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WIFE WANTS TO WATCH PT2It was the cool of the evening, around 8:00PM, Betsy, Hal, Jim and I had just finished a couple rounds of torrid sex and where sitting around sipping drinks and engaging in conversation. Betsy and I were stripped down to just garters, hose and heels while sitting at the small dinette table in their small cabin. The two guys, totally naked sat in the den drinking their beer while regaining their strength for some more fun!My husband Jim and I had agreed to stay the night and since Betsy and Hal’s cabin was located in a very secluded spot, I figured that Hal had some outdoor activities in mind for the following day! But, the evening was still young and Betsy and I were both wondering what the guys had in mind for the rest of the night? Finally, after a thirty minute break of talking and drinking Betsy commented, “Well guys, don’t tell me you’re both thru for the night!” Turning to me with a sly grin, “Darla, I think our two old studs have worn themselves out already.”Hal spoke right up, “Not so fast gals, I think old Jim and I have another round or so in us!” We all laughed as the two guys sat on either end of the sofa, their flaccid cocks hanging between their legs.”Well, we’ll just have to see about that!” I giggled and grabbing Betsy by the arm helped her to her feet and we swayed over to the sofa. As if on cue, we both dropped to our knees in front of each other’s husband. We each took a soft dick in our hand to slowly manipulate them back to life.I took Hal’s cock and slowly squeezed it gently before leaning down to take it into my mouth. I love to feel a soft cock harden in my mouth. I began to suck and lick Hal’s hot meat while cupping his big ball sac with one hand squeezing and kneading them. It didn’t take long for his cock to get hard in my sucking mouth. I pulled it in far enough to feel the velvety soft head against the back of my throat.A few more minutes of hard sucking had Hal softly moaning his pleasure. Out of the corner of my eye I saw that Betsy’s expert mouth had Jim hard as well. Her head was slowly bobbing up and down on the long slick shaft of his already rock hard dick.Both men had still been sipping on their beer as we sucked their cocks but had sat them down and Hal’s hands were on my head gently pressing me down on his cock as he began to fuck my mouth. I was beginning to think that he wanted a wet blow job, shooting his load in my mouth.I noticed Jim was watching me as Hal’s cock began to piston in and out of my mouth faster and harder. But, all of a sudden he pulls me off his rock hard dick while grunting that “I want to fuck you from behind.”I moved foreword resting my stomach on the sofa feeling Hal guide the head of his cock past the outer lips of my swollen pussy and shoving it all the way in. He grunted when he felt my cunt open up accepting his long dick. I wriggled my ass around on his stomach feeling his thick hard cock fill my horny pussy.I heard Betsy whisper to Jim, “Please baby, get behind me and fuck me doggie style.” Jim got in position behind her and eased his cock up Betsy’s tight pussy and started fucking her.My head was resting on the sofa looking at Betsy while Hal was pumping me from behind. Although Betsy was staring at me I could tell she was engulfed in the feel of Jim’s big cock filling her cunt. Her eyes would shut tight each time he buried his cock to the hilt in her snatch. She would open them as he pulled back but the expression on her face was pure lust.I decided to let myself go and enjoy Hal’s slow but forceful thrusts. Closing my eyes I began to moan softly urging him to fuck me harder. Hal would pull his long cock out till just the tip was inside my pussy lips and then slam it in full force causing me to grunt out loud. He began doing this faster and harder which started me on the way to a ground shaking climax!I was yelling at him to “Fuck me, Oh God baby, fuck that pussy!” I needed to cum and hoped that Hal could hold on long enough for me to get off. He was moaning and grunting as he rammed his cock in and out. “Oh God baby, here it comes, OOOOOOHHHHHH YEEEEAAAAAA!” I let out a long continuous lustful moan as an orgasm shot thru my body. I squealed and jerked as my body shook with the feeling. Hal kept up his onslaught on my convulsing pussy my juice making it easier for him to fuck me even harder until a low growl emitted from him as he gripped me tightly by the hips slamming his cock in one last time. I could feel his cock pulse and throb as one hard stream of thick spunk flooded my already gooey cunt to overflowing.He was jerking and twitching as he unloaded his white cream up my pussy. “Oh God, Oh God!” Was about all Hal could mutter as he finished his orgasm. He let his cock soak in my cum filled pussy for a few minutes before the spent organ slowly slid out, a stream of his thick jizm flowing out with it.I think that did him in for the evening! In our desperation to reach our orgasms, we had become unaware of Betsy and Jim. When I finally came to my senses I glanced over to find Betsy and Jim gone. I heard moaning and turning around saw Jim sitting in one of the dinette chairs and Betsy straddling his lap bouncing up and down on his slimy pole.Her arms were wrapped around his neck and he had a tight grip on the cheeks of Betsy’s big, firm ass cheeks. She was going to town and I watched Jim’s cock disappear inside of her pussy each time she sat down on it.Jim started groaning louder and I could see his grip on her ass get tighter and knew he was ready to cum! “Oh fuck baby, I’m cummmmmiiiiiinnnnnggggg!” Jim yelled and Betsy flopped down on his cock and began grinding her ass around on his crotch as he shot his seed deep up inside her cunt.He grunted and shook as he experienced his orgasm. His eyes were shut tight; his face blushed in red lustful pleasure as he emptied his thick creamy load into Betsy’s wide open cunt.They just remained there for a few minutes, Betsy sitting in his lap until she slowly eased up. The head of Jim’s cock plopped out followed by a stream of Jim’s cum which splattered all over his stomach. I remember thinking how erotic that looked and suddenly realized why men like watching the same thing! That did us all in I think, even though Betsy hadn’t cum this time, I think she was satisfied in knowing that tomorrow would be another day!We took turns taking hot showers and before long, Jim and I were cuddled up in the spare bedroom sound asleep. I dropped off thinking about what was in store for us the next day.We awoke the next morning to the smell of breakfast cooking in the small kitchen in Hal and Betsy’s cabin. Getting up, we washed up, brushed our teeth and went out to find Betsy frying bacon and Hal setting the table. Jim had thrown on jeans and T-shirt while I was wearing one of his T-shirts and panties. “Good morning!” Hal cheerfully greeted us. “Coffee is ready, cream and sugar on the table.” Hal had shorts and shirt on while Betsy had on a baby doll nightie and to my surprise, no panties on underneath. I know she captured Jim’s attention and I grinned at him. Whispering in his ear, I teased “I think I’ve overdressed!”Jim and I poured ourselves a cup and sat down to drink. “How’d you guys sleep?” Hal asked.”Great” Jim responded. “We slept like logs all night!” I added. “We must have been really worn out.” Knowing what I meant, we all busted out laughing.”Well, I know I sure was!” Hal said looking at me with a grin on his face.”Me too” I giggled.Betsy agreed saying that she slept as sound as she had slept in a long time. Teasing her I quipped, “Well, I hope my husband didn’t wear you completely out.”Blushing slightly she replied with a sly giggle “Oh no, I think I can muster enough energy to get thru the day.”Hal spoke up, “So, it’s agreed that we all had a great time last evening, right?”Almost in unison we all declared our approval as Betsy brought breakfast to the table. We ate while enjoying each other’s company and engaging in light conversation. Afterwards we sipped our coffee discussing things to do that morning. Betsy suggested that we go downtown for a while just to walk and window shop. We accepting her offer, Jim and I went into the bedroom to dress.”What should I wear?” I asked Jim. “Depends on how much you want to tease us” Jim answered. “Well, do you want to be teased?” I asked while picking thru what few things I had brought. “What about this?” I asked while holding up a short sun dress which was fairly low cut with a draw string in the front. “Yea, that’ll be fine.” Jim responded.”Should I wear panties or do you think the dress is too short?” I giggled.”Up to you, but I don’t think it’s too short.” Naturally he would say that I thought!I slipped into the dress, stepped into some sandals and freshened up before going in to meet Jim and Betsy. Jim had changed into shorts and T-shirt.Hal was also in shorts and shirt while Betsy had on a long dress made of thin material which enhanced the shape of her nice ass which I’m sure Jim would enjoy! She was also wearing sandals. It was a nice warm day for an outing.We loaded into Hal’s car, Betsy and Jim in the back, I joined Hal in the front and we took off for the town of Gatlinburg, TN for the morning.We drove into town, parked the car and began to stroll up and down the streets enjoying the scenery and window shopping, sometimes going into the small shops s**ttered all over the scenic little village.Of course Hal and Jim made it a point to walk behind us and we made it a point to shake and wiggle our asses in front of them whenever we had the opportunity! At one point as we walked down a small alleyway with nobody but our husbands around, I hiked up the back of my dress briefly exposing my bare ass to the guys!”Oh yea baby, that looked great!” Hal exclaimed. “Nice ass!” He added.Betsy, not wanting to be outdone, hiked her long dress up exposing the fact that she also was wearing no panties for Jim’s pleasure.”Great ass!” Jim marveled watching Betsy’s firm ass cheeks jiggle as she walked in front of the two men before coming to end of the alley and dropping her dress back down.”That was fun” Hal giggled when we had gotten back onto the main sidewalk. “I think we should find another alleyway.” He teased. Betsy grinned and pointed towards another alley a block away, “What about that one?” “Great, let’s try it” Jim spoke up. “After you ladies” He said with a smile.Once in the alley, Betsy and I both hiked up our dresses in front of the two guys hoping that no one else was around especially behind us as we sashayed down the narrow path.”Oh yea sweet things, shake those hot little butts!” Hal crooned as we walked in front of them. Betsy and I giggled as we deliberately shook our asses in front of them.”Oh God Darla, I can’t wait to get my hands on that nice ass of yours” Hal hissed, his horniness starting to get the better of him. “No time like the present!” I teased and turning, stepped toward him, grabbed his hands guiding them under my dress to my ass then wrapped my arms around his neck. “Now squeeze my hot ass baby” I whispered into his ear. For a moment or two, Jim and Betsy didn’t know what to do or think but stood there glancing up and down the alley while Hal was busy squeezing my ass and kissing me. Jim walked over and standing behind Betsy reached down to rub her ass but kept up his vigilance of the alley. I pulled away from Hal teasing, “Enough for now sweetie, we better get out of this alley before we’re picked up for indecent exposure.” Hal laughed, “Baby, there is nothing indecent about that great looking ass of yours!”Knowing the two men were horny now, Betsy suggested that we go ahead and leave to head back to the cabin. She was smiling at Jim when she said it.”I’m ready” Hal blurted out.”Me too” Jim was ready as well. We walked to the car and took off back to the cabin. Betsy and I sat on our side of the car as we drove back to further fill the guys with lustful anticipation. We finally got back and went into the cabin. I knew what Hal and Jim had in mind but thought I would break the ice by asking, “Okay guys, what did you two have in mind?” “Are we gonna stay indoors or are we going to talk another nasty walk in the woods?” I teased. The two men blushed slightly, more in lust than embarrassment at my somewhat erotic, nasty statement. “Outdoors” Hal got out before anything else could be said.Jim agreed and we all went outside to start walking down the old logging trail into the woods surrounding the small cabin. Again, Betsy and I walked ahead of the two men. We strolled down the trail for a while when I spotted a small flower beside a large tree. Bending over at the waist letting my dress deliberately ride up the back of my thighs I reached down to pick the flower, first asking if anyone knew what it was.I kept bent over in that position for a few minutes allowing Hal and Jim and good view of my ass. Betsy squatted down beside me facing the two men but had pulled her dress up around her waist giving them a view of her furry little pussy.After teasing them for a few moments we straightened up to continue or walk down the path. We came to a small clearing which offered a small patch of lush green grass and decided to take a break. We all sat down in the thick grass.I was feeling particularly horny today as there is something about the outdoors that makes sex seem so much more intense and natural. I guess “a****listic urges” is the way to describe it.Hal was lying on his back propped up on his elbows looking at me as if he expected me to make a move. I slowly rose to my feet, walked over and straddled his head planting one foot on each side. He could look straight up my dress at my uncovered cunt. I then went to my knees while pulling my short dress up around my waist. I immediately felt his hot breath against my horny snatch and a tongue lashed out to begin licking up and down my crack. I rubbed the big bulge in his shorts before undoing the buttons, pulling down the zipper and reaching in to pull out his hard on.Feeling especially naughty I hooked my arms around his legs pulling them back until they were wrapped around my waist. I then leaned down taking his cock in my mouth while squeezing his big ball sac. He groaned into my wet pussy when he felt my mouth clamp around his hard shaft.I let his cock slip out of my mouth and pulling his nuts licked the sac before taking one ball in my mouth gently sucking on one then the other feeling his body tense as I sucked and licked his balls. I was definitely enjoying this. I suddenly had the urge to ram a finger up his ass hole but refrained. I was busy sucking Hal’s cock while he was licking and eating my dripping wet pussy and hadn’t noticed Betsy and Jim were already fucking away. Betsy was on her back in the cool grass, her legs straight up in the air and Jim was ramming his cock in her hard and fast while she groaned. She would let out a loud grunt each time Jim rammed his meat home a little too hard.I noticed Jim’s hands gripping the cheeks of her ass tightly as he pumped his cock in and out in a hard steady rhythm. He was moaning now feeling the effects of Betsy’s hot, şanlıurfa escort tight little cunt wrapped around his hard cock. I marveled at how it gripped the shaft of Jim’s pumping dick and knew he was soon going to fill her with his molten hot spunk.I sucked Hal’s cock and licked his balls for a few more minutes but wanted to feel his cock up my horny pussy now so I pulled off. Straddling his lap I lowered myself down while guiding the head past the swollen lips of my horny cunt. I sank down the length of Hal’s hard dick with ease. My cunt was well lubricated from his licking and tonguing. I began to ride his cock while watching Jim ram his meat into Betsy.I undid the draw string in front of my dress pulling it down around my waist letting my tits out. I then lay down on Hal’s chest and began to pump my ass up and down on his cock. I jerked and wriggled my ass around on his thick pole faster and faster. Suddenly, I needed to cum! I guess it was the erotic sight of Jim fucking Betsy, her legs up in the air and his cock ramming into her that excited me.I began to groan and yelp each time I slammed my ass down onto Hal’s cock until I felt the orgasm start to rise. I squealed and humped until it shook me violently. I hoped that no body was within 50 miles of us or they could have heard me reach a mind blowing climax!My body shook and convulsed as the orgasm controlled my every nerve ending. I twitched and shook as my cunt constricted around Hal’s obliging cock soaking it with my female cum juice.I had no sooner started to regain my presence when I heard Jim give out a loud grunt and glanced over to see his ass cheeks tense up as his cock was buried into Betsy’s hot hole balls deep. He was spurting his hot seed deep up into the walls of her pussy. She had clasped her legs around his waist pinning him to her while he shot his load up her open cunt.After my body had stopped the involuntary convulsing Hal slowly eased me onto my back, crawled between my legs and shoved his cock back up my sloppy hole. He began to power pump me right off the bat slamming his cock in hard and fast. His balls pounded my ass each time he rammed it in.It didn’t take long till he let out the familiar a****l grunts and groans while his body tensed and his throbbing cock spewed its thick juice up my willing fuck hole. He made short hard jabs into my pussy while unloading his cream into my quickly filling cunt. He finally went limp collapsing on top of me in a heap before sliding off, his cock slowly sliding out releasing a stream of his juice. Since we neglected to bring a towel or anything to wipe off with, I had to use my hand to scoop out as much of his gooey cum as I could. There was a creek nearby so I walked over and rinsed my hands off the best I could.Jim, Betsy and Hal were all sitting around talking and laughing when I came back. The top of my dress was still down around my waist exposing my tits as I walked. Betsy had taken her dress completely off using it as a blanket to recline on while soaking up some sun. The guys were lying on their sides fully relaxed and regaining their strength after the hot fucks they had just gotten! I sat down next to Hal who quickly pulled me to him giving me a quick kiss of approval. I lay down with my head resting on his stomach to relax and enjoy the sunshine myself.After a while Hal spoke up, “I think we should all get naked and walk back toward the house to get something to drink.” Since Betsy was already naked, “Why not!” I giggle and peeled my sun dress completely off. The two men followed suit stripping off their shirts. They had already removed their shorts. We all got up and started walking, Betsy, Hal and I in sandals and Jim in tennis shoes but otherwise completely nude.Naturally the guys made us walk in front their dicks swinging between their legs as the followed. It didn’t take long until glancing behind me noticed Hal’s cock begin to harden as he was watching our asses sway and jiggle. My husband’s was also beginning to straighten up!I knew it wouldn’t be long until we girls would get another hard fucking! Sure enough, we walked about 50 more yards coming to a small clearing in the woods. There was a large fallen tree on the edge of the woods and the guys had us sit there under the pretense of resting. But, it wasn’t long until they were standing in front of us having their cocks sucked.Betsy had Jim’s cock in her mouth sucking away and I was working on Hal’s growing hard on. Once they were both good and hard, they pulled Betsy and myself to our feet, turned us around and bent us over the fallen tree using our dresses to rest our stomachs on. Positioning themselves behind us, the worked their hard dicks in our waiting pussies and began fucking us again. Hal was pumping me hard while watching Betsy being fucked by Jim. I glanced around at Jim who was watching Hal ram his cock up his wife’s hot pussy. His face was blushed with lust as he pounded his rock hard cock up Betsy’s little snatch.Almost in unison both men began to moan and grunt as they slammed their dicks into us causing our asses to shake and jiggle. It was as if they were in a contest to see who would get off first. Jim had a glazed look in his eyes, one of pure a****l lust and he was gripping Betsy by the hips holding her in place while he punished her cunt unmercifully.Hal must have been watching also because he started groaning loudly before I felt his cock throb and pulse shooting the contents of his big swinging ball sac, splattering the hot liquid against the walls of my well used pussy.He grunted, almost like a low growl as he emptied his entire load in me before letting his spent cock slowly slide out of my cum soaked fuck hole. A few small drops of his spunk dribbled out landing on the ground between my legs as I stood there bent over, my ass up in the air.Hal watched his gooey sperm flow out of my freshly screwed hole for a few minutes before leaning against the tree in exhaustion. I stood up and rested my ass against the tree next to Hal watching Jim and Betsy go at it like a couple of a****ls!Jim was still fucking her from behind fairly hard but she began hissing at him, “Oh God, don’t cum, don’t cum!” It suddenly hit me that Betsy was the only one of us that hadn’t reached an orgasm yet and I guessed she was hurting in need of relief!She started a low scream which became increasingly louder as she began shoving her ass back to meet Jim’s hard thrusts. “Fuck me, fuck me!” She was yelling at Jim.”OOOOOHHHHHGGGGG!” “Give it to me baby, here it cuuuuummmmssssss!” Betsy was screaming and shaking wildly as her orgasm took control. She must have been experiencing multiple orgasms as she would scream out loud, then become almost quiet for a second or so before groaning and screaming again each time another orgasm shook her body.Jim had buried his cock as deep as he could up her spazming cunt and held it there while she shook and wriggled her ass around grinding it into his lap each time she moved another orgasm sent her into a hysterical fit of screaming and shaking until they finally began to subside. Hal and I just stood there mesmerized by the violent intensity of Betsy’s orgasm and I couldn’t help but wonder if she had experienced anything like that with him. But, told myself not to get into comparisons and concentrated on the erotic sight in front of me. To my surprise, after just getting off myself, was already feeling the tingle between my legs. My cum filled pussy was heating up again!Betsy began to calm down and straightening up caused Jim’s cock to slide out of her pussy. “I want to suck you off baby!” She whispered to him.She sat on the log grabbing Jim’s cock which jutted out in front of him. Leaning down she took it into her mouth and began to suck hard. Her jaws sunk in as she sucked his hard dick. With one hand wrapped around the base and pumping in time with her head, the reached between his legs with the other hand and cupping his balls, started squeezing and pulling them.Jim’s eyes were now shut tight as he enjoyed the pleasure being given him by Betsy’s expert cock sucking. Her head was bobbing back and forth as she worked on his dick. She wanted Jim to unload in her mouth and I knew it would not take him long like that!In just a few minutes into Betsy’s hard sucking blowjob, Jim threw his head back howling like a dog. Betsy had as much of Jim’s cock in her mouth as she could hold and I watched her jaw muscles work hard. I could see her throat begin to undulate knowing she was swallowing Jim’s hot, sweet sperm as fast as she could. With her mouth full of cock she moaned softly her lips clamped tightly around the shaft while continuing to squeeze his balls helping them to empty their thick load.Betsy let go of his ball sac and grabbed a cheek of his ass so that he could not pull away until she had swallowed every last drop of his seed and then licked his semi hard cock clean. I knew that my husband had thoroughly enjoyed such a great blow job though I knew that he would never admit it to me.We all took a few minutes to rest up again allowing Betsy and Jim to catch their breath before continuing our walk back to the cabin. I must admit I needed a drink and possibly something to eat as well. We gathered our clothing and headed down the path. This time Hal and I walked hand in hand in front of Betsy and Jim who were also holding hands as they strolled behind us. I could hear them talking and laughing as we walked. Every now and then Hal would let go of my hand and reach behind to give my ass a pat whispering that he was looking forward to getting some more of that stuff!I don’t know if it was me that kept him so hot and horny or the sight of his wife being fucked by my husband that kept him so excited. I know that in my case, it was both, Hal’s cock and watching Jim fuck Betsy! I was beginning to understand why my husband enjoyed voyeurism so much now. I realized that I liked it as well!We kept walking while playing and grabbing each other until rounding a bend in the path, spotted the cabin up ahead. I was glad as my thirst was growing, my mouth dry from the heat. We went through the cabin and sat on the rear deck as Hal brought us all something to drink. We were still naked not bothering to dress.I finished my drink and excused myself to go take a quick shower. Betsy followed suit and we retired to the bathroom to shower and get refreshed. I showered first and while Betsy took her shower, I borrowed one of her short sun dressed to slip into. The dress was a nice, cotton strapless one with elastic holding it up around me chest. I joined the guys back on the deck for another drink while Hal had fired up the grill to start lunch. Jim had mentioned that we should leave later that afternoon and I was sure that both men would want at least one last fuck before the weekend ended for us. I walked over standing beside Hal as he laid some steaks on the grill. I gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. Both Hal and Jim had slipped on their shorts and while I helped Hal cook, Betsy and Jim sat enjoying the view of the Great Smokey Mountains.We enjoyed a nice leisurely steak and baked potato lunch while relaxing in each other’s company. Talking and laughing I couldn’t help hoping that Jim would want to do this again sometime!The day was really heating up now as we finished our lunch so we went into the den to feel the cool air-conditioning. Hal took my hand guiding me to the sofa while Jim and Betsy shared the big chair. We all kissed and felt around on each other until pulling his mouth off of mine, Hal suggested that we all go into the huge master bedroom and enjoy their big king sized bed.A few minutes later Betsy and I were reclining side by side on the huge bed, the two men between our legs licking and tonguing our well used pussies. Hal was licking and fingering me while using one hand to fondle and squeeze my tits. Jim had pushed Betsy legs back until her knees were almost resting on her chest while her licked and sucked her cunt.I glanced down to see his big cock already hard and sticking out in front of him. He wasted no time in shoving it up Betsy’s hot little pussy and began to pump away. Hal did the same as I helped guide his cock into my waiting pussy. Both men were on top fucking us hard and fast. I figured that this was going to be one last quickie fuck for the two men!I held on to Hal’s ass cheeks pulling him into me as he thrust his hard dick up my wet hole. Turning my head to the side, I watched as Jim was really ramming his meat into Betsy as she grunted and moaned each time he hit bottom. She was staring at him with a glazed look, enjoying the wild fuck she was getting from my husband.Hal lay on me as he reached his hands underneath to grab the cheeks of my ass and hold on while his cock plowed into my wet gash. He was licking and kissing my neck while fucking me with long, powerful strokes until his moaning became louder and all of a sudden, his body tensed, his cock throbbing, shot yet another load of his seed deep up my cunt. He squeezed my ass cheeks tight while unloading in me until collapsing on top of me. I kissed his neck while listening to the erotic sounds of flesh slapping against flesh as Jim was drilling Betsy as hard as he could.Hal’s semi-hard cock finally eased itself out of my soaked cunt and he slowly rolled off of me. I got the urge to get a closer look at Jim’s cock working on Betsy’s cunt so I got on me knees at the edge of the bed. My head lined up perfectly just inches away from the crotches of the two partners in heat!Deciding to add to my husband’s pleasure I reached between his legs and grabbed his swinging balls to squeeze and fondle. His body tensed when he felt the warmness of my fingers gently close around the big sac. He was pumping her pussy harder with each stroke and Betsy had her legs wrapped around Jim’s waist. She must have been enjoying herself because I saw a stream of juice running out the sides of her stretched pussy and run down the crack of her ass as he fucked her.Jim’s moans now got louder and came more often and I felt his balls tighten up right before his body tensed and with one last hard thrust spewed his hot juice up Betsy’s tight cunt. I milked his balls while he shot his load grunting and groaning with pleasure. I knew this weekend’s pleasure was a first for him, having his balls squeezed while Cumming into another woman! He emptied his seed and I released my hold on his balls allowing him to roll off of Betsy. I knew that Hal had enjoyed the show as he had a big smile on his face. Physically worn out from a weekend of intense pleasure, Jim and I mustered the energy to take one last quick shower before gathering our things to head home. Thanking Hal and Betsy for a great time and for inviting us, we left for home.”Well sweetie,” I teased Jim, “Did you enjoy yourself this weekend?””I’d be lying if I said I didn’t” he responded. “I hope you like what you saw too!” Jim added.”Loved it!” I assured him. “Now I know why you like to watch, it is very exciting and erotic.” I admitted. “Yea sweetie, I enjoyed every minute of our weekend.”Not wanting to push my luck, I didn’t mention the fact that I hoped we would do it again soon!

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