Weekend at the Cabin Ch. 02

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Downstairs, Mark and James had gotten to speaking about grad schools. The two had applied at most of the same schools, but the level of competition left them almost entirely assured to not be going to the same one and the same would probably be true for Alan as well. That said, with Palo Alto or someplace else in California being the long-term target, and several key grad schools being out that way, it’s not unlikely that they end up at least in close enough proximity to get together from time to time.

While they weren’t surprised to see Alan come back downstairs about 30 minutes after he went upstairs, they couldn’t believe what he came down wearing. While they were taking double takes, Alan walked over to the fridge and asked whether they had brought some milk because he was feeling like a glass before bed. Mark was the first to find his voice: “Hey, huh…. Alan…. what are you wearing?”

“Oh! This is what I always wear to bed!” he said enthusiastically as he looked down at his attire. He was actually wearing a one-piece cotton… teddy, for lack of a better word. If it wasn’t one piece, it would look like some sort of sweat shorts and a wife beater. It was white except for a light red trim along the edges at the shoulders and neck as well as each cuff of the shorts. “Oh! You know, you guys are right? I normally have a little belt tied around just to tighten it up in case I want to show off my abs through the fabric. I know you’ve never seen this before, but just be thankful I save the silk one for special occasions. The material can… well… it gets me going if you know what I mean. Hmm – I guess we didn’t bring any milk. Oh well, I’m off to bed! Night! Tomorrow, we will rock those slopes!” With that, he started back up the stairs.

“Wait!” yelled Mark. “Alan, did you *shave*?”

“Good niiiiiiiiight!” they heard come down from upstairs.

“What on earth was that?” Mark asked rhetorically. James, still in a state of shock, didn’t know what to say. “James, hey, you don’t think his behaviour has anything to do with you, do you? Suggesting someone takes it easy on the booze doesn’t make him shave all his body hair, put on one-piece nightwear and change his drink from beer to milk – well, it shouldn’t?”

“He was right – I was mothering him. It’s all a bit strange. Look, I just want to go to bed – do you mind, Mark?”

Not surprised that James would just want to shut it down for the night given his stress over Alan, Mark said he’d tidy up downstairs before meeting his friend in their room. Bypassing keçiören escort the shower, James went straight to the room. Directly across from the door was a double-paned glass window overlooking the front drive and, below the window, the bed, which was little more than a mattress on an average queen bed frame. A small closet on the left and dresser with a vanity on the right. Stripping off his sweater, James sat at the vanity for a moment and just looked into the mirror. As though looking at himself for an answer, he whispered “Why am I so sensitive today?” Looking into his own eyes, almost expecting an answer, he thought he saw crow’s feet starting to form around his eyes for the first time. Moving his hands to his face he began to stretch his skin and inspect for lines, moving from one angle to the next before deciding it would be all right.

Taking off his pants and socks James crawled into bed with just his boxers, laying away from the centre of the bed and closing his eyes.

When he woke it was still dark and he felt he’d barely slept at all. Everything seemed fuzzy, but as he regained his surroundings and recognized the cabin, he settled back into the bed. Before drifting back into his slumber, he felt a hand on his shoulder as his bedmate whispered “James, dude, are you okay? You’re so tense it’s hard for me to sleep over here.” At the mention of tension, Mark tightened his grip on James’s shoulder and gently rubbed his thumb into the muscle below his friends shoulder blade.

Despite the foreign touch that he had never considered the possibility of before that moment, James exhaled deeply with obvious physical contentment. As Mark’s thumb worked deeper into his shoulder and the tips of his fingers massaged his shoulder near the base of his neck. It was the magic that Mark’s fingers worked that drew the first sounds from James’s mouth. “Mmmm… feels.. so… good.”

“You really need this, buddy,” Mark whispered. “If nothing else, let me work some of that tension out so I don’t have to try to sleep through it filling the room.”

In agreement, James simply rolled onto his stomach and gave his friend full access to his back. Sitting up, Mark began kneading both of James’s shoulders with full leverage. The light from the window shone down on the bed and illuminated James’s back in a way that made Mark take notice of his friend’s definition and muscles. Seeing the muscles defined only encouraged him in work out the kinks. Sliding his thumbs from James’s spine to the outside kızılay escort of his shoulder, Mark noticed two things: the first being that he had gone to bed naked and the second being that he was slowly getting hard the more he touched James’s body. Although he was initially surprised by these things, it made sense that he would go to bed naked like he always did and that massaging a well-defined body would make him excited.

Emboldened by his lack of discomfort, he slid closer to his friend letting his elbows rest on James’s back. Leaning down to James’s ear he whispered “I love your back in the moonlight.” With those words, he let his now fully erect cock brush up against James’s boxers as he sat back up to continue his massage. For his part, James was putty in Mark’s hands and moaned softly as James’s cock brushed his hip.

For leverage, so he told himself to keep up some appearance of just giving a massage, Mark decided to straddle James at the hips in order to really work his back. Breaking contact to climb up, James turned his head and looked at him for the first time since they had touched that night in bed and said “No, Mark…”

For a brief moment, Mark felt ashamed for taking advantage of his friend, thinking with his hard cock rather than just his desire for a relieved friend and good night’s sleep. While thinking about how to explain himself, James simply lifted his mid-section off the bed and slid his boxers down and kicked them off to someplace under the blankets. “Okay.” Gone along with his boxers was any pretence about this being just a massage.

Mark only paused a moment as he looked at James, now naked from head to toe. His arms, a reasonably well-sculpted ass and tight legs. If Mark had any doubts about his cock being fully erect, they were put to rest right at that moment. He climbed on top of James, resting all 7 inches of his cock in the crack of James’s ass and leaned forward to keep the massage going. At the first touch, James let out a soft moan and gently lifted his pelvis to cuddle Mark’s cock.

“Mark,” James stuttered, the ecstasy clear in his voice. “Come down here for a sec.” Mark complied, laying flat against his friend’s body and sliding his hands down James’s arms, resting his pecs on his shoulders and sandwiching his cock between their bodies.

“What is it? Is this okay?”

“This is so amazing – your hands are so strong and have me so relaxed. Are you enjoying… touching me this way?”

Mark looked down at James, his mouth right beside kolej escort his ear, decided to show him how he enjoyed touching him this way. “I…” pausing to kiss James’s earlobe. “Love….” this time licking the length of James’s ear. “Touching you,” and proceeded to lay kisses down James’s neck below his ear. This drove James wild, but he had nowhere to move except to rub against Mark. Massaging Mark’s cock with his ass and grinding against his body made Mark moan in his ear.

Seeing that he could pleasure his friend, James lifted, trying to signal that he wanted to change positions and, in so doing, rolled over and came face to face with Mark. They looked at one another for a moment and as each felt their cocks brush one another, they smiled and kissed for the first time. What seemed unimaginable only a few hours before was now the top priority as Mark pushed his tongue into his slighter friend’s mouth – brushing his teeth and wrestling his tongue. On his elbows, Mark began to rub James’s chest and massage his pecs, much more sensitive and softer than he ever would have imagined. They were more sensitive than James imagined, too, as he exhaled a moan into Mark’s probing mouth.

Mark worked his right hand lower, massaging his friend’s breast with his left. He caressed James’s ribs and abs as he moved lower until he reached his throbbing-hard cock. Rather than wrap his hand around, he rubbed the underside as it lay flat. While it was most obviously a cock, Mark treated it like a long clit, making sure to apply pressure along its length, moving his thumb side to side at each stroke.

James was in absolute heaven – he’d never had anyone handle his meat in such a way. With each of Mark’s strokes, he felt more and more aroused – he shared this with Mark by thrashing his hips uncontrollably and playing with Mark’s tongue or nibbling his ear or whatever piece of Mark he could get in his mouth. Within minutes, or after an eternity, James shrieked in Mark’s ear that he was coming and chomped on Mark’s neck as his cock sprayed warm cum all over his abdomen and his friend’s hand.

Mark was pleased with himself – he’d never made someone come so hard simply by rubbing a clit. He kissed James again and gently rubbed the organ he so skillfully handled for the past few moments as it shrank back down to its normal size. As it shrank, he moved his hand lower, between James’s balls and down to her soaking wet pussy. As he began to finger Jane’s pussy, she looked up at Mark pleading, wanting Mark to plunge his cock deep inside her so he could get off as well (and hopefully get herself one more time as well), they heard the noise: a gentle crying from the next room.

Jane looked at Mark with puppy dog eyes and asked aloud why their lovely daughter needed to be fed at the most inopportune times…

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