Watching the nieghbour shower

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Watching the nieghbour showerAt the time of the remarkable incident I was sharing an apartment with a workmate. He was often away with his girlfriend at the time leaving me to ponder the best strategy to find a girlfriend of my own. I was somewhat introverted and somewhat awkward around members of the female sex, as I look back I realise there were missed opportunities!This particular evening neither the TV nor books nor radio were holding my attention for very long. Yep you guessed it boredom city! This in Montreal was inexcusable, it is a city of many wonders and delights which some years later I still remember fondly.The last rays of sunshine were gradually fading away as I roused myself to turn on the lights. As I stood movement across the quadrangle in another apartment caught my eye. There were about 60 to 80 feet of space between the two wings. As often happens when something catches the corner of your eye I turned for a better look, what I saw caused my hand to no longer seek the light switch.Through the open window, apparently of the bathroom to the apartment opposite, there was the naked back and long brown hair of a young woman; at least my sensory powers were quite sure this was a woman. Having been a voyeur in the past and still am, my curiosity was aroused. Soon other parts of my anatomy would join my curiosity. Keeping in the shadows and dismissing any questions as to the right or wrong of my actions, I moved closer to my window. It became clear that this person was in the midst of a shower, my view was restricted ankara escort due to the window height but I could clearly see the upper body of this as yet mystery person. Slowly the figure turned to the left until there was no doubt as to her gender and my first impression was confirmed. Her breasts came into view; large, firm and tipped with rosy red nipples. Now my attention was so fully commanded all else faded into the background. A fire could have erupted and I would have paid it scant attention as I stood enthralled by the vision before me.Her hands swept over her breasts lathering them with soap suds. This I found to be extremely erotic. Her hands paused then began caressing her breasts; did she know she was being watched? Had I revealed myself somehow? Were others watching? I noticed her fingers and thumbs teasing her nipples as she kept running her hands over those wonderful breasts. Then one hand disappeared from view heading south, was she playing with herself? My vivid imagination running rampant said she was. She turned more to the window her beautiful breasts in full view as she played with them circling them with her hands stroking, rubbing with the front of her hand then the back of her hand. Again one hand heads south as the other caresses and fondles first one then the other breast. Then with a big smile she turned to the spray of water to rinse herself off.A couple of times now I had found it necessary to readjust myself, my member growing in response to such an erotic sight. Reaching out she pulled the shower ankara escort bayan curtain aside, reached for a towel and began to dry herself. I noticed that now the curtain to the shower was pulled aside I could see through the bathroom door right down a hallway. She dried off with her back towards me bending and straightening as she dried herself but still I could see no lower than mid back. My mind wandered pondering the delights of her nether regions. Finally she wrapped the towel around her and left the room. Now I could see all of her, all be it from behind, the towel coming to mid-thigh, what lovely legs! Thinking this was as much as I would see I started to turn away, but no she was coming back maybe I’ll wait a little longer. She returned to the bathroom got whatever she needed and turned back down the hall again, this time though half way down the hall the towel fell away till she was holding it in one hand dragging it along beside her.My eyes couldn’t believe the vision before them, my cock did, pushing against my pants, hard and strong. There she was naked from head to toe her bum describing that pattern only a woman can. Again was this deliberate, a tease or pure accident? Whatever I didn’t care as I feasted on the loveliness revealed. I was for sure going to have to spend some time in my room with my favourite member! At the end of the hall she turned, to go into another room? Her bedroom maybe? NO she turned right around and began walking back towards me and whoever else may be watching. Now I knew escort ankara she must be enjoying this, teasing whoever may be watching. Then I realised, I the voyeur have an exhibitionist living across from me. This must be heaven! Once again I gazed upon her wonderful breasts, swaying gently as she walked. Then my gaze went lower, across her flat tummy to her most private place. I looked upon her pubic hair and considered the delights hidden therein. How I wished the space between us was less so I could see more detail. I continued to watch as she entered the bathroom, my vision of her whole body becoming less as the window began to cut off her lower regions. The light went out as if to say ‘shows over’ and that was it for that night.Without turning on the light I retired to my bedroom, stripped and fell upon my bed. Clicking the mental tape in my head to rewind I slowly replayed the show as I stroked my cock, running my hand up and down feeling my hardness. Circling my cock head with my thumb pulling my foreskin over it then pulling it back, thrusting my cock out from my hand, my other hand playing with my balls I thought of her c cup breasts, her hands caressing them teasing her nipples. Precum oozing from the tip off my cock, I spread it around with my finger, gently rubbing my cock head, so sensitive. Now I feel that swelling unmistakable feeling of needing to cum as I once again dwell on her buttocks rippling as she walks. Then finally as my hand pumps faster, watching the sway of her breasts, her hair concealing her womanly treasure as she walks towards me, towards me and my thrusting, jutting, spurting cock. As my spunk shoots from my cock covering my hand and stomach my body shudders, once, twice, three times and relaxes in spent ecstasy. Thank you whoever you are!

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