Waking Up

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Waking UpI wake up and roll my head over, just next to me on the bed I can see my phone, I pick it up and see the time. It is 7:22am, my alarm clock will go off in 8 minutes but yesterday was a slow night and I slept early, so I woke up before that. I am in my small room in my Masters house, I have my own house but more on that later. The room as I mentioned is not large, a big single bed in the middle, a rather large TV on the wall opposite the bed. To the left of the TV is the door to go out and to the right a full height mirror. The right wall has a small sofa and the left wall another full wall mirror and the door to the bathroom I share with the girl room. I got up and went to the bathroom to clean up for the morning and start my day. Into the bathroom and across from my door in the door to the girl room. Four of them sleep in there, I slowly open the door, two of them are in there, little Eli must be in the master bedroom with Master and Misses and Eve the cook probably is already up preparing breakfast.I look at myself in the mirror as I pick up my toothbrush. I look nothing like I did a few months ago. I am a man, but I look like a woman, no body hair at all thanks to laser therapies, long hair that I stopped cutting a year ago, luscious fuck me silicone lips the plastic surgeon gave me, and of course a set of perfect very large tits. My F size tits surprisingly enough are not silicone implants, they are real. All through the last 15 months I had a series of plastic operations where the surgeon took fat from all over my body and used it to enhance my breasts using a technique called liposculpture, the result was not better than silicone and it took a lot more time but it had one very significant advantage. My tits could be perforated skewered and tortured and there were no silicone bags to rupture, so basically it helped with the tit torture my masters enjoy so much. My butt is smooth and perky and it had always been so, even when I was looking like a man. My 16cm dick is quite fat and sometimes I still enjoy using it.With my teeth done, I go to the shower, where I remove the 4cm diameter butt plug that was in my ass all night and give myself a warm water enema to be clean in case someone wants to use my asshole. After the enema I take a quick shower and I am ready to go wake up my Master and Madam. Ass I put on my see-through baby doll I look at the time. It is 7:50, and they must be woken up between 8:00 and 8:15 so everything is fine. I am the senior slave of the house. Everything goes through me, and I answer only to my two masters. In reality as I know more about the day to day running of the house, often they accept my recommendations. There are another 4 female slaves in the house, the cook Eve, the maid Alice, the cleaning lady Claire and little Eli. There are also another 2 male servants, the driver George and the gardener Steve.Very carefully I open the door to the master bedroom, Master and Misses are sleeping in the bed, Eli is at the foot of the bed a sofa cushion under her head for a pillow. She is naked, her 16 year old perfect body glistening from whatever bodily fluids are on her. Her perfect C cup tits are red and her butt has some welts on it, she is wearing he small diamond butt plug and I can also see her labia piercings, I gently rock her shoulder and she opens her eyes, I whisper to her ear what the time is and she quietly gets up puts the cushion on the sofa and leaves the room. I know that she is going to get cleaned up and come back in a bit. I go to Madams side of the bed and gently touch her, after a while she opens her eyes. I am on my knees by her side of the bed waiting for her command, she smiles and uses her finger to signal for me to come closer. As I do it she pulls the sheet of her and I see she is naked. Her vagina has a small triangle of trimmed blond her on top of it, her tits are much smaller than mine but still very respectable Ds. She uses her hand to guide me to the vagina, and slowly whispers that she is not ready for me to lick her yet. This means that she has to pee and she is to lazy to go to the toilet. I use my mouth to create a seal around her slit and eagerly await for her sweet piss. She is a caring Madam and she does not try to drown me, she gives me a steady stream that I can swallow without making a mess. The noise of me gulping down piss is the only thing in the room, I maintain eye contact with Madam so that I know if she needs anything. After a few moments I can feel the flow diminishing and I see a smile on her face, I slowly start using my tongue to clean her out. The smell and taste of her morning urine definitely stronger than usual. My tongue goes to her asshole as I do not want to miss any spot on her that needs freshening up, suddenly there is movement on the bed, it is Master he has woken bahis firmaları up and rolled over to kiss his wife good-morning, after they kiss for a bit he says-Do you need to use the bathroom dearI look at him, the look on my face is definitely not something that a slave should have, but it is there nonetheless I look at him condescendingly as if he has done something wrong, and he has. When did I ever refuse to drink his morning pee? And why did he even consider the possibility of wasting it down the toilet? He looks at me, smiles and says -Oh, alright then come here.He stands up, I stop servicing Madam and go to him walking on my knees. When I am there I take his flaccid dick in my mouth and look at him. He lets go and his steaming hot morning pee is in my mouth. I start drinking it as fast as possible, this is not the steady flow Madam gave me, this is a man’s morning pee, I can taste it even through my nostrils. After a while the flow is a lot less, I can see that he is happy that I did not spill any, but he is also unhappy that he was not able to make me spill any, as if this was a competition and he lost, and Master must never lose. I quickly smile and tell him-Thank you master.He cannot be angry at me, I am his senior sex slave and trusted advisor. He tells me to get up. I get off my knees and walk back near the wall always facing them. I stand with my hands behind my back and my tits straight out. He goes back to bed next to madam and takes his phone to go through the morning news-How was your night? Master asks-Nothing special Sir, I just slept, after going through some of my notes. (I will explain later what these are)-Oh, is that so? You are well rested then, what is your day like?-I have a few house chores, I will make a video and I have to help with training Alice. I said referring to the pay per view internet porn channel I have and the training of young Alice the new maid.-What type of video?-A fuck-a-fan sir-I am not sure I like you fucking other people without our permission. Madam interjected.-Well Madam, Master does not really fuck me anymore, since my asshole is so loose, I am always careful, and really it is only a really sloppy blowjob video, 99% of the time they are too embarrassed to get it up so I have to use my mouth. But of course I can always stop If you want, and you know that you are always my absolute priority.-I know Didi dear, of course, no problem you can go ahead.-Madam I saw you were a bit rough with Eli last night, anything I need to know about disciplining her?-No, no, just some light torture and spanking to pass the time, she has done nothing-Can I put some cream on her then?-Yes, I need her to heal quickly.A light knock was heard on the door, Madame said come in. The door opened and Eve the cook walked in with the breakfast trolley. She was dressed in a tight fitting body suit, it had a cut for access to her vagina and asshole, and was low cut showing her cleavage. Eve is tall for a woman 1.75 dark skinned and good looking in a peasant sort of way. Her lips are full, her face round. Her hair is dyed yellow blond and cut asymmetrically, her tits are large but not very full and are hanging lower than they should really, but Master does not send her to Dr Write the plastic surgeon. He feels that it is a natural twist that he likes, and in reality he almost never fucks her preferring Eli and Alice who are younger. Eve is 35 a great cook but the main thing about her is that she is a true pain slut. In reality her tits are low hanging because of the countless hours she has spent suspended from them, or with weights attached to them. Her labia are also hanging low and have multiple piercings. Her asshole is like mine. Used, very well worked over. She can take fists with minimal preparation, and of course the same goes for her vagina. From all the staff in the house she is the one that helps me more performing in my channel.-Shall I serve Madam. Eve says-No Eve thank you.As Eve is leaving Eli could be seen patiently waiting by the open door.-Come in Eli. I told her.She quickly came in stood next to me. Showing how well trained she was. She was totally naked, cleaned up, perfumed. Her hair was done up in a knot. I had a better look at her tits. They look red and scratched, all around the nipples and the nipples themselves have a funny shape. It did not take a expert to know that the scratches were made with sandpaper and that the nipples had been clamped for hours last night and still not back to their proper shape.I went to the food trolley and started pouring some coffee for Master and Madame preparing it the way they liked it. Eli had a noticeable effect on Master, his dick was starting to swell up, as I was handing them their morning coffee Madame smiled and said-Didi pour a cup for you and come sit by me. Eli come kaçak iddaa and service your master with your mouth.Eli walked towards the bed slowly always looking at Master, got on it, positioned herself between his open legs and took his semi rigid dick into her mouth. Her left hand cupped his balls and the right one rested on his thigh.-Sir is not a stand young lady, (I quickly told her) use your hands to please him not to support yourself.This is a common amateur mistake when blowing a guy, your hands should either be used to please or be behind your back, they are not there to take weight of you, or be used to hold part of the penis out of your mouth. Her right hand quickly went to the base of Master’s penis and she started jerking him in her mouth. In no time at all, Master was rock hard and glistening by the saliva running from Eli’s mouth. Madam sipped on her coffee while looking at them and started using her hand on her clitoris. I took a sip from my coffee and smiling at madam started rubbing her clitoris myself. Her hand no longer needed on her snatch quickly went on my right nipple, pinching it. We were both looking at Master and Eli, Madam being rubbed by me, and pinching my right and left nipples swapping every few moments. I was just about to talk to Eli, but before I did it, I saw that she took her hands from Master and put them behind her back. He was rock hard and she did not need to use her hands any more, instead she started going lower and lower on Master’s dick, the gulping sounds were very sexy indeed. Madam was pinching me really hard now, she started breathing heavily from my frigging with her clit, but she looked at me and gave me a knowing smile. I smiled back accepting the implied compliment, I have taught Eli well, she did not need to be told to start deepthroating, as soon as Master was ready, she knew and started using her mouth as a cunt. The gulping sound was a bit different now, and I knew that this is because Master is now going past her tonsils into her throat. Eli maintained eye contact with Master so she could react if he needed anything. He put his coffee down unable to drink any more, and used one hand to pinch her nose shut, and put the other behind her neck holding her down on his shaft, with him deeply in her throat. So he was no longer fucking her throat, but letting it inside her, and letting her up for only a little every 30 seconds, so that she could breathe. Eli’s eyes were watering now, but she always looked straight in Master’s eyes, and had a faint smile on her face, letting us know that she was enjoying this rough deepthroating. As I was looking at her going at it, I saw that she had managed to slip her tongue out as she was impaled on Master’s shaft, and she could just barely lick his balls. Madam saw that and her reaction was instant, she became even more horny and really squeezed and turned on my nipple giving me the first actual pain for the day. An instant later she puts her coffee down and puts it behind my neck placing me on her vagina. Me and Eli are both servicing orally. Eli on her knees between Master’s legs and me sitting next to Madam and reaching over her left thigh. I know she wants me like this because she can spank me, which she does, lightly. After a while I can hear her spitting, and moments later 3 of her fingers are in me. I can no longer see what Eli is doing, but as her senior I always listen attentively so I know. Master is still having her deepthroating him and denying her breathing. Her gasps for air are more and more noisy every time he lets her come up. I am busily eating Madam’s clitoris and using 2 fingers to rub against the top of her vagina from the inside, just like I know she likes it. I can hear Master picking up his cup of coffee, so he must have let her head, I try to look upwards and I can she that this is the case indeed, but Eli is doing it on her own now. She is down on him, holding the dick deep in her throat. She only comes up when she can no longer breathe, and immediately goes down on him again. Her downward thrust are not as vicious as Master had her do when he was holding her head and I know it is because she does not want to move the bed too much and make him spill his coffee. Attention to detail whenever you are getting used is what makes a difference, I always say, to my fellow sex slaves. Eli is a natural talent but she also takes well to training, a fact further proved, as I can hear her whispering in her sweet high voice “Thank you sir” between coughs and wheezes every time she comes up for air. This goes on for another 10 minutes. I keep eating Madams vagina, she is now fucking me using 4 fingers and uses her other hand to spank me. When she stops spanking me and her fucking me with he fingers becomes irregular, I know she is about to come, and she does kaçak bahis so moaning loudly and holding my head tight against her.-Keep going she says, I’ll roll onto another orgasm, don’t stop.Master hears that and puts his coffee down.-Ok Little one he says make me come.Eli needs no other command she immediately starts fucking her mouth with Master’s cock viciously, I can hear her retching and gasping, but she does not stop or slow down, her mouth is a fuck hole for her master. Madam is not happy however.-Oh, Nick, she says to Master, must you make her do that, the damn noise is vey irritating, I cannot cum.-Well at least you came once, let me do what I like-Why don’t you fuck Didi’s asshole while he eats me out, he was complaining earlier that you rarely fuck him any more-Oh, ok, I guess I can do that.As soon as Eli heard that, she stopped fucking her mouth with Master’s dick, she stood on her knees at the end of the bed, smiled and said “Thank you Daddy”. I moved onto the bed lied on my back so that Master could see and use my tits as he fucks me, Madam sits on my face facing Master. He did not waste a second and put his dick inside my well used asshole and started speed fucking me. I know he would be close to cumming from the excellent throat fuck Eli gave him, but moments passed and I could not feel him getting any closer. I squeezed my sphincter, trying to make it more enjoyable for him-I can’t really come like this, Didi’s asshole is too loose and well lubed at the moment, it is not griping me enough. Master said (he never stopped fucking me of course, bottoming out with each thrust and slapping my tits hard.I did not speak as I did not want to stop pleasuring Madam, but she said.-Ok, Nick, stop for a second. Eli, lie down face up between Didi’s legs, and put your hand in his asshole over your head.As soon as she did that she continued-Ok dear, now put your dick inside his asshole, and you little one wank your Master’s dick inside Didi’s asshole.I have to admit it felt great, a full asshole, the taste of pussy in my mouth, my tits being slapped and teased and of course the wet sound of my asshole being destroyed. I felt my dick getting hard. It did not take long, particularly as in the new position Eli was able to lick Master’s balls as she was jerking me inside her asshole. Madam is really talented in finding nice new positions for her slave to get used. Master stared breathing heavily, and moments later unloaded inside me. He stopped supporting himself gave me a vicious slap on my now hard dick, which immediately made it drop and fell on me. Eli kept her place and I could feel her licking his balls, and my asshole, she was still jerking him slowly inside me, to get the last of his cum out. Master started biting my tits. Madam was not just sitting on my face, but was grinding her snatch on it. When she came she really squirted everywhere. Me and Eli continued what we were doing slowly and lightly licking Madam and Master, knowing that they would tells us when they wanted us to stop.-That was a great idea dear. Master said as he got up from over me.-Thanks honey. Madame said as she got up herself. Eli get cleaned up and call Alice up here.Alice must have been behind the door, because as soon as her name was called, she walked in saying “Good morning Madam, good morning Sir” She stood in the middle of the room looking at Eli taking her cum coated fist out of my asshole. This was definitely not good manners, curiosity got the better of her and she was not looking at her Masters awaiting instructions. Eli got up looking at Madam and slowly backtracked to her place next to the wall, while cleaning the cum of her hand with her mouth. I did the same, while gently cupping my asshole so no residual cum would fall out.-15 on the tits for this, Madam said, come and help me dress Alice. Eli go with your Master into the toilet, he may need you.I knew that it was partly my fault, after all I am in charge of her training, making a mental note to split the punishment. 10 for her and 5 for me. Come to think of it, Eli should also get 5 for being so damn sexy and getting her attention, but you cannot fault her for being a 18 year old athletic pretty little thing with perfect skin beautiful face and perfect set of enhanced tits.Madam got into the walk-in closet with Alice. Eli started going into the bathroom with Master but I stopped her. “Clean my asshole I told her, make sure there is no cum in it. If Master scolds you for being late tell him I kept you”. She smiled and got onto her knees behind me. It only took her a few moments, and she used her hand on my dick as well “You were clean, she said, I just like eating you out, and I saw you getting hard when I fisted you. I hope you find the time to use my asshole, I hope some day I can do what you do and be able to take a hand that easy first think in the morning”. “Don’t brush after cleaning Master’s asshole” I told her as she was walking away. I fancied making out with the little sex bomb tasting Master’s morning asshole on her tongue.

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