Wife’s tennis lesson

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Wife’s tennis lessonI was cleaning out our front hall closet one weekend while my wife was out shopping. As I was moving stuff out, I came across my wife’s tennis bag. When I placed it on the ground outside of the closet, it tipped over on the floor, and the loose tennis balls fell out. I rounded them up and was preparing to put them back, when I noticed a videotape in the bag. I pulled it out to see what it was but there was no label on it. My wife Alyson is an avid tennis player at out local club. She plays in a league and takes lessons from the once a week. She did tell me part of the lessons had been filmed of her form on the court as a training tool so she could see how she played. I decided that I would look at it and see for myself how she was coming along with her game. I went to the den and put the tape in the VCR. The tape started showing Ali on the court serving. After a few serves, a man walked up to her, whom I recognized as Mike, the club pro. She stopped serving and he told her it was time to rap it up for the day, but they could go back to the office and review the tape. The camera was moved as whom ever was operating it took it from its tri pod and that turned it off. No sooner had the screen went blank, it came to life again. I recognized the room as the instructors lounge. Thru the door walked Ali carrying her racket, and close behind her came the pro and another young man named John who I also recognized as working at the club. The pro moved to his desk as Ali stood in the middle of the room. She was wearing her usual tennis outfit. While the Pro made small talk, John closed the door behind them and stood in front of it. As soon as that was done, the pro reached behind his desk and pulled out a bag. “Well Ali you have done a great job and have improved considerable. This is a gift from us in recognition of your efforts,” and handed it to Aly.”Oh how nice, what did you get me?” Ali replied.”Just some new balls and stuff from the pro shop,” Mike replied.Ali, after looking in the bag excitedly, replied “oh great some new tennis clothes, I’ve been meaning to get some more.” “Super” Mike said, “why don’t you go and try the stuff on to make sure it fits before you leave. You can used the bathroom.” Ali took the bag and went to the bathroom of the pro office, and the tape went black. It started again. A few minutes must have gone by because Mike was no longer standing at his desk, but outside the closed door to the bathroom. He called out, and asked Ali how everything was going. From behind the door, came Ali’s hesitant reply of “I not so sure it’s me.” Mike offered encouragement to her. “Once you have it on come out an we can look at it together.” Mike moved away from the door and sat down on the couch. After a few moments the door opened and out stepped my wife. She walked in front of Mike rather coyly, pulling down on the hem of her skirt. I was shocked. She was wearing a red spandex type T-shirt that fit her firm body tightly, clearly showing the outline of her breasts. I immediately noticed she could not have been wearing her bra, because her nipples stuck out like raisins underneath the tight material. Her white tennis skirt was considerable shorted than the one she usually wore, hence the reason for her tugging at it which did not make it any long. Her tan legs stuck out from underneath and she was wearing white tennis socks and new white keds sneakers. She looked sexy, but she was stand in front to the tennis pro not her husband, which had me concerned. Mike said, “you look great, doesn’t she.” I heard three other voices agree with his statement. With those words of encouragement, Ali lightened up, smiled, and thanked them for the gifts. “Turn around” Mike commanded in a sterner voice than I had heard him use before, “Lets see how you look form behind” Ali looked surprised at Mike’s tone, but did what he ordered. Mike got up, pick up her racket, and stepped in front of Ali. The camera followed him. He handed it her and told her to pretend she was about to receive a volley. Ali adjusted the grip on the racket and bend over slightly. Mike adjusted her racket, than told her to mover her feet apart and lean forward a little more. Ali, not wanting to question her instructor, complied. After a second, Ali notice the camera behind Mike, and looked at him questioning. Mike caught the look, and told her, “oh don’t worry, its just so you can see your form in you new tennis clothes”After Mike said that, Ali relaxed and got into the session a little more. She shifted her weight from side to side as if she was out on the court, and asked, “how’s this?” “Looks great,” Mike replied cheerfully in his usual easygoing tone. Ali continued to shift her weight as Mike moved around her. Again the camera followed. As Mike and the camera moved directly behind Ali, they stopped. “That looks great Aly” Mike said. My eyes popped out of my head. I could see why he thought it looked great. With Aly being bent forward, feet apart, her short skirt had ridden up her backside enough that from underneath the skirt, out peeked the white material of her panties covering her crotch. “Oh ya that looks van escort real good,” Mike again said motioning for whom ever was operating the camera to move in and lower the angle of the shot. The camera zoomed in and moved downward. I was outraged. They were filming under my wife’s skirt, and she had no idea what was going on. The TV screen was filled her thong panties stretched tight over her pussy, snaking up between her asscheeks. “I see you are wearing the new panties we got for you” Mike said as the camera zoomed out. Aly stopped moving and slightly straightened. She looked behind her at Mike and asked puzzled “how do you know that” Mike replied “as I had hoped, the skirt being as short as it is, when you bend over, they would peek out from underneath” “Do you like the view,” Aly asked boldly. “I certainly do” Mike said.He continued with, “You had better not wear you new outfit around the tennis club or you could get into some trouble” “Oh ya, what might happen to me?” Aly coyly asked. Mike moved up behind Aly on the right side. He placed one hand on her back to keep her in place and with the other hand lifted the back of her skirt up on to her back. Now there was nothing covering her ass and skimpy thong. As I took the scene on the TV screen in, I thought to myself how Aly had the same firm ass as when we had gotten married. Mike told Aly to spread her feet some more. I was surprised as Aly complied without hesitation. Her ass cheeks opened wider in the new position and her panties stretched tighter. He than placed his finger on the top of the thong and slowly traced the line of the material down between her cheeks. Her reached her crotch and slowly rubbed her pussy through the silky material. I noticed Aly start to press back ever so slightly to increase the pressure of his finger. “Oh my, who would do this to me?” Aly asked somewhat breathless. “Oh I don’t know maybe some of the locked room boys who you were teasing might” After a few moments of Aly enjoying Mike’s petting, Aly said “if there was more than one of them I may not be able to do anything about it” “Probably not’ mike said. Aly than asked what would happen next. “Let me show you,” Mike quickly replied. He motioned to John who had been standing of to one side this whole time. John moved in front of Aly, and unzipped his pants. He pulled out his cock and stood in front of Aly, as Mike knelt down behind her and pulled the thong to one side. Mike used his index fingers to spread her ass cheeks, and thumbs to open her pussy lips as the camera zoomed in. Aly’s crinkled asshole and pink pussy filled my screen. Her pussy was swollen and damp from excitement. Mike used his tongue to lick first her pussy and than switched to her asshole. As he was going down on her, I heard muffed moans of pleasure. The camera zoomed out again, and I saw why the moans were muffed. Aly had put down her racket and while her mouth was tightly wrapped around thick head of John’s cock, she was stroking and cupping his balls in one hand and steadying herself by holding his hip with the other. This continued for a minute or two before Aly released John cock from her mouth. She looked back towards Mike and asked if anything else might happen to her if the locker room boys got a hold of her. Using this as his queue, Mike stop what he was doing, stood up and let his pants drop. He had one of the largest cocks I had ever seen. He was porn star material. I had a sinking feels, knowing what would happen next. Mike place the head of his cock against Aly’s pink opening and started to push forward. “I’m sure this would happen to you also,” he said rather smugly. All Aly could do was gasp an “ohhh, ohhhh, ooohhh god, oohhh god,” as Mike proceeded to stretch out my wife’s pussy with his big cock. Before she could say more, John reached up with one hand, placed it on the back of her head forcing her down on to his cock. I could only watch as they fucked my wife in her mouth and pussy in perfect rhythm. The camera moved around to capture the whole scene. Mike was behind Aly, holding her hips, sawing in and out of her pussy, which was stretched tightly around his thick shaft. The camera moved up to her head. Aly’s blue eyes were gazing up at John, her lips in a big O around his cock, as he fucked her face. Aly was letting out small umm, ummm, umm’s each time the guys would bottom out in her. Mike started to pick up the pace and finally threw his head back as he pushed into Aly one last time. He held still as he emptied his seed deep inside. After he had finish, he pulled out and stepped away. John was next to cum. He pulled his cock from her mouth . Aly held still, her mouth wide open and he jerked himself off making a loud groaning sound. His first shot landed squarely in Aly’s mouth which she swallowed, but missed with the other two shots which ended up on her cheek, and in the bangs of her hair. Aly stood up straight again, her skirt slipping back into place, as Mike walked over to whomever had been running the video camera. Mike took the camera and kept filming. He moved in front of Aly and asked her what she thought. Using diyarbakır escort one finger she scooped John’s cum off of her cheek and put it seductively in her mouth. She pulled the finger out slowly, staring right into the camera and stated, “If that’s what the locker room boys do to naughty wives, I will probably dress this way more often.” “Just wait, there is probably more,” Mike quickly replied, as he moved back with the camera. “Oh not more please I’m married, what would my husband say if her found out,” in mock protest. “I don’t think your husband will find out if you do what they tell you.” “Please please, I’ll do anything, just don’t tell my husband I’m the locker room slut, please, anything,” Aly begged. “Anything?” Mike asked.”Anything,” Aly shot back. “Lift your shirt,” Mike commanded.Standing alone in the middle of the room, Aly reached down and lifted the front of her shirt. “Like this?” she asked, pulling the snug material up over her perky breast. “Very nice” Mike said, as I took in the image on the TV screen, of her exposed firm breast, nipples erect. “Now lets look under your skirt again.” The spandex material of her shirt stayed in place above her breasts as she lets go it. She reached behind her with one hand and wiggled her ass as she got her thong back into place. Than Aly reached down, grabbed the hem of her short tennis skirt and lifted it as high as it could go. “Now spread your legs wide.” Aly moved her feet about four feet apart. Her humiliation was complete. She stood in front of the camera her shirt up over her breasts, holding her skirt so everybody in the room could see her small white thong covering her most private parts. Just than, two young guys, one white, one black, moved to each side of her. One must have been the previous camera operator, as I had not seen him before and I don’t know were the other one had come from. Without Aly’s consent, they proceeded to grope her body. She did not resist. Their hand wandered over her breasts and down her belly to her panties. As one started to kiss her, the other boy started to suck on a nipple. The black guy let his hand slip into her thong. When he reached her pussy, keeping her skirt up for him, she spread her legs even wider for easier access. They continued kissing and pawing her body for a few minutes before Mike told them to take her over to the counter. The two boys led Aly over to a low counter in the office. The black guy, who Mike called Jason, helped Aly hop up on the counter so she was seated on the edge. The white guy, who mike called Tom, walked around the counter behind Aly, unzipped his pants, than grabbed her by the shoulders and made her lay on her back. The top of the counter was only wide enough for her back to rest on. Her ass and head hung off either end. Jason pulled Aly’s legs up and pushed them over to Tom. Tom grabbed her ankles and held her legs up and open so that Aly’s knees were on the outside of her breasts. Aly lay still, staring at Tom’s cock, her crotch open and waiting for the assault Jason was sure to bring. Aly reached up with her hands and placed Tom’s dick in her mouth, while Jason pulled the crotch of her thong out of the way. He released his hard on from his pants and stepped up between her legs. His cock was huge too. It was about the same length as Mike’s had been but was slightly thicker. I was over come by jealousy. Seeing how Aly had enjoyed Mike so much, I knew, married or not, Aly would been enjoying Jason also. Mike had stretched Aly enough that it was easy for Jason to slide the entire length of his cock in with one steady push. Again Aly let out a muffed “MMMMMMMMM” escape from around Tom’s cock, as Jason pushed forward. Jason proceeded to slow fuck my wife, while Aly continued to moan encouragement. Jason looked over towards the camera, and said, “Mike you were right, she is a little cock slut, it wasn’t just a tease.” Mike replied from behind the camera, “well Jason, I guess you know what do than.” My heart skipped a beat, what did that mean I thought to myself? It did not take long for me to find out. Jason pulled out of Aly and reached into a small duffel bag next to him on the counter. He pulled out a small tube and a black thing I recognized as a butt plug. As soon as he had stopped fucking Aly, she immediately released Tom’s cock and started complaining. “Please don’t stop. I want all of your big black cock, please fuck me please fuck me harder.” Jason replied “Don’t worry slut you’ll get more,” as he proceeded to squeeze lube on to the tip of the butt plug. Unable to see what was about to happen to her, but reassured by Jason, she went back to sucking on Tom. No soon had she started again, when Jason spread the cheeks of her ass with his index finger and thumb of one hand, and placed the blunt tip of the butt plug against my wife’s puckered asshole with the other and gentle pushed on the base. Aly stiffened from the pressure on her asshole. She started to squirm a little and looked up to see what Jason was doing, but Tom held her in place by her ankles. Aly started to protest. “Stop what are you doing, ısparta escort not my asshole, I don’t even let my husband do that to me, stop, oh please stop.” Jason did not stop. Tom would not let her up to protect herself. Aly was helpless. Jason taunted her. “What did you think would happen? All you little tennis sluts come by here all the time wearing you little tennis skirts and skimpy panties, teasing the locker room boys. You know this is what you want. You want to be used, all sluts do. This is your tennis lesson for today. You asked Mike what would happen to you if the locker room boys got a hold of you, now I’m gonna show you.” Aly must have realized how hopeless her situation was. All she could do was groan as her asshole slowly opened for the butt plug. Mike moved the camera in close. I sat dumb founded as I watched for the first time my bride’s asshole be penetrated, only it was not by me. The whole TV screen was filled with the butt plug slipping past her tight anal ring. As he got to about half way, Jason stopped pushing and Aly’s tight ring pushed the plug back out. Soon it was just resting on her opening. Than he started pushing again and the butt plug slowly opened up Aly’s ass once more. This time Jason did not stop at half way. Aly let out little gasping grunts as the thickest part of the plug entered her. Once the thickest part was in, I saw her anus closed down tight around the thinner part of the plug, at its base. Aly let out a sigh of relief. Jason let the plug stay nestled in place for a minute. “Man was that a nice sight, Jason, lets see that one more time,” Mike commented. Without further encouragement, Jason eased the butt plug out of Aly’s ass. Once it was free, he started over again. This time there was not grunts or groans of discomfort from my wife. Her ass accepted the plastic intruded rather easily. As soon as it was seated deep in Aly’s ass, I heard Mike say to Jason, “I think she’s ready.” I knew than what they had planned. Mike moved the camera away again as Jason pulled the butt plug from Aly. Jason than squeezed some gel from the tube on to the thick head of his cock. Using his thumbs to spread Aly’s ass cheeks apart, he pushed the head of his cock against Aly’s asshole. Jason slowly stretched Aly’s hole open with his thick cock. Feeling the new bigger invader, Aly again began to protest. “Oh please don’t fuck me in the ass, please I don’t think you can fit, please not my ass, oh god it’s to big ahhh it’s to big.” Jason never wavered; he just kept up his forward pressure. Once his thick head slipped past her tight anal opening, Jason reached into the bag and retrieved a small pink vibrator. He turned it on low and placed it lightly on Aly’s clit. She jumped from the stimulation. She started to rock her hips up to increase the pressure on her clit. The vibrator had the effect Jason must have been hoping for, as he would push his cock a little deeper in to her ass each time she thrust her hips up. Aly must have become very aroused by the vibrator, because soon her protests of “don’t’ fuck me in the ass” changed to “oh ya, fuck my ass, fuck me deeper.”Jason complied with my wife’s wished and continued to push into her asshole. It did not take long for him to bury his dick in her. I was in shock, I was watching my wife’s ass be taken for the first time, by a black man no less, and she was begging for it like some cheap slut. She sure was enjoying the lesson the locker room boys were teaching her. Tom must have been tired of waiting. He released his hold on her ankles and holding Aly’s head still with one hand, guided his cock back into her mouth with the other. Her begging turn into muffed moans again, as he shoved his dick into her throat. Even though Tom had let go of Aly’s legs, she apparently had no intentions trying to stop the boys from fucking her as she had tried a few minutes before. Aly reached around with her hands and held her own legs, pulling them even closed to her chest, allowing Jason complete access to her asshole for him to use. The two guys quickly established a rhythm. As Tom would bottom out in Aly’s throat, Jason would bottom out in her ass, both would than withdraw almost completely before starting over again. With almost two feet of cock in her and the vibrator pressed on her clit, the sensation became to much, and I saw Aly shutter in orgasm. It did not take long for the two boys to cum. Jason shoved his cock deep into my wife’s ass one last time and stiffened as he released his seed deep in her asshole. Tom did the same thing in Aly’s mouth. I watched as her throat worked over time trying to keep up with his deposit. Tom stepped back and Aly let out a satisfied “ahhhhhhhh.” Mike zoomed the camera in, as Jason withdrew from her ass. Again the TV screen was filled with my beautiful wife’s asshole, but this time Jason had stretched it so it stayed open in a big red gooey O. The image will forever be burned in my mind as I watched my wife’s used asshole ever so slowly close, squeezing out a dollop of Jason’s cum with it that just stayed there like a button. As a final humiliation to me, Jason took the crotch of Aly’s thong and gently replaced it, saying, “we would not want any of that to leak out before you got home to show your husband what we did.” The tape ended. I have no idea when it was made, but Aly never did come home and show me her, stretched, cum filled, pussy or asshole. I’m busy looking for other tapes.

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