Worth the Wait

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It was a dark and stormy night. (Isn’t that the way all the good stories begin?)

Jim waited outside their hotel room. One year ago tonight he had first put his hands on her. He thought back to that morning a year ago when he brought her coffee at work. Why had he done that? It was nearly thirty years since he’d last been that close to her. They’d flirted in high school. Nothing more than a little teasing and touching here and there. He laughed when he thought to himself that she’d accused him of tainting that morning’s coffee with an addictive lust potion. It certainly seemed that way at times. Texts turned suggestive and next thing they knew they were naked in the dark, feverishly drawn to one another, catching up on the lost years. At times it did feel like an addiction-one that would never be satisfied.

He knew she would be waiting in the room for him. Waiting was what they’d always done. Finally, tonight the waiting would be over. They had all night and all the next day to look forward to. No one looking for them. Nowhere to be but inside each other. What was he waiting for?

He let himself into the room. Music played from a speaker next to the bed. Everywhere he looked a candle was lit. A bottle of wine sat on the table, a half-empty glass next to it. The ice bucket had beer chilling in it. The bedsheets were pulled back and her black silk robe was laid out across the foot of the four-poster bed. Were those satin ropes tied to each corner of the bed? A couple of black satin bags were on the side table as well. He decided to explore those later.

The bathroom door was open a bit and he heard water running. He began stripping his clothes off as he walked toward the bathroom. He stopped at the door and watched as she lowered her naked form into the large steaming tub that was surrounded by more candles. Suddenly he was glad he splurged on the nicer room 🙂 He continued to watch her while he removed the last of his clothes. He liked to watch her.

Her back was to him, her hair was pulled up and the tips of her nipples peeked up thru the bubbles. She stretched out a toe and turned off the water. He could see the side of her face as she relaxed into the suds and then he heard a low moan and realized she was touching herself under the water. His naughty girl wasn’t waiting for him! Not wanting to be left behind, he took his bare cock in his hand and began to stroke it to life. He pushed the door open a little wider.

She must have heard him because she turned her head and looked at him standing there with his erect cock in his hand.

“You going to join me or take care of that yourself?” she asked him.

He didn’t need to be asked twice. He closed the distance between them in two steps and settled his large frame into the tub behind her. She leaned back into his chest and exhaled a deep breath. This felt like home. They had waited a long time for this night. He wrapped his arms around her and they relaxed in the hot water.

His hands couldn’t stay still. Her soft naked skin had been denied to him for too long. He massaged her back and neck and his hands made their way around to the front where they bounced her firm tits up and down in the water. He caressed her sensitive nipples until she began to squirm a little and his cock began to grow and press against her back.

She twisted in the tub to kiss him. He pulled her the rest of the way around until they were face to face. She laid her legs over his and moved in close until they were intertwined. She sat in his lap and held his face in her hands, just looking at him.

“I missed you.”

“Why? When?”

“Every day I wanted you and couldn’t have you,” she told him. “It’s hard for me to want you and not be able to see you. Tomorrow I’ll go back to missing you, but tonight I’m going to pretend you’re mine.”

He kissed her and then stood and stepped out of the tub. He quickly dried himself off and then held a fluffy white towel out for her. She stood and he pulled her into his arms, wrapping the towel around her and rubbing the water from her body. He tucked his towel around his waist and took her hand and led her to the edge of the bed.

He sat her down and refilled her glass of wine. Next to the ice bucket of beer, he spots a note that says ‘EAT ME’ and on the note there lays a little blue pill.

“You weren’t kidding when you said you wanted an all-nighter, were you?”

“I can handle it if you can,” she said with a little smirk. “We’ve waited too long, once is not enough to hold me til next time.”

“We’ll see what you can handle…”

He cracked open the beer and swallowed the pill, then dragged the bedside chair to the end of the bed. Settling down on the chair, he allows his towel to fall open so she can get an eyeful of what is in store for her.

“Put on a show for me, Kristin.”

She slowly took a few sips of the wine and, without breaking eye contact, stood up and allowed the towel to drop to the floor. She reached to the side table and picked up one of the satin çubuk escort bags then turned and crawled slowly onto the bed, looking over her shoulder at him and giving him a nice view of her ass. She laid down and placed a pillow under each knee, giving him a beautiful view of her pink lips, spread perfectly open just for him. He could see her juices glistening between her lips and her clit was just peeking out of her folds.

She reached into the bag and pulled out a small vibrator. Still looking him right in the eye, she turned it on and touched it for a moment to each nipple. Her eyes closed briefly as she enjoyed the sensation.

“I want to see that sliding between your pussy lips. The sooner, the better.”

With her left hand she began working the vibrator slowly down her belly. Her right hand reached down to those pink lips and gently dipped into the wetness that was just inside. She brought the finger to her lips and met his eyes as she licked her own juices from her finger.

“Wish you could taste this. You’re missing out,” she told him with a little grin on her face.

“Oh, you can be assured that I’ll be tasting plenty of that tonight.”

She returned the finger to her wetness and pulled it toward her clit, running her finger up and down the folds, pulling her pussy lips open for him. What a view he had — the woman he wanted, spread-eagled on the bed, pleasuring herself with fingers and vibrator just for him. He drank his beer and slowly stroked his cock up and down the impressive length. She licked her lips as she watched him massage his balls. He knew she loved to watch his hand around his cock.

He leaned forward a little as she finally pushed the vibrator between her swollen lips, running it up and down the slick passage. Her fingers pulled her lips open wide and she began slowly sliding the vibrator in and out. Her pace started to pick up, her head was turned to the side and her moans quickening. He watches as a slight sheen begins to form on her chest. He cheers her on with an occasional comment about her performance while he continues to keep his cock at full attention. Her legs twitch and her toes point. He can see that she is so close. He moves to the end of the bed and watches from just a few inches away as she pleasures herself. She is completely lost in the moment and he realizes she is on the verge of her orgasm. He lays on the bed and reaches underneath her and pulls her close to his face. In a husky voice he tells her how much he wants her to squirt on his tongue and that comment pushes her over the edge. As she is convulsing from her orgasm he pushes the vibrator away and replaces it with his soft tongue. He licks away the juices she has spilled and caresses her swollen clit with his tongue, never stopping. He sucks her clit gently into his mouth and she cums again and again, shaking and quivering from the effort. He brings her down with soft caresses of his tongue and fingers and then moves up to lay next to her on the bed, whispering in her ear, “That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. I love the taste of your pussy. Feel how hard my cock is for you.”

He kisses her and she licks the taste of herself from his lips. She reaches over and grasps him tightly in her fist.

“I want this in my mouth.”

“Not yet. I have plans for those pretty boobs I only get to look at pictures of.”

“When am I going to get to use that pretty cock I only get to see pictures of?”

“Soon enough. I promise you’re going to have it all night.”

He lifts himself and kneels, one knee on each side of her, his balls laying heavily on her belly. He pinches and slaps each nipple til her skin is the shade of pink he likes. He knows how much she loves the attention to her nipples and her squirming against his balls is exciting. She presses her hands to each side of her breasts and brings them together to make an inviting tunnel for his erect cock. He supports himself on the headboard as he thrusts between them. He almost can’t look. The vision of her pinching her nipples while he fucks her tits is too much, especially when her dirty mouth is urging him on. He loves that filthy mouth. Her tongue is out and trying to taste the drop of pre-cum forming at the end of his cock. He can’t take any more.

“Kneel and put your hands behind your back,” he orders as he moves her to kneel in front of him. He is standing on the bed now, just the right height for his cock to plunge into her waiting mouth.

He uses the tall headboard for leverage as he thrusts again and again into her open throat. One hand on the back of her head, one on the bed, he finally starts to lose a little of that control he always has. His typical stream of dirty talk is interrupted with groans and she can feel his legs quivering a little as he takes quicker, shorter strokes into her soft mouth. He can feel her tongue moving on that sensitive underside of his cock. He feels her moans echoing deep into his balls. With a yell the entire hotel could hear, he lets demetevler escort loose and ejaculates into the back of her throat. Like a good girl, she gulps down each drop, her throat muscles milking the last of the cum from his balls.

He drops to his knees in front of her and flops back onto the bed.

“Ready for another go?” she asks him, laughing.

“Maybe next year.”

She laughed and went to the frig and pulled out some snacks she had brought.

“I knew you’d need nourishment so I planned ahead. I have big plans for us so I need to keep you healthy!” she said as she popped another beer open for him and fed him a piece of cheese.

She disappeared into the bathroom for a bit and then came back wearing a short black silky thing of some sort. She pulled it up and gave him a peek at a little black piece of lace between her legs.

“Why in the world do you need that? I like you naked.”

“So you can tear it off with your teeth.”

He kind of liked that idea.

They sat on the bed together and had their snack and she drank her wine. He asked her if she’d pose for some photos for him. He was finally going to get the kind of pictures HE wanted instead of waiting for her to send them.

He asked her to kneel on the bed again. She complied and he took a few shots of her in the lingerie, pulling the front down with a good shot of cleavage. Then one of the black panties and another one of them pulled over to the side for a peek at her clean shaven lips.

“I notice your little friend is back to visit,” she said, happily eyeing his growing erection.

“Little? I’ll show you what my little friend can do to you if you’re not careful.”

“All talk,” she laughed.

She wasn’t laughing for long when he grabbed her ankle and pulled her to the end of the bed. He reached down and tested the strength of the silk rope tied to the footboard, then n he wrapped it around her ankle, fastening the Velcro attachment firmly.

“Hey, I was gonna use those on you!”

“Well, who’s laughing now,” he said to her as he bound her other ankle to the opposite corner. “This is quite a little pickle you’ve gotten yourself into.”

He laid himself over her and began to suck on one nipple. When she relaxed and started to enjoy it he grabbed her left arm and secured it to the headboard. She tried to keep him from getting hold of the other but soon found that was futile.

Pretty soon, he had her spread-eagled across that huge bed. He pulled the lingerie down so her breasts were pushed up tight. He kind of liked the looks of that, like a gift to unwrap. He grabbed his phone and took a few more close-up photos of her.

“Oops, you forgot to take my panties off before you tied up my legs. Guess you have to untie me.”

“You don’t really think you’re getting off that easy, do you? Don’t think I don’t have a plan.”

He moved to the side table and took a look through the bag of toys she had brought along.

“Hmmm, this is interesting.”

He brought out a little flat flexible paddle. “I think you sent me an interesting video where someone used this on a tied-up girl’s naked pussy.”

“Yeah, it was just an idea. I’m not sure I want you to do that to me.”

“Well, you’re not really in a position to worry about that, now are you, Kristin?”

He kept looking and found a soft leather whip with many tails, a blindfold, and another, larger vibrator and a tube of lube.

“Seems I have some interesting choices here and you don’t seem to have any. Hmmm. I’m thinking I need to do something about that smart mouth of yours.”

“Kiss it, right?” She smiled at him, trying to distract him.

He stood next to the bed and slowly stroked his cock for her the way she liked.

“I’m going to make you beg for this cock to be in your tight little cunt,” he said as she watched him.

He went to her on the bed and slowly placed the blindfold over her eyes. Leaning down, he does kiss her, taking a long lick of her lips as he pulls back. He goes to her nipples and takes a long lick of those as well. Then another long pull with his mouth, ending with a little bite that makes her jump. He flicks her nipples a little and then drags the soft leather whiptails across them to tickle her. He drops the whip down to her feet and drags it all the way up the inside of her legs, tickling her all the way. When he gets back to her breasts, he gives it a little twist and it whips across her nipples.

“Oww, that hurt…do it again.”

“Quiet or I’ll stuff something in your mouth too.”

“Will it be your cock?”

“If you’re lucky. Now lay still.”

He went back to work with the whip across her creamy white tits, back and forth on each side til they are a nice bright pink. No more talking from the smart mouth, just moaning and writhing around, trying to break the bonds. Her back is arched and her nipples are tightly swollen and pink, just the way he likes them. His mouth can’t stay away. He sucks and bites them ankara escort until she begs for more.

“More what?”

“I don’t know! It’s making my clit beg to be touched. Please!”

He redirected the whip to her shiny pink pussy, still covered with the black lace. Small taps with the whip were all it took for her to raise her hips as far as she was able, reaching for pleasure. He pulls the lace to the side and sees her juices dripping downward. He tapped her a few more times with the soft leather until she is gasping for more. Her lips were now as pink as her tits. Her back is arched, legs spread wide. His mouth waters at the thought of tasting that hot wet mound that is begging for him. His cock is as hard as it had ever been, you’d never know he just emptied his balls into her mouth less than an hour ago.

The sight before him is something he needs to always remember. Another couple of pictures are definitely in order. He takes close ups of her flushed face and a full

Length shot of her entire body, bound and waiting for him.

He grabs a pillow and lifts her hips to place it underneath. He knows he will like what comes

next even better than she will. and he knows she will love it.

He makes a few more passes with the whip to her tits and pussy then lays down between her legs for the feast he’s been waiting for.

He pulls the lace up between her lips and licks teasingly up and down both sides, avoiding her clit. He knows this will make her crazy. He pulls it a little tighter until her lips bulge out around the lace and licks her through the fabric, just enough so she can feel the pressure of his tongue but not the pleasure. She is already begging him for release and he hasn’t even gotten started. He kisses and gently licks the insides of her legs down to the back of her knee and then back up the other side. She is literally shaking all over and finally quiet, just waiting to see what comes next. He licks again up around the tight lace and then decides he’d teased himself long enough. He breaks the strings on the sides of her hips and yanks the flimsy lace to the side.

Her pussy is pink and puffy and her clit is swelling out from between her luscious lips. His tongue can’t wait any longer. He goes directly to her clit and he sucks it into his mouth. She screams with pleasure and tries to spread her legs wider for him. He attacks it like a man who hadn’t been satisfied in months, fucking her wet hole with his tongue and moaning into her, the vibrations causing even more pleasure for her.

“I love this. I could do it for hours.”

He had his hands under her butt and was holding her close to his face. She had stopped struggling against the bonds of the ropes and had relaxed, accepting the pleasure. He brought his hand to her swollen lips and ran a finger up and down through the juices. He spread her open and used a finger to massage the inside walls of her tight cunt. He occasionally touched her clit and she would twitch and tense, then relax. He eased one finger inside and then two, reaching for that magic spot that only he can find. He massaged her inside and went back to attacking her with his mouth. It wasn’t long before she was gasping and writhing underneath him. Unable to even form words, she has her head thrown back and he can tell she is almost there. He suctions his mouth around her clit and flicks his tongue rhythmically across it while he pulls upward with his fingers, finding that sweet spot inside that brings her to ecstasy. He feels her juices flooding his mouth and he laps it up as fast as it pumps out of her. Her entire body is shaking and she has finally given up every bit of control to him.

He reaches to release the ropes binding her ankles and pushes her legs back to her chest. What a picture this is in front of him. He sees more slickness running out of her quivering pussy. He rolls her legs back a little further and begins kissing up the inside of her legs and her ass cheeks, working his way to the tight bud of her ass. He tentatively licks across it and feels her jerk back to attention. He circles it and licks her deeply from

Back to front. Her gasps and moans tell him how much she is enjoying his attention. He rolls her over and helps her to her knees, her hands still twisted and bound over her head. He takes in this picture for a moment before again lowering his mouth to her puckered hole and sucking and licking from front to back until she is panting and begging for him.

“What was that? I told you I’d have you begging for my cock.”

He rose to his knees behind her and rubbed his cock up and down her dripping slit. Teasing her cunt with the head of his cock then rubbing it up the back and slightly entering her ass with just the head. Underneath of him she continues to beg, almost unintelligibly, for him to enter her.

He picks up the paddle he’d put aside from the toy bag and smacks it against her swollen and exposed pussy lips, again and again until she is pleading for mercy. He moves in behind her and buries his cock in her tight swollen cunt in one swift stroke and smacks her across the ass with the paddle on both sides, enjoying the feel of her muscles tightening around him with each stroke of the paddle. He feels her breath coming out in spurts as he drives into her over and over.

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