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Big Ass

Sara was amused. “Kinda fidgety, aren’t we, Mac? Little woman’s not home, and here’s this young chick you already know wants to get laid, and you haven’t got a handy excuse.”

“I don’t need one,” Mac said, trying to capture some elusive confidence. “Nothing’s going to happen unless you try to seduce me, in which case I’ll drive you home.”

Sara just smiled and turned and went into the library. Mac poured two cups of coffee and carried them in on a tray. Sara was standing by the window looking like a contortionist. She reached behind her, then up under the cap sleeve of her dress, and pulled out a brassiere.

“Caught me,” she said, apparently not put out. “I hate bras. Thought I’d get it off before you came back, and you’d never notice.”

He noticed, all right. The thin dress did little to conceal her breasts, in fact only made them more alluring. He could see that her nipples, erect and poking the fabric, were rather thick and long, the aureoles large and dark. When she moved, her breasts swayed and the shifting pattern of reveal-conceal made by the dress was very erotic. His erection was instant and almost painful. “Jesus,” he said involuntarily.

She moved toward him, arms at her side, no expression on her face. She stood barely touching him, and lifted one hand to stroke his cheek. She looked at him, her eyes half shut and her lips slightly parted. With a smothered groan, Mac pressed her to him and buried his face in her neck. She responded slightly, shifting her hips enough to rub her pelvis against his erection. She twined her arms around his neck and waited.

Mac inhaled sharply and pulled away, his face red. “Damn you,” he Kartal Escort said. His fists were balled at his side.

Sara continued to look calmly at him, but her eyes shone and her body was languid, limbs loose. “Yeah, right,” she said. “Want to hit me now? Go ahead, hit me. Who the hell cares? Hit me, fuck me, run me out, it doesn’t matter now. We both know for sure. For sure. And sooner or later…”

She turned and went to the couch and sat, somehow seeming to sprawl just a little. She touched herself between her legs. “I’m soaking wet, Mac,” she whispered, “and you’re hard as a rock. If you don’t get over here real quick I’m gonna bring myself off. I’m not like you, when I get this hot I’ve got to do something about it.”

Her legs parted, showing the dumbstruck Mac first the tops of her stockings, then the garter belt. She wore no panties, and he stared at the dark juncture of her legs. It was flecked slightly with droplets of moisture. The lips were swelled and beginning to show through the fine pubic hair. Sara reached down and stroked herself gently at first, running her hand over her mound. After a minute she shifted, opening her legs wider, and rapidly flicked two fingers over her clitoris. Her hips jerked up, and she buried a finger deep inside herself, still looking at Mac but with her eyes beginning to glaze.

Mac was struck dumb, unable to move, unable to stop staring. He watched as she alternated rubbing her outer lips and burying first one, then two fingers in her vagina. Her breath came in gasps now, and her hips levered up and down with increasing rapidity. Then she stiffened, bit her lower lip, and moaned. After Yakacık Escort a minute, lying there with her hand covering her pubis, fingers still inside, she smiled slowly and lifted her hand to her face and sniffed. She licked her fingers.

“Ummm,” she said. “Lovely. Taste?” she asked, offering him her hand.

“Oh my God,” Mac muttered hoarsely. He went to her as if drawn by a winch, and took her hand. He tongued one finger and then put it in his mouth and sucked. Then another.

Sara slid from the couch and knelt before him. She undid his belt and pulled down the zipper. When he was exposed, she put her hand around his engorged penis and began licking the tip. Then she removed her hand and swallowed him. She moved back and forth from the tip to the base, lips drawn over her teeth, her tongue moving from side to side. In seconds Mac thought he would explode, but she sensed it and began licking his balls and then taking each one gently in her mouth. Mac sank to his knees and then was prone on the floor. Sara pulled off his pants, shoes, and socks. He wrestled with his shirt buttons while she unzipped her dress and pulled it over her head. He stared at her and she smiled and moved her hands slowly over her breasts, stopping to take each nipple between thumb and forefinger and pull and twist.

She moved up on him and grasped his penis and put it just at her vaginal entrance. She moved back and forth slowly, her breath coming faster and a faint flush coloring her face and upper body. Suudenly she lowered herelf and took all of him inside her. Mac’s hips bucked upward in response and he began unconsciously groaning softly. Sara Kadıköy Escort leaned forward until her breasts were in his face, and he took first one and then the other nipple in his mouth, licking and sucking. He had a sudden, aberrant thought that this was very much like he and Jean had last fucked, but it was also very different. Sara began making noises deep in her throat, and then gasped, “Bite it, Mac. Bite my nipple. Hard.”

When he did, Sara’s hips began revolving like a corkscrew. She pushed down harder and Mac felt the entrance to her womb on the tip of his penis. He lost control then, grabbing her buttocks and thrusting up, faster and faster as his orgasm neared. Sara answered every move with her own, her hair flying wildly about her face as she swung her head from side to side. “Now, goddam it, NOW!!” she yelled. He came then, and the spasms lasted longer than they ever had, he thought, the sensations almost hurting. Sara’s orgasm followed quickly, and she cried out and slammed down on him as her entire pelvis shook in spasms. She collapsed, her hips still moving, her vaginal muscles contracting over his shrinking penis as if milking the last drops of semen.

It had been, Mac thought, unbelievable. As he wet a washrag in the bathroom and scrubbed his genitals, he shook his head in amazement. After the first time, she brought him erect again with that incredible mouth, giving him wet kisses over what seemed every inch of his body. When she finally got to his groin, he was achingly hard. She turned and presented her backside to him, head on a couch pillow, legs spread, hands pulling her buttocks apart until her wet, matted, pink and purple opening lured him into her from the back. She made him rub her breasts as he rode her, then moved his hand down until it was rubbing her clitoris. She seemed to come again and again, each time clamping his cock tighter than he could ever remember being held.

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