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Work bluesWork bluesPart 1 – staff training Another Melody Mitchell story‘I’m sorry” Melody got in first “but Tracy’s only twenty-one and she needs the extra coaching if she’s going to be able to cover for me next month when we go away to Italy. The only chance I have is if she comes here on Saturdays and we go through the work in the evening. She’s as bright as a button so she should catch on quite quickly if we can get down to it one on one”Melody knew that Steve disliked her bringing work home, but after a few minutes of cajoling she brought him around. “Anyway, you like Tracy, we can have a nice meal and then get down to working through the stuff while you watch Top Gear or something”So, on Saturday evening Tracy arrived, smartly dressed as usual in trousers and blouse, she never dressed in a particularly girly way, bringing with her a bottle of wine and her briefcase. Dinner was way off being ready so they settled down to have a drink and listen to music. As they chatted one bottle and then another disappeared so that when the meal was finally served they were all rather merry. Another two bottles drunk over dinner, mainly by Melody and Tracy, meant that conversation by the time the food had gone was loud and expressive.”I’ll clear away and then we must get started” Melody called as she took the dishes from Steve through the hatch into the kitchen.”I’ll give you a hand with those” Tracy laughed as she weaved her way out to the wreck of the kitchen “we can go through some of the work things while we clear away.So, Melody began to explain the systems she wanted Tracy to cover during her holiday, adding “It’ll mean no nights out with the boys for a couple of weeks because you’ll be on call, sorry”Tracy’s reply should have sounded slightly strange “I’ll manage, anyway I tend to spend most of my time amusing myself – I’m not a great one for the men. I prefer to be in control, I don’t want anyone telling me what to do and when to do it” But Melody was tipsy and focusing on not dropping plates and smiled replying ‘that’s nice, sounds like fun.’A little flustered by the look Tracy gave her, Melody reran the conversation as she got out the tall kitchen stool to put a pan away on a high shelf. Clambering onto the stool her thighs were about level with Tracy’s face “You’re probably right men can be a real pain.’ She said cheerfully ‘I enjoy the occasional evening alone when Steve goes out, but I must say that I really quite enjoy being told what to do at home, it makes a change from having to think for everyone else at work.” She swayed unsteadily on the stool and Tracy reached out and took hold of her upper legs “Whoops, steady their Melody.” She giggled before adding “I’ve never been in charge at work before, is it difficult?””No, not at all” Melody giggled but trying to sound confident, all the time aware that Tracy still had a very firm hold on her upper legs “You just have to be sure of what it is you want and then to tell them to do it, don’t give them room to argue. It’s amazing what people will do if it’s put to them in the right way.””Oh, that sounds easy enough, I’ll have to try that later” Tracy said thoughtfully and Melody put it down to the booze, turning back to the sink to continue with her washing up.After a few minutes of silent washing up she suddenly felt hands smoothing the denim of her skirt where it bulged over her ample bottom. Before she could say anything, Tracy spoke “Oh don’t stop washing up Mrs Mitchell, I haven’t told you that you can move, I’m going to stroke your gorgeous arse for a while, I’ve wanted to for weeks, ever since I started to work for you” then to reinforce it she said firmly through slightly gritted teeth “I said get on with your washing up!”Something in Tracy’s voice, coupled with the skilful way she was running her hands over the material of her skirt, denied Melody the chance, or, more to the point, the will, to complain. As she continued to wash the pots and dishes, almost in a daze, Tracy’s hands covered her arse, feeing every inch of the pliable flesh, squeezing and tweaking the folds where her cheeks met the tops of her legs. Without thought Melody eased her feet slightly apart and pushed her bottom out as Tracy eased up her skirt to expose her behind and legs clothed in sensible cotton knickers and tights.”Oh, I would have thought a woman like you would have been wearing stockings, not these horrible tights and old lady pants.’ Tracy said, the disappointment dripping from her words ‘Leave the dishes and go and change right away. And don’t be long about it.”In a daze Melody hurried upstairs and found herself striping off her tights and pants and fishing out suspender belt and shear black stockings from her drawer. As she pulled the second stocking up her long leg she stopped.”What the fuck am I doing?” She said aloud before continuing to herself “she’s got me jumping about like some skivvy, who does she think she is?” Before she got any further though Tracy’s voice called up the stairs “Are you finished, I’m not going to wait all night.” Again, something in her voice brought Melody up short, catching her breath, the feelings stirred by the memory of the other girl’s hands on her arse flowed back into her mind and she hurried to clip the stockings to the strips of lace and slip on a pair of minuscule lacy panties before grabbing her patent leather high heels from the wardrobe and heading for the stairs.”Very good” Tracy smiled as Melody re-entered the kitchen “back to your washing up”Melody complied and set to scrubbing the pans as before. After several agonising minutes, during which she waited longingly for something to happen, she felt Tracy’s fingers edging their way up the backs of her legs, stroking across the silk covered flesh and raising the tiny hairs as they inched higher and higher up her tapering limbs, rucking up her skirt as they went. Finally, her hands reached the tops of her stockings and stroked around the ring of tight stocking where they encircled the soft creamy white expanse of thigh. Melody couldn’t hold back a small groan as Tracy’s clever, and obviously experienced, fingers slipped further round her thigh, to where her legs touched, and pushed between the warm flesh. Again, Melody eased her legs apart and pushed her arse invitingly towards the other girl’s hands.Instead of continuing to tease the now increasingly compliant woman Tracy took hold of her skirt and folded it neatly up her back tucking it into the waistband so that the full area of Melody’s stocking clad legs and bottom were on view.”There I think I’m getting the hang of this ‘boss’ business” Tracy whispered into Melody’s ear, her breath warm and caressing. Melody heard the soft click of Tracy’s iPhone as she took pictures of her exposed bottom.‘No, Tracy. Don’t take photos of me like this’ she whined”Just carry on with your duties my pet’ Tracy said firmly ‘I’ll be back in a minute to touch you again.’ And with that she left the confused Melody to her washing up, her naked thighs and tiny knickers disappearing into the crack of her arse presenting a charming picture of domesticated bliss.Steve looked up as Tracy came back into the sitting room and he noticed the slight flush in her face and definite sparkle in her eyes. Before he got a chance to speak she sat in the chair opposite him and began confidently “Melody and I have almost finished the washing up, but I’ve decided that I want to work on her rather than on other business stuff. She seems quite happy with the idea, but I want your permission bahis şirketleri first. If you’re not happy I’ll leave now and you can go and fuck your wife” she paused and signalled him to look through the hatch, raising her finger to her lips to keep him quiet before going on “as you can see she’s really quite too lovely and sexy to leave unsatisfied.”As Steve watched Melody busy with the washing up, unaware that she was being viewed, her bottom and stockings on display, her slightly parted legs showing a little damp patch on the minuscule panties stretching to cover her furry fanny his heart jumped.”What did you have in mind?” He asked as he edged the hatch door closed and moved back to his seat.Tracy couldn’t hide the thrill, was he actually going to give his permission? “Well I will be in charge and Melody will be my servant for the evening, you will go out but I’ll video it all for you – she’s to be mine. I will do whatever I want to her. OK?”Steve nodded “Only if she wants to!” Then he added “I’ll get the video cameras set up, you can start when you want, I’ll go to the pub.”Tracy jumped up as Steve set about getting the cameras ready and almost skipped back to the kitchen, delighted with herself and intent on making the most of her opportunity. Melody heard her coming and paused to watch her enter but Tracy’s finger pointing at the sink sent her back to her duties. Tracy approached the busy woman and placed the front of her rough trousers against her scantily clad rear, rubbing her fanny against the cool skin of her bottom, before reaching to cup her breasts in her hands kneading them like bread dough, fondling the firm flesh through the wool of her jumper and intricate lace of her bra. Teasing the nipples so that they pushed out firmly against the material, pleading to be touched again. Melody threw her head back against the other girl’s shoulder, pushing her boobs further forward into the hands that were giving her such confused pleasure.Tracy licked and chewed on her ear as Melody, her eyes tightly closed, thrust her arse back and gyrated gently against the crutch of her controller. Between chewing and kissing Tracy whispered into the other woman’s ear “Your husband says that I can have you all to myself tonight, to do whatever I want, won’t that be nice?” Melody groaned in subservient agreement and in the distance heard the front door close as Steve left for the pub unaware that the scene was already being filmed from the hatchway, or that Tracy had quietly reached out to open the roller blind at the window, so that the newly married girl next door, standing at her own sink, was staring, wide eyed, straight in to the kitchen watching as Melody responded to the other girl’s fingers. “Good girl” Tracy stepped back and Melody’s eyes opened in surprise, she found herself staring into the face of the girl across the five feet of the pathway that separated the houses, their eyes met and the horror in Melody’s face was returned by a half smile as the other girl made no attempt to avert her gaze, or move from her vantage point.Tracy, seeing this went on “She seems a nice girl, lift up your jumper so she can see your tits darling.””I will not!” Melody’s answer was categorical, but was followed by a stifled grunt as Tracy slipped her hand between her spread legs and placed fingers on her wet fanny rubbing very gently the soft damp fabric of her panties.Melody, her eyes half closing, groaned again “OH, Ahhhhh please don’t make me do this, please don’t Tracy” but as the girl’s skilful fingers continued to work against the tiny triangle of lace Melody reached for the hem of her tight jumper and began to ease it up over her stomach. As the stretch wool reached the swell of her large tits Tracy reached round and helped her lift it up and over them, she too returning the gaze of the watching neighbour. Tracy smiled as the lacy bra was revealed and she pulled the woollen garment off over Melody’s head. Melody kept her eyes closed in the knowledge that the girl next door was now privy to her partly naked body as Tracy returned her attentions to her boobs and nipples, cupping them and holding them out so that the nipples jutted out provocatively against the near transparent material. Then she slowly lifted the bottom of the bra over Melody’s heavy boobs so that they spilled out, their deep red nipples inflamed and hard.”Play with your tits my darling” Tracy whispered into Melody’s ear as she slipped her hand down to unclasp the now redundant bra and placed her fingers back to the damp recess of her panties. As her fingers pressed against the furry mound Melody’s soap covered hands slowly reached up and took hold of her own boobs, her slippery fingers taking the nipples and squeezing them between thumb and forefinger, grabbing them so that they hurt, pushing them out, seemingly oblivious to her audience.”Open your eyes” Tracy’s next instruction came as a seductive invasion into Melody’s blur of passion, “tell her that you want her, tell her you want to fuck her” Tracy ran her nails over the edges of the lacy triangle, never touching the centre of Melody’s desire – keeping her at the very edge of abandon, but without fully satisfying her. Melody began to slowly open her eyes and could see that the girl next door was still looking straight at her, but now her hands were clearly at her own fanny as she rubbed herself, her mouth slightly open as she brought herself closer to a climax of her own.”Tell her, go on – tell her” Tracy’s voice was insistent and Melody began to slowly mouth across the short gap between the houses.”I want to fuck you” she meticulously but silently said, accentuating each syllable “I want you”, as she did she pushed her nipples towards the windowThe other girl looked quizzically back, mouthing “what?” Unsure, or disbelieving, what she thought she understood. Melody, now fast approaching a climax screamed out “Oh God, for fuck’s sake I want you – I want to fuck you!”Now in no doubt about what Melody had said the neighbour, her hands frantically rubbing at her sex as she watched Tracy bring Melody closer and closer to her climax shouted back across the gap “When?”Tracy, her voice instructional, told Melody to say ‘tomorrow’ which she did without hesitation, adding “eight o’clock” though she couldn’t think why she had. Although she didn’t have time to contemplate for long as the girl next door at that moment let out a wail and slumped across her sink panting in a frenzy of heat as she came.”Good!” Tracy said loudly, and stopped tickling Melody’s sex causing her to let out a soft cry of frustration “Go and find me a thin leather slipper and bring it into the sitting room. Oh, and lose the skirt while you’re there.” Then as she stepped back she placed a firm slap on the other woman’s naked bottom causing it to wobble delightfully “don’t just stand there – go and do as you are told!” She added, satisfied as Melody scurried out and upstairs to seek the required object.Back in the bedroom Melody unclipped the belt of her denim skirt and stepped out of it then, on an impulse, placed both her hands on her sex and began to finish the job Tracy had started. Sinking on to the bed she frantically rubbed at her fanny, her legs stretched wide apart as her fingers pushed the lace of her knickers deep into her wet hole pushing against the trigger of her sex as she panted her way to a sensational climax. As she came she thrust a fist into her mouth to stifle her screams as her passion exploded in her cunt.She panicked as she realised bahis firmaları how long she’d been gone, hurriedly she wiped her sex with tissues and scrabbled around in her wardrobe for a slipper, grabbing a flat-bottomed leather sandal before rushing for the stairs.Coming back into the sitting room in just her tiny knickers, stockings and heels, she felt herself blush deeply at the sight of Steve’s cameras on their stands and at her inability to resist Tracy’s will. She looked towards Tracy who was sitting on the settee awaiting her return. As soon as Melody’s eyes met the other girl’s her heart jumped, she felt as if Tracy could see right into her thoughts, instantly she regretted having brought herself off without being told to. Tracy signalled her to stand in front of her and reached out to take the sandal, as Melody passed her the leather shoe Tracy grabbed her wrist and drew it to her face sniffing her fingers.”Been playing with yourself haven’t you my darling?” She questioned softly but firmly. Tears came to Melody’s eyes as she nodded and made to speak, but Tracy broke in “you made yourself come without being given permission. What should I do with this slipper do you think?”Melody sobbed slightly and replied, “Spank me with it”Tracy was loving the situation beyond belief “Yes you’re right, hard and on your big round bottom too – but only if you ask me to. What do you?”Melody chewed her bottom lip like a little girl as she pondered for a second whether to continue or to leave. But to leave was now almost beyond her control, she wanted to feel Tracy’s hands on her body again, she needed the young girl to take her. So, trembling, she went on “Spank my bottom I deserve it, I’ve been a bad girl you should hurt me with the slipper on my bottom.””Good” Tracy stood up and adjusted the cushions on the settee before sitting back down in the middle with a cushion on her thighs and patting her lap, indicating that Melody should place herself across it. As elegantly as she could muster Melody d****d herself over the girl’s lap, aware that her nude bottom, the knickers gave no cover at all, was now presented for the pleasure of a girl who only an hours ago had been her subordinate.Tracy did nothing for a few moments and then slowly pulled the tiny wet panties down her legs and laid them on to the arm of the settee before she gently eased Melody’s legs apart a little, discarding cushions to enable them to be parted as far as possible. Although the pants had provided little cover Melody clenched the cheeks of her arse as they were removed but as Tracy ordered her to relax her bottom was pliable and soft. Tracy began to need the flesh and pull her arse apart to reveal the tight puckered hole of her bottom and the glistening lips of her fanny.”Gosh you’ve got a great bum and your Suzi is fantastic. Oh, Suzi is what you will call your fanny from now on” Tracy cooed as she slipped her fingers up and down the groove in Melody’s behind, allowing her digits to stray over the folds of her quim “But first your bottom needs to learn who is in charge here. How many slaps do you think you need?”Melody didn’t answer so Tracy went on “Twenty-five should do to start, after all it is a large bottom and I want to cover it all. OK?”Melody was horrified by the number but Tracy had already successfully rekindled her passion and answered demurely “Yes that sounds right”Tracy held back no quarter as she landed the first blow with the pliable leather sole on Melody’s presented nates, the sound of the sandal hitting home like a shot from a gun followed by a wail from Melody as she waved her legs about and threw her head up in surprise and pain. Before she had time to recover Tracy placed the next on her other cheek, sending it to into spasms of clenching and wobbling as it turned from creamy white to dusky pink. This time Tracy waited until Melody was still and her sobs had subsided a little, then she hit home with another two in quick succession. Melody’s wail became a scream and Tracy took the conveniently placed knickers from the arm of the settee and rolled them into a ball before pushing them into Melody’s mouth, stifling her cries to a muffled shadow of their former volume.Returning her attention back to her subject’s bottom, now red rather than pink, she whacked down twice more then placed the warm slipper beside Melody’s tear streaked face. As Melody looked at the shoe that was causing her such pain Tracy began to fondle her sore bottom, crushing the cheeks in her hands, teasing the small hole of her arse and sliding her nails along the crevices of her damp fanny. Reaching round she pulled the panties from the woman’s mouth to give her the power of speech before continuing to arouse the regions of her lower body. Before long she felt Melody pushing her own hips off her lap in response to the clever fingers on her sex and bottom. “There’s a good girl, you like that, don’t you? But it’s time to spank your naughty bum, again isn’t it?”Melody, confused and wildly aroused groaned deeply “Yes, I suppose so – but it hurts so” as she was about to go on Tracy edged a finger past the lips of her fanny and into the wet tunnel beyond, she immediately changed tack “yes spank my bottom, then please make me come”Replacing the balled-up panties in Melody’s mouth she rained down the rest of the blows one after another, covering every inch of the bottom, her arm pressed down on the small of Melody’s back was all that kept the woman from jumping off her lap as the punishment reached and then passed the frenzied. Finally, panting, Tracy tossed the sandal to the floor and took the pants from the mouth of her boss so that she could feast on her cries and sobs.After a few minutes Tracy helped Melody to turn over so that, her bottom resting on the other girl’s lap, she was able to see the pleasure, and passion, in Tracy’s eyes.Leaning over, Tracy gently kissed the other woman’s lips, running her tongue over the edges of her mouth, as Melody responded their mouths intermeshed, tongues hungrily seeking out the others to suck and chew upon. Finally, Tracy pulled back and looked down into Melody’s face, pleased to see the desire and confusion in her eyes.”Now go to the kitchen and bring me the carrots and the cucumber from the fridge” Tracy’s voice was soft but authoritative.Melody returned to the sitting room carrying the objects as commanded to find Tracy removing her own trousers and panties to reveal a completely shaven fanny. “Bend over the back of the settee” Tracy said taking the vegetables from her and pointing to the now repositioned furniture “and open your legs wide.”As Melody complied, Tracy moved behind her and helped position her feet wide apart as she wanted them. Happy, at last, that everything was correct and that the cameras were still capturing the action Tracy sank to her knees between Melody’s legs and started to lick at her thighs and easing her fingers up into her fanny, the response was fast – Melody pushed her bottom back onto her face to allow Tracy’s tongue to sink deeper into the crack of her arse as the fingers played with the damp folds of her sex.”Want a fuck?” Tracy asked roughly, taking hold of the carrot and placing it against Melody’s fanny before the woman could reply. Melody’s answer was lost in a cry as Tracy pushed the dirty orange length into her sex. As she caught her breath Melody called out “Oh God, oh yes fuck me, fuck me hard. I’m yours fuck me!”A pleased Tracy began a fast in out fucking of the other girl’s fanny, smearing mud kaçak bahis siteleri over the lips of her wet quim as the carrot plunged in and out. Melody spread her legs further and slumped over the back of the settee under the onslaught. Happy to have her boss in her power Tracy leant forward and asked softly “Want a real fuck – with something bigger?”Melody turned towards her, nodding slowly, her eyes misty with passion. “Tell me what you want my precious” Tracy whispered, drawing the other girl to ask for what she already intended to provide. Submission being part of her total plan.”The cucumber. Fuck me with the cucumber” Melody gasped, unable to resist the feeling Tracy was developing.”Good girl. Good girls get what they ask for don’t they?” Tracy replied laying the carrot on the cushion and taking the thick plastic-coated cucumber in her hand.Holding it up she hesitated at its size, then moved it to in front of Melody’s face. Melody’s eyes widened at the sight of the huge shaft, then, to Tracy’s delight, she slowly nodded and dropped her face back towards the cushion – to await its invasion.Pulling the flaps of Melody’s fanny apart to place the end of the cucumber against the pink wet entrance to the girl’s sex she slid the shaft slowly in between the straining quim lips. Tracy pushed it deeper and deeper into her boss’s body, as six inches disappeared into the red cleft she edged it back out a little then pushed the cucumber back in, with renewed fervour. Melody began to pant heavily as the thick hard dildo shagged her slowly and remorselessly. Still pulling and pushing on the cucumber, Tracy reached out for the discarded carrot and ran its tip up the groove of Melody’s arse, teasing the puckered opening of her anus with its wet sticky end. Melody held her breath in anticipation as Tracy pushed the first two inches of the carrot into her arse. “Like that, do you?” Tracy called as Melody let out a groan of sexuality at the invasion of her bottom.Almost unable to reply, Melody panted in a****l tones “Yes, Ooh yes I do. Fuck me, go on fuck me some more”Tracy could hardly control herself as the overwhelming sense of power flowed through her. Now totally in command she fucked both holes simultaneously, marvelling as Melody’s flesh strained and gave in response to the driving shafts. As she continued Tracy asked, “Tell me what’s going to happen tomorrow and on Monday my darling?”Through pants and grunts Melody replied “I don’t know. What do you mean?””Tell me about the girl next door and then ask me what you want in the office on Monday. Don’t mess about or else I’ll stop what I’m doing right now!” Tracy went on, her voice insistent. Demanding that Melody ask for her own continued downfall.”Oh” Melody complied slowly, her breathing heavy and laboured “the girl next door is coming around at eight for me to fuck her.”Melody’s speech was broken with gasps and cries as Tracy pushed the two thick implements into her body. “I don’t know what is happening on Monday – you haven’t told me.””Oh ok” Tracy laughed “well, I want you to be in the office at seven thirty, bent over your desk with your naked bottom ready for me to cane it. If you’re not ready when I get there I’ll cane it in front of the other girls – you know I can do it. Understand?”Melody’s stomach jumped, she couldn’t resist the pleasure Tracy was causing in her – but for the treatment to continue at work was almost too much “Do you have to cane me at work, I’ll be good. What if someone see us” she whined pathetically.Tracy was loving every moment of this. Melody was now totally submissive to her whims – she could if she wanted to cane her in the office. Cane her boss over her bosses own desk, right there in the office! “Well if you’re there when I say I’ll only give you six with the cane, and I’ll make sure no one sees us. I’ll give you the other six I was going to give you on Monday in a minute. But if you’re not waiting in the office as I’ve said I will cane your naughty arse in front of the other girls, and show them who the real boss of your body is. Got it?””Yes, I’ll be there for you” Melody screamed as Tracy brought her to the peak of a climax, ramming the cucumber deeper into her sex as the passion within her exploded. Finally, Melody begged for Tracy to stop, exhausted she was past the point of pleasure and cascading down in to pure pain as the other girl fucked and fucked like a demon.”Right then” Tracy began, drawing the two shafts out of Melody’s prone body “time to cane your naughty bottom my darling. Over on to the floor.”Melody, moved shakily round the settee and readily complied while Tracy positioned her on her knees and pushed her head down to the carpet, pulling her arms back through her spread legs. Then as Melody lay, waiting, Tracy began to lick at her thighs and quim. Gentle soft licks and kisses, probing into the folds of red flesh with her tongue, lapping at her sex bud, caressing her fanny as only another woman knows how. Slowly Melody began to respond to the treatment, edging her bottom back towards the tongue as it dipped into her scented sticky hole. Taking one of Melody’s hands Tracy began to play with the flaps of skin with the other girl’s fingers, at the same time continuing to lick and kiss her bottom and thighs. Within a few seconds she was able to release Melody’s hands as they took on the task by themselves, rubbing at the mound of fur, edging in to the recesses of her own quim. Moving to be beside Melody’s face Tracy turned her towards her and kissed her fully and deeply, her tongue, still scented with the other girl’s sex, pushing into her mouth, fighting with her tongue as she responded to the passionate embrace.”I love you” Tracy whispered between kisses, looking down to see Melody’s fingers busy at her own sex. Melody said nothing, her mind confused and fuzzy. “I’m going to cane your bottom now my darling, while you play with your Suzi. Ok?”Melody nodded and reached forward to return the kisses offered.Rising, Tracy went into the hall and pulled a rattan cane from a flower pot, swishing it satisfyingly through the air as she returned. “What do you want?” She asked as Melody watched her move back in to room. “Cane my naughty bottom please, make me cry – then make me come – please” Melody sobbed, now aware that she had once again passed the point of no return.Tracy let fly with the rattan ignoring the previously agreed number, raining down blow after blow across Melody’s up turned arse, whilst Melody’s own fingers delved deeper into her own fanny.As Tracy was unleashing the last of her efforts she heard the front door open and Steve return “A few more to show your husband what a good girl you are” she cooed. So as Steve stood in the doorway Tracy placed another four vicious hits across the prone woman’s nates each one raising another thin red welt. Just as the last one landed Melody’s cries of pain turned to pleasure as she came again and again, her fingers knuckle deep in her own cunt.Leaving Melody holding her abused arse and sobbing on the floor Tracy pulled her pants and trousers back on, seemingly oblivious to Steve’s lustful stare, slipped the memory cards out of the cameras and made for the door.”Quite a good fuck isn’t she?” she said to Steve as she came level with him “I’ll be back at eight thirty tomorrow – that will give her time to get acquainted with your neighbour then she can give my fanny some satisfaction. I’ll bring you a copy of the film tomorrow. See you.”When the door banged shut Steve looked down at Melody’s abused bottom and the sticky carrot and cucumber discarded on the settee. “What’s all this about tomorrow and the neighbour?””Not now! Just fuck me.” Melody said lifting her arse off the floor and presenting her sticky pussy to her husband.

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