Women I have had the pleasure of pleasuring Part:1

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Women I have had the pleasure of pleasuring Part:1After years of stroking my dick as a teenager, I finally was set to loose my virginity at 19. I chatted with a local lady, who I never met in person before, on Yahoo. She was about 10 years older than me and she agreed to service my virgin cock. I met up with her at a local park. She was decent looking with long brown hair, big breasts and a little extra padding making her quite the nice bbw. I recall greeting her and we quickly moved things along. We got in the back seat of my car and began kissing. Everything about her felt so soft: her lips, her tits, and her hands as she groped me through my pants. I unleashed my freshly shaven cock and balls for her. She took my cock in her soft hand and stroked me up and down. I was already pre-cumming from the excitement. She bent down and took my virgin girth in her mouth sucking me as I watched her lips gliding up and down my shaft. My stamina impressed even me as I stayed hard but didn’t cum from over 5 minutes of head. Her oral skills were good but I wanted the taste of my first pussy. She sat back tuzla escort and pulled down her pants and revealed her smoothly shaven pussy. I wasted no time reaching down feeling her wetness and inserting a finger inside her. She was so horny and I wanted that wet cunt around my cock. I pulled my fingers out of her snatch and licked one finger off and gave her the other one so she could taste her juices.Originally we only planned to meet and mess around at the park, but we both wanted to fuck and the back seat just wasn’t big enough not to mention the lack of privacy. She lived nearby so we headed to her place. She was living with her dad but he was fast asleep down stairs so we snuck upstairs to have some fun. We quickly got naked and caressed each other. She threw on some porn on the TV and we got down and dirty. She pulled out her toys for me to choose from. I chose a long, thick dildo to fuck her tight pussy with, preparing her for my girth. She handed me a condom to put on and we started fucking. Being my first time, I loved watching my cock as it slid in and out of her wet pussy. pendik escort I wish I had known more about condoms at that time as she must have handed me a desensitizing lubed one as my cock began to feel numb. I was still hard as hell but I was losing feeling inside her. I wanted to cum so hard but couldn’t. I asked her if I could pull the condom off and she agreed as long as I didn’t cum inside her. I pulled it off and took that bbw pussy bareback. It felt much better but the lube had already left its mark. I fucked and fucked but just could not cum. She had me lay on my back and told me to stroke my cock. “You’re still a virgin until you cum.” she said. I stroked my cock as she teased, licked, and sucked my smooth balls. God it felt so good. Slowly I began to reach my climax. I told her I was close and she placed her mouth around my engorged tip. I unleashed a warm load of cum into her mouth for her to swallow. I shook from pleasure as she licked my cock clean of my cum and her pussy juices. We laid down caressing each other for a few minutes, chatting but both still horny and aydınlı escort me still with a semi-hard cock. She asked if I had the energy for round 2. How could I turn that down? I had nowhere to be soon. Then she asked “Would you like to fuck my ass?” I wouldn’t learn to appreciate this opportunity until years later. It would take me years to find another woman to let me fuck her ass and here I was my first time being offered anal without even having to ask. She got into doggie position as I squirted some lube into my hand and spread it on her tight asshole. I finger fucked her ass with my left hand as I stroked my semi-hard cock in my right. I continued fingering her ass but could not get beyond semi-hard. I attempted to insert my cock in her lubed ass but didn’t get much in other than the head. I continued to stroke myself as I played with her ass. I did manage to jerk off another load of cum onto her milky white ass cheeks even though I was still pretty soft. I thanked her for draining my young teenage balls so well that afternoon.That was my only time fucking Jennifer as we fell out of communication with each other but it sure was a great “fucking” time to say the least! I would think about our time together and jerk off to it for months to come. I never kept a picture, but this is very similar to how Jennifer looked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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