Would you make me a discount??

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Would you make me a discount??Would you make me a discount??Home alone again; Victor flying that early morning out of town. I was still in bed at midday, touching myself until I calmed down with an intense orgasm…Then I woke up, had a warm shower and dressed formal; because I was willing to go on shopping at the mall. I needed new shoes; my loving husband´s credit card paying a brand new nice pair of high heels would calm me down for sure…I entered the mall and went directly to my favorite shoes place.The shop was almost deserted; except for a couple of young sexy girls that were already paying the salesman as I walked in.The salesman was a very handsome black guy, with a nice build body. He looked up from the register and smiled as he said that he would be right with me. I chose a nice pair of heels from a shelf and showed to him. “Can I try these on?” Before the guy could answer, I grabbed the shoes and took a seat at one of the low sitting chairs. I recalled that I was not wearing panties underneath my skirt but I really did not mind if this nice guy got a look at my pussy. It might even get me a discount.He approached me with three boxes and took a seat in front of me. I felt a little electrical charge from my foot to my cunt as he slid my right shoe off and I made sure to open my legs enough to give him a little peek at my shaved wet pussy.He began to say something else but trailed off at the site of my pretty little pussy. He took his time in finding my size, no doubt to keep looking at my quickly dampening mound. “I’ll have to go look in the back and see if we have any other size” He said.“I would hate for you to keep running back and forth, how about if I come with you and I can try them on there. We could save a lot of time.” I said as he agreed instantly…When I stood to grab my bag I made sure that he could see down gaziantep suriyeli escort my shirt and when he directed me to the store room I could almost feel his stare on my ass motion.There was not fitting chair in the back room so I sat on an old desk as Mark eventually found the right size. He took his time again, no doubt so that he could continue to look at my cunt which was even more visible to him when I opened my legs even further. I stood up and did a trial walk and when he stood I could see that he had a hard-on.“So, what do you think?” He asked me smiling. I was about to tell him that it appeared that he had a nice dick but then I realized that he was asking about the shoes.“It fits perfect. But price is bit high though, you could maybe give me a discount?”“I would love to, but my boss would kill me if I did that.” He watched as my hand slowly worked towards his now fully hard cock.“Please? Is not there something we could work out?” I moaned, looking in his eyes…“Maybe there is some form of alternative payment.” He grinned and pulled me up against him and pressed his lips to mine. I felt his tongue twirling against mine as one hand pushed between my opened thighs and started to tease my now wet pussy.My body was experiencing small electrical pulses as his mouth moved down my neck.I felt his fingers slip up into my slippery tight cunt. I was so close to have an orgasm but then he suddenly stopped. He roughly grabbed my hair and pulled from the desk.“On your knees, you naughty bitch…. show me how badly you want those shoes…” I fell down on my knees and looked up at him; he was watching me as I undid his pants and pulled out his throbbing hard nine inch black rock hard cock. I leaned in to kiss the head and smeared his pre-cum all over my lips. I moaned as I wrapped my lips around the swollen head and worked my hands up and down the veiny shaft.I smiled up at him and slowly started to take him in inch by inch until I had the entire length of his magnificent black cock buried into my warm, wet mouth.This carried on for a few minutes as I rammed my mouth up and down on his huge black cock before I felt him pushing my hands away and grab the back of my head. My eyes widened as I heard him start to grunt a little louder and then start to fuck my throat. I knelt there and let him use my mouth, at the same time I had slid my hand down between my legs and started working on my needy wet warm pussy.I loved the feeling of being on my knees for this complete stranger while he roughly fucked in and out of my mouth. He suddenly pulled out and slapped his thick cock against my face.“Now is time to get a taste of that pretty fucking cunt of yours.” He pushed me away and then roughly lifted me up and sat me back onto the desk. I watched the pre-cum drool from his cock while he pushed my legs open and started to slap at my slit.I screamed as he nibbled on my clit and worked two fingers up inside me. My eyes were closed in pleasure as I was sent flying over the edge.Then the black guy quickly turned me around and bent me over the desk. There is just something so amazingly hot about being handled and treated this way, my tits pressed against the old wooden desk, my legs being kicked apart, his hand slapping hard against my ass making me moan and scream.“Such a pretty tight wet white pussy….” I heard him mumble just before he rammed all nine inches of his thickness up inside me and start fucking me deep, hard and rough.I was in another realm as he controlled my body. His cock was slamming deeper and deeper into me and his hand slid up my back and pulled back hard on my hair.“You are a nasty little fucking white whore.” He whispered into my ear as he pulled me back onto him and launched into me even deeper.I screamed in pleasure as the room was filled with the sounds of his skin slapping against mine. My second orgasm began to overtake me but he did not slow down.“What is going on in here” I looked up to see an older man standing at the doorway. His eyes looked at us, but the black guy did not even show a hint of stopping.I saw he had a bulge that was building in his pants. I reached up and placed one hand on his swelling cock while the young black guy continued to pound deep into me.“Fuck my mouth.” I managed to whisper as the attack on my wet pussy not only continued but picked up in intensity. The older man looked back at his salesman and then down at me. Then he opened up his pants and shoved his cock into my mouth.“Oh, fuck! This lady loves suck some dick!”Several minutes later, the guy in my cunt tensed up and I felt his warm semen exploding into my body, invading my cunt and flooding out between my pussy lips…“Now is my turn. I have got to try me some of that little pussy”. The Manager said. He sit down on the desk and I straddled him, guiding his long cock up into my hungry wet and stretched pussy; beginning to ride him wildly. At first the black young salesman watched and stroked his cock but eventually he moved back over behind me and I felt him pushing his dick head against my asshole…I screamed in pain and pleasure as I felt the head push against my puckered hole and then grunted as he pushed inch after inch up my buttocks. At first they both went slow but as they found their rhythm I was getting fucked harder and rougher in both holes. My third orgasm hit me hard and a few minutes later both men came almost at same time inside my both holes. When they pulled out, I got on my knees and sucked clean their cocks. Both men looked really wasted and exhausted.I left there with not one but three pairs of shoes and an invite to come back anytime…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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