10 – Just Desserts

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After lunch Amanda was back at her desk making sure they were ready for the next appointment. She still had a little time so she went looking for some old livestream videos of one of her favorite performers, Ashlynn, or Smashlynn as she was known for the very famous endings of all of her videos. Some poor dessert would meet its demise in her derriere. Her fans loved it. Seeing her full curves coated in whatever food was destroyed was the highlight of the stream. Her faithful fans always tried to time their orgasms with the height of the smash. Pudding and filling based items went best with a good cream and gush from everyone.

Of course, all her male fans always hoped it was their cream dripping off her ass cheeks and pussy lips, especially as she so elegantly scooped a handful up, brought it to her mouth and let most of it fall on her full breasts. Even after most of her fans were likely finished, she would twerk a little or shift her ass cheeks side to side as a tease, or smash her boobs together to get the dessert items to ooze out all over. Occasionally, for a good tip she would simulate a slick and messy titfuck with a huge dildo she kept on hand for just the right occasion. When she was doing a special paid show for fans, she might even smear some all over her pussy lips and either play with the messy dildo from the smash or invite one of her performer friends to eat her out. She loved doing those shows and would likely do them for free because she enjoyed it so much, but if people were willing to pay why should she deny them that privilege.

Amanda had found a couple of the recent ones hoping that they didn’t have the weird lag issues that they had during the livestreams. Unfortunately, all of them had huge buffering issues and general lag that interrupted the flow or even prevented Ashlynn from reaching the big smash ending. Amanda luckily wasn’t having the same issues as most of Ashlynn’s fans, or Ashlynn herself. But it was a real problem for people out there with many of them leaving unfriendly or downright mean messages on her profile or on social media. She had no idea what to do, which is why she had scheduled a therapy session with Dr. N, under her real name Lynn Ashton, which confused Amanda enough that she didn’t realize it was her until she came in for her appointment.

Dr. N came out of her office just as Amanda was finishing up the last buffered livestream video, and turned to see the doctor and blushed a bit, which was simply adorable with her pale complexion and long black hair framing her face, the wisps just hanging aside her red cheeks, the rest pulled back into a partial pony tail. Dr. N smiled as she couldn’t be mad at a face like that, but made a quick comment to indicate her disapproval and disappointment.

“Amanda dear, was I not enough for you just now?” Her smile cracking through her attempt at a stern look.

Amanda lowered her head, and spoke softly. “No, Miss Natalya, you are all I really need. But she’s my favorite livestream performer and her videos have been having issues of late, I was hoping the archived versions wouldn’t lag and couldn’t help checking. It’s really been bothering me lately, but not as much as her fans. Some of them haven’t cum in weeks!”

“Yes, I know dear.” As the doctor spoke, their next patient entered the waiting area. Amanda’s eyes opened wide when she saw who it was who came through the door. Ashlynn was their next patient.

“Smashlynn! I’m such a huge fan!” Amanda shouted and stood up, revealing her still topless form, oblivious to it as she faced her idol.

“Umm, thanks. Apparently, you were in the middle of one of my videos just now.” Ashlynn joked as Amanda realized she was still topless. For some reason this made her self-conscious, standing in front of a livestream sex performer, when she had already paraded around half or mostly naked in front of their regular patients. She scrambled to pick up her top and throw it back on, then mysteriously dug out a modest skirt form her desk and slipped into that as well.

“I’m so sorry, I forgot myself.” Amanda managed, through another heavy blush.

“Don’t worry, by the looks of it you would make a great addition as a guest on my show, and I doubt any of my fans would let you forget yourself again. That’s for sure. Give me Maltepe Escort a call sometime if you’re up for it. We can double smash a wedding cake or something with that ass of yours.” Ashlynn didn’t mince words.

Amanda’s blush wasn’t going away anytime soon, but she nodded, still starstruck at meeting her idol.

Dr. N escorted Ashlynn into her office where they started discussing her problems.

“So, I’m a little confused as to why you are here today instead of complaining to your internet provider?” Dr. N started rather directly.

“Well, I just don’t understand the other part. Why can’t I cum right now? I’m doing pretty much the same things as I always do that make me go way over the top, but it’s just not working. I get right there and sit there, overly stimulated, unable to reach the peak and the frustration is starting to get to me.” Ashlynn explained. It was more than just her videos that seemed to be bothering her.

“Well, maybe you just explained it to yourself. How about trying something different, maybe the repetitive nature of the work is getting to you, or maybe you really do have a connection with your fan base that is beyond the usual client/patron relationship.” Dr. N offered, but Ashlynn still looked skeptical.

“You think I’m really hung up on the fact that my viewers can’t get off so I can’t get off?” Ashlynn laughed at the idea.

“I’ve seen a lot weirder things happen, so yes.” Dr. N simply asserted.

“I mean, my viewers are great, but that’s where it ends. I turn off the livestream and I forget all about it, I mean, except for the death threats lately.” Ashlynn explained.

“Death threats?” Dr. N looked concerned, “Please tell me more.”

“Well, it started about a week ago, which is about mid-way into the whole internet mess. I had a couple people blow up my chat with some death threats and other nasty comments. Luckily we got those users banned and the hosting company was able to follow-up on the user info for the death threats, but it was unsettling and I don’t want to have that happen again.” Ashlynn was obviously concerned herself and still frustrated.

“That’s good, but be careful. Things can seem fine and then suddenly someone snaps.” Dr. N was trying to make sure Ashlynn was looking out for herself. ” As weird as this seems, I still think it has something to do with your internet connection and all the buffering and lag. I’m not sure I can offer you much from what you’ve told me. Again, try something different, shake up the routine, and get that internet connection fixed. Stress can manifest itself in many ways, so removing it is probably your key to recovery. If you try these things and get your internet connection resolved, but still have issues, we can meet again next week. Does that sound good?”

“Okay, you’re the therapist, even if you’re trying to be a cable technician today as well.” Ashlynn joked with the doctor, as was her style, just trying take her mind off her growing frustration. “I’ll get that internet thing fixed first, I just hate calling my provider.” Ashlynn admitted she was just delaying the inevitable call to the cable guy.

“Indeed, I too dislike calling in any service people.” Dr. N confided. “Set up another appointment with my assistant, but don’t recruit her away for your show just yet.” She stood up, as did Ashlynn, as they finished their quick session. Ashlynn seemed a little more energized and Dr. N was optimistic that she would follow through with the plan they discussed and all would be well.

Ashlynn headed home and placed a call with the cable company to set up an appointment. Without getting a call back a service technician arrived at her house and Ashlynn ran to answer the door.

“Hello, I’m Kate from SpeedyBits, I hear you’re having internet issues.” Kate introduced herself and knew about the basic issues Ashlynn had reported. Good enough for her to let her in to look things over.

“Yeah, I’ve been having a lot of lag with my livestream lately and, well, it’s caused some other issues for my fans and I’d really like to get it resolved before they get any crazier.” Ashlynn explained, trying not to get into any specifics. No matter how long she did her livestream and other sex shows it never got easier explaining to Anadolu Yakası Escort people what she actually did.

“Got it. Wait a minute, do I know you? Are you the cake girl? What is it now…Smashlynn? Oh…my…god! I love your show. When I get a chance to watch it that is, crazy schedule sometimes and I have internet issues of my own to work on.” Kate exploded with a little fangirl moment of her own.

Ashlynn smiled, slightly relieved, but still feeling awkward. She wasn’t used to coming face to face with fans, it was always more of a virtual thing and she enjoyed what little anonymity she still had. If she ever thought this would become so big, she would have rethought her performer name a bit, but it all happened so fast.

“So, where’s the main connection anyway, I’m going to need to check some stuff out first.” Kate asked

“Oh, right. All the main cables come into my studio and hook into the router there, I think, but the box is in the basement. Which part do you need?” Ashlynn asked anxiously, really hoping this would work, and finding Kate a little too attractive for a cable repair person. She assumed she was being punked by one of her online rivals at this point, having this hot babe stopping by to get her bandwidth all straightened out seemed too good to be true.

“I should just need to see the router and cables. If it’s farther up the line than that we probably have a hardware issue and I can’t likely fix that today.” Kate explained, with a hint of caution to set expectations.

“Well, fingers crossed then.” Ashlynn held up her hands showing that all the fingers she could cross were crossed.

Kate giggled. “That’s pretty cool that you can just cross all of them like that. Any other hidden talents you want to share while I’m digging through things here?”

“None that I can show you with my clothes on.” Ashlynn smiled.

“Well, then I better get this show on the road.” Kate replied, all serious and ready to get things working. “Could you hold the bottom of that cable down there, while I fish some things out? Just lie down there on your back so I can hand you anything else that needs to be separated.” Kate pointed to the floor and indicated which cable end she needed to be held. Ashlynn scooted under and set herself at the base of the network cabinet she had setup for her studio equipment. Kate reached over to grab a few more of the cables. As she did, her loose t-shirt hung down a little and Ashlynn could see right up into the front of it, noticing that Kate wasn’t wearing a bra. Ashlynn was already a little warm to begin with and that set her off even more, making her start to feel pretty horny. She hadn’t felt like this in a while, so whatever Kate was doing was definitely working.

Kate handed Ashlynn another cable and then crouched down over her to reach behind the middle of the cabinet and figure out some of the flow. She sat there, inches away from Ashlynn’s face and the smell of bitter honey and citrus filled Ashlynn’s lungs as she breathed her in. Intoxicating was the best word Ashlynn could use describe how it felt. She kept breathing her in as she crouched over her reaching for cables, rearranging them and rerouting some of the paths. Having had enough of the torture Ashlynn lifted her head slightly to run her nose against Kate’s crotch and as she did, Kate let out a soft moan.

“Ooooh, you’re a frisky one. Just give me a few more seconds and I’ll be all yours.” Kate says in a low, husky voice.

“Mmmmm. Promise?” Ashlynn says purring.

Just then as Kate was reconnecting the last cable and tightening it, there was the slightest bit of blue arcing over all of the equipment, and everything whirred to life.

“That should do it, I think. Now, where did you go?” Kate asked, turning around and confused.

Ashlynn had moved to her main studio bed and had quickly stripped down to her bra and panties. Her full breasts jiggling as she settled into her large circular bed, currently covered in a bold red and black set a she sat in the crumpled-up duvet right in the middle.

“Over here. ” Ashlynn said, her voice on fire, with a raspy seductive tone. “Why don’t you get comfortable?”

Kate stripped off her shirt, revealing a very firm pair of freckled breasts, matching İstanbul Escort the freckles on her face and just about everywhere. She slid off her jeans to reveal a simple pair of black cotton panties. She wasn’t expecting to put on a show today. Deciding to just get it over with she slid those off too. It turned out her red hair was natural, and it framed her pouting lips perfectly. Looking over, Ashlynn licked hers and she ogled Kate’s pussy.

“Come over her and let me kiss your pussy.” Ashlynn commanded.

Kate walked over carefully and climbed atop the bed to be next to Ashlynn. She wasn’t sure where she wanted her to be, so she let her body be guided by Ashlynn’s experienced wandering hands. She nudged her back so that she was slightly reclined against a few pillows and was able to extend her legs. Ashlynn dove right in and just buried her face in her folds. Kate gasped and looked down at her, running her hand down the side of her face, moving her hair back along her ear. She held her hand there to guide Ashlynn’s face where she wanted it most.

Ashlynn was very good at what she was doing, but she needed much more herself and broke off her attack on Kate. She moved up to kiss her and play with her pert breasts, teasing her nipples harder as Kate responded with a low moan. Soon it was obvious Kate wanted to taste Ashlynn as well, and she lay back on the bed beckoning Ashlynn to climb on top of her so she could eat her. Ashlynn needed no further encouragement as she slid off her panties so she could straddle Kate’s welcoming face and settled herself back down between her legs. The two of them were extremely aroused and it didn’t take long before they were both rocking and thrusting in perfect synchronization. They crashed into a hard, long-awaited orgasm together, as Ashlynn was finally able to get some relief for her aching pussy. They both panted heavily while slowly recovering.

Ashlynn lifted her head. “That was amazing! Thank you for whatever you did.” As she said this her chat window lit up with cheers and pings from everyone watching the show. Ashlynn hadn’t realized that her camera was still set on auto and started recording as soon as it got an internet connection and noticed movement on her bed. Seemed like everyone else thought it was amazing as well.

“One more thing though, or else it wouldn’t be complete.” Kate broke in holding her favorite dessert, cheesecake with strawberry topping. Where it came from Ashlynn wasn’t about to ask. As she turned her back to the camera, Kate jammed the cheesecake under her perfect ass cheeks and counted down for her. Ashlynn felt the squish of the cold cheesecake fill every crack she had exposed and shivered as it settled in some new places. Kate lifted her head and took a big mouthful from Ashlynn’s ass and enjoyed her dessert. She swiped a big handful for Ashlynn to smear across her face and the gloriously soft pillows of her bust. The chat window lit up once again, with some of the nicest tips she had seen in a while.

After they cleaned up, Kate said her goodbyes and Ashlynn thanked her for getting everything fixed.

An hour later Ashlynn got a call from SpeedyBits support asking when they could schedule an appointment to have a technician come out to check on her problems. Ashlynn indicated she’s all set after Kate came out to fix it.

“Kate? Red hair, short, cute little bit of a thing?” The support operator asked.

“Yeah, that sounds like her, why?” Ashlynn asks, confused.

“Well, we don’t have a Kate working here, but the girl I described used to work for us about 20 years ago, that is until the accident during a storm.” The support operator explained, his voice breaking a little at the end. “Oh, can’t believe it’s October already. Yeah, we get calls like this now and then. Still can’t explain it. Well, if everything is working, I’ll let you go ma’am. If you have any other issues, let us know.” With that, the support operator hung up. Ashlynn looked down at the bed and the cheesecake and thought everything looked and felt pretty real, but she wasn’t sure what to think.

“Oh, it looks like Ashlynn got everything working again, or at least things are back to normal” Amanda shouted to Dr. N back in her office.

“Oh, good for her. Was it a fun video you were watching?” Dr. N asked, somewhat distracted by her notes and reading.

“Well, depends, do you like pussy and cheesecake?” Amanda asked.

“Hmm, yeah, I could get into that.” Dr. N said mostly to herself, her eyes lighting up having some more improper thoughts about her assistant.

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