Wendy At Last Succeeds

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I hope that whoever reads this enjoys it and that when they’ve read it will take the time to give it a vote so that I’ll know whether I’m hitting the right note with the reader.


I had no shortage of male admirers at school, but knowing how boys talked and how girls were branded, especially if they were prepared to go all the way, completely put me off engaging sexually with any of them. I know what they say about blowing your own trumpet but both boys and men found me attractive. The reason I knew this was because so many of them said so, even other girls said so. Being above average height, at 5′ 10″, with lovely well formed long legs and beautiful brunette hair, which was long and wavy, and having a 34D, 26, 35 body was probably enough to attract the attention of most men. When you add to this my large green eyes, full thick lips, high cheek bones and petite sculptured nose that flared ever so slightly at the end, then you even had girls admiring my body and looks.

The truth was that I was that at 19 I was more than ready to lose my virginity. In fact when home in bed, my fingers buried deep inside my pussy, it was all I could think about. I had become an expert in masturbation, after all practice makes perfect, and it was very rarely that I didn’t finger myself to a climax. In fact most nights I would manage to make myself cum more than once and I soon discovered that I could bring myself off every time. I’d lie on top of my bed playing with my sex, finger fucking my cunny. It was as if my pussy had become programmed to get all wet and tingly the instant I was alone in my bedroom, as if telling me that it needed stimulation and satisfaction. I’d run my finger along the sensitive slit and outer labia, ever so slowly, teasing my pussy entry before gently pushing finger after finger deep inside the tight wet hole.

Fairly early own in my experimenting stage I had tasted myself and it had now become part of the modus operandi. Now, once my cunt became very wet, I would take my fingers out and taste myself, this always pleased me as it always tasted so sweet and I wondered if other girls sex tasted as sweet as mine. I would do this several times and of course this would make my pussy wetter than ever. I would then move my other hand down in between my legs and play with my clit. I’d start off slowly and build up speed until my hand would become almost a blur in a frenzy of movement and it was then I would climax.

During the whole masturbation process I would of course be fantasizing about a man, his big rampant raging cock and what he would be doing to me with it. Originally my fantasy seemed to be about a mystery guy but in recent times there had been no mystery guy only my brother Peter. At first this had disgusted me and I had tried to focus on someone else for my fantasy but as hard as I tried it always seemed that at the very last minute Peter would be on top of me driving his huge hard tool deep inside my deep tight wet and more than willing pussy.

My brother Peter, who was a bit older than me, was a really nice guy and very popular at college and never seemed short of girlfriends. He was easily over 6′, with dark short curly hair and sky blue eyes that seemed fathomless. He was what you would say handsome and had a great physique as he loved sports and tried to participate in almost all of them. We had a fantastic relationship and I loved him. I think he was probably the reason I found it difficult to choose a boyfriend, none of the guys I knew measured up to Peter.

The thought came to me one night after I had satisfied my urges and was lying in bed thinking about my fantasy. It was blatantly obvious from my recurring fantasy that I was attracted to Peter sexually and had he not been my brother I would gladly have let him be my first. The more I thought about the situation the more convinced I became that Peter would be the ideal first lover. He was handsome, had a great body, big beautiful cock, this I knew having walked in on him in the shower a couple of times, and wouldn’t be able to tell. So I decided there and then to set about seducing him.

I knew how guys liked nicely trimmed or even shaved pussy. I had heard this from girlfriends at school, who had apparently gone all the way. So the very next day, after my decision, I invested in a trimmer and the minute I got home locked myself in the bathroom and trimmed my pussy down to a number one in the shape of a P. In the next few days I dressed like a complete whore, even dad seemed to take notice, but since I only dressed like that in the house I think he found it a bit embarrassing to confront me about it. Mum on the other hand made a couple of comments but didn’t push the matter too far probably thinking and no doubt praying that it was just one of those passing phase.

It was my parent’s anniversary and dad had booked a surprise holiday for mum and himself to Las Vegas. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect for me. The day they left I decided that Peter would fuck me the very next day.

Getting up in the morning I had a nice long bath and trimmed my pussy right down. I’d left the bathroom door ajar, hoping Peter might walk in onwin giriş and see me completely in the buff, sitting there legs wide apart pussy all wet and puffy while I trimmed it, but unfortunately that just didn’t happen.

After my soak I choose my apparel carefully. A pair of very tiny, really flimsy and tight white knickers, folding the crutch I made sure that the rest of the material sunk deep into my slit, dividing my pussy into two halves. The friction of the knickers on my pussy as I moved around my room getting ready had my juices running in minutes and I was pleased that the knickers were soon drenched with my sexual sap. I found a pair of long white thigh high socks and put them on. I got out a dark green pleated school skirt, but didn’t think it was short enough, so I rolled up the waist a couple of times until it was a couple of inches shorter than the socks and showed of the tops of my legs. Finally I put on a thin white nylon blouse ensuring that the first four buttons were undone as well as the last three and tied it just below my bosom leaving my tummy bare.

I looked at myself in the full length mirror. The outcome was excellent. My legs looked even longer with the full length socks and the skirt barely covered my pussy but with the socks drawn up only a small part of my bare thighs could be seen. On top, my full bosom strained at the material and my long hard dark rusty brown nipples were well defined and clearly visible as they tented the material in two perfect peaks. My tummy looked smooth and flat. I was very proud of my body. I took my time over the makeup and then sprayed myself with some really expensive perfume dad had bought me on one of his trips.

I went downstairs and was very pleased to see my brother was up. It was still pretty early in the morning for him, and although I had heard him shower, he was still only wearing his underpants, which wasn’t at all unusual for him. He was splayed out on the couch and I could make out the outline of his placid cock and balls. He had had breakfast; the empty cereal bowl was on the coffee table as was his empty cup.

He turned and looked at me briefly then turned away for a brief instance then looked at me again only this time his deep blue piercing eyes seemed to scan me up and down.

“Hey sis you look really hot today, love the skirt.” He said and then quickly looked away again.

I was thrilled, that small comment made my day, Peter found me sexy. I wanted to jump on him there and then and beg him to fuck me but I knew that I needed it to be his move. It was up to me to entice him into making it. I moved in front of him and deliberately bending down from the waist just in front of him made sure that he saw my tight arse and my flimsy knickers which dug deep inside my trimmed pussy, lingering in the position longer than I needed to in order to pick up the dishes from the coffee table. I heard him let out a deep sigh but that was it. I had hopped that the sight of my scantily clad quim would have given him all the enticement necessary to act and was disappointed when he didn’t.

“I’m just going to have a tea in the kitchen, would you like one?” I asked.

“Yeah sis that be good.”

“Come on then.” I Said and started walking to the kitchen, pleased to note that he was up and following me.

We were in the kitchen now and I made the tea as promised. Setting it down in front of him I looked down at his cock, to my delight the bulge was much bigger than before. I moved to sit opposite him and ensuring he wasn’t looking, tilted my cup slightly spilling some of the contents on the floor.

“Shit, I’ll have to wipe that up now.” I spoke loudly, as perhaps I would normally have done had the act not been deliberate.

I moved across the kitchen and got a big piece of kitchen roll moving back to the spill I got down on all fours knowing full well that the skirt would ride up and expose my scantily clad arse and most of my pussy. I could feel the wetness of my knickers as the crutch dug deeper into my slit and bent forward as much as possible to give him a good view.

“God sis you’ve got a great body.”

“Really Peter, do you really like it, don’t you think my arse is too big.”

“No, it looks really nice and tight to me.” With that he knelt behind me and stroked it as if to emphasise what he thought about this particular part of my anatomy.

I knew then that he was pretty much aroused and I needed to encourage him in taking the next step.

“God that feels so nice, your hands are so big and warm, I could stay down here for ever.”

“Do you like that then Wendy?”

“Mmmm yeah it feels so nice it makes me tingle… ehm..you know.. down there.” I whispered the last bit to add some intimacy and credibility as well as coming across as really innocent and shy to even mention down there.

His hand continued to stroke my arse and I bend down a bit more and at the same time stretched forward so that the skirt rode up even further. Peter encouraged by the fact I hadn’t protested and was happy to stay there while he touched me up moved his hand slowly down, a finger as if accidentally stroked my hot pussy onwin yeni giriş through my sticky knickers. He stayed still briefly waiting to see my reaction, I let out a small gasp followed by a moan of pleasure letting him know I liked what he was doing without putting it into words. That was all the encouragement he needed as his finger now quite deliberately moved under the knickers and entered my hot creamy fuck hole. His finger wriggled inside my tight wet pussy and I begun rocking my body back and forward against the alien intruder. It felt so good having someone else finger fuck me, his finger felt great it was much longer and thicker than any of mine and penetrated me much further. After a while of being fingered by my brother my juices flowed like there was no tomorrow, the added fact that this was so naughty and prohibited made it all that much more electrifying. Peter moved until he was completely behind me, I was very disappointed when he withdrew his finger and I thought that he was having second thoughts. I think I would have cried had he wanted to stop. Instead, when he eventually spoke I was over the moon as I heard him vocalise what he intended to do to me next.

“Mmmm you taste really sweet Wendy. I’ve just got to eat your beautiful tight pussy and I just hope you’ll let me.”

He had obviously sucked my juices off of his finger and liked the taste; who wouldn’t I thought to myself and I am sure anyone looking at me would have seen a big Cheshire cat smile of satisfaction on my face. I didn’t say anything, instead just hoping that he would get down and eat me. I had heard how all the girls who had experienced being eaten down there had loved it and I was dying to experience that first hand.

The next thing I felt was Peter’s hot breaths on my exposed swollen pussy lips which clearly protruded on either side of my panties. At first he began to lick and explore the exposed the sensitive flesh surrounding my moist cunt, finally managing to engulf my quim, including the saturated crutch of my knickers, inside his hot mouth and gently nursed on my sex like a baby on a tit. This continued for some time until my panties were completely saturated with the mixture of his saliva and my own profuse sex sap. Peter’s hands eventually moved to the waist band of my knickers and he gently lowered them, briefly interrupting his oral endeavours just long enough to allow my knickers to pass his mouth on the way down. He then resumed indulging on my sensitive exposed flesh while continuing to pull my knickers down to my knees and waiting for me to lift one then the other knee so that the flimsy material could continue its journey until my knickers were completely off. I spread my legs even further apart now allowing him full access to my exposed pussy..

I was delighted with myself with the choice of skirt, as having undone the large pin and small zip at the side I was able to tug the whole thing off and completely expose my lower body. This was all done without interruption to my brother’s obvious enjoyment of my sex, which I was sure was the case, if all the slurping and moaning sounds emanating from him were anything to go by. I now lowered my upper body until my breasts touched the marble tiles, the coolness of which made my nipples even harder, as they strained against the thin fabric of the blouse. In this position and without the constraints of any clothing I was able to spread my legs wider apart while seemingly lifting my arse higher so as to give Peter an even fuller and clearer access to my exposed sex and the surrounding area.

My body was now positioned in such a way that my genital area was at the full mercy of his mouth and hands and Peter was quick to take advantage. I gasped out loudly as two of his long thick fingers penetrated my virgin pussy while his large thick tongue licked my outer cunt lips. His fingers went ever deeper into my fuck tube and he fucked me like this for a long time, only taking his fingers out of my cunny just long enough to suck my juices off his digits before returning them deep inside my waiting body. I adored the feel of his long strong fingers as they thrust in and out of my body while from time to time he would spread them open like a pair of scissors and stretch my cunt.

Peter’s next move was rather unexpected, and I was very glad of the long soak in the bath earlier, his mouth found its way to my arse and he begun to kiss the whole area, his burning lips making the flesh of my arse cheeks tingle in anticipation. The position I had assumed meant that my arse cheeks were parted exposing my anal ring. As his tongue tip touched my arse hole my whole body shuddered. It felt so nice but at the same time something completely alien and naughty, even dirty. I wasn’t sure how to respond or if I should respond. As it was I didn’t have very long to dwell on the matter as I found myself wallowing in the pleasurable sensation my body felt each time Peter run his hot wet tongue against the rubbery brown flesh of my anus. Soon I could feel the tip of his tongue as it pushed and prodded against my arse hole and I found myself trying desperately to go further down and even managing to onwin güvenilirmi stretch my legs wider in an effort to get my arse cheeks further apart as if hoping his tongue would actually manage to penetrate my anal cavity.

Peter simultaneously continued his relentless uninterrupted and rhythmic fingering of my cunt and I could feel the build up within me reaching an almost overwhelming crescendo, as my breathing became more laboured and my moans louder and louder while my head shook from side to side. With perfect timing Peter moved his mouth back to my pussy managing to suck in my swollen clit and holding it there with his lips while rubbing the tip of my most erogenous zone hard with his tongue. I knew I was about to explode but didn’t quite realise or appreciate that what he was about to do to me would magnify any of my previous self induced climaxes by the power of 20. Peter brought his other hand to my arse and I felt the gentle rubbing of the ball of his finger against my hole as though trying to rub the saliva he had previously deposited into my wrinkling brown flesh. I felt my hole voluntarily open inviting entry, it was just enough for him to push his thick long middle finger slowly inside my rectum and I could feel it slide in until he had about an inch and a half buried in my canal. At first the alien violation hurt and I winced in pain but after a few slow gentle thrusts my anus became accustomed to the presence of his finger and I begun to enjoy the thrill of simultaneously having both my holes finger fucked.

Peter’s mouth and fingers suddenly seemed to step up a gear in their attack on my defenceless cunt and arse hole, the build up was too much for me as I reached the point of no return. It was at this precise moment that Peter choose to shove the rest of his long thick finger all the way inside my arse, the suddenness of this combined with everything else send me completely over the edge and my body begun its journey to the most incredible orgasm I had ever experienced in my life as I screamed my pleasure for all the world to hear. My cunt and anal muscles squeezed against his thrusting invading digits as if wanting to keep them inside my respective orifices for eternity and my cum just gushed out of me soaking his fingers and face as he slurped trying to swallow every drop of my honey as my sex pulsated wildly.

The intenseness, pleasure, sheer joy and depth of my climax as well as a new found form of love for my brother overwhelmed me to the point that I cried, my body still shaking in the aftermath of the act. Peter misread the situation thinking I was ashamed or had had second thoughts and he held me tightly in his arms.

“Sorry Wendy, I’m so very sorry I shouldn’t have done that to you but I was so sure you wanted it as much as I wanted to, please say you’ll forgive me.”

I pulled slightly away from him and looked straight into his beautiful blue eyes and smiled while the tears run down my cheeks.

“Peter I’m crying because I love you and I loved every minute of what we just did. I’ve never felt so good about anything that’s happened to me before. It was just amazing and so intense, thank you darling Peter.”

With that I gently brought his face down to mine and begun to kiss him. Even here I felt inadequate as I lacked any experience but natural instinct took over and I seemed to know what was required of both my hungry mouth and tongue. I could still taste my sweet cum in his mouth and our kisses were full of passion and seemed to last for ever. I could feel his big cock against my body as it throbbed and I wanted to give him back just some of the sheer pleasure he had given me. I broke away from his mouth.

“Peter would you like me to kiss you down there?” I asked.

“God yes babe, my cock feels as if it’s about to explode. I’d love you to suck it until I shoot and watch you as you swallow all of my cum babe.”

I got up and kneeled in front of him, he stood up quickly discarding his boxers and allowing me to see his fully erect penis close up for the first time. It looked absolutely huge close up, about 8″ long and really fat at least 7″ round, maybe as thick as or even slightly thicker than my wrist. The head was a dark purple colour and I could see the blue veins sticking up from place to place along the thick shaft like little rivers on a map. The head was covered in a transparent syrupy liquid. I moved my hand to it and held it; it felt smooth and silky but hard. Some more of the syrupy fluid flowed out of the pee hole as I squeezed it and I realised this must be the pre-cum I had read about. I wrapped my hand around the top and begun to move it up and down as I had heard boys liked that and that’s how they masturbated themselves. After a while I leaned forward and kissed the head. It was so smooth and velvety and tasted kind of salty but not off putting. I moved my head closer and begun licking the head with my tongue, his pre-cum tasted salty but nice and rather moreish. Finally I opened my mouth as wide as I could and managed to get the head in, sucking on it while I stroked the exposed area, just under the head and the start of his long shaft, with my tongue. Peter’s cock was big and just fitted in my mouth, had it been any thicker I would have had problems getting it inside my mouth. I sucked him like this for a while and then allowed more of his large cock inside my mouth as my head moved back and forward.

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