Wife’s dirty trick

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Wife’s dirty trickMy wife Andrea is a five foot three ninty pound blonde hot wife. It’s one hundred percent my fault she fucks outside the marriage. I just couldn’t get the thought of her getting that sexy hairless pussy of hers stretched out by some big dick out of my mind. I kept hinting around by telling her certain friends of mine wanted to fuck her. At first she would just laugh it off. One night I got her to watch a porno I had borrowed from a guy at work. There was a scene in the move where a married housewife got fucked by a friend of her husband’s. I told Andrea that could be her. She didn’t respond to that comment so I looked over at her and she was locked on the screen. I said baby did you hear me? She glanced at me and said what ! I said that could be you, one of I friends is almost begging me to let him fuck you. She said who? I said Keith, I’ve seen his cock once and it’s long and a lot thicker than mine. She said you can’t be serious. I said I’m dead serious. She said watch the movie.Three evenings after that bahis firmaları night Andrea and I was setting at the dinner table. I said Keith came by the shop today. Andrea looked up at me and said when. I said about ten o clock why? She said he came by here about noon. I stopped chewing and said why? She said I had called him to ride over. Did you fuck him I blurted out? She said what if I did ? My heart began pounding in my chest and all of a sudden my hands and feet got very cold feeling. Did you , I almost begged. She smiled and said no. I said then why did you call him? She said I asked him to show me his cock. I couldn’t eat because I was so excited. Did you see it? She said I sucked it. OH MY GOD I said, why didn’t you fuck him? She said I will. As we cleared the table I asked her when? She said I’m not telling you, when I’m ready I’ll call him and he will fuck me. I said but what about me? She said what about you? I said I want to watch. She said not a first, I’ll need to be with him alone to see if I can kaçak iddaa actually do it. I said please do it. She said does it mean that much to you? I said yes I want you to be my hot wife, I want to know you have had sex with another guy. She said I’ll think about it.A few nights later when I got home from work I said I need to ask you a few questions. She said what? I said that day you sucked Keith’s cock did he get to see your pussy? She very calmly said I was naked . There goes the cold feelings in my hands and feet. He saw you naked , I said. She said yes. Then why didn’t you fuck I said. She said I wanted to tease him. I said I bet that did it. She said I’ve set up a meeting next week and I’m going to let him get my pussy. Which day I asked almost begging. She said I’m not telling, but I’ll let you know afterwards. The following Wednesday she came to my shop to go have lunch with me. This isn’t anything new so I wasn’t suspicious. That night when I got home from work the house was dark. I didn’t think Andrea was home kaçak bahis until I saw the bedroom light on. I slowly walked into the bedroom and saw my beautiful little wife laying in bed. I said baby are you OK? She said I’m fine. I said why are you in bed? She said Keith just left after fucking me for three hours. I thought she was joking and I said prove it. She tossed the covers back and there was her naked pussy. Her legs were wide apart and the smooth lips of her pussy we’re extremely pink. She said eat me. I just stood there. She said look I fucked your friend now you have to suck my hot wife pussy. I did and she definitely had been fucked. I pulled my hard dick out and shoved it all the way in her in a single thrust. After two strokes I couldn’t feel anything. She laughed and said come on little pee pee boy fuck me. I said I think you may be loose from Keith’s cock. She said I’m sure I am and he is coming back every day to wear it out farther. I wanted to protest but it was my idea. I’ve watched Keith fuck her well over three hundred times and she has even taken another lover named Tim. Some times she will have both on the same day. She is in love with fucking . I still get pussy but it’s so loose it’s not as good as it once was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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