Wish this happened to me.

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Wish this happened to me.I was helping a friend move not long ago. The three of us (me, him, and his wife) had been working all morning, packing stuff and loading it onto the rented truck. He’d just left with a full load, headed to the new house across town to unload and grab some lunch. She and I stayed to keep packing and stacking.Their laundry room was in the bathroom, and I’d gone in to start packing things in there. On top of the dirty laundry basket was a light blue pair of panties, obviously soaked at the crotch. She was at the other end of the house, so I decided to risk a quick sniff. Her scent was glorious! Sweet and musky, fresh and sexy.Getting lost in the moment, I sat down on the toilet and began sniffing and tasting her wet panties as I rubbed my now-aching erection through my jeans. I got up and peeked, noticing that she was hard at work int he kitchen, all the way across the house (and making şişli escort lots of noise with pots & pans). I slipped back to the bathroom, unzipped by jeans, pulled them down around my ankles, and began stroking furiously as I tasted her soiled panties.As I rapidly approached my orgasm, I wrapped her panties around my shaft and stroked with her juices. Finally, I pulled back and pressed the head of my cock into the crotch, right where her pussy had just been. Then a voice behind me said “Ahem! Having fun?” My heart felt like it stopped completely, but I was beyond the point of no return and shot spurt after spurt of hot, white, sticky cum into the crotch of her panties while she stood behind me, hands on her hips, watching the whole thing.Once I could talk again, I stammered…. “Oh, God.. I’m sorry.. I must have forgotten to lock the door.. I.. I mean.. You, ummm….””Oh, shut up, silly,” she said with şişli escort bayan a smile. “You think you’re the first person to cum in those today? Why do you think they were in the laundry in the first place? I came in here about an hour ago, while you two were rearranging the truck. Now, since I did kind of catch you unaware, I think I owe YOU an apology. Give me those!” She grabbed the panties from my hands, pulling them past my half-hard and still exposed cock, and stepped around in front of me.As I stared in disbelief, she leaned back against the wall and slipped her bare feet into the soiled panties. Then she slowly pulled them up her legs, leaving little glistening wet spots where the crotch slid over her supple flesh. As she reached the hem of her denim skirt, she paused. She lifted her skirt, exposing a perfect auburn bush, matted with her cream and smelling sweet and sexy, just like her panties mecidiyeköy escort bayan had. Her labia were red and swollen, and her clit was showing beautifully. I couldn’t believe it – she’d been in a skirt and no panties for the last hour, and I hadn’t noticed.. and now here she was showing herself to me! She pulled the panties back into place, massaging the cum-soaked crotch into her pussy.She stood there smiling, fingering herself, pleased at my reaction – stunned silence and complete awe. “Want to see again?” she asked, and without waiting for a response, she pulled the front of the panties down, showing me her pussy now covered with my cum.”Maybe one of these days you can deliver it directly. But for now, we need to get cleaned up. I think he’s back with lunch – I head someone coming down the driveway.” She pulled her skirt back down and winked, and I wiped the last drops of cum from my cock, pulled my jeans up, and went out just in time to look busy before he came in the door.I used to hate helping people move. Not any more! Any of you ladies need a hand? ;)98% (76/2)Categories: MasturbationVoyeur Posted by dirtymindedmale08 2 years ago Views: 4,430

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