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Subject: “where ravens roost part 9” Gay Adult Youth Nifty is a wonderful resource and needs to be funded to continue. I ask that you please donate if you fty/donate.html Contact me at jravencroft@protonmail This story used to be posted under a different name. I decided I wanted to go back to the beginning and do things better this time. So whether you are a old reader or a new one, I hope you enjoy it. I welcome any feedback and would love to hear if you are enjoying this story. There is a lot more to come, so stay Tuned ! There is a website created for this story! The aim is simply to give readers a more dynamic experience. New content is being added all the time, and new chapters will be available on the website before anywhere ess/ Please give it a look! Friday morning came and John awoke excited, he knew today was the day he would get to see Henry again. They had spoken on the phone several times over the week but it just wasn’t the same. He jumped out of bed peed, showered, brushed his teeth, dressed, and packed his over night bag. He sat on his bed and waited on his mom to get up, “Good Morning honey” Cheryl said as she emerged from her room. “Good Morning Mom” John said, “Wait, you are up and dressed” Cheryl said. “Yeah mom” John said, “Ok who are you and what have you done with son?” Cheryl asked, “Very funny mom” John said sarcastically. Cheryl entered John’s bedroom and took a seat on the bed next to her son, “Well you look nice” she said. Cheryl leaned in and kissed John on the forehead, “and you smell nice too” she said. “This wouldn’t happen to have anything to do with seeing Henry would it?” Cheryl asked, “Maybe..” John said blushing. “I know this has been hard on you, I’m glad you two get to be together again” Cheryl said, which made John blush more and turn away. “Ok my silly boy, I’m going to go get ready so we can leave” Cheryl said , but John didn’t reply. As Cheryl left the room she looked back at her son who sat flushed face on the bed with his gaze out the window and smiled. When they arrived at Bill’s home, he stood outside to greet them as usual. “Hey Dad” Cheryl said as she stepped from the car, “Good Morning” Bill said. “Grandad!” John exclaimed as he jumped from the car with his bag and and hugged Bill. “Well someone is excited this morning” Bill said, “I think he’s excited about seeing Henry again” Cheryl said. “Is that right” Bill said, “He’s my best friend” John said as he looked up at Bill. Cheryl came over and ruffled John’s hair, “Why don’t you go see your grandma, I need to talk to your grandad a minute” she said, John turned to his mom with a look of confusion as noticed by Bill, “Go on inside son, see if grandma has breakfast ready” Bill said. “Ok” John said as he walked inside the house with one last look back at the adults. “So what is it honey?” Bill asked, “It’s about the boys” Cheryl said. “I need your help with something” Cheryl added, “Ok” Bill said, “Yeah I think they have begun experimenting with one another” Cheryl said, “Safe bet with what John and Charlie have been up to this week” Bill said. “So I was right, of course I have no problem with it, I just want to make sure they are safe in whatever they do” Cheryl said, “You want me to talk to them?” Bill asked, “Yeah I don’t think they will talk to me” Cheryl replied. “I’ll handle it, Roy and I were going to talk to John and Charlie anyway, might as well talk to all three at once” Bill said. “Thanks Dad” Cheryl said, “Oh there is one other thing” Cheryl added. “Yeah?” Bill asked, “I just get this feeling there may be more going on with John and Henry than they let on” Cheryl replied. “Such As” Bill said, “It’s just the way they are together, affectionate, it’s sweet, almost like they are in love” Cheryl said. John appeared again with a piece of toast in his hand, “Grandma said breakfast isn’t ready but she fixed me a piece of toast” he said. Cheryl knelt down to look at her son in the face, “I hope you have a good time honey” she said as she ran her hand through her sons hair and kissed his forehead. “Love you” Cheryl said, “Love you too mom” John said. “Alright you boys behave” Cheryl said as she stood upright , got in the car and proceeded to drive off as Bill and John waved at her. “Can I stay out here with you grandad and you know, watch for Henry?” John asked shyly, “If that’s what you want son” Bill said. John in turn held out his free hand for Bill to hold, whom grasped it and smiled down at his grandson. John munched away at his piece of toast until it was gone and the pair waited while they idly chatted. Katherine’s car pulled into the driveway, “That’s him grandad! That’s Henry” John exclaimed as he began to jump in place, “Ok son calm down” Bill said with a chuckle. When Henry jumped out of the car the boys ran to each other and embraced in a hug. “I love you” Henry whispered in John’s ear, “I love you too” John whispered back. “You would think they haven’t seen each other in a year” Katherine said as she stepped from the car. “Nice to see you again Katherine” Bill said, “Nice to see you too” she said. “Thank you for offering this” Katherine added, “No trouble at all” Bill said. “Henry sweetheart, here’s your bag” Katherine said as she handed her son his bag, “You be good now, don’t give the Ravencrofts any trouble” she added. “Yes mommy” Henry said with a smile, “He’ll be fine” Bill said. “How are you John?” Katherine asked, “Good” he replied with a smile. “Alright you boys have fun” Katherine said and hugged both boys, “Love you mommy” Henry said, “Love you too sweetheart” Katherine said. “Come on” John said as he grabbed Henry by the hand and they ran into the house, “Boys” Bill said with a chuckle. “Have fun” Katherine said as she stepped back into her car, “You just take care of my daughter” Bill said with a chuckle which made Katherine smile as she drove away. About that time Roy rounded the fence with Charlie, “Good Morning Roy” Bill said, “Good Morning Bill” Roy said. “You made it just in time for breakfast” Bill said, “Charlie was hoping that was Henry he’s heard so much about” Roy said. “It was, the boys are in the house” Bill said, “Hi Mr. Bill” Charlie said happily. “None of the Mr. Bill talk, just call me grandad” Bill said with a chuckle, “Okay grandad” Charlie said with a smile. Bill ruffled Charlie’s hair and they all went inside the house to join with the others whom were in the kitchen. “Well hey there Roy” Ruth said as she turned from the stove, “Hey Ruth, hope you don’t mind if we join for breakfast” Roy said. “You two are always welcome and we have plenty” Ruth said, “Thank you” Roy said. Charlie walked over to the table where John and Henry sat, “Hi John” Charlie said, “Hi Charlie, this is Henry” John said with a smile and looked at Henry. “Uh hi Henry” Charlie said nervously, Henry got up and hugged Charlie whom was shocked, “You’re cute” Henry whispered in the boys ear which made him blush. Charlie and Henry took a seat at the table either side of John as Bill came over. “Hey there Henry” Bill said with a smile, “Hi Mr. Ravencroft” Henry said happily, and got up to hug Bill. “Like I just told Charlie, you may call me grandad” Bill said with a chuckle, “Oh hi grandad” Henry said, as he looked up into Bill’s face and smiled. “That’s better” Bill said with a chuckle as he patted Henry’s back, “Hi Henry I’m Roy, it’s nice to meet you” ” Roy said with a smile as he came over and introduced himself. “Hi” Henry said softly as he turned around, “So what do I call you?” Henry added with a smile. “Well, if he’s grandad that makes me poppa” Roy said with a chuckle, “Hi poppa” Henry said and hugged Roy. “Bill dear can konyaaltı sınırsız escort you fix everyone some milk? Breakfast is ready” Ruth asked, “Of course dear” Bill replied. Ruth dished up breakfast for everyone while Bill poured milk, and everyone sat down to enjoy breakfast together. “So Charlie are you going to sleepover with us?” John asked, “Yeah you got to sleepover with us” Henry said. “Is that ok poppa?” Charlie asked as he looked to Roy, “That’s fine” Roy replied. “Thank you poppa” Charlie said, “Yes!” John exclaimed. “Roy how about you and I take the boys out somewhere after breakfast” Bill said, “That sounds good, maybe to the park” Roy said. “Aw but we were going to work on our comic” John said, “You can do that later, if you boys are good we might do something else fun” Bill said with a chuckle. Everyone ate, chatted happily until they were full, and helped cleared the table when they were done. “With the house quiet maybe I can get some housework done” Ruth said with a smile, “Sounds good dear” Bill said as he kissed his wife. The men then ushered the boys out to Bill’s car and they drove to the local park, where the boys got out and began to run on the open field. Bill went to his trunk, retrieved a football, and tossed it to Roy, “Catch old man” Bill said with a chuckle. Roy grinned and tossed it back, “If I remember correctly you are older than I am” he said with a smile. The men walked out on to the field, “Go long John” Bill exclaimed as he cocked back and threw the football to his grandson. Whom caught it, jumped for joy, and tossed it to Charlie. As Charlie started to throw to Henry, Roy came behind which made his grandson take off as he emitted shrieks and giggles. Charlie tossed the ball to Henry as he ran by and continued to run until Roy caught up, picked him up under his arms, and put him on his shoulders. “Aw you caught me poppa” Charlie whined which made Roy chuckle as Bill picked John up and put him on his shoulders. Henry threw the ball to John who caught it and threw to Charlie, and they continued to play until Bill noticed Henry looked sad. “Here, get down son” Bill said as he lifted John down, “Come here Henry” he added next as he knelt down. “Would you like a turn now son?” Bill asked as Henry came over, whose face got a big smile on it, “Yes please” he said. John watched with a smile as Henry climbed on Bill’s shoulders and was lifted up into the air. “Ok grandad” Henry said as Charlie threw him the ball and he caught it. The game resumed again with laughter and smiles as they enjoyed each others company until the men begin to tire, lifted their boys down, and headed to the car where they leaned against the trunk. “This has been nice” Bill said, “Yeah I’m glad we did this” Roy said. “That Henry seems like a sweet kid” Roy added, “Yeah he is, he’s been good for John over the years” Bill said. As the men began to chat they watched as the boys huddled together in the middle of the field, and assumed they were to going to continue playing. “I wish we were playing at grandad’s house so we could be naked” John said, “Why don’t we get naked” Henry said as a naughty grin appeared on his face. “Here?” Charlie exclaimed, “I bet you won’t” John said to Henry. “I bet I will” Henry said with a giggle, “Prove it” John said. Henry began to strip, which soon John joined in, “I dunno, I should go ask my poppa” Charlie said. “Just get naked” John said, “Are you sure we won’t get in trouble?” Charlie asked, “Oh ok” Charlie added and began to strip. “What are those crazy boys doing?” Roy asked, “Oh boy” Bill said as the men watched the boys strip naked in the middle of the open field except their socks and shoes. The boys began to play naked football while the men were in hysterics and bent over in a fit of laughter, “The nudists have arrived” Bill said as he laughed. “We better go get them before they cause trouble” Roy said, “I guess you’re right” Bill said, and the men started towards the field. “Scatter” John said as he saw the men begin to approach, “Ok” Henry said with a giggle and the boys took off in different directions. Charlie stood still and looked sheepish at Roy, whom picked him up and blew raspberries on his belly which made the boy giggle and shriek. “Stop stop” Charlie begged through laughter, “Are you going to put your clothes on?” Roy asked, “Yes poppa please just stop” Charlie replied through laughter. Roy placed Charlie on his feet, swatted his naked butt playfully, and sent him to get dressed. “You go after Henry, I’ll get John” Bill said, “I tell you for a little chubster that Henry can move” Roy said. “Yeah that old lady walking the poodle just got here eyes full” Bill said as he broke out in laughter again, “About gave her a heart attack” Roy said as he joined in with Bill. When the men composed themselves Bill took off after John, and Roy took off after Henry. Bill caught up quickly with John whom did his best to escape but was soon scooped up by his grandad, “Got you naked boy” Bill said with a chuckle as he held John in his arms. “Aw we were having fun” John whined, “Not everyone wants to see you naked” Bill said. “But we look best naked” John said, “Don’t you think so grandad?” John added with a smile. “I love you son, clothes or no clothes” Bill said as he lifted John up and kissed him on the forehead. The pair began to watch Roy as he chased after Henry, whom picked up speed every time Roy got close, but finally he managed to grab the streaking boy and picked him up in his arms. As Roy and Henry approached John began to giggle wildly, “You have a boner” he said to Henry when he noticed his boyfriend was hard as a rock. “Yeah” Henry replied softly as his cheeks blushed, “Ok boys shows over” Bill said. Bill and Roy started to the car holding the boys in the arms, as they passed the now dressed again Charlie, “Please pick up their clothes for us” Roy said. “Ok poppa” Charlie said and gathered up the discarded clothes and followed the men to the car, where the men put the boys down, and Charlie placed their clothes on the trunk lid of the car. John and Henry looked at each other with a giggle, “Don’t even think about running off” Bill said with a chuckle, “Ok” both boys said in unison. Henry picked up his underwear off the trunk lid and went to put them on, but John grabbed them suddenly, “Hey! Give me back my underwear” Henry exclaimed. John turned around and sniffed them deeply, which made Henry slap him on the arm, “Stop” he said with a giggle. “Boy cut that out” Bill said with a chuckle as he snatched the underwear from John and gave them back to Henry. “Thank you grandpa” Henry said with a smile, “Hmph” John said as he pouted. Henry leaned over to John, “Later” he whispered as he smiled, which made John smile too. Bill looked down at the boys who had grins plastered on their faces and their cheeks blushed, “Come on you two, get dressed” he said with a chuckle. Once they were dressed they got back in the car, “Well that was morning entertainment” Bill said, “I don’t think the lady with the poodle will ever forget it” Roy said with a laugh. “Are we in trouble?” Charlie asked nervously, “No we just have to be careful of the nudity in public” Roy said. “You know we ought to take them up to the Roost next weekend where they can run and swim naked as much as they want” Bill said. “I haven’t been up there in ages” Roy said, “I’ll talk to Katherine, I’m sure Cheryl will be fine with it” Bill said. “What’s the Roost?” Henry asked, “Ravens Roost is the name of our family cabin” Bill replied. “It’s really fun” John said, “And we can be naked as konyaaltı türbanlı escort much as we want?” Henry asked with a smile, “Yep no one else around for miles” Bill replied. “Will you be naked too grandad?” John asked, “We’ll see” Bill replied with a chuckle. “I hope so” Henry said with a smile, “You should be naked too poppa” Charlie said. “Yeah everyone should be naked” John said, “Yep” Henry Said, “Yep” Charlie said. “Alright you lot quiet down, we’ll see” Bill said, “So what now?” Roy asked. “Would you boys like to go Showbiz?” Bill asked, “Showbiz!Showbiiz! Showbiz!” All three boys began to chant in the backseat. “You heard em Bill” Roy said with a chuckle, “Off we go” Bill said. When they arrived at Showbiz Pizza, part pizzeria � part arcade with games and prizes, they walked hand in hand inside the establishment. “Welcome in, we are running a special on one hundred tokens” the lady behind the counter said, “I’ll take three hundred then” Bill said. “Here you go boys” he added as he passed out a container of tokens to each of the boys, “Thank you!” they exclaimed and hugged Bill. As they walked into the main area the sound of arcade machines and the loud voices of children could be heard. The party of five walked over to a table where the men took a seat, “Do you want to do the ball pit first guys?” John asked, “Ok” Henry replied, “Let’s go” Charlie said. “Watch our tokens grandad” John said, “Alright you just go have fun and keep the clothes on” Bill said with a chuckle as the boys ran for the ball pit play structure. As the boys stood before the tube that served as the entrance to the ball pit John leaned over to Henry, “Let’s go up there” he whispered as he pointed to a cubed room atop the play structure. “Ok” Henry whispered back, “Come on guys” Charlie said as he entered the tube with Henry next and then John. They crawled along until the path split, Charlie went into the ball pit, and John and Henry continued on to the top of the play structure. They huddled together in the corner and began to hold one another, “I missed you” John said, “I missed you too” Henry said as the boys locked eyes and kissed. “I also missed this” John said as he grabbed Henry’s dick through his shorts, “Naughty” Henry said with a giggle and grabbed John’s. As the boys began to fondle one another some other kids came through the cubed room and they stopped. “Later” Henry said with a smile, “Later” John said with a smile. They slid down the tube that connected to the ball pit and landed in front of a shocked Charlie. “Where were you guys?” he asked, as John and Henry hugged the little boy and they fell backwards into the balls, where they began to play with smiles, laughter, and giggles. They played until Bill appeared at the cargo net that surrounded the structure, “Come on boys time to eat” he said with a smile. They quickly made their way out of the ball pit, followed Bill back to the table and took a seat. The men passed out the plates, dished the boys a slice of pizza each and then themselves one as they all began to eat happily. “You boys having fun?” Bill asked, which received a head nod from all three boys as their mouths were full of pizza. “I guess that’s a yes” Roy said which a chuckle, as Charlie looked up and smiled at him. “At least Ruth won’t have to go to the trouble for lunch” Bill said, “I think I’d rather be eating her cooking right now” Roy said. As they finished their pizza the boys began to get excited again, and jumped up from the table. John and Henry began to pull on Bill, “Come on grandad let’s go” John said, “Come on poppa” Charlie said as the boys pulled the men to their feet. With tokens in hand the party made their way to the games and arcade section, where they played and laughed away several hours on the various games and arcade machines. “Look at how many tickets we won!” John exclaimed as he held aloft a large bundle of tickets, “Wow!” Henry said with a smile. “What shall we get?” Charlie asked as the party made their way to the exchange counter. “You have two thousand tickets” the employee said after they were counted, “Aw everything good is around five thousand” John said. “Just save them and we’ll come back, sound good?” Bill said, All the boys agreed and with that they decided to head home. When they arrived the boys ran in the house to see Ruth, “Welcome home dears” she said as the boys ran to hug her. “Aw aren’t you all the sweetest things” she added as they hugged her. “Did you boys have fun?” She asked. “Oh boy did they” Bill said with a chuckle as he stepped in the door and went on to explain what happened at the par. As Ruth listened she began to laugh hysterically, “I wish I could have seen that” she said as she wiped tears from eyes. “Well you can see it now” John said as he began to strip followed by Henry and Charlie, “Oh boy” Bill said with a chuckle. “Tada” John said with a grin as the three boys stood naked, with Henry and Charlie in a fit of giggles. “Very nice boys now take your dirty clothes and put them in the clothes basket for me” Ruth said with a smile, “I dare say we are forming our own nudist colony” Bill said with a chuckle as he stepped forward and kissed Ruth. “Let’s go work on the comic guys” John said as all three boys headed to the spare bedroom and climbed on the bed. “Uh what kind of comic is it?” Charlie asked, “It’s about this kid that changes into a super hero and saves others kids who are in trouble” John replied. “Like if their parents are being really mean?” Charlie asked, “Yeah here is the first issue” John replied as he reached in his bag and handed Charlie the first issue he and Henry had done. “I brought the paper and my art kit” Henry said as he pulled them from his bag”, “Great so we need to come up with a main bad guy for him to fight” John said. “Well..since you are the hero, maybe it should be your..dad?” Henry asked nervously, as he said it he realized he shouldn’t have as the color drained from John’s face and the boy began to cry. “I’m sorry I’m sorry” Henry said as he hugged John to try to comfort him, “Why’s John crying?” Charlie asked. “His dad was a real bad guy” Henry said, as Bill and Roy entered the room after they heard John’s crying. “What’s wrong?” Bill asked, “I made him think about his dad” Henry replied. “Oh” Bill said as he picked John up and held him, grabbed Henry’s hand gently, took them to his bedroom and shut the door. “Shhh” Bill said as he took a seat on the bed and held John close, “Henry come here” he added when he saw the boy looked scared stood there. Henry approached nervously and began to rub John’s back and looked into Bill’s face, “I’m so sorry” he said. “It’s ok son, but you have to help me, Cheryl says you have the magic touch to get him through these fits” Bill said with a smile. Henry leaned in and planted a kiss on John’s cheek, “Please don’t hate me” he said as he began to get emotional. John raised his head from Bill’s shoulder and looked at Henry “I could never hate you, I love you!” he exclaimed as he reached his hand out for Henry to hold, whom grasped it and smiled, “I love you too” he said softly. Bill leaned down and kissed the top of John’s head and slowly the boy began to calm surrounded by the love of his grandad and boyfriend. “You ok now son?” Bill asked, “Yeah” John replied softly. “You really do have the magic touch” Bill said with a smile to Henry, whom blushed and smiled. “His mom is going to be disappointed in me” Henry said sadly, “I’m supposed to take care of him” he added. “Son you are just a kid, that’s a lot to take on” Bill said, “Yeah but he’s my boyfriend” konyaaltı ucuz escort Henry said softly then froze and looked shocked at Bill. John raised from Bill’s chest to look his grandad in the face, “Is that ok grandad, if we’re boyfriends?” he asked nervously as a nervous smile graced his face. “It’s more than ok, I think it’s great” Bill said, “You two are sweet together” he added. “But you can’t tell mom” John said, “Or mommy” Henry said. “I don’t have to tell your mother anything, she already knows” Bill said as he ruffled John’s hair. “She..does?” John asked nervously, “Yes son she does, I raised that girl and she’s a smart cookie on most things” Bill replied. John and Henry looked at each other, “Is she..mad?” John asked nervously as he turned his gaze back to Bill, “No she supports you two like I do” he replied. “What if she tells mommy?” Henry asked, “Well..she’s kept your other secrets” John replied, “True” Henry said. “Now there’s just one last thing” Bill said as his face turned serious and he gazed upon Henry, whom got nervous. “If you are my grandsons boyfriend, I’ll expect you to treat him accordingly or you will have me to answer to” Bill said in a serious tone, “Yes..Sir” Henry said nervously. Bill’s face broke out in a grin and he unleashed a big laugh as he pulled Henry in to hug him and John both. “I’m just kidding, love you both” Bill said with a chuckle and kissed both John’s and Henry’s head, “Grandad you are so silly” John said with a giggle. “Alright boys, is everyone ok?” Bill asked, “Yep” John replied, “Yes” Henry replied. “Then let’s get you back to Charlie” Bill said as he helped John down, took both boys hands and led them back to the spare bedroom, where they climbed on the bed with Charlie and Roy. “Everything ok?” Roy asked, “More than ok, come on I’ll tell you about it” Bill replied as he motioned for Roy to follow him and they left the room. “John are you ok?” Charlie asked, “Yep” John replied. Henry looked to John with a smile and the pair kissed passionately in front of a shocked Charlie. “Do boys kiss like that?” Charlie asked innocently, which made John and Henry look to each other and then upon him with a mischievous grin. They held the young boy down and blew raspberries on both his cheeks as they tickled his belly which made the young boy giggle and shriek wildly. “Stop, stop” Charlie begged, which made them stop and kissed him on either cheek between them. The boys sat up in bed and smiled at one another, “Henry maybe you were right, maybe the bad guy should be my dad” John said hesitantly, “Are you sure?” Henry asked. “Yep but The Guardian needs a sidekick, no a team to help him, he needs Super Henry and Super Charlie” John said with a smile. “Super Henry?” Henry asked, “Super Charlie?” Charlie asked, as the boys looked at each other and giggled. The boys worked on the comic together until Bill and Roy appeared in the doorway, “Bath time boys” they said. The boys ran excitedly to the bathroom where the men had already filled the tub and got it warm for them. They helped them in the tub and proceeded to wash them, Bill began to wash John and Roy with Charlie as Henry looked on and watched excitedly. When Bill finished with John’s front he turned to Henry, “You ok with me washing you?” he asked which made Henry grin wide and nod his head in approval. Henry began to giggle the closer Bill got to his groin, and soon had an erection as the man washed above it. Henry looked down and then up in Bill’s face with the same wide grin, whom chuckled and swiped by it to hit the boys legs. “Aw” Henry whined, “Have your boyfriend take care of it later for you” Bill said with a chuckle. “Wait, you know about that too grandad?” John asked, “Well you and Charlie haven’t exactly been subtle about it” Bill replied with a laugh. “Wait does mom know?” John asked, “I told you she is a smart cookie” Bill replied with a smile. “�Are we in trouble for the peepee stuff?” Charlie asked, “No one is in trouble” Roy said with a chuckle. “We want you boys to know it’s fine for you to play like that, we don’t want you feeling ashamed about it or like you have to hide it from us ” Bill said. “Right we just want you boys safe and if you have any questions we are always here to answer them” Roy said. The three boys looked at each other shocked at what they heard, “So we can do it whenever we want?” John asked hesitantly, “Yes” Bill replied. “How about now?” John asked as he looked to Henry’s boner, “Why don’t you save that for bed, the water will get cold” Bill said with a chuckle, “Aw ok” John whined. The men quickly finished the boys as the water began to cool, lifted them out, wrapped them in towels and held them. Bill had John and Henry supported on each leg and held them close, while Roy held Charlie. Henry reached up and kissed Bill on the cheek, “love you grandad” he said and John copied his actions, “love you grandad” he said. “Love you poppa” Charlie said. The men held their boys for a while and they all enjoyed the warmth of each other, before the men carried the boys and put them in bed. With final kisses and love the men told them goodnight and shut the door behind them as they left. By time the door had shut all three boys were hard and ready to play. “Charlie you want to suck each other first and then we’ll take care of John?” Henry asked with a grin, “OK” Charlie said. As Henry laid down Charlie crawled over and with Henry’s guidance the boys soon found themselves in the sixty nine position. Charlie moaned as his dick got seated in Henry’s mouth and dove down on the throbbing erection in front of him. John crawled over, straddled Henry’s head, and drove his tongue to the warm pink hole of Charlie. Whom moaned and squealed around Henry’s dick as he felt his hole being lapped, probed and flicked wildly. The young boy began to squirm as his body was wracked by the pleasure from the dual sensations, Lick after lick of his hole, the warm wetness that surrounded his dick and the suction that accompanied it. Charlie pulled off as he could no longer concentrate and closed his eyes as his mind began to cloud. “Ahhhh” he squealed as his body shuddered and his dick began to throb and pulse. Charlie rolled off and curled up as he began to recover while Henry grinned up at John, “Will you lick my hole please?” he asked as he lifted his legs. John crawled around and dove tongue first into Henry’s boyhole, whom began to jack his dick. John planted a kiss on his boyfriends hole as his tongue began to assault the fleshy entrance as Henry flogged away wildly on his dick. John’s tongue began to tire from overuse so he pulled out, got to his knees, sucked his middle finger until it was good and wet, and pushed it into Henry’s hole. He grinned up at his boyfriend, into those big brown eyes, before he wrapped his lips around the head of Henry’s dick and sank all the way down until he kissed the pubic mound. John’s finger sawed wildly in and out of Henry’s hole as he bobbed up and down, and began to suck harder and harder, his tongue the playmate to Henry’s dick. Whom began to moan louder and louder as he gripped the bedsheets and began to thrust. The pleasure mounted and with a final thrust, his boygasm hit and he enjoyed a long hard dry cum. When Henry recovered he got on his hands and knees, and with a nod of his head he motioned for Charlie to join him in front of John who still stood up on his knees. The two boys started to lick John’s dick together, occasionally their tongues would meet as they glided down the length of the shaft. Henry sucked John’s entire dick into his mouth before he pulled off and gave Charlie a chance to suck. They traded off between them as John began to breathe hard and his body began to tingle. On Henry’s next turn John held his head steady as he began to thrust wildly and soon came to a squealing climax in his boyfriends mouth. When he recovered the boys embraced in a group hug, cuddled up tight with one another, and fell asleep in each others embrace.

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