What Happeened To My Lube?

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What Happeened To My Lube?I am older guy in his mid-sixties but a got a penal implant several years so I have quite a few lady friends who wonder “how can he keep that cock hard for so long”. My seventy-year-old wife Carol is the main beneficiary of this inflatable phallus and I figured she didn’t mind me entertaining her friends. Apparently, some of these women talked a lot and spread the word around that I had tthe stamina to stay hard forever. Suddenly I was a very busy man, at one point I had four different girlfriends. I was even fucking the minister’s wife! I knew my wife didn’t care, man was I wrong!The thing is, she has a mean streak in her sometimes and last week she sure got even with me. For over twenty years she has known Don a former college teacher, who was a dancer on a cruise ship and a world traveler. I figured he was gay. He never hit on women or talked about having a girlfriend. I was wrong again. My wife got a call from Don that he was heading to Florida for a few days to settle his late brother’s estate. Man, my wife perked up right away, she walked around the house cleaning everything and cooking Don’s favorite foods. But I broke my ankle and would be laid up for the next week when Don would be in town. After the first day of Don’s visit I grew suspicious, my wife and Don always found an excuse to go somewhere? For hours at a time. They acted like two high school k**s together. Nah, it’s no big deal. I must be getting paranoid, they have been friends for years.Several weeks ago, they had a two for one sale on Astro Glide at the local d**gstore. This stuff is normally about $13.00 a bottle so I grabbed two of them to take advantage of the sale price. Now, anyone who has fucked an older woman knows you have to “lube them up” before you can fuck them. They have all lost their ability to produce natural lubricant, and if you don’t lube up your baby doll, it is terrible for her. Plus you would think your dick was being fucked by sandpaper. So, lube for my old ladies was an absolute must. I got home and put the two new bottles halkalı escort of lube in the drawer and said “damn!” I’ve already got two bottles. It will take me a year to use up four bottles of lube. For you younger guys when you fuck a mature women you have to be careful, you got to know the size and depth of your ladies pussy and use just the right amount or your dick will flop around inside her and you’ll feel nothing. You need the right amount to make your lady comfortable so she will cum and use enough to keep your dick nice and hard. It can be downright tricky epicially when you fuck three or four women a week. Well back to my house guest Don. When Don was “visiting” he used the guest bedroom which was right next to my wife’s office. As I fell asleep I watched my wife in the master bathroom off our bedroom as she got ready for bed. She put on a long T shirt that went past her knees. But then she bent over to pick up something up off the floor. Her night gown rode up, and revealed her naked ass cheeks. She always wore black panties to bed what was the deal with not wearing any panties?I glanced at the crack of her nice tight ass. For a seven-two-year-old she had a fine body. She still had a nice firm ass, a pair of 34 DD tits and was very fit with a narrow waist. I was suspicious when my wife opened my dresser drawer and rummaged through it and took out a tube of lube and put it in her fucking purse? She left the room and said she was going to “read in her office for a while”. When she left the room she had her black purse in her hand. Now who walks out of their bedroom carrying a purse? I thought to myself “holy shit” she’s going to fuck Don tonight, and here I am lying helpless and injured in our bed. Well, our house had an unusual layout, someone added a back porch so our guest bedroom windows faced the back porch and you could look through the blinds and see everything going on in the guest bedroom. I struggled to get out of bed and sat in a chair on the darkened olgun escort back porch and saw everything going on in the guest bedroom. Don entered the room and took off his underpants exposing his rock hard cock to the cool night air. He laid there waiting on the bed with a big smile on his face. A few minutes later my wife walked in the room and said to Don “I gave him two pain pills he’ll be out like a light, but still don’t make too much noise”. Don laughed and said “Carol, you’re the one who screams whenever I fuck you”. They both laughed and embraced each other as they exchanged long passionate kisses. Carol said “Don It’s taken me months to get you here, now fuck me”. Off came her panties followed by her T-shirt. They both lay naked in the bed and began making love to each other. They were obviously familiar with each others bodies. Carol said, ” it’s bee so long fuck me”. Don replied, no honey, you’re going to suck my cock first. My wife groaned and said “you know I hate to do that, can’t you just fuck me“? Don said “No way honey, get down there and be a good girl, and suck that dick!! I was surprised by Don’s request. Why would Don want a blow job from Carol, she was absolutely the worst cocksucker on the planet! She was just terrible! Thirty seconds of her chomping on my dick and I would roll over and fuck her. Then Don spoke to her in a very commanding voice as she went down and wrapped her tonque around his throbbing cock. Don said “that’s it baby, put it in your mouth and suck it good” Now you better swallow most of it and don’t bite it. If you don’t do a good job, I’ll smack your ass. Sure enough, a few seconds later, Don gave her a good hard slap right on her ass. Carol flinched from the pain as Don shouted “God Damn it, suck it right”. My wife was struggling to suck his cock, but she was just terrible at it. Then Don said “get on your back’. Carol complied like a little puppy dog. Don straddled her face and forced şişli escort his rock hard cock down her throat. Carol was barely able to breathe and was gagging. Finally, Don said OK honey I’ve had enough? You are a lousy cocksucker, it’s a good thing you got a nice tight ass that makes up for it. Carol replied good, now fuck me. Then I realized? Carol was a submissive when she was with Don! She would do anything he asked her to do even if she found it disgusting. She would even let him take her in the ass if he wanted it. Carol got out of bed took off her T-shirt and reached into her purse to get her lube. She put the usual amount on her pussy. She got into bed and straddled Don. Carol slowly lowered her pussy onto his healthy six inch cock. Don let out a small moan, as he smiled and said “it’s been a long time baby” as he reached up and grabbed my wife’s tits and began kissing and fondling her.No one ever believe sixty- and seventy-year-olds can still fuck, but they can. Carol rode Don’s dick like a wild woman. As Carol rocked back and forth on Don’s stomach, Don’s matched her body movements by thrusting his cock upwards deep inside her. I realized they both had been together a long time. And you could tell when they made love that they were very familiar with each other’s lovemaking styles. Carol’s whole body stiffened as she had her first orgasm. She rode Don’s cock as her whole body trembled from her orgasm. She tried to stifle her screams, so she would not wake me up. Little did she know I was witnessing this whole event from the adjacent room? Then Don commanded Carol “lie on your back and open your mouth wide honey”. She said “no I won’t do that, I hate to do that, and you know it!!! Don flipped her over on her back grabbed a pillow and put it under her head. Don knelt over her face and grabbed his cock and put it right over her mouth. Carol opened her mouth wide. Don, like most men his age could not produce a lot of sperm, but he shot a fairly decent size load down Carol’s throat. Carol spat it out and said, “That’s disgusting.” why did you make me do that? Don said, don’t k** yourself, I’ve known you for decades, you loved every second of it. Carol smirked and said “I did, and tomorrow night you can have my ass”. My wife got up and went to the bathroom to clean herself up. She came to our bed and acted like nothing happened. The next morning I checked my dresser drawer and sure enough there were only three tubes of lube in the dresser.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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