When My Dreams Cum True

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Big Tits

I am lying on the bed in a long red lacy lingerie. The lights are turned off, and the only light is a candle burning slowly on the T.V. The room has an essence of romance and you can hear distant music playing from the other room. He walks into the room looking so hot and bothered wearing only his towel. As he slowly drops his towel to the floor, I can tell by his shadow that he is ready to go. He stands next to the bed and leans over me as he speaks every so softly and tells me I look so beautiful just laying there with all my womanly attributes exposed. He whispers in my ear.

“I want to take you now and hard.”

I put my finger to his lips and gently say.

“Shh, lets take this nice and slow and savory every moment.”

As I speak his intensity grows more and he feels that he can not hold back his urge to attack and take all that he knows is his and more. I slowly sit up from my laying position; I am now at eye level to his chest. He takes my head and gently presses it up against his soft chest. He smells as clean as the fresh sheet I am laying on. I slowly take my finger tips and run them up the back of his thighs and trace every curve up to his lower back. I gently kiss his chest and slowly move my way down to his torso. My lips are burning with passion as I gently suck on the curve of his hip bone. By now he is so engrossed with the helplessness of control that he starts to moan. I grab him at his waist and pull him onto the bed. He can’t help but tell me the things he wants me to do to him, but I still insist that he let me have control. I position myself between his legs as I slowly kiss and suck my way up his thighs. I kiss the inner portion of his thighs and migrate my hand to his throbbing cock. I gently lower my soft lips down to his manhood and gently kiss the tip. The teasing is driving him crazy and he tires many times to get me to just take him right there.

As I am licking and sucking all around his cock he stars to moan with pleasure. Soon the intensity is too much for me to handle. I lower my mouth completely around his cock. The taste is so fulfilling. My hands start to tingle as I slowly take him all in my casino şirketleri mouth. I can tell by the way he is just laying there that his body is going to a world it has never been before. I switch my position to where my ass is facing him and take him in once more. This time he can’t stand to just lay there and he grabs me by my hair and pulls. The feeling of being so gentle then going to being so rough completely overwhelms my whole body. I am so horny that I would give anything to just ride him right there, but I continue of pleasing him. I begin to start sucking on the head of his cock as if it is my favorite lollipop and his grip on my hair gets tighter. He begins to take control and lead how fast or slow he wants it by moving my head. The feeling of letting him finally take over is so rich and sensational. He tells me,

“Take me all, take it all baby. Make me beg for more.”

So I give him just what he asks for. The feeling of having my wet mouth around his hard cock blows him to the ceiling. I gently remove my mouth from around his cock and begin to lick every inch of his groin. I move down to his balls and gently suck on them. I come back up and spit on his cock so he may get the sensation of being inside me, as I wrap my hand around his hard cock and begin to move it up and down in a fast motion. I then straddle him but I don’t penetrate a thing. I want him to touch me now. I gently move up to his ear and suck on his lobe. I whisper in his ear,

“Touch me baby, I want you to grab my tits. I want you to suck on my nipples. Kiss my whole body and tease me the way I teased you. Do not ignore a thing and do not miss a spot. I want to feel your tongue over every inch of my body and I want to feel your bite and kisses on my neck.”

He then pushes me over where I am laying on my back. He gently starts to play with my clit. He first stars off rubbing slow and steady, then moves in circles and goes faster. He starts kissing on my ear and slowly works his way down my neck. My neck is my vulnerable spot and he takes this to his advantage. He starts to suck and lightly bite on my neck. My pussy is stating to become very casino firmaları wet with temptation. He is enjoying every moment of making me aroused. He takes his time and savors every taste of my pussy. He lightly licks my clit and ten starts to nibble ever so softly. He takes his finger and slowly inserts it inside my wet pussy. He loves the feeling of me being so wet just from him. He not only is concentrating on my pussy, but as well caressing my breasts. He then tells me,

“I want to have you all to me. I want every inch of my cock in your nice warm wet pussy. Lay back and let me take advantage of you.”

I am laying there with this amazed look on my face and I tell him,

“I want you to take me like you have never taken another woman. I want you to make me moan and fell every inch of your hard cock. I want it slow and soft and I want it hard and fast. I want you to go as long as you can.”

As I lay there he comes back up and starts to suck on my nipples and bites them. He then moves his way down my chest and is kissing and sucking the whole way down to my stomach. He then sucks on the inner of my thigh, leave a love mark and goes back to licking my clit. He licks my pussy and plays with breasts. I love it when he does multiple things at once. Again I can take it no longer and my intensity builds, I tell him,

“I want your hard cock in my wet pussy, now. I want you to fuck me like I have never been fucked before. I want your animal instincts to come out and show me the best sex I have every had in my life.”

He pins me down with his hands on my wrists and thrusts his cock into my pussy. He starts off slow and I can not stand it. I want him to fuck me like a raging beast. He sees this in my eyes and continues to go slowly telling me how good it feels to be inside me. He starts going a little harder with every word he says. He takes my feel and pushes my knees up to my breast and uses my feel to hold his balance and begins to thrust. I put a pillow just under my ass so I can get the right position for his cock to hit my G-spot. With every thrust sensations shoot through my body. I start to moan and he lets güvenilir casino my feet go. With out coming out of me he straightens his body up so that he can see every inch of me and has a perfect of his cock in my pussy. He then continues to thrust slower and grabs the vibrator off the headrest of the bed. It is a small silver bullet but it has the power of a motor, or so it feels to me at the time. He thrust in and out of me while he is rubbing it against my clit. The sensation of having vibrations on my clit and his hard cock in my pussy take me over the edge. I am moaning so loud that my voice is starting to go. He also is moaning at the pleasure he is feeling. He still has more in him and has been able to hold off until now. He tells me to roll over and he takes me doggie style, tugging at my hair as he thrusts, using his free hand to grab my tits. I know the time is about near where he will explode and his cum will soak deep in my pussy. As he goes faster his breathing gets deeper and his moans increase. He tells me,

“I am cumin and it feels great. Do you like me cumin inside you? Does it feel good to you?”

I answer back

“I love feeling you cum inside me, make sure you get it all. I want all of you inside me and I want you to be able to go no more.”

At that moment I can feel the warm sensation and I can feel him explode. It is so warm and his body goes limp. He is completely out of breath and is struggling to take in his breathes. As he is pulling out, I am longing for him so stay. He lays me on my back and lays on top of me. I enjoy the feeling of his sweaty body pressed up against mine. We lay there and breathe in sequence with each other. He then rolls over and kisses me on my neck. He whispers to me,

“That was the best feeling I have ever had. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.”

He then kisses my ear and lays his head down on my bare chest. He listens to my heart race as though it is calming him. We lay there for a while and just enjoy the embrace of one another. When we both have relaxed and finally get feeling back into our bodies, we lay there and fall fast to sleep. The clothes are still on the floor and the feeling of our bodies touching each other under the blankets is a feeling I will never forget. For I know when the morning comes, we will no longer be sleeping in each others arms, but on separate sides of the bed and a new day will begin again.

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