Washing Away the Pain Ch. 03

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The mailbox read simply 623 and contained junk mail and bills. It wasn’t unusual; all of the mailboxes on Glen Acres looked the same. What made this mailbox special; it held mail for both Sherry and Derrick.

Sherry was overjoyed when her brother had expressed his love for her, but she couldn’t wear her engagement ring. If they ever went to see their family again she would have to take it off and the family would question why she had a ring mark. The ring was kept in a special locked jewelry box, along with a piece of paper that said, ‘You know better than that’, which was a special way for brother and sister to say ‘I love you’.

Derrick had accepted a promotion and transfer to another state. He lived together with his girlfriend Sherry. They had made friends in the new area and because Sherry and Derrick had different last names none of their friends knew that they were brother and sister, or engaged. Sherry considered her last name the only thing her ex-husband had given her that was positive.

Sherry and Derrick would blow off any questions about where they were from by being as ambiguous as possible. Another topic they were determined to be vague about was their previous marriages, only letting their friends know that Derrick was divorced and Sherry was a widow, but never any details.

Derrick knew that his sister was in love, but it wasn’t only with him. The air had started to turn colder as summer gave way to fall. Where they used to live the transition into fall and then winter wasn’t all that big a deal. He had been transferred to Massachusetts where the change of seasons was a spectacular event. Autumn in New England was a period where Mother Nature overwhelmed your senses as she used the changing fall foliage to surprise and delight.

School was back in session and they had started watching the local Pop Warner football practices. Sherry always laughed seeing 60 pound kids wearing 40 pounds of protective equipment trying to run up and down the field.

Derrick held Sherry’s hand as they stood enjoying the colors of the leaves set against the backdrop of a glorious sunset. After supper she had wanted to get out of the house, so he had loaded her in the car and headed for the park. Surrounded by maples, oaks, birch’s locusts and pines, Sherry stared in wonder at the dramatic kaleidoscope of the reds, yellows and oranges of the surrounding foliage punctuated by the enthusiasm of the players as they practiced. Watching her reaction to the boys Derrick saw his sister’s beauty coming from the inside. She was a kind, thoughtful and caring woman.

When Sherry realized that he was staring at her, she pointed to the football field, “You are supposed to be enjoying something special.”

“I am.”

Sherry felt herself blush at the compliment, “You’re hopeless,” and gave his hand a squeeze. It was crazy being in love with her brother, the rest of the world and especially their family would never approve, but she knew it was love. She gave him a smile; the heart wanted what the heart wanted.

Derrick turned Sherry and his lips pressed against hers. He breathed in the intoxicating scent that was his sister. Besides her natural scent, she wore a light perfume that hinted of a sweet smell of innocence mixed with a touch of naughtiness and delightful excitement, which he found an irresistible combination. Her tongue slipped between his lips as she responded, a singular experience he would always remember from a woman he considered so beautiful in every way.

“With all of the men on this planet to choose from,” Sherry sighed, “Why did I fall madly in love with you?”

“All I know Sher is that you’re the only one that makes me happy.”

Sherry pulled him after her, heading for the car, “Come on before we wind up doing something in the park.” On the trip home, with her arms wrapped around him, her mind drifted back to her ex-husband. Sherry had been a good girl all of her life and had tried to follow the rules. She was a virgin when she married and had found it difficult to enjoy sex. Even though she was married, she felt as if it was taboo for a very long time, that she was doing something wrong. On the few times her ex-husband had made her have an orgasm, she would still have a small amount of guilt. Her ex wasn’t into foreplay and she would also have pain during sex which put a damper on it all.

She placed her lips gently on his neck and knew the reason for her problems with sex. While quenching sexual thirst is a normal desire, it isn’t enough. After the fire of passion is over there has to be something else to sustain a life together. She loved her brother and knew he loved her the exact same way. Her ex-husband had sex with her fulfilling his own needs, but her brother made love to her trying to fulfill her needs. Love making had certain dimensions associated to it. Being intimate and close to someone very special during love making was certainly a deeper expression and much needed aspect.

Getting home, she sahabet güvenilirmi dragged him into the house and he barely got the door closed when she was all over him. Experiencing the strange feeling that her life would be totally empty without him had made her want to be sensual for him. She really didn’t understand it, but because Derrick didn’t expect things from her, it actually made her want to give those things to him. Pressing her lips to his, she panted, “I want you.” Sherry loved the feeling of her brother’s tongue in her mouth. Throwing her shirt and bra off she continued to kiss him. Then she grabbed his hair and put his mouth to her breast. “Mmm, oh yes,” a constant soft moan escaped her as her nipples grew hard.

Derrick chuckled as he tried to suck, “Shouldn’t we go to the bedroom?”

Pushing him away, Sherry dropped to her knees, “I can’t wait that long.” Pulling her brother’s jeans and underwear down around his ankles, she gazed hungrily at his penis. She actually had very little experience before her brother now she would try different things not only to see if he enjoyed them but to see if she did. And she had made a shocking discovery, she really enjoyed sucking his cock. A giggle escaped her as his soft penis slipped past her lips. It was a point of honor for her that she could turn his soft penis into a hard cock. She looked at her brother’s face, he didn’t seem to mind.

Derrick watched his cock slide into his sister’s delicate mouth, it was amazing. He knew that Sherry had never even thought about doing this before him, and she had turned out to be good at it. Looking into her eyes as she enjoyed herself was the biggest turn on. Being sucked because he liked it felt great, but being sucked because she liked it was way beyond that.

Sherry stood, dropped her jeans and panties, and turned away from her brother. “I’ve got to have it in me,” and she placed her hands on the wall for support.

Derrick leaned over her back and whispered, “What about foreplay?” Sherry took his hard cock and placed it between her legs, she was very wet. Feeling his hard cock to her pussy he murmured, “Never mind,” and slid inside of her.

Having his cock in her always gave her a full feeling. Moaning softly, it was almost shocking when he first penetrated and she got the feeling of something hard inside, something that was not a part of her body giving her sort of a stiff feeling between her legs. “Ohhh,” it felt so good when he started to move in and out of her and she pushed back against him.

Derrick marveled at his sister, it felt wet and tight and warm inside of her. He couldn’t imagine it getting any better than this.

She gave a knowing grin at him as he got faster. The feeling of pressure was building as he pushed himself in and out. Actually knowing she was pleasing him and giving him pleasure made it feel way better than just sex. Feeling him thrust in and out sent a shiver through her stomach all the way to her heart. It was just amazing to know she was as close to her brother as she could get and the connection gave her a sense of oneness.

She normally enjoyed the steady build-up of arousal, of excitement, of thrilling erotic tension, but there was also something special in being spontaneous. His thrusting made the pleasure from her pussy become more and more intense. Her breathing had become labored, the sensation slowly getting almost unbearable – panting and moaning, Sherry felt it building and building; finally, for a few seconds, it turned into something close to torment. Then hitting a peak, she climaxed. Crossing a threshold her moans and groans got louder as she exploded into release. His hard cock kept ramming into her making her feel as if she were in another world.

Derrick knew he had hit the right spot, could feel her body shuddering. His thrusts actually raised her off of the ground as he rammed in even harder and deeper. Grabbing her hips, he thrust as hard and deep as he could and shot his cum in her pussy. It felt like she was getting even tighter as he filled her with shot after shot. Holding her he just tried to breathe. Still deep inside of her, the warm and wet feeling was something completely ecstatic. What he shared with his sister was an amazing mind and body blowing experience.

That night, lying in bed, Derrick listened to her as she slept. Her gentle breathing was music to his ears. He turned and saw her reflected in the incoming moonlight. She filled him with so many different emotions, but the one that was keeping him awake was one he couldn’t name. He kept seeing her and how she enjoyed herself watching the boys playing football. Taking a deep breath, he turned over. He would worry about it tomorrow. Unfortunately he had other worries at work that week so the tomorrow didn’t come until the weekend.

The next weekend was the company picnic and as management Derrick was expected to attend. That meant that Sherry had to attend. It wasn’t a problem, both of them sahabet yeni giriş liked being around other people and several of Derrick’s co-workers had become friends that they saw on a regular basis. Sherry watched her brother as he mingled and she was filled with pride at the obvious respect they held for him as a manager. Her life was now happy and she could see a future together with him. They were comfortable together.

Sherry got drawn into a game with several other women and a lot of children. Totally enjoying herself she gave into the sheer joy of it. Derrick had worn a constant smile all afternoon, until he saw his sister playing with the children. She was laughing and carrying on and it made him remember her watching the boys playing football. He realized what it was that was bothering him, and his feelings for her had an added emotion — guilt.

After she was done with the game, Sherry went to find her brother and saw him frowning at her. It was the first time she had seen that on his face in a long time. She asked him if anything was wrong but his only response was that he was fine. It was obvious to her that something was bothering him but she let it go. As the picnic wound down and they prepared to leave, she again tried to find out what was wrong but got nothing and the ride home was made in silence.

Waking up in the middle of the night she reached for him and found herself sleeping in the bed alone. She got up to hunt for him, finding him asleep in the spare bedroom. She didn’t know what was wrong, what she had done. She sat down next to him and gently touched him. She smiled when he woke up. “What are you doing in here?”

“I want to be alone, go back to bed.”

Sherry got up without saying another word. Tears flowed down her face as she went back to bed, the first tears she had ever shed because of him. She lay in bed with hundreds of thoughts racing through her mind. She went over the day trying to figure out what she had done to upset him but simply couldn’t imagine what it might be.

Brother and sister spent the next two weeks as strangers. Sherry left her brother alone. When he came home from work he said very little, they weren’t intimate in any way. She couldn’t even get a kiss from him. Each night he slept in the spare bedroom and each night she cried herself to sleep in their bed. Finally, she couldn’t take any more. When he came home from work, she confronted him. “Derrick I want to know what’s wrong.”

“Why don’t you get off my back?”

Sherry erupted, “Fuck you.”

“You don’t like it, why don’t you fucking leave?”

Sherry was stunned, “What?”

Derrick hated himself for causing her pain, “You heard me, go home to the family, find someone else.” He watched his crying sister run to their bedroom. His heart was breaking knowing he had done this and he felt the tears run down his own face.

That night Sherry stood watching her brother sleeping but not with her. She was so confused and felt so alone. Why was he being this way, what had caused it? She sat down next to him which made him wake up.

Derrick looked at her trembling lip, reached out and held her, “I’m sorry Sher.”

Closing her eyes to the tears, her voice choked with emotion, she spoke from her soul, “I love you and that feeling is now a solid ache in my heart, a never ending always pulsating ache. I miss you, I miss talking to you, I miss hearing you. All of our lives you were the one person I could confide in, who I could tell my deepest and darkest secrets to. No other person knows me like you.” She stopped in an attempt to get control of herself, “I miss that level of truth. I miss that level of intimacy.”

Still holding on, Derrick took a deep breath and slowly let it out. “Never doubt that I love you. You challenge and motivate me to be a better man.”

She shook her head, “I don’t understand what’s wrong.”

“I watched you look at the boys playing football and again playing with the children at the picnic. You love children so much and I am responsible for denying you that part of your life. You would obviously make a good mother and your staying with me is keeping you from being one. It is something I will never be able to give you. I would do anything to make you happy, including giving you up.” Smiling and blinking back the tears, she slipped under the covers. They gently kissed and then just fell asleep holding each other, Sherry thinking how much she loved her idiot brother.

The next few weeks found their lives more or less back to normal but now it was Sherry avoiding Derrick. She would greet him with a kiss when he came home. They were back to sleeping together but she wouldn’t have sex with him. Derrick just figured she was mad at him for the way he had handled the situation instead of just talking to her about it to begin with.

About a month later, Derrick pulled up in front of the house but didn’t get out of the car. Something was different but he couldn’t figure sahabet giriş out what it was. He looked at the front of the house and saw it; there, right above the doorknob was a white rose. Walking up to the door, he took the rose and expected a note but there wasn’t one. Opening the door he just stood there stunned. There were white and light blue streamers hanging from everywhere. Ribbons and bows had been placed on every conceivable surface. The living room had a sheet blocking it with a sign telling him to go to the spare bedroom. He closed the front door and headed there.

The door to their bedroom was closed but the spare bedroom door was open. Taking a deep breath he walked in and saw clothes lying on the bed. There was another note telling him to shut the door, get dressed and then go to the living room. Doing as he was asked, it didn’t take him long to see that he was putting on a tuxedo, it did, however, take him several minutes to get into it.

Heading down to the living room he discovered that the sheet had been removed and the room had been decorated within an inch of its life. This room continued with the white and light blue streamers, and ribbons but here there were white roses and light blue iris’s in crystal vases. The one thing that stood out were the blow up dolls sitting on the sofa and chairs, they were all dressed in suites or dresses. A path of white rose petals lead to the big screen television with a note on the floor. He picked up the note and read ‘You know better than that’. He couldn’t help but smile. The big screen came on and it was only then that Derrick noticed it connected to Sherry’s computer.

A man came on the screen, “All rise,” this was followed by the wedding march. Derrick watched his sister walking down the aisle wearing a white layered dress with a very pale blue color accent. He had never seen her prettier. When she got to his side she took his hand in hers. The man on the computer continued, “We are gathered in the presence of these witnesses to join Sherry and Derrick in holy matrimony. If any know why these two should not marry, let them speak now of forever hold their peace.”

Derrick was surprised when Sherry looked intently into his eyes, waiting. That look said she was dead serious. She softly whispered, “I’m not stupid, I know the reasons brothers and sisters do not have children. It is my decision and you have to let me make it.” Again, she waited, until she was certain how he felt, her unblinking gaze meeting his.

Derrick was relieved when the man on the screen continued, “Derrick take the ring, place it on her finger and repeat after me.” It was only then that Derrick saw rings in Sherry’s extended palm and a wireless remote for her computer in her other hand. They went through the ring ceremony and exchanged their “I do’s”. Sherry had placed a video camera on a tripod to record it all, and with the help if her computer, they had given themselves to each other in marriage, each pledging their love for one another.

The man on the screen said, “I now pronounce you man and wife, you may kiss your bride.” Derrick kissed his sister, his wife, his soul mate. In her return kiss he knew that this was right, that they were right. As the wedding march played, he let her take his arm and they walked out of the living room, almost expecting the witnesses to stand.

They went to the kitchen and there was some punch, mini-sandwiches, chips, cookies and a small wedding cake. Derrick and his new wife sat and had something to eat. She then poured them some coffee and together they sliced some of the cake. With the wedding supper finished, Sherry stood and offered her hand to her new husband. “Your honeymoon suite is waiting for you.”

Walking hand in hand the two made their way to their bedroom. The door was now open and Sherry watched her husband’s face as he saw the room decorated with hundreds of candles in glass holders. The flames reflected off of the walls and seemed to dance as they welcomed the newlyweds. Derrick went to enter and realized that Sherry wasn’t moving. He smiled as he realized why. Bending down he lifted his wife in his arms and carried her over the threshold of their honeymoon bedroom. Before he would let her down he insisted on a kiss. She didn’t seem to mind.

“You get undressed, I will be right back.” Sherry kissed him again and went into the attached bathroom and shut the door. When she came back out she was wearing a negligee of pure white with blue highlights.

Lying on the bed, Derrick couldn’t help but stare. The white revealed a lot of her body, but the blue kept her from showing everything. Wearing the soft and delicate material, she was dressed to tease and to please and he felt himself start to react. He opened his arms and his new wife fell into them. Their kisses were tender and filled with the love they both felt. Looking into her eyes he whispered, “No one has ever loved me like this. Everything you have done makes me love you all the more. Thank you.” He was stopped by more kisses. “I love you so much.”

Sherry smiled, “I know, that’s why I did it.” Her arms went around his neck, their lips pressed together and she felt his hands start to roam over her, gently pressing against the material of her negligee.

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