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wife’s brother’s bossWhen my brother-in-law Tom turned 18, he got a job as a sort of apprentice salesman. He was spending a lot of time in the bar and most of their business appeared to take place by phone or by drinking in the bar. His bass was 23 and rather good looking. We visited him while they were finishing up a job one night and his boss invited us for dinner. We stayed there and he had the owner get some lobster tails (which weren’t on the menu), and we were drinking an awful lot of champagne. It got to be about 9 o clock and Tom mentioned that they still had the boat docked on the lake and they needed to take it back to the marina. Steve said what the hell we have them tents in the trunk, lets go to the lake and spend the night out on the island. Peggy was pretty well oiled along with everyone else, but she said yes. I drove out to the lake along with Tom and his boss . Tom dropped off Steve and parked the car, we drove up next to him and Tom opened the trunk and got out 2 good sized tents, sleeping bags, and a box of assorted booze and mixes. Then he said to get the case of champagne out and bring that too. we carried this stuff to the boat and them Steve took us out to the island. We set up the tents and started a small fire and then we went down too the boat for a ride. all the booze was still on the boat. It was a 19 foot bursa escort sea-ray and we were all enjoying the night air, the booze and the darkness. Steve then stopped the boat and said I don’t know about you guys but I need to cool off and knock the sweat off me. he threw out an anchor and a bar of ivory soap so it floated and then stripped nude in front of us and jumped in. Peggy didn’t miss a beat and she jumped in naked right after him. tom looked at me and said oh well I guess if skinny dipping is good enough for s*s, I’m in too. He stripped and jumped in as I was dropping trou. I followed suit and noticed that Peggy was kissing Steve. Tom noticed too and he looked at me like oh shit hes gonna kill Steve. I reached over and grabbed tom’s ass and laughed and said throw me the soap. He threw it to me and I began soaping up. I felt him cum up behind me and hump me against my bear ass as I was leaning over washing my feet. I felt his cock was either semi erect of it was near fully hard. I laughed and said you’ll get yours. I then faked a chase around to the other side of the boat here Tom was waiting. He said you aren’t going to hit him or anything. I said Tom, you may as well know. your s*s and I enjoy other people. I don’t get as big a kick out of screwing girls in front of her as I do seeing her with other guys. He looked at me bursa escort bayan sort of strange and i guess it was too much for him. he got the bottle of champagne and swigged it quite heavily. I took a few hits and the two of them were horsing around doing who knew what underwater. I saw her wrap her legs around Steve at one point and lean in for a kiss. she was enjoying it very much and Steve was having a hard time staying afloat. I looked over at Tom and saw that even though he was drunk, he was horny. i came up next to him and felt his cock and it was rock hard. He said better knock that off or I’ll be humping you for real. i laughed and we went around to the other side of the boat and he came p behind me again and put his cock between my legs and humped it back and forth 4 times and laughed. I said oh baby don’t stop. he said for real. I said what ever floats your boat. He said we should go back to the island before the sheriff comes out here. We climbed on to the swim platform and I could see his cock was a good 7 inches and was shaped differently than most I’ve seen his was like a baseball bat beneath the head and it looked like the head was smaller than the top of the bat. I was very excited from staring at it. Tom said you’d like that wouldn’t you? I grinned and said don’t knock it til you try it. he grinned back and we escort bursa began drying off. he yelled at the 2 of them and they came out of the water with Steve drying her off as tom started the boat. Mind you we were all still naked. I sat up front with tom and they sat behind tom on the bench kissing and his hand was in her snatch. she was coming and made no bones about hiding it. We pulled up to the sandy beach in front of the tents and Tom stepped out to walk over to the tent, but as he stepped out there was a large rock and he stood on it and then lost his balance. He came down hard and I helped him up and guided him to the tent. He laid down on the sleeping bag and I could see from the light of the fire that he was hurting. I wanted to take him to the hospital but he said he wasn’t hurt that bad and how would he explain it to his dad. I offered to blow him and he said rain check and then he said let me relax and sleep. I agreed and then snuck down to watch the two of them at the boat. I saw Steve fucking Peggy and she was cumming real good. Steve was standing with Peggy leaning over the side rail. he was in the light enough for me to see he was a little larger than tom and that he was slowly fucking her trying to prolong it. I watched from a distance of about 30 feet and then as he finished, I went to the boat and shook his hand. He asked where tom was. I explained and then he left. Peggy was laying on the rear bench and I got down and ate her freshly fucked pussy and then I fucked her too. I was in heaven and couldn’t stop thinking about tom.

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