young lad seduced by 2 old gay men

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young lad seduced by 2 old gay menWhen I was 19 (1983) I lived with an Italian family in Portsmouth, I’d had girlfriends but never had sex ‘ one Saturday morning the landlady banged on my door and demanded the rent I’d forgot to pay, I said I would have to pay Monday as the banks were shut and she hated cheques , so she said I could go back inside my room on Monday then and promptly kicked me out in the pouring rain, so I headed for my brothers house a few miles away but he was out, so I sat on a bench in the pouring rain until Patrick, a tall skinny gentleman shouted to me from his front door ” come in out of the rain young man”, so I gratefully accepted. I got into his house and he handed me a towel and a dressing gown and told me to change in his bedroom, when I came out and went into his living room he asked me to sit down, he asked my name and why I was in the rain for so long which I explained. we were watching football on the telly when his doorbell went and a big stout man about Patrick’s age ( 68-72) walked aksaray escort in and kissed Patrick on the lips. “oh Alan this is Paul he’s my special friend, I was shocked and now feeling a little a worried but I couldn’t go as my clothes were still drying, Paul poured 3 large brandies and handed them out, I tried it but didn’t like it but Patrick said it would fight off the chill, after 2 I felt a bit more relaxed and started to nod off, I woke up 10-15 mins later with the dressing gown open and Patrick sitting between my legs playing with my erect cock in his hands, he was naked!! and Paul was standing naked in my face to the side of the chair, I nearly shit myself. “relax” said Patrick ” nothing is going to happen if you don’t want it, you’ve been asleep with a hard on and it was sticking up out of the gown and it’s been so long since I’ve seen a youthful veiny cock I had to touch it” ” can I suck it? I just nodded in agreement as I didn’t really know what to say. He put my whole cock amasya escort in his mouth it was so warm and exciting I just let him do what he wanted, Paul had a small semi erect cock at my face with the skin pulled back so I just put it in my mouth and cupped his balls within 30 seconds Paul came in my mouth it nearly chocked me! and it tasted rotten . He asked Patrick to swap places which he did, his cock was long and slim and he was circumcised. ” I promise I wont do what he just did” he said , his cock was about 7 inches and the head was thick and shiny I put it in my mouth and it was much better than Pauls, it was clean for a start. Paul was sucking on my cock like it was a meal which thankfully was making me last a while, he wanted Patrick to lie on the rug so I could suck his cock on all fours which we did, Paul came up behind me and stuck his tongue in my arse and began to rim me and he did it well I was so turned on, I sucked Patricks cock for at least another 5 mins and he warned me escort bayan he was Cumming put I stayed there and swallowed it all Patrick swivelled around and slid under me and started to suck my cock again and with Pauls expert rimming I was ready to explode the Paul slipped a finger knuckle deep in my arse and I just exploded in Patricks mouth down his neck and chest it was a proper virgin Cumming. An hour later both Patrick and Paul were in bed and I was asleep on the sofa , just after midnight Patrick woke me and asked if he could fuck me as he was rock hard again, I said yes please. He rolled me on my front and parted the cheeks of my arse and rimmed me for what seemed ages I had never experienced lust like this and never have since, he laid on the carpet and got me to lower myself onto his cock, it hurt like hell but after a while he was fully in and fucking me so gently for at least 20 minutes and came inside me, I got off and kissed him so passionately . He rolled over and stuck his arse in the air , so I licked it and licked it, he then helped guide me into his arse and I think I lasted 1 maybe 2 minutes and came inside him. about 5 am I left his house and never saw either of them again even though I was tempted and no man or woman has ever taken my breath away like Patrick x x

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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