Who Done It? Ch. 02

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I want to say thank you to those of you that like my stories. To everyone that wants me to get an editor, I agree with you, but I am unable to contact one. All of my emails are blocked. I have made someone mad at me (it is probably justified as I have a tendency to put my foot in my mouth). Unfortunately I can’t even apologize.

I’m not sure if I will be allowed to submit anymore, but I hope so. Here goes.


“Ooh yes dad, like that.” Besanna was in her bedroom enjoying her favorite fantasy. It involved her low noise vibrator, her dad, her fingers, her mind, and of course her body.

She had found this particular vibrator on the internet. It didn’t actually vibrate; it pulsed at 32 hertz which researchers discovered was the amplitude of a sound wave that would actually vibrate the clitoris. The sound was very low and the same wave as a base guitar. Maybe that was why she liked rock music with plenty of base!

Besanna tried to keep quiet so her parents wouldn’t hear. Her dad lowered his face to her pussy. She had the setting one up from the lowest which was supposed to feel like someone performing oral sex on her. As the warmth spread from her pussy she figured this would do until she could experience the real thing. She and her boyfriend had only experimented a little, so far only getting each other off with their hands.

“Dad I would love for you to suck my nipples.” Her hand moved the vibrator. Her dad went from her licking her clit to sucking her nipples. “Yes dad, I like that.” Her dad smiled, he enjoyed pleasing his baby girl. The pleasure slowly spread through her.

“Of course dad, I would love to suck your cock.” Besanna sensuously licked her lips, hoping it would drive him crazy. Her dad was looking right into her eyes as he moved up her body and placed his hard cock to her lips. Besanna turned the vibrator off. Her lips parted. Her dad eased his hard cock into her mouth. It was a real turn on for her to hear him moan as he saw his cock disappear past her lips.

Besanna enjoyed seeing how much she was pleasing him, but she needed to get off. “I have a problem dad, I want you to play with my pussy and still suck my nipples.” She licked her fingers. Turning the vibrator back on, she sent it to her pussy and let her wet fingers brush across her nipples. Her dad started playing with her pussy but now he sucked her nipples at the same time. “Mm, that’s nice.”

Besanna turned the vibrator on the next highest setting. The heat was steadily building and spreading out from her nipples and clitoris. “Lick my pussy dad. Stick that tongue of yours in me.”

Her dad shook his head, “I need my hard cock in you.”

Besanna shook her head, “No dad, I’m a virgin.” She desperately wanted to her dad to be her first, not her vibrator.

“We can get each other off without doing that.” She saw how much he wanted her. “I want you to dad, I’m just not ready. I’m sorry.”

He laughed, “I love you. I don’t ever want to make you sorry.”

As he moved between her legs, she spread them wide. Besanna was panting with desire, frustration and fear. She desperately wanted to fuck her dad, but she was afraid. Her whole body was tingling with conflict.

She put the vibrator on the next highest setting. Her dad took his hard cock in his hand and laid it against her clit. He started to move it forward and back so that his cock’s entire length slid across her clit and vulva. Incredible sensations travelled through her.

Besanna moaned, “Does it feel good to you dad?”

“Oh yes baby. I’ve wanted you so bad.”

“Dad I want you to make love to me so bad.”

“I want that too. Soon baby, when you’re ready.” Her hand moved the vibrator in a smooth glide. Her dad had his hard cock rubbing against her clit in a steady rhythm.

Besanna loved the secret she and her dad shared. His hard cock was making her get hotter and hotter. He was varying the pressure making delicious waves flow out from his hard cock.

She was close, so very close. “Oh, dad, take me there.” The heat from her pussy grew and grew. Her dad’s hard cock felt wonderful sliding across her clit.

Besanna felt her face contorting into a grimace as her young body reached orgasm. She did her best to keep from making loud noises as her dad made her body explode. She didn’t want her mom to hear.


It had been two whole months and Dan was no closer to finding out who had given him his fantastic blowjob. It wasn’t as if his wife didn’t satisfy him. It was just that this was a mystery and he had to get to the bottom of it.

And…then, what? If he never found out he would just have to live with it. But what if he did find out? That was something that would probably change his life.

What if it was his sister? He had fantasized about Melissa for years when they were both teenagers and living at home. He figured that was pretty common. But while she would do things with him in his imagination to help him get off, he never did anything to let her know. Even Avrupa Yakası Escort now he felt his cock beginning to stir just thinking about it. In his imagination, he saw himself having sex with his sister and his wife.

On the other hand what if he discovered that it had been his daughter? He had also fantasized about having sex with her. But again having a fantasy like that really did no harm and like his sister, he had also not acted upon it. It would certainly be easier having sex with her and his wife both living in the same house.


“Hi Aunt Melissa I was hoping that you would be home.”

“What’s on your mind, Besanna?”

“I need to talk to you.”

“Fire away.”

“Not on the phone, in person.”

“Sure, is now okay? Jimmy doesn’t even get off work for another couple of hours.”

“I’m on my way.”

Besanna drove over, parking her car on the street. Her aunt parked in the garage but she wanted to leave the driveway free for her uncle just in case. She sat there trying to get up the courage to do this. Taking a deep breath, she finally headed for the front door.

Melissa grinned as she opened her door for Besanna. She had always felt a real connection with her niece that was on a deeper level than just being related to her. They both thought alike, and more importantly they connected on an emotional level, which was something she couldn’t really say about most of her friends.

Besanna hugged her aunt as she walked into the house.

“Want some tea to drink?”

“That would be great.” They both sat down at the kitchen table with their tea.

“So what’s on your mind?”

Besanna swallowed, it was now or never, “Did you like sucking my dad off?”

Melissa froze, “How do you know?”

Besanna got a big grin, “I saw you.

“But you went to your bedroom, I heard you in there.”

“Yeah I was, but I heard you walking by. The hallway has a loose board and it squeaked.”

Melissa got a bad feeling, “I thought you hadn’t heard that. I waited for some time before I went on.”

“I went looking for you and found you on your knees in my mom and dad’s bathroom. My dad had his cock sticking out of a slash in the shower curtain and you had it in your mouth. I think my mom and dad made that hole for just that reason.”

“You watched me?” Melissa was petrified. Her niece knew everything, had seen it all. “Ah…Besanna…I…ah…” She just couldn’t seem to think of what she wanted to say.

“I could see your reflection in the mirror. I’ve sucked my boyfriend before but I never let him cum in my mouth. Did you swallow?”

Melissa was puzzled, Besanna had information that could wreck her marriage and would probably have a bad effect on the entire family. But her niece didn’t seem to be acting like that was her intention. “Yes I did.”

“What does it taste like?”

She had no idea what was on her niece’s mind. “That is a tough one. It generally tastes salty; it is also kind of warm and creamy and has a definite musky smell to it.”

Besanna scrunched up her nose, “That doesn’t sound too gross. You let him shoot his cum in your mouth. Didn’t it make you sick?”

“Not really, I actually like it. I know of several women that will never do it, but plenty who will. It’s also a power trip, at least for me it is. I made him shoot his cum. I was the one that decided what I would do. I decided if it was going to happen at all. Plus he had to be really into me at that moment for him to even get hard much less get off.”

Besanna pictured doing it, “That doesn’t sound so bad.”

“There are a few things that can make it taste better.”

“Like what?”

“If the guy eats plenty of fruits and vegetables on a daily bases and exercises, his cum will taste better.”

“Do you fix that stuff for Uncle James so you can do that with him?” Besanna instantly realized that she had something that had hurt her aunt. Her sad look was heartbreaking. “What’s wrong?”

Melissa answered with a long sigh. “Jimmy isn’t interested anymore.”

Besanna just blurted out the first thing that came into her mind, “What the fuck is wrong with him?”

“Honey this is really painful to talk about. I don’t know why he doesn’t want to do anything. I’ve asked him but he just says, I don’t know.”

“Can he go to a doctor?”

Melissa nodded, “He can but he won’t. I feel so miserable and there is nothing I can do about it.”

Her aunt started crying and Besanna went and held her. She had come over to just talk to her aunt about what had happened between her and her dad, not to make her feel bad about anything. Besanna thought that her aunt was pretty. She had short dark brown hair, green eyes that sparkled and she usually always wore a smile. “How can Uncle James not want you, especially when you obviously still want him?”

“I honestly have no idea.”

Her aunt had stopped crying so Besanna went back to her seat and her tea.

Melissa Bahçelievler Escort gave a sick look at her niece, “No one, not even your dad, knew it was me that did it. At least that’s what I thought. Actually I don’t know what I was thinking. I should have realized how easy it would have been for you to find out. I mean, you were just down the hall. Or it could have been your mother getting home and just walking in on me. I had to be crazy taking that risk.”

“He didn’t know it was you? I just guessed that you two had been doing stuff all along.” Besanna chuckled at the miserable expression on her aunt’s face. “You can stop worrying; I’m not going to tell anyone.”

Melissa was surprised. “That’s a relief, but what do you want?”

“I originally came over wanting you to help me to get my dad to have sex with me.” Her aunt opened her mouth to respond but nothing was coming out. “But now I have a whole new idea.”


A couple of months went by.

It was Saturday afternoon and Dan had his day all planned out. Stacie had to go out of town for the weekend and he had plenty of cold beer. He was going to order a pizza and there were two different baseball games on, one after the other. Then his phone started ringing. “Hello.”

“Dan, can you come over?”

His heart sank, it was his sister. “What’s wrong?”

“Jimmy is working second shift until about midnight and I need you to do something.”

Damn, it was always something. He knew his brother in law was almost useless at fixing things, “Can’t this wait?”

“Please, I really need you.”

Dan saw his day with beer, pizza and baseball games disappearing. He knew he had to go; otherwise she would have to pay someone. He couldn’t let her do that. “Sure little sister, I’m on my way.”

When he got to her house he wondered why Besanna’s car was in the driveway. When he rang the doorbell he asked about it, “Is Besanna here?”

“Yeah, she’s around somewhere. You sit on the couch and I will get her.”

Dan sat down and watched his sister leave. She fucking left! He thought he was there to fix something. He had forgotten to ask what kind of problem it was so he brought several different kinds of tools. She was probably only gone a few minutes, but the longer he waited the more annoyed he was getting. “Hey what’s going on? I thought you needed me.”

Melissa and Besanna walked in wearing nothing at all and both answered him, “We do.”

“Yeah dad, we were wondering if you would be interested in a different kind of double header.”

Dan had all kinds of dirty little thoughts racing through his brain. He had never seen either his sister or his daughter with nothing on. Seeing two naked women at the same time would have been most guys dream coming true, this was way better.

He got up and went to them. Melissa had taken after their mother. Even cut short she still had a mass of dark curls framing her face. She was tall like he was which put her full lips even with his own. He could look straight into her green eyes. Besanna had also taken after her mother. Like Stacie, she had long blond straight hair, pouty lips and baby blue eyes. She was shorter than Melissa but she definitely held her own. She had dark pink nipples like her mother.

Besanna held her breath as she watched her dad. She was very insecure about how she looked with no clothes on. This was difficult for her, even if it was her idea. Was her dad seeing two beautiful women? Were there two naked women wanting to experience sex with him in every way possible standing in front of him? Or was he seeing only one woman and one girl. She wished that she knew.

Melissa saw the look she had hoped for on her brother’s face. Seeing the two of them with nothing on was turning him on like crazy. It had only taken a couple of times before she and her niece had become comfortable being together and having nothing on. It had taken a lot more for them to get used to touching each other.

Dan was seeing double and it was fantastic! Most of the things that are in a man’s brain that will make him aroused were there in two’s, even fours. Two pretty faces, four breasts, four long shapely legs made a very nice sight. An added thrill was one pussy with dark curly pubic hair and one with light blond pubic hair. Damn!

It was the two inviting pussies made his cock start to rise to the occasion. His sister and his daughter were both naked and wanting him. Yeah, what he was seeing was definitely having an effect on him.

“Well big brother, did you like me sucking you off the other day?”

He kissed his sister. “I loved it. I couldn’t figure out which one of you had done it. I never knew you wanted me. I wanted you too but I never thought it would happen.”

Melissa groaned, “I wish I had known that. This is happening because Besanna saw it all.”

Her insecurities were making her think a lot of bad things. Her dad had gone to his sister first. Did Bahçeşehir Escort that mean he didn’t see her as anything but his daughter, his little girl?

Dan kissed his daughter, “You saw it?”

Bessana nodded, “Yeah dad, it was pretty cool.” She almost couldn’t speak; her dad kissing her had surprised her. It hadn’t been a father daughter kiss.

“Honey I have to admit I have thought about you like this. Neither one of you ever let on that you did too.” He took a deep breath, “What happens next?”

Besanna took his hands and placed one on her own breast and the other on Melissa’s breast, “We do.”

Melissa led them to a spare bedroom. “This first time I get to fuck your brains out while you use that tongue of yours on your daughter’s young pussy.”

Her aunt had explained to her how using sexual terms turned a guy on. “We’re going to share you with mom. We figure that you can have both of us one week. The next week it will just be you and me, then the next week only you and Aunt Melissa. Of course only you and mom the last week and whenever else that she’s going to want you.”

Melissa pushed him on the bed. “Do you think you can satisfy three women on a regular basis big brother?”

Dan started laughing. “Now that is a question I never thought I would have to answer.” They had him on his back and he was being attacked by them both, their hands tugging and pulling his clothes off. He suddenly found himself on the receiving end of a three tongue French kiss.

Besanna loved their three people kissing but let the other two continue while she finally wrapped her fingers around her dad’s semi hard cock. She couldn’t help comparing it to her boyfriend. Gently squeezing, the head turned purple. Exploring as much as playing, he soon got hard. She thought her dad was about the same size as her boyfriend but was bigger around.

Dan reached for his daughter and pulled her back to lie beside him. “I really want to kiss you again.”

“I love you dad.” Basanna pressed her lips to his. This was so much better than her fantasy and her vibrator.

She and her niece had gotten used to touching each other for just for this reason. Her left hand grabbed her brother’s now hard cock and started stroking him. With her right hand, she pressed her palm to Basanna’s clit and started rubbing in a circular motion.

“Ooh,” after kissing her dad some more Basanna lay back and let her aunt play. Once she had gotten comfortable touching and being touched by another woman, she loved it. She definitely wasn’t gay but a woman’s touch was much softer and gentler than a man’s and she liked the idea of being bi. She would want to keep doing this with her aunt, but didn’t know if she would try it with anyone else.

Still playing with them both, Melissa moved up between them. “As far as the rules go, everything can be done unless one of us doesn’t want to.” Placing her breasts above their faces she continued, “I’ve always wanted both of my nipples sucked at the same time.” Dan moved to please his sister and Besanna her aunt. “Oh, now that feels good.”

Dan licked his sister’s light pink nipple and it got hard in response. He felt Basanna next to him; her hair pressed against him and knew she was doing the same as he was. This was foreplay on a totally different level. You always had to be thinking about not leaving the third person out.

Melissa just stayed the way she was, it felt good and had definitely been worth waiting for. Still stroking his cock, she slid a finger into her niece. Aunt and niece had both been nervous at first but knew they had to get over it if they were going to be a threesome. It actually hadn’t taken all that long. Plus they both wanted the week that Dan would just be with Stacie to be the time they would enjoy each other. That meant the only loser was James. He didn’t want to have anything to do with her body anymore and now he didn’t have to.

Besanna wanted to see what would embarrass her dad and what would turn him on more. Moving out from under her aunt she moved over his very hard cock. “Hey dad have you ever had two women suck and lick your cock?”

What she had said caused a sensual jolt shoot through him. “I think it’s going to be difficult to live in the same house with you and keep my hands off of you.”

Melissa thought that was her cue and moved down to join in. “Besanna there’s always the shower curtain.” Both laughed, they could tell he was thinking of all kinds of possibilities.

Dan drank in the vision of his sister and his daughter licking his hard cock at the same time. “Oh yeah, this is a really a good idea.”

Besanna sat back up to watch his face, “I’ve sucked a guy but I never took it to the end. I can’t wait until I suck you off like Aunt Melissa did.” She could tell that he was picturing it in his mind. This was going to be a lot of fun.

Dan was getting in a bad way. Their mouths and tongues were making his cock glisten. One didn’t lick and then the other, instead they did it at the same time! They would share a kiss at the top before they went back down and they did it again and again! It had him heading for the end and he didn’t want to be there yet. “If you two don’t stop you’re going to get a mouthful of something else.”

They didn’t stop, but Besanna did rise up for a moment, “I want to see cum shooting out of your hard cock dad. I want to taste it.”

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