15 years Straight : Part Two

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15 years Straight : Part TwoI decided to go by train, I had taken Greg’s phone number, and we agreed to meet at Epsom train station just after 8, and he would drive us back to his place. and as I sat on the train thinking I must be mad, but I knew I had to find out for myself what and who was the real me. I came out of the station and walked to where he said he would park, I was excited but also very nervous, and then he saw me and leaned across to open the passenger door. I jumped in, we said a nervous hello, I realised he was nervous as well, but we chatted back to his house it was only 5 or 6 minutes drive away. I started to relax, and thought enjoy this for whatever it will be,He opened the door and we went into the front room, we sat on the sofa and I told him all about my little Christmas adventure again only this time in more detail, then he got up and went over to his computer and switched it on, then he went to the kitchen, and came back with two beers, lets have a drink and a chat, and he told me a few stories of what he had done in his past, and then he asked what turned me on, I told him I had a thing for stockings, but he wanted to know what I wanted and liked about sex with guys. I love oral sex I said,and wanted to see how things went from there, and he then stroked my leg at the top,he leaned in to kiss me, but I was not ready for that, he said sorry, I said don’t be, I am not saying no, just not yet, I felt I was being seduced, which was a real turn on, he knew it as well, despite me not kissing him. I spoke about what I liked and then listened to his story of being fucked by a cd, he then asked if I wanted to see a video of him being fucked by the said cd, he was up before I had a chance to reply. and he sat at his computer I stood beside him, he showed me a few pictures of him, with his regular meet, and then the cd video clip, not really a cd more a guy in stockings , but it was good to watch he told me what they had done since, as I watched him bent over the sofa by this cd, I was rock hard by now and he could see I was hard, he rubbed over my jeans, I undid my buttons and he quickly took me in his mouth, his hot mouth felt good, I watched him being fucked hard and I came so quick I never had the chance to fuck his mouth with I love, I had shot my load so quickly, I was really embarrassed, all that for a 90 second blow job. To my surprise he loved it, and he knew I wanted to just get away, so I quickly did my jeans up,then I heard him say, “please don’t be upset, it is a real compliment to me that I got you to cum, and I want you to feel you can come here anytime türbanlı amasya escort you like even just for a blow job” I left.Three weeks later I was back for our second meet. more relaxed and ready to enjoy myself,so was he. When I got to his house, he took me straight upstairs to his playroom,, there was a bed and a en-suite bathroom, he opened up the draw and showed me his butt plugs, anal beads and vibrators, then a pair of seamed stockings and suspenders, he said he would wear them when I was ready to fuck him. We stood at the end of he bed, and he said lets get undressed, and we both stripped off,as we stood face to face naked he kissed me, this time I put my tongue straight into his mouth,and we then laid down on the bed naked kissing and I was stroking his already hard cock. he rolled me over on to my back, and kissed and nipped my nipples making them hard, and his hand was on my cock slowly stroking me, I reached to do the same for him but he said no wait, and he went straight down on me, he laid in between my legs taking me deep in his mouth, I felt his hand on my balls, he lifted me slowly and I felt his finger enter in my ass,I raised myself higher, and he said roll over onto your stomach,he put a pillow underneath me, he spread my legs,and parted my bum cheeks as I felt his tongue on my hole, licking me and his was inside, then it went a little cold, as the lube was put in,a finger went in then two, then I was rolled onto my back the pillow was now under my bum, so my ass was up and he sucked me and fingered me for the next 10 minutes, I wanted his cock in me, I reached for it, he thought I waned to stroke him but I pulled him nearer and he then climbed over me in a 69 position,and we sucked and he came so quickly his hot salty cum he was giving me no option but to take it all, which I greedily swallowed, he rolled over and he said that was so good,I looked down at my hard cock, ad he asked shall he put the stockings on, I said oh yes please, he went to the draw then into the en-suite and he came back with them on, he laid directly on top of me, we kissed again he rubbed his legs along mine, as he sat up and straddled me,he slid me cock into his lubed hole and slowly rode me, after he rode me a few times he squatted over me so I could get in deeper, he squeezed my legs hard as he fucked me, my cock deep inside his hole,his cock was now limp, but his face was of pure joy, I told him I wanted to fuck him from behind so he got up and bent over the bed I stood behind him, but he was a bit smaller than me so he then got on all türbanlı amasya escort bayan fours on the bed, i entered him and it was so wet and easy I just slid in and I was able to fuck him hard as I wanted , I pushed so hard he fell lat on his stomach he was face down on the bed my cock was still in his ass, he now felt tight, for the next 15 mins I would pound him for a few minutes and stop before I could cum, wait a few seconds then go again, but then he started talking about needing a cock in his mouth, and how he wanted to fuck me, this was enough to send me over the edge, he just told me he wanted us both in stockings and me tied up for him to use, and then I exploded, I could feel his ass pushed into the bed as i emptied my cum into him, I cannot explain the feeling other than say joy and ecstasy I pulled out of him still dribbling and remember seeing my cum on the top of his stockings, I just stayed there and let every drop land on them, I rolled over and remember saying fuck me. to which he replied yes please… but I had to go soon afterOur third meet did not start so well, it was nearly 4 weeks later,and I had two hours between 7-9pm to spend with him I had to leave at 9pm, to be home before my wife, I was working up in London, and got on the train at SWT the train was cancelled due to some poor woman throwing herself under a train at Vauxhall, but we could get to Clapham and I could get a train to Epsom from there, a slightly longer journey via Southern trains. I was now only going to have 90 minutes with him, which soon dwindled to 75 mins when the train was delayed. I finally got an a train that seemed to crawl all the way, when I eventually got to Epsom, I called him, and said is it worth it we only have 25 mins and that includes him coming to get me and drop me back at the station,, he seemed relaxed and said don’t worry, it will be lovely to see you and anyway I can drop you back in Wimbledon,So we got to his and to say I was not in the mood and totally pissed of was an understatement,we sat on the sofa,and don’t worry there will be other times, have this and he passed me a bottle of beer, I took a swig and he then cuddled up to me and we kissed, he told me to just lay back and relax. he unzipped me I pulled my jeans down and he stroked my cock hard and fast as if he was trying to make me cum quick, he was telling me he had two pair of seamed stockings ready in the bedroom but they can keep till next time, as he fingered my ass dry it hurt a bit but in a good way he was rough on my cock,grinding his teeth along türbanlı escort amasya the side it did the job I shot quickly into his mouth and he just smiled, now hows that do you feel less stressed now, Gregs de-stressing blow job at your service.. and he laughed, it was already time to go, I took the empty bottle to the fridge he followed me, and we chatted so where can I drop you, and we decided by the theatre would be good, I apologized for the night being messed up, we stood side by side against the sink, and he said it was a real shame as he had taken a Viagra and was looking forward to fucking my ass, I smiled and leaned over and kissed him, I put my hand on his hard cock over his trousers his tongue was in my mouth, as I unzipped him, his cock popped out he had no pants on, I undid the top button and his trousers dropped to the floor as we kissed,I went to go down on him, but laughed as I soon realized that not both sets of stockings where in the bedroom, he was wearing a pair. nothing was said i just took him in my mouth and he he said can we go into the bedroom please, so I said we don’t have long, ny the time we got to the bedroom his shirt was off and all he had on was the stockings and suspenders, I took my clothes of and went to suck him but he went straight into a 69 position, he was sucking me and fingering my ass, he already had the lube ready and was filling my hole with it it was cold and he ordered me onto all fours I am going to fuck you gentle, if you say stop I will, as he was saying this I felt the tip of his hard cock enter my hole, he slowly entered me, his cock had a big head, but was thin after that about 6″ long, as his head entered me,I felt a bit of pain a wonderful pain,as he slowly entered me, he was very gentle I felt his whole length in me, and he moved backwards and forwards very slowly at first, as my muscles relaxed and he found it easier to fuck me he started fucking me harder and harder I was in a real state of bliss my cock hard again, as he fucked me, I heard him call me his dirty little slut, his bitch and he spanked me on my ass, as he pounded my hole, he fucked me really hard and I knew he was near he pulled his cock out and came along side of me, he made me put my tongue out as he came I felt his warm cum on my tongue but he knelt back and shot the rest into my face, he pushed me onto the bed and kissed me he loved the taste of his own cum, and he licked my face clean, I had to do that I hope you liked it, I did he said good that was fucking amazing your ass is so tight,I want to fuck you again, but I looked even with the Viagra his dick had gone limp, I smiled and kissed him I got up and walked to the en suite, oh fuck he said I forget to get you to wear the stockings for me…. next time you will.There was one thing I have left till the end to tell you and that Greg was 62 years old, we are still friends now he is 77, and lives in a residential home, and still loves to suck cock when he can.

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