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Subject: What I Saw 7 Thanks for all the feedback-I definitely felt inspired. Here’s a bit more of the story-sorry for the choppy delivery this time but I’ve been busy-Once again-avert your eyes if your constitution is to delicate-otherwise DIG IN… Three other men entered the clearing. They hung back just watching the action. Shane seemed in a trance, his cropped head was sliding fluidly up and down the thick ten-inch spike jutting in front of him. Behind him the blond was tongue fucking him rapidly and Shane was thrusting his round ass back rhythmically. The older man groaned as Shane pulled off his cock and began to flick his tongue along the underside of his shaft. The man’s cock was slick and pulsed in time to his rapid heart-beat. Shane reached out and grasped the man’s rigid dick with one hand. He began to slide his fist up and down the shaft steadily, twisting his hand when he reached the bloated head. “CHRIST kid I’m going to shoot if you don’t slow down” groaned salt and pepper. Behind my friend the blond man stood up and undid his jeans. His erect cock sprang out immediately. He shucked his jeans low on his hips and grabbed his cock at the base and aimed for Shane’s now wet asshole. Shane craned his neck back over his shoulder. “Umm are you going to fuck me? His voice was breathy and expectant, his hand still pumping. “DO you want me to slut? ” asked the blond construction worker. The group gathered in the clearing answered for Shane. “Look at the whore-of course he wants to be fucked” said a heavy set bearded man. Another guy, maybe 40 years old Latino looking stepped forward. I could see a sizeable piece of meat in his pants, it was jutting along his hip trapped in the tight fabric of his worn carpenters pants. He used one dirty blunt hand to grab the stubble of Shane’s crew cut and force the teen to look at him. “You want this -right-ALL this? Shane merely groaned and licked his swollen lips. The man laughed and slammed Shane’s head down onto the older man’s cock. In one forceful bursa escort motion Shane took the entire thing down his throat. From where I watched I could actually see his throat swell with the shaft. The older guy threw his head back and gasped-The Latino looked up and could see that he was starting to cum. He jerked Shane’s face off the cock. As Shane’s lips lift the head the first blast of cum jetted out of the dick. It caught him right in the face and in his open mouth. I could see his tongue was quickly coated and the Latino continued to jerk Shane’s head around as the cock continued to fire. Soon my friends face was totally covered in thick cum. The older guy looked spent and offered no resistance as a younger guy maybe about 21 or 22 stepped up to take his place. The blond guy by now had inserted his cock head into Shane. The Latino obviously viewing himself the director of this production moved down and used his hand to guide the blond mans substantial penis into the kid. Shane gasped as he felt the bristly pubic hair graze his ass cheeks. “You like to be full of cock, faggot?” the Latino asked. He didn’t wait for an answer instead he reached under Shane’s bent body and felt his hard dripping dick. Considering that answer enough he said, “fuck him hard”. The bond guy needed no further urging, he grabbed Shane’s narrow hips and began to drive his cock all the way in and then pull almost all the way out. Shane groaned and squirmed. I could see a clear string of pre cum drop from his dick and hang suspended in mid air before falling to the dust with an audible plop. The speed of thing picked up from there. The young guy at Shane’s head undid his pants and shoved his erection between the kids waiting lips. He grabbed Shane’s ears for purchase and began a wicked face fuck. Shane gagged and choked, but continued to try and thrust his head forward on the outstroke so as not to loose contact with the hot tube of flesh. The Latino waived the bear into the scene. “Pinch his tits while you wait bursa escort bayan your turn” he instructed. The guy used one hand to do just that and the other to free his nine incher and prime it for his upcoming turn. The blond guys strokes began to be erratic and jerky on the next deep thrust I saw his balls contract and knew that the first shot had just flooded Shane’s ass. He pulled back and continued to shoot in my friend. At the next out stroke he lost control and his cock head popped free of it’s tight purchase, cum shot out of the end of his dick in a high arch and splashed onto Shane’s sweaty back. He pressed the shaft into Shane’s ass crack and continued to coat his back and ass in hot cum. The bear smiled as he left of his tit torture to rub the cum in, smearing it all along the teens ass and back. He then took his coated hand and began to smear the hot fluid all around the shaft of the young guys cock that was relentlessly plunging into Shane’s drooling mouth. Shane seemed to go crazy at the taste of more cum and began to deep throat the cock in long stretches, using his throat muscles to coax another load into his mouth. It was clear that this was enough to tip the young guy over-he groaned and bent forward with the strength of his climax. As he filled Shane’s mouth to overflowing he dripped sweat off his forehead and overheated face onto the young guys back, mixing with the glaze already applied. Shane tilted his head back as he swallowed the copious load. The look on his face was that of a gourmand. The Latino now took his place at Shane’s ass. He crouched down and began to tongue the cum from the swollen hole. Shane jumped at the teasing contact. The bear went up to Shane’s head and began to pump his fat dick before the red lips. Shane leaned forward trapping the dripping head and began to suck in earnest. The Latino stood and placed his huge cock and the entrance to Shane’s ass He smiled as he slowly entered the teen. The older guy and the blond were now standing on either escort bursa side of my friend. They had recovered sufficiently enough to be sporting hard-ons once again and were pumping for all they were worth. The end seemed to come quick Shane arched his back on a particularly deep stroke from the Latino and I saw his cock literally explode, cum shot out in all directions. It just kept firing- this set off a chain reaction the Latino groaned and began to unload in Shane’s overused ass. I could see cum sluicing out around his shaft as he continued to plunge in and out working every once of pleasure from the boy. The blond and the older man began to cum again and aimed their shooting dicks at Shane’s sweaty face, coating his cheeks, lips and hair in a thick load of white cum Shane was groaning around the thick shaft in his mouth. The bear pulled entirely out of the hot sucking mouth and began to masturbate his big red cock with just the head resting on Shane’s bottom lip. The bear let out a bellow that could surely be heard on the street and began to feed Shane his cum. He held his dick still and just let it pump out into Shane’s waiting mouth. I fell back from my kneeling position in the bushes and felt my own orgasm welling up-the image of Shane drinking cum from the head of a dick was blazing across my closed eyelids as I shot an enormous load all over my t-shirt and shucked down jeans. The guys pulled away from my friend and began to do up their respective clothing. “nice job son” said the Latino. The men began to walk out of the clearing laughing as they prepared to return to work. Shane had collapsed to the ground. He was a mess, literally bathed in men’s cum. He began to hunt around for his clothes. I needed to exit before I was discovered. Shane began to try and pull himself together as I exited my hiding place. As I crept away I heard Shane gasp and call my name-I didn’t look back just hightailed it home. As I walked down the street using my arms to block the cum stains on my clothes I though of facing my Dad across the dinning room table this evening. I wondered if he would ever find out what his teasing had led too and I wondered what I would see next. Keep the letters and feedback coming or I’ll stop-I swear I will 🙂

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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