. “I-I…uh, I wanted to th-thank you…for everything. But you really d-don’t need to—”

Tae watched the woman before her, stuttering, her long lashes hiding those enticing amber colored eyes, licking her full, luscious lips absentmindedly in a way that went straight to Tae’s gut. She swallowed, not sure how long she would be able to resist. She cursed softly, moving two steps away from the beauty now staring up at her anxiously.

“Jesus, you’re driving me to distraction.” Tae exhaled.

“I am?” Vicky asked, confused.

“Yeah, you are. Fuck.”

Tae turned from her, counting to 10 in her head, thinking of sheep jumping over fences, trying to recall the periodic table…anything to steer her mind in a different direction. But the feel of the woman as she moved to stand directly behind her, the gentleness of her touch as she reached out to touch Tae’s arm…

“I don’t underst—”

Tae turned abruptly, leaning down and covering Vicky’s lips with her own. It was not a tender kiss, a lover’s kiss…it bahis firmaları was filled with hunger…and maybe just a little anger. Anger that this woman had shown up in her life, had taken her back to a place she didn’t want to be, had gotten under her skin. She pulled Vicky close, her body filled with a delectable tension she hadn’t felt in years. She would stop if Vicky demanded it, if she made the slightest protest she would stop…but the woman in her arms just melted against her. She swore silently, brutally gripping Vicky’s upper arms as she started to move them backwards toward the bed.

“Jesus, stop me Victoria,” Tae pleaded softly.

But Vicky did no such thing, sighing deeply as Tae moved in to hungrily ravage her mouth again. Surprised at first, she’d only needed a little coaxing, just a little push from the tall aggressor, before she was responding in kind. The feel of those lips, she remembered them well…full, soft…titillating. They moved against hers, drawing her in, capturing her senses, erasing every other thought from her brain. She was still being moved backwards and then could feel herself being lowered, but didn’t put two and two together. She realized she’d landed on something soft as Tae pushed her down, climbing between her legs. Then the air whooshed from her lungs as she felt the weight of the taller woman on top of her, creating even more of a light-headed feeling within. Those full lips were wreaking havoc, claiming her mouth over and over again, toying with her senses, teasing her…she felt the heat of Tae’s tongue stroke her bottom lip, caressing it, adoring it, bathing it sensually, and her breath hitched again. She squeezed her eyes shut, a whimper escaping from her as Tae’s mouth continued to dominate. The woman hadn’t touched any other part of her, only her mouth, yet she felt as if she was on fire. She’d never been kissed so passionately…so thoroughly. It rendered her defenseless.

Vicky could feel herself overheating and sought to cool off…beginning to remove the clothes from her body. It wasn’t logical, the desire to be naked, pressed against this strangely aloof, powerfully charged woman, but she gave in to the need anyway. She was more than a little surprised when Tae stayed her hands, preventing her from disrobing as she continued to nullify her common senses with that painfully delicious mouth. Instead, Tae shifted just a bit and pinned Vicky’s hands beneath her buttocks. She felt helpless for a moment, a brief wave of anxiety sweeping through her before Tae’s skillful mouth removed even that thought.

Tae was kicking herself mentally, willing herself to stop, but unable to do so. She couldn’t resist the charms of this woman for some reason, first at the station, now here. She could feel her body teetering on the edge as the woman wiggled beneath her, their breath comingling sweetly. She lifted her body just slightly, her hand deftly opening the button of Vicky’s jeans, her hand sliding past the waistband and finding its way to her feverish core. She stroked the fine hairs slowly, gently, her lips never ceasing to ensnare her willing captive’s senses.

Vicky almost came unglued as that hand made its way past the slight swell of her stomach, resting against her soft downy center. Tae paused, nibbling at Vicky’s upper lip, capturing the woman’s attention again. At that moment, when she was lost in the sensations the woman was creating above, those clever fingers parted her thickened, slick nether lips, tenderly stroking the length of them. Vicky moaned loudly, the sound swallowed by Tae, her back arching as a long, thick finger found its way home and settled in. She felt that finger moving, pulling almost all the way out, plunging back in again, joined by another, pleasingly stretching her. Her nipples were rock hard, rubbing deliciously against Tae’s perfectly round, full breasts. She could feel her body responding, obediently following Tae’s lead. Her senses were overloading, those fingers pumping in and out of her, Tae’s thumb tapping impatiently against her swollen clit, those lips swallowing her moans, the weight of Tae’s body pressing down, almost suffocating her…she knew she was going to explode. Her eyes opened as suddenly Tae tore her lips away from hers, opening those intense, grey eyes and staring down into her soul.

“Come for me,” Tae demanded softly.

Just the sound of that husky, powerful voice unhinged her. She cried out as her body was pummeled by a barrage of viciously exquisite sensations. They washed over her, freezing her, shocking her…she cried out again as Tae added yet another finger, burying them deeply within her slick heat, maneuvering her hand so she could rub against the front of Vicky’s vaginal wall. It sent the smaller woman over again and she squeezed her thighs together tightly as she mewled uncontrollably, trying to slow the onslaught. Instead, she felt cool air against her burning nipples as Tae impatiently raised her tee shirt. Then the slightly agonizing wonder of teeth gently sinking into a painfully erect nipple, kaçak bahis siteleri the swollen nub between her thighs, no longer shrouded by its hood, suddenly seized between two fingers and skillfully manipulated. Her third orgasm was no less intense. She called out Tae’s name as it slammed into her.

Tae hungrily devoured the erect nipples standing before her, taking her time with each, ensuring they remained rock hard. Her fingers continued to fuck into the warm, tight tunnel, relentless, until she felt a fourth massive shudder seize her willing prey, vaginal walls nicely squeezing her hand. She was far gone, her body taking over, her desire to coax every last orgasm from someone so innocent, yet so luscious and gratifyingly responsive, overwhelming her. She was so distracted that it took her a few moments to realize the woman beneath her was no longer moaning…instead she softly crying. Tae took a deep breath, removing her hand from within Vicky’s jeans and forcing herself to ignore the pressing sexual tension within her own body. Instead, she sat up and gathered the woman to her, holding her close. She’d witnessed this before. Sometimes overwhelming sensations created in the body provided a perfect opportunity to purge emotions. She wished she could say that had been her intent all along. It hadn’t. But allowing Vicky the time and space to cry was a decent way of assuaging her own guilt.


They sat like that, Vicky nestled against Tae’s chest, for a long time, darkness settling in around them. When Vicky finally shifted a little, Tae reached over to switch on a lamp, but then pulled the woman back into her arms, kissing her forehead.

“You okay?” Tae asked softly.

Vicky nodded, not able to answer yet. She settled herself more comfortably against Tae, enjoying the feel of the woman’s strong arms around her. They were silent for a little while longer until Tae heard Vicky’s stomach growl and chuckled softly. “I think we better go get something to eat.”

Vicky sighed, but nodded yet again. Tae watched her scooch off the bed and quickly close her jeans, running fingers through her soft cloud of dark curls before readjusting her tee shirt. She raised a brow as Vicky looked around for something, finally locating the bra she’d discarded earlier and disappearing into the bathroom. Tae took a deep breath, closing her eyes for a moment, and then hopping off the bed. God, she had to get a fucking grip. Now was not the time for this. They had a lot they needed to discuss without the distraction of sex. Moments later Vicky reemerged, grabbed her jacket and followed Tae from the small hotel room.

They sat across from one another in a diner they’d found within walking distance. After ordering, Tae watched her charge carefully, noticing the way she carefully avoided Tae’s gaze. Her hands were nervously shredding a napkin until Tae covered them with her own.

“Hey, relax, okay? And uh—” she hesitated, “I’m sorry I let things get out of control.”

Vicky suddenly met those cool, grey eyes, distraught when she noticed the concern in them.

“Tae, don’t.” She turned her hands over and took hold of Tae’s. “I’m okay. Sorry for the tears. I just—” she blew out a gust of air, “I don’t know. I just needed to let that out.”

Tae nodded, “don’t worry about it.”

They moved their hands when the waitress brought the drinks and Tae waited until she left before clearing her throat again.

“We do need to talk though.”

She watched those amber eyes shift away, looking around at the other customers nervously.

“Vick,” she started, “you need to turn them in and testify against them.”

Those words…those words…Vicky didn’t want to hear them. She felt her eyes fill with tears and reached for her lemonade, trying to calm herself.

“I can’t,” she whispered, “I just can’t.”

Tae sighed, reaching across to take the terrified woman’s hand once again.

“Actually, you can. I’ll help you. I’ll stay with you.”

Vicky raised her eyes and stared at the woman across from her. Had she really just promised to stick with her through this?

“I can’t let you—” Vicky started halfheartedly.

“Look, let’s just get you some rest tonight and tomorrow we’ll go see the D.A., okay?”

Vicky released a breath, taking another sip of the lemonade. Maybe she could do this. With Tae by her side, she felt she could probably do anything.


I watched her sleep that night, wondering what the fuck I had agreed to. Had I lost my fucking mind? Did I really just agree to stick by this woman’s side while she testified against someone who worked, however tangentially, for my grandfather? Jesus, I had lost my fucking mind. Or should I say I was losing my mind yet again, like I’d done with Jaffy all those years ago? I sighed, reaching back to quickly twist my hair into one thick braid. I slipped on my Timbs and pulled on a jacket, stepping into the corridor and closing the door quietly behind me. I dug the card I’d carried for well over a decade out of my wallet and headed toward the stairwell as I dialed the number. Even though it was 1am, I knew someone would answer. Whether or not I would be allowed to speak with him was a different matter.

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