What a Great Work-Out Ch. 02

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“You get your clothes off and lie on the massage table, I’ll go and sort out the booking,” Cathy instructed, pulling up her thong and leggings in one go.

“Oh, alright then,” I joked as in a ‘if-I-must-do’ sort of way, kicking off my trainers, socks and shorts before reaching for and wrapping a white towel around my waist.

“Has ‘sir’ gone all shy then?” she grinned at my actions, stepping towards me and pressing her body into mine as she reached up to kiss me once more.

“It’s just in case….anyone comes in…whilst you’re gone,” I replied, kissing back at her whilst fondling her buttocks.

“Very wise,” she smiled up at me, “I don’t want anyone else trying to ‘sort out’ your ‘problem’ for you.”

“There’s no-one else here….that causes….this problem,” I reassured her.

Cathy pushed her tongue into my mouth at this and I could feel her rubbing herself against my now stiffening once more shaft.

Our kissing was getting more urgent but after a few moments she reluctantly pulled herself away saying, “Just let me go and book this out, then we’ve got plenty of time for more of that…and this” and she trailed her fingers from my balls all the way up my now stiff again cock, causing it to harden even more. I groaned loudly, first at her touch and then in disappointment as her hand left me.

Cathy turned as she reached the door and as I pulled my t-shirt up over my head I was pleased at her reaction as I revealed my toned upper body and flat stomach; “mmmm, nice…very nice,” she smiled, pausing to look at me for a moment before taking a white coat, the type that doctors or dentists wear, from the back of the door and then adding; “I won’t be long, don’t go anywhere.”

I tried to decide whether to lie on my back or face down and was glad that I’d opted for face down when, after 4-5 minutes, Cathy came back into the room, now wearing that white coat which only came down to just above her knee.

She’d also put on a pair of black, high-heeled shoes and I hoped that she wasn’t wearing anything else as I immediately thought of peeling the coat off her and then fucking her with her legs stuck up in the air, wearing just those high heeled shoes.

My excitement instantly waned, however, when another lady, who I recognized as one of the other gym instructors, followed her into the room moments afterwards.

In the time that Cathy had been gone my thoughts had ranged from what we’d just done, what we might still now get up to, through to the pessimistic there was bound to be some problem and ‘that would be that’.

As Cathy introduced the other lady as ‘Louise’ my initial despair that there obviously was a problem of some sort disappeared as Cathy explained that her colleague just needed to have a ‘quick look’ for some sort of documents and would be ‘leaving us to it fairly shortly’.

The way she’d grinned and raised her eyebrows as she’d slightly emphasized ‘to it’ was a real turn-on and I relaxed once more.

After, however, Cathy had gone through the motions of properly introducing herself and saying that she understood I was suffering from a hamstring strain, this blooming Louise was still fiddling around in various drawers, talking all the time and not showing much sign at all of going.

Cathy had rubbed some lotion of some sort onto her hands and I had to stop myself from sighing too loudly as she quite gently and, very professionally, began to massage at the back of my upper leg.

All the while she was informing me of the purpose of what she was doing, and asking how it felt and if she’d pinpointed the ‘problem area’ yet?

Louise had now crouched low down at a drawer with her back completely to us and I then felt Cathy’s fingers trail further up the inside of my thigh, underneath the towel and tickle at my scrotum!

She obviously felt me start and stifle a moan and I turned my face to see her grinning broadly at me as she said; “I think I’ve pinpointed the problem Martin, it’s right here, isn’t it?” as she very gently fondled my balls and the base of my cock.

Cathy could presumably see past me to where Louise was still crouched down and after I’d muttered a stilted, “Yep” in reply, she continued to grope me for a few more moments, seeming to enjoy the mixed look of sheer pleasure and yet frustration on my face at her touch.

I now lifted my back-side up from the table enabling Cathy to reach further forward and underneath the length of my prick.

This was nothing like her previous grabbing at my cock which had been quite forceful and firm, this was soft and delicate as she traced her finger-nails back and forth down the side of my shaft.

I really had to stifle my sighing at what she was doing but was pleased to sense that she was breathing quite heavily too.

I then felt her move her hand away and start talking to her colleague once more as it became apparent that Louise couldn’t find the documents she was looking for.

My hopes that this would mean she would quickly leave us were dashed, bedava bahis however, when she continued to talk to Cathy about that she’d ‘never realized how noisy it was when they had an exercise class next door’ and a whole range of other issues.

It seemed that she was talking for ages and ages but, in reality it was probably only a few minutes. Just as, however, I’d got to the stage of literally screaming in my head; ‘will you please just fuck off, so I can fuck this sexy young woman once more!’ Cathy quite firmly said, “Louise, Martin’s problem really does need my full concentration, so can we catch up later?”

Louise apologized and Cathy followed her to the door, quite literally ushering her outside.

“Thank god for that,” she smiled, having locked the door and turned around.

I felt my cock, which had gone quite limp whilst waiting for Louise to clear off, stir in anticipation and then rapidly stiffen as Cathy walked back toward me whilst starting to unbutton the top buttons of her white coat.

“Now I’m assuming that I’ll have to give your problem a little personal attention to wake it up again?” she asked.

“Oh, I think you’ll find that it’s already fully awake once more,” I replied, turning onto my back and pulling away the towel, allowing my large erection to spring out and upwards.

Cathy smiled broadly.

“What can I say? I am really flattered once more,” she said, standing close to me and trailing her finger-tips down my chest and stomach as I held my cock away from me making it stand upright and proud. The veins were sticking out from it, with the helmet massively enlarged and even I was impressed with how damn hard it looked.

I was breathing really heavily now, tensing at her light touch and her standing so close to me, dying for her to take me in her hand or her mouth, or to simply straddle me and impale herself on my cock, but she slowly walked round to the head of the table and pulled me back down into a fully lying position.

“Close your eyes and put your hands by your sides,” she instructed.

I was aching for her touch, or for her to let me grope at any of her body once more, but I was already aware that although she was so much younger than me Cathy seemed to enjoy being the one more in charge so I immediately did as she’d said.

“I think you said earlier that you wanted to….” she paused as I was fairly certain she was fiddling with that coat before I felt something brush all along my lips.

“Or indeed needed to…” she continued as what-ever it was, was eased in-between my lips; “Kiss and suck my tits and my nipples.”

Hearing that, I immediately sucked in the ‘thing’ that had been resting against my mouth, the confirmation that it was one of her nipples instantly driving me to frantically kissing and sucking at it, the way it was so hard and erect only adding to my excitement.

Cathy was pushing herself down onto me, squashing her tit to my face and encouraging me to, “Suck it…suck it hard…that’s it…suck my naughty, hard…erect nipple…ohh, yea….ohhh yeaaa.”

She now presented her other nipple to me and I gorged on that before she stood up slightly to undo another couple of the buttons on her coat and then lean back over me, her heavy-looking breasts hanging over my face.

“Fuck me, you’re so fucking sexy,” I breathed, enjoying the smile this brought to her face and momentarily just gazing at each other, before reaching up and pulling them and her down to me.

“That’s it…suck them…suck them hard,” she commanded as I greedily sucked and kissed at her tits whilst groping at them, pulling them together and then burying my face in-between them.

I was moaning quite loudly but, even with the slurping noises I was also making as I gorged on her, I was also aware of Cathy making pronounced grunting noises, in-between her words of encouragement, confirming that she was getting off on this nearly as much as I was.

I now felt her shift further forward slightly and then her hand firmly grasped at my cock, pulling the foreskin down and then back up several times before she once more groped at my balls.

I lifted my groin upwards to help Cathy reach my prick easier and she continued to determinedly wank me whilst pushing herself down onto my face, squashing her tits to me.

After a couple of minutes of this near-glorious-suffocation I started to warn Cathy that I was, “Going to come…if you keep doing…going to come…going to come.”

“That’s OK,” she replied, moving up and away from me but all the while keeping hold of my prick.

She moved round the table to my right hand side and, momentarily, slowing her hand movements looked down at me and continued; “I want to see your spunk come shooting out of this hard, long cock.”

She slowly started to lower her face down towards mine, as I felt her hand now very gently slide up and down my shaft.

“I want to see what I’m doing to you…I want to see,” her mouth was now hovering just bedava bonus above mine, “How much you want me.”

“But I want…I need to be inside you,” I virtually pleaded.

“You will be”, she quietly breathed.

“We have plenty of time and I’ll…,” she softly kissed me; “take your cock into my…,” she kissed me again; “soft, wet, mouth and…suck you back…and then you can….fuck my young pussy once more.”

She now pushed her tongue into my mouth and I pulled her down onto my face by my right hand whilst moving my other one to lightly rest on her hand that was now once more quite firmly wanking me back and forth.

Although pre-come was now quite freely trickling out of my helmet and helping to lubricate her movements Cathy was wearing a couple of rings and they only helped emphasize the feelings of friction against my straining, throbbing erection.

Cathy then stood back up, and placing her left palm on my chest, focused her gaze on my cock.

I’d never had such a rough and yet so good hand job and it was with a mixture of relief and great pleasure that I felt my prick tighten even more and, as I arched my back and pushed my groin upwards using my feet, the first spurt of my come shoot out of the slit.

Cathy rolled her right thumb all around my helmet, whilst just below it firmly squeezing upwards with her fore-finger, helping to encourage more pump-loads to spurt out, cascading down my shaft and leaving a gooey trail from my prick head down to my stomach and onto my balls.

My orgasm seemed to go on for ages and I don’t think I’ve ever released so much come in my life.

“What a good, good cock,” she smiled back up at me as she moved round to kiss and lap at the tip of my prick before sliding her mouth fully up and over me, gliding her soft lips fully down my shaft then back up again.

“Ohhh, my god,” I sighed at the glorious sensation of her lips finally being on my cock, her tongue tickling at the underside of my shaft.

Cathy then reached up to lightly rub at the come on my stomach as she continued to gently suck up and down my prick.

“Was that…all for me?” she grinned, removing me from her mouth and moving round so that she could kiss at my scrotum and the inside of my thighs.

“Fuck yes,” I breathed, lying fully flat again and closing my eyes to enjoy the feeling of this young, sexy woman kissing and licking all around my groin area, her hair lightly trailing over me as I reached down to softly cradle her face.

Cathy now stood up and quite slowly undid the remaining buttons of her coat and then let it slip to the floor.

“You like?” she smiled, placing her hips on her hips and slightly wiggling.

With the exception of the heeled shoes she was now completely naked and I simply replied, “Fuck yes” once more, as I just gazed at her shapely, firm body, able for the first time to really appreciate the sight of her dark, natural bush of pubic hair.

“When was the last time…,” she started saying as I helped her clamber up onto the table, moving her right leg up and over so that she could sit herself down on my lap; “You fucked a….,” she now slowly lowered herself down so that she was lying on top of me, her face coming up to my chest, her tits pressing down onto my stomach, her wiry pubic hair rubbing against my thighs; “…23 year old women?”

My cock jerked at this; ’23!’ I thought, ‘I’m with a fucking sexy 23 year old woman! A 23 year old, fucking sexy woman wants to fuck me!!’

Cathy could obviously feel my prick stirring against her and grinned as I felt her rub her body against my shaft.

“About 20 years ago!” I only-just exaggerated, pulling her to me and helping her shuffle further up my body.

As our mouths met once more I ran my hands all over her, concentrating on massaging that shapely, round ass whilst enjoying feeling virtually every part of her pressing down against some part of me.

“Well I find…the idea of…being with a mature…attractive…athletic…man a real turn-on,” she quietly told me, in-between soft kisses; “Let alone…the reality,” as she then kissed me long and hard whilst I pulled her down onto me with one hand and ran the other between her bum cheeks, slipping my middle finger into her moist slit.

Cathy grunted and I felt her lift her arse before really grinding herself down onto my finger, fucking her-self on it as she bit at my lips and my tongue.

If you’d previously told me that I’d be snogging a woman shortly after she’d been lapping up my own come I’d have probably thought, ‘I wouldn’t do that’, but with Cathy the thought didn’t even enter my head as I forcibly tongued her back just as I felt her fanny muscles contract several times in quick succession and then Cathy buck and grind as her orgasm obviously hit.

“Fuck me,” she grinned when she’d finally calmed, “I could do this for ages” as she pushed herself up against my chest, arching her back like a contented cat and letting her hair trail down over her deneme bonusu shoulders.

As I slipped my finger out of her, I brought it up to my face and smelt at it before licking it and offering it to her.

Cathy smiled and kissed it, before sucking at it and then kissing it several more times.

“Now what was it that first attracted you to me?” she playfully asked, pushing her-self up and turning around into a kneeling position.

She was pinning both my hands down to the table and said, “No touching…not yet” and began to wiggle her bare, round arse cheeks just inches from my face.

“Do you want to kiss my backside…do you want to push your tongue into my arse…do you want your tongue inside my tight, wet, young pussy?”

I was simply moaning louder and louder at her suggestions and was aware that she must have had a perfect view of my cock springing back to life, harder and harder.

Her feet were alongside my face, still clad in the black heeled shoes, and I kissed at them before turning my gaze fully back to her arse which she now maneuvered backwards just enough for me to be able to kiss.

As I strained upwards to kiss at her backside I felt Cathy push herself up into a squatting position, more over my face so that I could see further along in-between her legs.

Her backside was firm and yet tender and I could have kissed at it forever but as Cathy now presented herself fully over my face I was aching to bury myself into her slit, to push my tongue into her, and I kissed as far round into her as I could.

She was telling me how “nice” and how “good” it felt and then I was pleased to hear a really contented, long sigh and a definite shudder from her as I managed to reach and lightly lap at her anus.

She ‘let’ me do this for a while and then I heard her ask, “Shall I…sit on your face?”

“YES,” I quickly and firmly replied.

“Are you sure?” she teased, wiggling herself; so close that I could smell her; so close that I tried pushing my tongue out as far as I could to just touch at her, but she was just out of reach.

“YES,” I again said, this time more pleadingly.

With that Cathy straightened her back before slowly lowering herself down onto me.

The sight of her backside and slit being lowered onto my face was glorious and my nose was quickly nestled deep between her bum cheeks whilst the length of her snatch pressed down against my mouth as I pushed my tongue up in-between her pussy lips.

I don’t know who was groaning more, Cathy or me, but bearing in mind that my hearing was stifled by having her sitting on me she was certainly making some noise and I was grateful again for the loud music still blaring away from the exercise class close by.

I could have suffocated a happy man like this and greedily sucked and licked at her, pushing my nose up into her whilst holding her by her waist as she wiggled and writhed on me.

My cock was now rock hard again, straining proudly and upwards and for a few, awful seconds I felt Cathy move up and away from me but just as I moved my head back up to urgently lap at her once more I felt her warm lips slide down my shaft again.

I let out a long, loud moan at this sensation, losing concentration on what I was doing for a while whilst enjoying the sheer pleasure of having Cathy sliding her mouth slowly up and down the whole length of my erection, whilst fondling at my sack.

Cathy had moved herself back into a kneeling position and whilst her wanking technique had certainly been very ‘firm’, verging on the forceful, with her tongue and mouth she was being very soft and loving.

If I hadn’t come already a couple of times earlier having this sexy woman, who was 20 years younger than me, virtually making love to my cock with her mouth and tongue would have made me come within moments but, although the way she was caressing and virtually worshipping my prick was heavenly, I didn’t feel in ‘danger’ of coming at all. In fact, my cock felt larger than it ever had done before.

Cathy had now increased the urgency and speed that she slid up and down me and for a while I simply held her arse cheeks, just enjoying the sensation of her getting more and more frantic with her sucking and slurping.

I then eased my thumb tops inside her now gaping slit and rolled them gently over her clit.

Cathy immediately let out a stifled cry of, “Ohhh, yea.”

As I did the same again she groaned out even louder and longer and, after I’d done it a few more times she raised herself up and away from my cock and started moaning; “Going to come, going to come…want to…come on your face…come on your face”.

I could feel her pushing herself back down towards me and I moved my hands away, Cathy immediately sitting fully on my face.

I quickly pushed my tongue back up into her, Cathy letting out a long, loud groan and I could feel her juices then really flowing down onto my tongue and face.

I held her to me and Cathy wriggled down, riding out her orgasm for as long as she could, then pulling my hands to her as I reached up to grope her tits.

I was still lapping up at her as she finally lifted herself upwards and off me, sliding her-self down onto the edge of the table, lying alongside me to the left.

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