Weekend Getaway

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I didn’t always know I was attracted to guys. I had lived pretty happily dating girls and just going about my life until I was 23 years old. My first time with a guy wasn’t planned or expected, although when it was over I suddenly never saw guys the same again.

A friend had asked me to come up to his family’s cabin over the summer. He and a few friends were hanging out there and would have low-key parties on the weekends when no one had to get up the next morning. I had nothing to do so I agreed without any issue. There would be a few girls there but it was by no means a serious kegger, just some friends enjoying the seclusion and beauty of the place. When I got there I was surprised, it was a nice cabin as far as houses in the middle of the woods go and I hadn’t been sure of what to really expect. It had four or five bedrooms upstairs and a nice view of a lake that was dotted with some other homes along the shore.

I quickly became acquainted with everyone there, I chatted with a cute girl who had been cooking herself breakfast but soon found that she had a boyfriend staying with her. There was one other girl there who seemed cool enough but didn’t really get my sense of humor and I found myself socializing with a couple of guys most of the afternoon. This was fine and I had a great time, I put the idea of getting lucky out of my mind and just tried to enjoy the clean air and quiet location.

The seven of us laughed and told stories late into the night, drinking and just having fun. A few people retired to bed and it was down to me and two other guys eventually. Nick was a quiet guy, he had chimed in a few times with a witty comment but it was Rob that I really got along with. I remember thinking about he was a little smaller than I was but definitely stronger looking. We had grown up near each other and went back and forth with stories from our youth. I thought we could easily become good friends and was wishing we’d met sooner as I said goodnight to him and walked off towards my room.

I was put in the last available bed sharing a room with Kelsey and her boyfriend Tom. They were sound asleep and breathing heavily when I slid into bed. I fell asleep quickly listening to the slow rhythm of the water lapping against the dock outside my window.

Some amount of time later I began to rouse from my deep sleep. I was in half a daze and still caught in a dream. It was about Kelsey and I remembered her cute smile, it was the kind of dream where your whole body is hot and when you wake up you are in such a sexual state usually a quick jerking off is in order. I slowly began to come back to consciousness and realized that my cock was rock hard and being Ataşehir Escort stroked so slowly. I was so relaxed I can’t believe I didn’t jump out of my bed when I figured out what was happening.

There was a slight movement in Kelsey and Tom’s bed as I slid one eyelid open not to find one of the girls at my bedside but Rob and his hand slowly massaging my pulsing meat. Something came over me in that horny moment and I did nothing to stop him, I just watched as he gripped me and moved my skin back and forth. I let out a tiny breath of pleasure and he looked up at my face.

His other hand moved over my thigh and silently asked, “Is this ok?”

“I’m not gay” I barely choked out as my penis, continued to slowly let out precum.

“So you want me to stop then?”

I hesitated for just a second but I might as well had just screamed please don’t. He smirked and gripped me tightly tugging upwards in a gentle but rough motion. He kissed my right thigh and I just lay there on my back breathing deeply wondering how long this could possibly go on before I either chickened out or Tom and Kelsey woke up and screamed.

Before I could finish that thought I felt the familiar feel of air on wet skin as a trail of saliva was left behind his tongue on my thigh. He kissed my balls and I could feel his nose on the base of my shaft. Climbing onto the bed he never slowed down pumping and tugging me. I couldn’t believe this was happening, what had started out as borderline gay molestation quickly turned into something unbelievable. A man was fondling my dick and I was loving every second of it. I spread my legs to give him some room and he bent over, feeling my stomach with both hands and licking my dick and sucking on my soft scrotum. I felt his lips on the tip of my cock and it being pulled upwards by them, then suddenly it plunged into his throat. He had obviously done this before since it was far better than any head I’d ever received before then. My mind was racing, would we fuck? Would we get caught?

The slow deep breathing in the neighboring bed hadn’t stopped and so neither did Rob. I was gritting my teeth with ever muscle contraction deep in his hot throat and found my hands rubbing his broad shoulders. For the first time in my life I whispered six words I never thought I would say and mean.

“I want to suck your cock.”

His head stopped taking me in and out for a second and he made eye contact with me. Without missing a beat he took me out of his mouth and smiled, his hand taking over for a second while his mouth rested. He arched his back and moved to the side a little, then swung his leg over me and straddled my chest. For Kadıköy Escort a second I thought “Oh my god what the fuck have I done?” There was a mans hanging dick touching my chest and his asshole to go with it, barely a foot from my face. Then before that train of thought could mature he scooched backwards and his cock was right there.

My pillow was just below the window and the almost full moon was more than enough to light his lower half well. If either of my roommates awoke there would be no hiding anything. I panicked for a second, and observed what lay in front of me. He had a large set of testicles, though they were shaven, which for whatever reason was comforting. His thick shaft was a dark tan and circumcised. As far as dicks went this was certainly a textbook example of a “desirable one” I thought. I looked at his ass, which was moving slightly back and forth, and I said to myself, “That’s Robs asshole, wow”.

For whatever reason as my cock was being sucked and pleasured seeing that asshole right there, inches from my nose, lit a fire of desire inside me. I grabbed his dick with my right hand and as I tugged down, I leaned my head up towards his asshole. It was a nice brown shade and shaven, I could smell the thick musky scent of it. Dragging my tongue up through his crack I closed my lips around his hole and began to eat it out. I jerked his cock vigorously and his balls clapped against my chin, I had to slow down for fear of making noise. He wagged his tail end a little and pushed back against my tongue causing it to penetrate just a bit. I wanted to lay there and 69 with him all night it was incredible. I think he felt I was getting close and slowed down instinctively, tugging me slowly and now playing with my asshole.

I had stopped pretending a girl’s lips were on me and embraced the fact that a sexy guy was eating my cock, I lifted him an inch or two by the hips and started to suck on him the way I’d always wished girls would. Thinking all the things I’d wished I could’ve changed about blowjobs I’d received I could now do right for the horny guy on top of me. Our bodies moved together and I tasted the salty precum that had been dripping all over my hand. I couldn’t get very deep without gagging and just hoped what I was doing was good for him. His body movement seemed to hint that he was enjoying my mouth quite a bit.

He slid off me and turned back around, our bodies flat against each other’s. He started to kiss me and slipped his tongue inside my mouth. There was no difference in making out with a guy, not surprisingly, except for the fact that our cocks were rubbing together and I was a considerable amount more Bostancı Escort turned on than a normal make out session would cause me to be. He turned me on my right side and got behind me, we spooned with my head turned to the left still kissing and sucking on his tongue. I felt his hand stroke me again; I closed my eyes and let out a pained “oh”.

“You want to be a good boy and let me put my cock in your ass?” he whispered.

That being what I wanted more than anything else in the world I nodded as I kissed him and bit on his lip.

I felt him lean back reaching for something, and then I felt a cold slimy finger on my asshole. He had grabbed some lube and was fingering me deeply. He lifted my left leg and I felt his fat cock push against my tight virgin hole. It made a wet squish noise as he penetrated me but neither of us wanted to slow down. Luckily Kelsey and Tom both hadn’t gone easy on their drinking and somehow hadn’t woken up. My ass felt so full as he pressed into me. His balls were tight against my skin and I felt his long shaft so far inside. He had one arm wrapped around me and was thrusting slowly but so deep. My mouth was locked in a constant dropped jaw expression mouthing “oh my God” every now and again. I know I hadn’t been the one fucking yet but I decided that I was without a doubt a bottom. The feeling of his fat cock penetrating me so deeply was by far the hottest thing I’d ever experienced. The stretching pain had subsided and all I could think about was how much I wanted him to go deeper each time. I was seconds away from blowing my load and he sped up, the clapping of his hips on my ass getting dangerously louder even if still almost silent.

“You want to feel my hot cum in your ass don’t you honey?” he said in my ear.

“Fill me up, oh God fill me up with it” was the sluttiest thing I could conjure.

I was just on the verge of cumming when I heard him hold his breath and for the first time knew what it was like to have a dick eject it’s load inside my body. He grabbed my hips and locked forward pumping and pumping. My eyes scrunched and I shot a rope of semen at the nightstand in front of me and another onto the sheets. We breathed heavily for a while finishing up, him thrusting slowly and me jerking to the same rhythm. He pulled his wet limp cock out of me and we made out for another 10 minutes. I was in a giddy stupor. The very edge of daybreak was on the horizon and we decided it was best that he get out of there before anyone woke up. He said the next time I’d get to tell him how his ass feels to fuck and I smiled back at him. We kissed one more time and he snuck out and back to his room. His roommate would be leaving the following afternoon and Rob would have an empty bed and a locked door for us to hide behind the following night. I was in disbelief over what had happened and how amazing it had been. I lay there, hardly able to sleep, grinning with anticipation about what was to come.

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