Wife Inspires Another Couple Ch. 02

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Couple explore fantasies about another wife.

In the previous episode Doug and Robin shared fantasies concerning their friends Lynn and Mike. They continued to speculate about Lynn’s behavior.

This took place in the era before cell phones, the internet, etc.


The following week Robin kept speculating about Lynn and Mike’s buddy. Saturday evening Robin and Doug went out for an early dinner at their favorite Mexican restaurant. Upon entering, Robin saw Janey and Roger.

She said to Doug, “Look honey it’s Janey and Roger. Let’s go say hi.”

At the same moment Janey saw them and motioned them over. “Hey guys, we just got here why don’t you join us.”

Robin and Doug sat down and their server arrived. After ordering. they made small talk about their week. Janey said, “We really had a good time last weekend. Thanks for the invite.”

Robin responded, “You’re welcome. I’m glad you enjoyed yourselves.” She paused, “It was different wasn’t it? After all that was the first time one of our guests talked about checking out a guy’s dick in front of her husband.”

Doug inwardly groaned, ‘here we go again.’

Janey said, “Yeah that was different.”

Roger interjected, “I see where this is going. Don’t’ you think this is a little public for that kind of discussion? Why don’t you guys stop by our place on your way home?”

Robin said, “Spoilsport. But you’re right.”

They finished dinner and headed over to Janey and Roger’s house. Janey offered Robin a glass of wine and Doug requested a beer.

Robin took a sip of wine and without any preamble said, “Can you believe Lynn blurted out something like that?”

Janey responded, “Even with the wine I can’t believe she admitted to something like checking out a guy’s dick in front of Mike.”

Doug and Roger looked one another and Roger said, “Janey’s been like this all week.”

“Yeah I know the feeling.”

Robin said, “Don’t give us that. You guys are as curious as we are.” She laughed, “I just wonder what the ride home was like.”

“I can’t believe it was very pleasant.”

Robin and Janey exchanged theories about Lynn and Mike’s buddy.

Janey said, “I didn’t know about Mike buying Lynn revealing clothes. Maybe he does get off when she flashes some skin.” She asked the men, “Has Mike ever said anything like that to you.”

Doug answered, “He’s never said anything like that to us. I’ve noticed when she flirts, he doesn’t get upset. I’ve never seen them get into a fight like some couples do.”

Roger interjected, “Ok so he gets off when Lynn flirts.”

Robin offered her theory about Lynn waiting for Chuck wearing a nightgown and fucking in her marital bed.

Janey said, “That’s pretty hot but I don’t think that was the first time.”

“What do you mean? You’re saying that fucked him earlier?”

“That’s right. We’ve established they didn’t go anywhere and she checked him out in front of Mike and showed a lot of skin.. She said he had an alpha personality. I think she probably fucked him on the second night. And the next morning after Mike left for work they fucked again.”

“Let’s go with that. They went to bed and she waited until Mike went to sleep and snuck into Chuck’s room and got in bed with him.”

“And Mike woke up and Lynn was not in bed. He heard fucking sounds and found his wife and buddy in bed.”

“What happened? Did he get pissed off?”

“He stood in the doorway and watched.”

“I think you’re right about watching, but it happened earlier. When we asked her if they had sex, she made a joke about Mike sitting in his favorite chair with a drink and watching them fuck.”

“Good grief! We’ve gone from checking out his buddy’s dick to fucking while Mike watched.”

“You have to admit it’s a better story than a little flashing.”

“What if their swingers.”

“I don’t think they exchange partners. If I had to guess, they have an open marriage.”

“Open marriage?”

“That’s where the couple agree to have sex with other people. In their case I imagine Lynn has the open part.”

“How do you know about swingers and open marriages?”

“How do you think? I read Cosmo.”

They laughed at that.

“Maybe she fucked him maybe not, but whatever happened is their business. I think we should let the subject drop.”

Soon after levent escort Robin and Doug bid adieu.

When Robin and Doug arrived home, they immediately freshened up and got into bed. Robin embraced her husband pressing her breasts against his chest and gave him a hot open mouth kiss.

“Hmmm…someone’s horny tonight.”

“You know fantasizing about Lynn fucking Mike’s buddy turns me on.”

He grasped her breasts and fondled them. She was moaning and telling him how much she liked him playing with her. She arched her back and pressed her firm breast against his mouth. He eagerly tongued her nipples with their nice large areolas.

Doug asked his wife, “What’s turning you on tonight?”

“That she fucked him on the second night.”

“That does make more sense than waiting until the morning. I pictured Mike waking up and finding Lynn and Chuck in bed.”

“What do you think Mike did?”

“I think he watched.”

“I have that fantasy except he watched her earlier.”

Doug felt his wife’s drenched pussy. He began at her breasts and tongued a path to her abdomen and light curls.

“You gave me a treat, let me give you one.”

He lay between her outstretched legs and took in the sight of her enflamed cunt. Moisture was gathering around her labia. He licked her inner thighs and teased her until reaching her lips.

As soon as his tongue opened her slit, she lifted her hips, and pushed her cunt to his mouth. “Ahh…God that feels so good. Eat my pussy.”

“I like eating your wet tasty pussy. Tell me how Mike watched.”

“Lynn’s wore another skimpy outfit, except this top buttoned up. She was horny from showing off for Mike’s buddy the first night. But then she wanted to fuck.”

Pussy juice leaked from Robin’s slit and her cunt hairs were matted. Doug licked her with a steady motion.

“How did she get him to watch? Did she tell him she wanted to fuck his buddy?”

“She wasn’t that direct. As part of their game, Mike made excuses to leave them alone. He wanted to catch them doing something. Lynn and Chuck were sitting on the couch. Mike made up an excuse he needed to run out for more beer. When he got back, Lynn and Chuck were making out. She was giving Chuck nice wet open mouth kisses with a lot of tongue. Her top was unbuttoned and he was feeling her tits. She moaned and told him how turned on she was.”

“What did Mike say?”

“He didn’t say anything. He sat down in a chair and watched his buddy play with Lynn’s tits.”

Cunt juice was leaking from Robin’s opening. Her husband continued with slow licking motion on his wife’s cunt.

Robin talked dirty about Mike’s buddy playing with Lynn’s breasts. “Then Chuck slid his hand in her bottoms and played with her pussy. It was as wet as mine. She knelt between his legs and sucked him nice and hard.” She paused and continued, “That’s it baby, taste my hot cunt. Mike watched his wife lick the whole length of his shaft and swirled her tongue around his tight balls. He listened Chuck tell his wife how good she was sucking him.”

Doug sped his tongue motion, lapping his wife’s sweet juices. She pulled his head tighter to her cunt. She reveled in the sensation, until she exploded in orgasm on his mouth. Juices coated his lips. He knelt between her legs and they exchanged a passionate kiss. She tasted her juices on his lips.

“That was so good baby.”

He retrieved an 8″ flesh colored dildo from the nightstand.

Doug picked up the narrative. “Lynn told Chuck she needed his cock. She laid back on their couch and spread her legs nice and wide. He teased her with hic cock like this.”

He rubbed the dildo up and down Robin’s slit, opening her slick passage. She flexed her hips to contact with her pussy lips and Doug eased it into her cunt.

“Ohhh..baby that feels good.”

“Chuck eased his cock in Lynn’s pussy just like this. Mike watched his wife take Chuck’s big cock. Chuck asked her if ever had a cock this big and she told him his was the biggest. She made eye contact with her husband with Chuck’s cock stretching her out. He took slow strokes because he hadn’t had a tight pussy like Lynn’s in a long time. Lynn was talking dirty telling him to keep fucking her. And then her did this.”

He removed the dildo from his wife and replaced with his cock. Robin stroked his bayan eskort erect cock and guided him to her sopping cunt.

“God your hard cock feels so good.” She tongued his ear, “And Chuck fucked Lynn with his big cock like you’re doing to me.”

Robin grasped his ass and he sped up his thrusting motion until they both exploded in mutual mind blowing orgasms.

Doug collapsed on his wife. They came off their post-coital high and said, “Then Mike took his turn.”

“Not yet. Lynn was laid back on her couch with Chuck’s cum leaking from her open cunt. Before fucking her, Doug knelt down between her legs and tasted her cum filled pussy. Chuck sat and watched his buddy eat Lynn’s messy pussy. After she came, Mike took his turn. They took another turn before going upstairs.”

“That’s hot honey. I never thought about the eating part. You’re really getting into this.”

The next day they slept in and later went for a hike. That afternoon Doug was reading on the deck when Robin joined him.

She excitedly said, “Lynn just invited us over next Saturday evening.”

He teasingly replied, “That should be interesting. Did you ask her anything about fucking Mike’s buddy?”

“Of course not. She thanked me for the cookout and wanted to reciprocate.”

That night Robin snuggled her husband and said, “I’ve been thinking more about Lynn fucking another guy..”

“Why am I not surprised. What are you thinking now? That she fucked his buddy the first night?”

“Not that. But it would be pretty hot if they fucked for Chuck’s entire visit.” She caressed her husband’s chest. “What if it wasn’t her first time fucking?”

“I hadn’t thought of that. What kind of scenario are you imagining?”

“Sort of like the time she made out with Richard’s boss.”

“We’ve already talked about that. Nothing happened other than making out.”

“I know. But let’s say after she and Mike were married, a colleague hit on her.”

“So far I don’t see anything. Sure guys hit on Lynn. Just like they hit on you.”

She felt her husband’s semi-erect cock, “But what if she also found him attractive?”

“It’s someone Mike doesn’t know so she feels safer.”

She felt her husband’s growing erection. “I like the way my Lynn fantasies turn you on.” She continued in her sultry voice, “Maybe they are at a meeting and he suggests stopping at a club to have a glass of wine.”

“And she accepts.”

“That’s right! It would be just them. None of her other acquaintances or friends would be there.”

She retrieved lube from the bedside table and coated his now erect cock.

“Ohhh fuck that feels good.”

“I know it does baby. Just relax and I’ll tell my Lynn story. He suggests a nearby bar where she normally doesn’t go. They pick a spot at the back and he gets them a glass of wine. They are at a small stand-up table. She’s wearing a tight button-up sweater that frames her tits. On the way over, she unfastened a couple of buttons. He’s tall enough to get a good look down the deep valley between her breasts.”

She continued her narrative, “They stand close together to be able to talk over background conversation and music. She’s flirting with him, leaning her breasts into his arm. They’re close enough for him to brush her ear with his mouth and use his tongue. He tells her she looks hot in her sweater but she knows he’s talking about her tits. She’s becoming more aroused and increases the pressure of one her tits into his arm. He puts a hand on her hip and pulls her closer until she feels his cock brushing her.”

She cupped her husband’s balls massaging them. He moaned at her ministrations. “Here’s something else. When they entered the club she didn’t notice an acquaintance of Mike’s sitting at the bar. It’s obvious to him Lynn’s flirting with this other guy.”

“I like this version.”

“At the table Lynn catches her colleague looking down her sweater and lets him know she likes it. The guy at the bar has a good vantage point and watches Lynn flirt.”

“Lynn’s colleague suggests another drink but she says she needs to get home. They walk to her car and embrace. She feels his cock stirring against her.”

“And Mike’s acquaintance leaves the club to see what happens.”

“Lynn unlocks the car door, gets in the back seat and slides to middle. Her skirt rides up to güngören eskort mid-thigh. He joins her and closes the door. They embrace and he gives her a kiss. She kisses him back with full open mouth eagerly accepting his tongue. They kiss for a few minutes, He embraces her tighter, feeling her nice full tits against his chest. He kisses her neck and shoulder and lightly strokes the tops of her breasts and runs a finger in her bra cup brushing her nipple. He unfastens the rest of her buttons on her sweater exposing her bra. She unclasps her bra giving him full access to her tits.”

“And the other guy walks past Lynn’s car to get a better view.”

“That’s right he’s watching them make out. He’s close enough to see Lynn’s colleague cup her breasts and alternate between them with his lips and tongue. She arches her back pushing her married tits into his palm. Her tits aren’t as big as mine so they fit in his hand. She senses someone walking past. Instead of stopping she’s more turned on thinking about being watched.”

“This is hot. I’ve never heard you tell fantasies like this.”

“I’m glad this is making you hot. Lynn’s colleague caresses her hip to mid-thigh below her skirt. She places a hand over his. He lightly strokes her inner thigh under her skirt. She opens her legs as far as the skirt will allow. She’s getting really hot and isn’t paying attention to his hand under her skirt until a finger brushes her slit. He feels her wetness. She doesn’t freak like she did with Richard’s boss, but moans giving him encouragement to go further.”

“In the dim light of the parking lot, he sees the lightness of her trimmed bush through her transparent panties and a line of moisture coating her slit. He uses a finger to pull aside her panties and lightly opens her slit. She gasps and raises her hips pushing his finger deeper into her cunt. She covers her hand with his. He adds a second finger and slides in deeper until his palm cups her opening. He has very long fingers.”

“She kisses his neck and doesn’t resist as another man pushes her dress to her waist, exposing her panty covered pussy. She feels his cock. It’s nice and big. She caresses him through his slacks, but she wants to see it. She unfastens his belt and then the slacks and zipper. A lot of his cock is sticking out of his briefs. She grasps his engorged organ. She thought he was hung and she’s not disappointed. She lowers her head and takes him into her mouth. She takes as much as she can and sucks him to hardness.”

“The other guy watches her head disappear.”

“Lynn’s beyond turned on. She doesn’t tell her colleague someone is watching. He tells her he wants some pussy. She lifts her hips and he slides her panties off her hips and they fall to the back seat floor. She straddles him and takes his cock in her left hand to align it to her opening. Her wedding and engagement rings sparkle in the dim light. Rubbing his head against her slit, opening up her labia, she sinks down on his engorged cock. She gasps and lets out a moan as he opens up her tight slick love canal. She doesn’t hesitate but takes his entire length with one motion. She has her hands on his shoulders for balance as she revels in the feeling of his big cock stretching and filling her pussy. He has his hands on her ass, grinding his shaft against her clit.”

“Can the other guy see them fucking?”

“He has a good view. Lynn looks out the back window and sees him. He’s standing in shadows so she can’t tell it’s one of Mike’s colleagues. She keeps fucking. She doesn’t look away from the voyeur as her colleague thrusts his cock deep in her pussy. It doesn’t take long for them to cum. He lets a blast of cum into her naughty married pussy. She sighs like I do and gives him another deep kiss. She climbs off his cock and tells him she needs to get home to her husband. She puts her panties back on and fastens her bra and sweater.”

“They get out of the back seat. She gives him a kiss and gets in the driver’s seat. On the drive home she feels cum and pussy juice seeping from her slit. She’s still horny from her illicit fucking and practically attacks her husband when she gets home. When Mike sticks his cock in her pussy, he tells her how wet she feels, not realizing he’s getting seconds.”

“What about the guy who watched? Does he tell the husband what happened?”

“No. The next time Mike sees him he doesn’t realize he’s talking to a guy who knows his wife fucked another man in the back seat of a car in a club parking lot.”

Robin and her husband had another Lynn inspired sex session.

(To be continued)

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