When I look back, this evening was very different

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When I look back, this evening was very differentWhen I look back, this evening was very different indeed. It wasn’t a strange night, friends round for a very relaxed meal, a couple of drinks, a small amount of herbal medicine and some great conversation and laughter.Tod and Steff had been friends for years, well 10 years at the least. We did quite a lot of things together. Our k**s played together, and to some extent we shared our fears and dreams. We all felt very comfortable in each other’s presence and to all intense and purposes “We could be ourselves”, not something that happens too often.Anyway, following an excellent meal of roast beef, a small “digestive” and a few deep breaths on a lovely joint, the conversation obviously started to get somewhat “suggestive”.I knew what Tod was like, well at least I thought I did, we were friends and I knew only too well that he was up for almost anything goes fun. It turns out I wasn’t entirely prepared for the upcoming events, looking back on what unfolded I can’t say I’m surprised.The conversation moved on, and Steff started intimating towards a swingers club that they had frequented on more than one occasion. To be honest I wasn’t too sure how honest they were being but on the other hand for some reason I wouldn’t have put it past them. I’d always taken Tod’s conversations on this sort of subject with a pinch of salt, but just maybe he was telling the truth. I just wonder what he thought when I’d not reacted…who knows.Steff was suggesting how much fun they had had, it was out of our general catchment area, and nobody knew you and you could simply live out your fantasies. To be honest it was intriguing, I didn’t really think about it beyond a naughty night out, but I certainly wasn’t prepared for the reality.We arranged that we would go the following Saturday night, a busy night by all accounts and it was more than possible that it could be a party night. Sounded good to me, I certainly didn’t want to walk into a place that had no people and no atmosphere. I wasn’t quite expecting what I’d find … or for that matter what would unfold that evening.During the week I think Nadia and I got progressively became more nervous, neither of us knew what to expect, but at least we weren’t venturing into this alone. We had friends that seemed to know what they were talking about.Saturday night arrived, Nadia and I had discussed the event less and less as the week had gone on, I must admit however that I’d already run through a multitude of scenarios before falling asleep each night. I wasn’t so sure how well I was prepared for any of them, but being a firm believer in “your only here once” – I felt I was up for the challenge.We arrived on the night at what was a pretty none descript building. It looked like an old Victorian detached house in a very urban area of North Manchester. As we walked in and paid an entrance fee, we were given a towel and a locker key. Tom and Steff lead us towards the changing rooms, at this point however you couldn’t see much of what was going on at all. To be honest the changing room was what could only be described as a communal Victorian swimming bahis siteleri bath changing room. Not entirely sure what was expected, Steff explained that most men took off all there clothes and covered up with a towel. Whilst the ladies tended to wear some sort of sexy lingerie, or equally sexy outfit.Tom and I were now stripped, towels round waist and raring to go. I’d just watched Steff strip and redress in a crotch less body stocking.. and my cock was already trying to escape it’s confines. Nadia had brought a black Basque and some gorgeous fish net stockings. Wow, they both looked gorgeous, a point in fact that had not gone unnoticed by Tom, or the girls themselves.The moment had come, a step into the world of the unknown. Steff and Tom lead us through to what was in essence a badly lit lounge with a bar. The place was bussing, I just hadn’t realised the amount of couples that were clearly up for this type of thing. I was somewhat speechless as we headed towards the bar, I was amazed at both the amount of people and also what seemed such a diversity. We ordered a drink and stood at the bar surveying the unusual spectacle unfolding before us! There was a porn video playing on a larger screen, semi naked girls playing Pool, a guy wanking on his own in front of the screen. In all honesty it was a lot to take in, it reminded me somewhat of the drunken debauchery that is well documented during the time of the Greeks and Romans.We chatted briefly and decided we couldn’t just stand there all night, so after a brief conversation we decided the best option was to head for the Jacuzzi and chill for a while. We bought another drink to take with us and Nadia and I were yet again lead by Steff and Tom. The building was actually far bigger than you would have at first perceived, Steff lead us through a fair rabbit warren of corridors before the distinct smell of chlorine started to fill the air.The Jacuzzi was quite nice to be honest, quite large and would I guess have easily taken 10. It was with some relief that the Jacuzzi was empty, I was very wary that I was only wearing a towel, and I’ve have looked somewhat stupid getting in wearing it.So, we all disrobed and jumped in the lovely Jacuzzi. Happily drinking, laughing and generally having a good time. I suddenly realised that Steff and Tom were openly playing with each other. Tom having a somewhat huge erection, I’d always thought mine was quite big, but this beauty must have been at least 11”. The spectacle hadn’t gone unnoticed by Nadia and to some extent she was somewhat transfixed by this huge cock being wanked under the bubbling water of the Jacuzzi.I don’t think Nadia and I quite knew what to do with ourselves, but we stayed calm and enjoyed what was quite a horny moment. We got to the point where we had succumbed and were both playing with each other as well. Somehow it’s quite a liberating feeling, not caring what others think and enjoying for enjoyments sake.We were then joined by this middle age brunette woman, she was accompanied by two rather large black friends. All were naked when they walked in, and to say these guys had impressive cocks would be a canlı bahis vast understatement. They entered the Jacuzzi and whist the woman sat down the two guys remained standing. It soon became very apparent, that her intention was to suck these two guys off…it was somehow hypnotic, a bit light watching a fire or a stream. Horny as hell, didn’t know how long it went on for but it seemed to be over in a flash. She was one dirty girl, taking it in turns to let them finish off over her open mouth. She seemed to take great pleasure in making sure we’d seem the cum floating round in her mouth before swallowing and showing the result. To my surprise out of the corner of my eye I’d seen Nadia masturbating under the water, she was obviously now one hell of a horny girl.The spell broke with Steff beginning to get twitchy; she’d finished her drink some 20 minutes ago and clearly wanted another. “Come on guys” she said,” let’s go and get another” drink and dry off privately somewhere. Seemed like a good idea, certain bits did seem to be getting somewhat wrinkly. I’d lost all track of time at this point; I could have been here an hour, or maybe all evening?We headed for the bar, purchase another drink and headed off to a private room to get dry…. Well, that’s what I thought we were doing. Tom had nipped back to the lockers and reappeared holding a smallish rucksack. The room was ok, clean with a nice large bed with a sort of gothic black iron head and foot board. When Tom arrived back I sort of noticed he’s locked the door behind him. At this point Steff suggested we play a little game, she explained we were away from home, in a private room and we could all have a bit of fun. They were well aware that we’d never done anything like this before and so Steff suggested we role play. In that Steff and Tom will be a dominant couple taking advantage of the much less experienced couple. I was as horny as hell and would be more than willing to give it a go, but at the end of the day I wasn’t willing to jeopardise my relationship with Nadia for one night of kinky fun. To my amazement, Nadia seemed willing to give it a go…and said to Steff that she’d better get on with it before she changed her mind.Tom started rummaging in his ruck sack as started to pull out a blindfold and some hand and leg cuffs. Steff was soon putting the blindfold and cuffs on Nadia and pushing her towards the bed. Nadia was face up and spread eagled on the bed and fastened to the head and foot board. The blindfold obviously restricted her vision. At this point Steff and Tom turned their attention towards me, they proceeded to sit me in a chair with arms and to tape my hands and legs to the chair. Steff couldn’t wait; as soon as I was secure she was straight over to the bed, with her open mouth heading straight for Nadia’s aroused and wet pussy. I could see Steff’s tongue licking at Nadia’s labia, taking her labia into her mouth and sucking deep. Her tongue would randomly lick Nadia’s very erect clit and suck hard on it causing Nadia to writhe and moan loudly. Until this point Tom had been happy to watch the proceedings, but I think he must have decided he wanted güvenilir bahis a bit of Nadia as well. Tom was already hard, and already oozing precum when he knelt at the side of Nadia’s mouth and proceeded to get her to pleasure his cock. Surely this was a dream, my cock was rock hard and I was watching my wife get a good servicing from our two best friends.Time was going nowhere, this was the best porno film I’d ever seen only I was there … and yes that was my wife…. We were in it!Steff and Tom swapped positions with Steff sitting directly on Nadia’s face, forcing Nadia to tongue her pussy and arse. To be honest I didn’t notice Nadia complaining, and neither was I to be honest. This was seriously horny; I’d not been involved at all but was in my element watching Nadia oozing sex. Tom had got a pillow and was in the process of putting it underneath the small of Nadia’s back… it was clear what was going to happen next. Tom continued to kneel between my wife’s legs and proceeded to enter her … Nadia moaned loudly as Tom slipped the full length of his rock hard cock inside Nadia’s oozing pussy. Steff’s pussy was equally oozing, but this was oozing directly into my wife’s mouth.I heard Tom saying to Steff that they ought to involve me a little more and that they could cuckold me as they had there fun with Nadia. This meant releasing both me from my chair and releasing Nadia’s cuffs. Sounded interesting and to be honest at this point I was up for almost anything. Nadia and I were told to get into a 69 position on the bed, yet she was not under any circumstances to touch or please my cock. Instead she was yet again going to bury her head in Steff’s pussy and please her at the same time as Tom fucking her from behind. As Tom fucked my wife it was my job to please her clit with my tongue. Nadia had come at least three times already and her pussy was dripping her cum all over my face, wow this was some experience.What happened nest shocked me; Tom took his hard dripping cock out of my wife’s pussy and told me to clean it with my mouth. I was somewhat confused, but for some reason I simply complied. There I was sucking my wife’s pussy juices off another guy’s cock, and actually enjoying the depravity of what was going on!I could hear Steff orgasming as Nadia continued to bury her face in her bald pussy, Tom withdrew his cock from my mouth and continued to slip it into Nadia’s arse. Oh my god, not sure Nadia has had a cock this big up her arse before, or anything else for that matter. I think from Nadia’s point of view it was a good thing that he couldn’t control himself once inserted deep in Nadia’s arse. Much to my surprise, Tom started to withdraw from Nadia, and whilst spreading Nadia’s arse cheeks wide apart he proceeded to unload a huge load of cum all over Nadia’s arsehole.The cum was running all over the place, it was running all over Nadia’s labia and clit and I was still underneath her being made to clean up this steady stream of cum. When he had finished cumming, yet again he made me clean and suck his cock clean.Nadia however gets the next surprise, Tom tells Nadia and Steff to get into a 69 with Steff on the top. Tom turns to me and says it’s your turn now mate, fuck the life out of her, Nadia made her pussy that wet….enjoy. When your ready fill he with your cum and let Nadia clean it up….. looking forward to this already.

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