Visiting my Dad in spain

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Visiting my Dad in spainMy Dad was in Spain for a 2 month consultancy and it was the perfect excuse to have a holiday in Barcelona. My flight arrived on time and after clearing immigration I came through the gate and looked around for the guy that had been sent from Dad’s office to collect me. The arrivals hall was like any other found globally, with a cluster of people holding signs with the names of unknown people they had been sent to collect.I glimpsed my name as I scanned the signs and then looked at the face behind it. He was a handsome young man, with a slim muscular build. He had his shirt unbuttoned due to the heat and I could see a hint of chest hair against his tanned Mediterranean skin. Already my pulse quickened. I made eye contact and went up to him, “Hi I’m Justin” I said as his eyes indicated his relief that he had successfully collected his passenger. “Hola” he said, “My name is Pedro, good to meet you, your Father is looking forward to seeing you, my uncle is his colleague” as he smiled welcomingly. His accented English was such a turn on, coupled with his tanned arms and just the right amount of hair on them. His trousers were tight and he had an arse like Rafael Nadal. Pedro gave me a tour of Barcelona as we drove into the office, pointing out various sights. He pointed to the Sagrada Familia Cathedral under cranes and described its long erection. My thoughts were already on an erection of a different kind!! He told me about his family and that his Uncle had brought my Dad home several times. He said that my Father was very handsome and muscular for a man of 50. They had been for a swim at the hotel pool and Pedro said he would love to go again. I was already imagining him in his bathers! I couldn’t wait to see his chest, armpits and bulge. He was so engaging, his eyes were dark chocolate and he had the face of an angel and a smile to die for.We arrived at the office where I met Dad with a big hug and beaming smile.“It’s great to see you son” as he hugged me again and kissed me on the forehead.“This is Quim, my best mate here, and Pedro’s uncle”.I shook Quim’s hand, a firm handshake and warm welcoming eyes like his nephew.There were some handsome genes in that family. We agreed to meet up for dinner, and me and Dad wandered the short distance back to the Hotel.Dad’s room was a decent size with a large king size bed. We had a lot to catch up on, had a shower and talked for a couple of hours. He told me how much fun he’d been having and how much Quim had made his time there amazingly full and fun, that he’d been to the family home for dinner and weekend as well. “He is pretty handsome” I said “and it looks like he had a pretty full package” I teased. “There’s been nothing like that son, he is the perfect gentleman”.“That’s a shame he looks pretty hot, and from what Pedro said you‘d all been in the pool together, not even a glimpse of cock ”??“Son, we’re work colleagues, I don’t know what his orientation is”.“What about Pedro” I said. “ how does he look in the pool?”“Like caramel that you want in your mouth”.“ I bet he does, I had a boner all the way from the airport” I confessed.With that the phone rang and Pedro and Quim were downstairs. We went to a nearby bar that served tapas and sangria. Pedro had changed into a crisp white shirt that contrasted with his caramel skin, the top two buttons undone so that I could glance lovingly at his fine chest hair and dream. Quim and Dad were chatted, while Pedro told me how difficult it was to find work, with so many young people that were unemployed. His eyes smiled and danced as he told me, flashing his beautiful smile. I couldn’t help but feel that he was flirting with me, his eyes were so gorgeous and he kept touching me on the arm and then the shoulders, but I imagined it was just the European way. He was mesmerizing to be with. “Have you got a girlfriend?” he asked.“No” I said swallowing, uncertain of whether to be honest and blurt out what I really wanted there and then. “Really? I am sure you are too handsome, you must have plenty of girls” he said.I smiled as I looked into his eyes and him into mine, thinking, wondering, with my heart pounding and my head dizzy from the sangria. Pedro leant in provocatively and whispered in my ear, as I looked down his shirt to try and glimpse his chest hair.“I am sure queenbet güvenilirmi you get plenty of Polvo”. “What is polvo” I asked smiling, as I casually slid my arm around his shoulders to feel his muscular frame. He reciprocated and put his hand on my waist and whispered seductively in my ear. My Dad could see me, Quim had his back to us.“Sex my friend, beautiful sex”.I put my hand on his waist also and wrapped my other arm over his shoulder and onto his back and leant in to whisper, smelling his scent as I got close to his neck, deliberately brushing my face against his, feeling a hint of stubble as I got to his ear.“Our room is free” I said, my heart pounding so hard I thought he would hear it.He pulled his head back just a little to look me in the eye, I was melting before him, his lips were full and his gorgeous face was right there and then he did it. Our lips locked and the sensations of overwhelming seductive passions took control as both of us realised where our dancing dialogue was leading. His mouth was sweet with sangria and I could feel his bulging cock grinding against my own hardened manhood already wet with precum. The sensations of electricity traced around my back as our hands explored each other and held us firm in our tight embrace.“Will your Dad mind if we go back to your room” “No” I said “ He would even join us, but probably wont with Quim here”“Are you truthful? Your Dad is gay? Oh my God, Quim is as well, lets all go back to your room”. He smiled cheekily, and I realised what the plan was. “I would like to show you all something from the hotel” Pedro said with excitement. Quim looked around.“Are you sure you want to go now Pedro, we are in conversations”“Trust me” he said “ you are going to love it” as we headed out the door and back to the hotel. I walked with my Dad and told him that his dreams were about to come true.We entered the room and Pedro began talking about the view then looked out the window and said “why don’t we go for a swim”. I took my shoes off and said I wanted to be comfortable.“I don’t have the bathers here this time” said Quim.“Its dark, we don’t need bathers” said Pedro cheekily as he undid his shirt to reveal his tanned muscular torso. I could already feel my cock bulging at the sight of Pedro’s chest, the mist of black hair against his tanned skin and snail trail down to his belly button. His eyes glistened in the light as our eyes locked. I began undoing my shirt also, and my Dad smiled looking from behind Quim who was looking at me as I took my shirt off completely. Pedro moved over and began undoing my belt and I leant in to kiss him, undoing his belt also. Our lips locked in a passionate kiss and I slid my lips down to his chest and focussed on his right nipple, pushing his right arm up over his head and moved my tongue along his chest to his armpit, inhaling his smell and tasting his scent.I could see that Quim’s healthy bulge was now even bigger, and my Dad gently wrapped his arms around him from behind, kissing his neck gently as Quim arched his neck backwards to give my Dad more access, as my Dad’s hand slipped up under Quim’s shirt to gently rub his skin and nipples. Quim’s hands reached behind him and rubbed my Dad’s now bulging cock and pants.Pedro and I decided to help out, with Pedro focussing on my Dad and me on Quim. I rubbed his huge bulging cock through his pants as he moaned aloud as my Dad’s mouth moved across his face and they began to kiss passionately. Quim turned a little in the process and I undid his belt and pulled down his pants to reveal his hard rigid monster cock. Pedro had done the same to my Dad and got his trousers and underwear off and was rubbing his hand under my Dad’s balls and into his arse. My Dad was moaning as he was kissing Quim, the pleasure of Pedros probing fingers almost stimulating my Dad too much. I got Quim’s trousers off and both Dad and Quim had got their shirts off revealing their manly torsos. They were both naked now, their hard cocks pointing deliciously at each other like dancing swords of flesh. Pedro and I played with them from opposing sides and slurped along the length of each allowing our lips to meet at the centre as we licked the delicious juices dripping from each cock head. Each cock was slick with precum and saliva so that our queenbet yeni giriş hands could slide back and forth wanking each cock to pleasure it to the maximum. The moaning from both Quim and my Dad was an extra turn on.Pedro then crawled over to the bed and I followed allowing Dad and Quim to pleasure themselves as their hands took over from ours and gently stroked each others impressive rockets of meat. Pedro sat on the bed, his delicious caramel cock pointing to the ceiling, surrounded by his beautiful bush of trimmed dark pubes and trail of hair from his navel. I had wanted that cock in my mouth since the airport and it wasn’t going to escape now. I widened his legs and engulfed his drooling cock with my mouth while on all fours in front of him. The sweet salty taste of his precum gliding around my mouth sent my salivary glands into overdrive. Pedro was moaning aloud and the sound was driving me wild. Then I felt hands on my back and arse, clearly Dad or Quim or both were heading for my hole. Firstly I felt the gentle tickle and probing of a finger which sent electricity pulses all around my body. I reached my hands up over Pedro’s chest and rubbed both nipples and listened to him moan in delight as I sucked him harder. Then I felt the wetness of a tongue and a hand reaching underneath my balls to pull my cock backwards as Quim or Dad slurped along its length giving an extra long suck on the head with a swirl of the tongue. I could hear my Dad moaning at the same time and wondered if it was him that was probing me and maybe Quim doing the same to him? My imagination was allowing my pleasure sensations to go into orbit. Not only was I feasting on the most delicious cock I’d ever seen and tasted, but I was having everything of my own pleasured from behind me. Every slurp and full throat taking lunge of my mouth onto Pedro’s gorgeous cock was rewarded with a suck and slurp of my own hard dripping cock and an expertly saliva slick finger sliding in and out of my arse sending shivers in all directions. The moaning from behind me was my Dad and I was pretty sure he was fingering me and Quim was feasting on my own Dad’s cock or arse. Pedro propped himself up on the bed as he watched the sexual connections in front of him, smiling from ear to ear at the sight of me feeding on his cock like a baby on the breast, my Dad on all fours behind me cleaning and rimming my arse to perfection and Quim gently and slowly fucking my Dad with his monster cock, burying it into him down to his pubes with every plunge. The pleasure pulse of each plunge of Quim’s cock into my Dad would translate into an intense penetration of my Dad’s tongue and lips into my arse as his hands expertly stroked and massaged my juicy pulsating cock, edging me to the point that only my Dad knew how. As much as I didn’t want any of it to stop, I still wanted to fuck Pedro face to face and see his beautiful face contort when he came. I gently rubbed my finger into his arse crack and lubed his hole as he moaned uncontrollably. I let his hard cock point to his face as I concentrated on the pleasure I was receiving from Dad. Pedro pulled himself more on to the bed and allowed me to push his legs higher as I sucked his balls and scrotum. Moaning was coming from everyone. I move forward on my knees pulling away from my Dad and stood to get my cock at the right angle to enter Pedro. I rubbed my cock around his entrance and allowed my dripping precum to mix with saliva that was already there. Slowly I let his hole open and my cock slipped inside to the feel of velvet enveloping my cock and shaft as I plunged it deep inside him. I leant over him, kissing his lips between thrusting when we could reach. Then I felt a hot warmth radiating from my own arse as something large and warm invaded me, sending spirals of warmth around my pelvis. Quim had expertly swapped positions and was now inside me, plunging deep everytime I pulled out of Pedro causing me to gasp in delight. Quims arms were around me as mine were around Pedro as I thrust deeply and more quickly as I could feel the building sensations of warmth and tingling from my cock and arse. Quim’s strong arms were around Pedro legs and held then hard against my body as we rocked in unison, each thrusting and pushing into a different pleasure centre queenbet giriş as we pulsated towards a climactic explosion of cum.Then it happened like a wall of dominos falling over, first Pedro started moaning uncontrollably as he stroked his own cock, faster and faster and until finally his cock erupted squirting cum all over his chest and face. Thick creamy and white against his beautiful tanned skin. Just as I was able to lick some off his chin and lock onto his lips my own body convulsed in an orgasmic jolt so violent and full of pleasure that I didn’t know it could stop. I thrust hard and deep and the pulsing loads of cream adding to the lubrication up Pedro’s arse made me cum twice as hard with about 16 contractions that left me body shuddering. At the same time, Quim had entered that point of no return and pulsed and spasmed as his hot juices filled my arse and heightened my pleasures. I could feel the warmth radiating around me from inside. Finally the ripple of my Dad exploding inside Quim as he buried his cock hard and deep, as the approaching sensations of orgasm became too close to control any more. His climactic moan and orgasm reverberated along the line, with Quim still inside me and me still inside Pedro.The four of us collapsed on the bed in a sticky, heaving and sweaty embrace. This was one fuck I could never forget.In the morning I was aroused by movement as we were all close together in the bed. I looked over to see Quim licking my Dads hairy chest, his hand behind his head as Quim licked upwards along his body. It was so loving to watch, as Quim expertly sucked every part of his hairy chest and then gently moved to one arm pit with his mouth while stimulating the opposite one with his hand. Needless to say my Dad’s cock was hard and dripping as was Quim’s. My own cock had started to swell at the sight of Dad and Quim. They kissed, and each gently stroked the others cocks as they played gently while they thought I was asleep. I rolled onto my side and lay my hand on Pedro who was between me, Dad and Quim. I gently played with the hair on Pedro’s belly and watched his cock stiffen even though he was fast asleep.Quim was on top of my Dad and changed to a 69 so that he could suck his cock and my Dad could have an early breakfast by sucking Quim dry also. It was such a turn on to see them pleasuring each other so delicately and both trying not to wake us up. Dad sucked the full length of Quims cock shaft down his throat and ran his hand along his arse crack at the same time to maximise his pleasure. Quim moaned or hummed gently as he slowly face-fucked my Dad’s beautiful cock, while holding my Dad’s muscular thighs while as was doing it. I was fully aroused watching my Dad and Quim and I traced my finger around the tip of Pedro’s now hard, moist and glistening cock head. Dad and Quim began moaning gently as each got lost in the moment of pleasuring the other. Pedro’s hand gently clasped around my own hard cock and he slowly began to wank me, my own precum being enough to allow his hand to glide freely back and forth.The rocking and moaning motion of my Dad and Quim reached its crescendo with a pulse of cream from my Dad, injected into Quim’s expectant mouth. Quim moved his mouth back and forth expertly sucking every last drop of cum from my Dad’s pusating cock. Quim then returned to face my Dad with his mouthful of his sweet cum and they eagerly kissed exchanging the mixture between them, some dribbling out the side, which they cleaned up moments later. Quim then sat straddling my Dad, with my Dad stroking his still rock hard cock while Quim bent over to kiss him. Finally Quim jolted in spasms of pleasure and his juices spurted from his cock and sprayed onto my Dad’s chest hair, while Quim bent down licked it into his mouth and again they kissed to seal the deal.Pedro turned his head and we kissed, while I, Like Quim on my Dad, climbed on top and we kissed and ground our bodies together, slippery with precum so that each of our cocks was grinding against the other, pressed hard against each of our grinding stomachs. It was only a few minutes and we erupted with pulses of cream invading the space between us, allowing ours stomachs to slide and glide freely against each other. We dismounted and lay next to each other with Quim and Dad laughing. They then knelt beside us and licked the cum off our bodies tickling us deliberately with their tongues as they travelled from our limp and drooling cocks to belly button, chest and nipples and finished with a passionate kiss as they held each others faces and licked away any residual cream.

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