When I was the star

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When I was the starMr Ronald came by the burger joint just as I was leaving, he blew the car horn and waved me over. I went to the passenger side of y=the car and Mr. Ronald asked ‘want to make a little money this evening, promise to have you home by ten.’I asked ‘how many do I have to have sex with?’ Mr. Ronald smiled and said ‘just one, me, while our client watches.’ Mr Ronald tossed a bundle of bills on the passenger seat and said ‘get in.’We drove to a little town not far away and went to a huge white shuttered house. As we walked up to the door, it slowly opened, like a badly written “B” movie. I followed Mr. Ronald in and the door slammed shut, I turned to see an ancient old fossil of a man standing between us and the door.In a voice strong and clear this aging Caucasian gentleman spoke ‘Ronald, you promised me a show, yet you brought this boy here.’ Mr Ronald turned and said in a calm voice ‘don’t worry Carl, you’ll get your show and be highly satisfied.’The three of us entered a huge hall and giresun escort made our way to a well lit room off the right side. In there was a mattress on a box spring covered with a neatly folded sheet, Mr Ronald quickly spread the sheet and undressed. His huge cock was standing out like a tree limb, Mr. Ronald looked at me and said ‘get and on your knees, Carl wants to see you suck my cock.’I undressed and knelt down at Mr. Ronald’s feet, I glanced back at the aged Caucasian and saw him stroking what seemed an out of place enormously huge ivory cock. Mr. Ronald took hold of my head and guided me to his throbbing cock, slowly I sucked his huge cock head into my lips, as his penile head passed my lips I heard Carl moan and glanced out the side of my eye to see Carl jerking his cock.Mr Ronald slowly fucked my mouth with his huge cock, it was getting harder with each stroke. Carl coughed and murmured something, Mr. Ronald pulled his cock from my lips and walked behind me. Pushing my head to escort giresun the mattress Mr. Ronald stroked my butt crack with his rubbery rigid cock.When he was sure that he had my anus lined up, he forcefully lunged past my anal sphincter ring. I yelped from the quickness of the move, Mr. Ronald kept up a sure and steady rhythm, forcing more and more of his huge cock into my butt. For nearly two hours Mr. Ronald plunged into my rectum, I was babbling for him to hurry up and come and to go easy. All the while Carl sat in his chair and stroked his huge ivory cock. Finally Mr. Ronald plunged deep into my anus and held my hips close to his body.I felt each squirt of his man spunk enter into my anal cavity. Mr. Ronald pulled his cock from my butt, I fell to the mattress tired and exhausted. Just being the receiving partner in sexual acts can tire you out.I was laying prostate on the mattress watching Mr. Ronald wipe his huge cock, when I felt the bed move. I looked over my shoulders only to giresun escort bayan fee Carl’s face plunge into the crack of my buttocks and his tongue entering into my well fucked anus.Carl licked and sucked my anus till I was gripping the sheets in both hands. Carl raised from my butt and began to lick my butt cheeks. I was enjoying the treatment when it dawned on me that Carl was now licking the small of my back. Before I could move Carl fell forward and sunk that massive piece of rigidly hard ivory cock deep into my well lubed anal opening.Without recourse I screamed out in surprise and pain, Carl plowed my ravaged butt like a man possessed. For about thirty minute Carl plowed savagely into my quivering butt hole. Carl grunted and gasped and I felt a flood of spunk flood my rectum.Carl laid on top of me for what seemed like an eternity, I was getting concerned that he might had died with his cock still in my butt. Finally Carl begin to stir and slid his flaccid cock from my butt. Mr. Ronald ordered me to dress quickly and get in the car.When Mr Ronald came to the car he explained ‘Carl don’t usually fuck, he might ask you to suck his cock but he never fucks. Anyway he told me to give you this envelope and ask you to come back next month.

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