Weekend Getaway Ch. 03

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Knowing this a special weekend for us, Alice has agreed to make us dinner, and she has outdone herself. After dining on shrimp cocktail, crab stuffed flounder with steamed asparagus and chocolate mousse, we head out for a night of dancing and romancing.

Not much happens in Ridgway so we have to fend for ourselves. We start with some country line dancing at the local Holiday Inn. From there, we head down the street for a little Top 40. As they drop the tempo, I pull you close for an intimate spin around the dance floor, whispering in your ear, “What did I ever do to deserve this, having the best looking lady in the room dancing so close in my arms?” Before you can answer I spin you out, around, back in and dip you.

In the middle of the dip I lean over and kiss you deeply. We rise to a standing position as one, our kiss continuing as I envelop you in my arms and steer you towards the bar. The bartender serves us another round and comments on our dancing, explaining that he knows of a place nearby that has swing dancing, you know, if we’re interested. Finishing our drinks, we grab the directions and head on down the road.

After a couple hours of tearing up the dance floor to the likes of Squirrel Nut Zippers, Big Bad Voodoo Daddies and the Brian Setzer Orchestra (not to mention a couple more Yeunglings and Maker’s Marks) we decide to call it a night and head back to the B & B. Letting ourselves in, we head back to our room and fire a little Frank Sinatra into the CD player. As the gentle strains of ‘The Way You Look Tonight’ float around the room, I take you in my arms one more time, slowly swaying to the rhythm.

As we dance, my hands roam your back, finally making it the neckline of your dress. Unzipping the dress, I ease it off your shoulders, leaving in only your black pantyhose and a matching bra and panty set, also in sheer black lace. Continuing our dance you unbutton my shirt and slide it off and then pull off my undershirt so that you can run your fingers through the hair on my chest. I kick off my shoes and dance you over to the bed, urging you down as I continue to the dresser to grab the supplies I will need.

Instructing you lie back and relax, I set out candles around the room, scented like spring flowers, subtle yet soothing. Next, a small bowl of lilac scented massage oil is placed on the bed stand. I hang several silk scarves over the bedside lamps, setting the mood even more. The last step is to change Escort the CD from Frank to some light instrumental jazz. The mood set, I finally join you on the bed.

Kneeling beside you on the bed I lean down and kiss you softly. I reach down and begin to remove your hose, pushing the waist over your hips and then rolling them down your legs. Once they are off, I roll you over onto your stomach, undo the clasp of your bra and toss it aside as well. The panties will stay for now.

Telling you to relax and enjoy, I dip my fingers into the bowl of oil, rubbing my hands to warm it. Starting at your neck, I begin a slow sensual massage. Gently kneading your muscles, I work down one side of your back and then the other. My hands meet and slowly work down your spine, rocking each vertebra slowly back and forth. Reaching your waist, I apply very constant, steady pressure. The result is that you feel as if your spine is unzipping.

Next I move on to your arms, working first your shoulders, then down first your right arm, working all the way to your fingertips. I come back up and repeat the process on your left arm, rubbing and kneading both the front and back of the arm, working each individual finger all the way to the tips.

Next it’s on to your legs, slowly working down one and then the other. I finish each leg by kneading the soles of your feet. Next I teasingly work my up the inside of your legs, first the right then left, switching back and forth as I work my way higher. Just before I reach the apex, I kiss the small of your back and softly whisper for you to roll over.

Rising above you, I plant a deep sensual kiss on you and then begin smoothing the skin of your face. Starting at the brow, I gently stroke from the center of your face back. I work your neck and then down either side of your chest, purposefully staying away from your breasts. Knowing how ticklish you are, I pay special attention when I work the muscles of your stomach.

I again work down your legs, left than right. Again I finish up each with a deep massage of the sole of each foot. Again I work back up the insides of your legs, switching often from one to the other. As I near the top of your thighs, I run my hands to the outside, up over your hips and under the sides of your black silk panties. Kissing your stomach just above the waistband of your panties, I slowly pull them down. As the make their way down your legs I follow their path Escort Bayan with my lips, kissing first each thigh, then the insides of your knees, then along your calves and finally the sole of each foot.

Walking around the side of the bed, I take one of the scarves off the closest lamp and, raising your right arm above your head, tie it to the headboard. Your eyes snap open and peer at me questioningly. I whisper in your ear to trust me as I take a second scarf and add your left wrist to its counterpart. The final step of this part of my seduction is to blindfold you, using the last of the scarves, leaving you completely under my control.

Leaving you on the bed, I walk over and get the last of my supplies, a large feather and a bowl of ice cubes. Walking soundlessly back to the bed, I run the tip of the feather up the sole of one foot. As ticklish as you are, this causes you to flinch, and I move on to other body parts. Lightly tracing circles with the feather, a breast, your thigh, the other foot, along an arm. You never know where I’ll go next.

Setting the feather aside, I grab one of the ice cubes and allow a few drops to melt and drip onto your belly. Then I apply it to your breasts, circling your erect nipples, first the right then left. Next I run the quickly melting cube up your throat, over your chin and to your lips. The last remnant of ice I feed to you, leaning in to melt it with the heat of our kiss.

You are so turned on by now that you are tugging at your bonds, but I have tied them securely so there is no chance of your escaping. As we continue kissing, I reach for the bowl and another ice cube. Breaking the kiss, I trail a path of melting ice down one leg and up the other. Arriving at the apex, I trace a circle around your pussy lips, then allow the cube to slide directly up and down your lips.

You are so hot down there the ice doesn’t stand a chance so I have to grab a third cube. Again starting with you tits, I quickly return to your hot wet snatch, this time slipping the ice inside. As it melts, I lean in and lick up all the considerable moisture. Less than half is from the ice, most is yours. I could stay here all day and night, so I place your legs over my shoulders and lie on my stomach, slowly eating your sweet pussy, licking up and down the lips, slipping my tongue in, flicking it over your clit.

You’re so keyed up by this point, that it takes only a minute of this Bayan Escort before you are screaming out as wave after wave of orgasms roll through you. I continue to lick and suck your clit until you are coming so hard that you are literally gushing into my mouth. I savor every last drop, as you lay limp on the mattress.

I crawl up beside you and undo the blindfold as I kiss you, then release your wrists. You throw your arms around me and pull me close, whispering something about ‘the most powerful sexual experience in my whole life’. I return your embrace and tell you to hold that thought until I’m done, laughing as I nuzzle your neck.

Rolling on top of you, I playfully bite at one nipple as I reach down to confirm that you are still good and wet. With that, I rise up to my knees and grab your hips. I pull you down the bed towards me until the tip of cock is right at the entrance to your pussy. Throwing your thighs across mine, I bury my cock completely in the tightest, wettest pussy I’ve ever felt. For 30 seconds I just hold it there, enjoying the feeling. Then I shift and begin rocking slowly in and out, in and out.

You wrap your legs around my waist, and use your heels on my ass to set the pace you want. Taking that as my cue, I pull out, roll over and pull you on top. You get the idea and slide my cock back into your slick passion sleeve, and, straddling me, ride me to your pleasure. As you continue to rock up and down, back and forth, I reach down and rub my thumb over your clit, adding another level of sensations.

This is enough to set you off again and I can feel you clench around my cock as another powerful orgasm rocks your world. You slump forward on my chest completely sated. Sliding my cock out of your cunt, you say that you can’t take any more, you need a break, all the while stroking me, keeping me hard. You smile and say that if I give you a couple minutes, you’ll keep me happy and hard and then let me do whatever I want. How can I say no to that.

After five minutes of just holding each other and stroking touching exploring, you climb onto your knees and whisper that you want me take you from behind. Not being a complete fool, I kneel behind you and guide my cock home. We begin to thrust in rhythm, gradually increasing our tempo until I am giving you everything I have. I reach around and grasp your tits, pinching your nipples as I slam my 6 and ½ inches into you over and over, until at last I thrust deep and shoot my load, filling you with my seed.

Collapsing onto you, I take you in my arms and whisper in your ear, “Now THAT was the most powerful sexual experience of either of our lives.” And with that we both drift off to a well rested sleep.

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