What’s the harm in swiping right?

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Big Tits

She had never done something like this before, but fuck it, what was the harm?Linda swiped right, and immediately a message came across her phone. Harry has sent you a message.H- Hey sexy lady – pics?Linda rolled her eyes and nearly closed the app all together when the little voice in her head whispered What’s the harm?Laying across her bed, she fanned her brown hair with its tinted blonde highlights around her head and tried to pose seductively; it had been a while, but after a couple of clicks she had a nice picture. Her skin glowed in the low lights of her room and her low necked tank top highlighted the size of her D-cups which threatened to pour over the top of the fabric. Quickly she hit send then pushed her phone away to the end of her bed. It had been three years since her boyfriend of eight years had dumped her, and it had bruised her ego something terrible. Now her girlfriends had been threatening her with blind dates with second cousins, she finally agreed to try online dating- if she was going to meet a stranger, she wanted to pick one herself. Ding! Her phone lit up and Linda couldn’t restrain herself before pouncing on it. H- Hot… but you’re holding out bonus veren siteler on me… *wink* Her heart did a little flip. Okay, so she’s still got it. But how much of ‘it’ did he want to see?Getting up, Linda looked herself over in the mirror. Nothing extraordinary – grey sweatpants, tight pink tanktop and loose hair over her shoulders. Her hips were wide and her ass was tight from running the marathons she did for charity. She turned to the side and surveyed her profile. Okay… he wanted more? She could do more. She flipped the camera and hit “Record”.Slowly she peeled her sweatpants from her legs and as they dropped to the floor, panned up to show her scarcely clad body. Her little black panties peaked out from under her shirt, which barely covered her thick belly. She blew a kiss to the camera and felt a shock of nerves from her brain to her stomach- then excitement slightly south of that. “Send. Oh god.” Linda giggled hysterically and waited anxiously. A few moments passed and then-H- You are so sexy- you have no idea how hot you’ve got me. Then…H- Want to see?Linda raised an eyebrow and replied a hesitant “yes”- a second later a picture bedava bahis appeared. A well built frame, tanned and taught, a pair of sweats riding just above his hips… and a bulge bigger than she’d seen in a while. It pressed against the fabric and at that moment Linda wanted nothing more than to grind up against him, to feel that solid member against her, inside her….Sudden heat flushed her face. “Wow…” she typed, lost for words.H- Like what you see? *wink*L- I’d like to see more *wink*She couldn’t control herself now; she could make a fool out of herself all she wanted, but she needed that rush again. H- You and me both baby. Let me see more. It wasn’t a request, it was an order. A rush flooded  between her legs as she pulled her shirt over her head, standing in the mirror, admiring her figure. Her nipples were hard from the cooling air and the heat rolling over her skin. A playful smile and she turned her back to the glass, smiling playfully over her shoulder at the camera. Nothing to be seen but her bare back and the very top of her underwear. Sent.  An instant later…H- Tease. Let me see all of you.Linda smiled, cupping her breast and twisting deneme bonus her nipple. Imagining it was his hand; him holding her in place as he kissed her, keeping her against him until she writhed in pleasure.Trying to keep herself upright, Linda sat on her bed and typed a reply. L- hmmm… say please.She lay back, waiting. The silence that followed scared her; he wasn’t going to reply, she wasn’t worth the trouble… Ding!  A picture- a close up of his face- sharp jaw, light stubble and piercing blue eyes staring deep into hers. His thumb was hooked on the side of his mouth and Linda’s started to water.H- Please?“Holy…” Linda whispered. L- Since you asked nicely. Click.H- No no baby girl, I said all of you. I want to see all of you. Linda felt like he’d cast some sort of spell over her. She was just hooking her fingers through her panties edge when suddenly her phone started to ring – a video call, from him! Quickly she covered herself with a sheet and answered. “Hello?” Her husky voice caught in her throat. “Hi there, baby girl. I thought maybe this would be easier than pictures… why are you covered up?” those eyes again, scanning  as if he could see right through her.“I don’t… I don’t know.” She slowly let the sheet slip. He let out a groan. She could see his arm pumping slowly, and she imagined his hand wrapped around his stiff shaft.. “You’re holding back on me,” she quipped, letting the sheet fall, her confidence rising.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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