Victoria-72 Yr Old Hottie-Part 2

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Victoria-72 Yr Old Hottie-Part 2After my first encounter and fuck fest with Vicki, I waited three days to call her to arrange our next ‘medical appointment.” She said she was wondering if I ever would call her, but I assured her that I was a man of my word and how could I not meet with her again after our little tryst. We agreed to meet at her place two days later even though she said she didn’t think she could wait that long to see me. She said that ever since I left she had had ‘impure thoughts’ about me and what she was going to do to me if we met up again. I assured her that I felt the same and I did have some plans for us. She wanted details and I told her she would know in due time to which she replied “if you want to fuck my ass, bring it on!” I was a little floored by this and frankly never thought about ass fucking her, but if it’s what she wanted I would accommodate her. We set a time for ‘brunch’.I arrived two days later and there was a greeting card taped to the door with my name on it and I was to open it before I knocked on the door. I found a cute card with a note that said ” be prepared for the ride of your life!” I had been nursing a semi-hard cock for the two days and now it was fully erect. I knocked on the door and Vicki appeared in her satin robe, barely closed and I could tell she was naked. She looked so damn sexy I almost popped. She was holding two demitasse cups of espresso and she said now drink this and don’t swallow it yet and do so on the count of three. We drank the espresso together and she immediately kissed me sticking her tongue in my mouth and our tongues danced together with the espresso kiss. Once we parted she said she realized after I left her the other day we never kissed throughout the whole steamy sex. I told her I thought about that and it because she was a hottie wanting to suck my cock immediately and I wanted to lick her pussy. She led me into the dinette area where she had prepared a little breakfast fare and I asked if ‘hair pie’ was on the menu and she answered of course. She stopped me from sitting telling me to strip. I pulled my shirt off as she unbuckled my belt and loosened my shorts dropping them to the floor. “My on my! I see that someone is ready for relief already. Do you think that pre-cum wet spot on your briefs is for me?” I said I had been leaking just about 24-7 since I left. I also told her that my balls were about ready to explode, so we needed to eat and then get busy. She agreed but said “not before you suck my nipples as they are so wanting to be sucked and licked.” I accommodated her feeling and squeezing one nipple while I sucked on the other. Her little nipples were already hard and she just moaned about how good it felt to have them tended to. We ate some and drank more espresso and she announced it was play time. She laid a big wet sloppy kiss on my as she gently took my cock in her hand and led me to her bedroom. I could detect özvatan escort the womanly musky odor coming from her so it was obvious she was more than ready for the games to begin. She guided me to sit on the end of her king size bed and dropped to her knees saying “looks like I need to do some cleaning of that mess you’ve got.” She gently cupped my balls and licked my hole of pre-cum and teased the crown and underside with her tongue moaning and saying how good it felt in her mouth. She grabbed the shaft and started stroking it and took me full into her mouth licking the sides and front. I had all I could do to resist blowing my wad but I laid back some as she continued sucking and licking my balls. I then told her to stop as it was time for what I had promised her. She looked puzzled and I told her to get on the bed and sit on my face as I wanted to taste all of her and hopefully when she came she would squirt as I wanted it all over me. She just smiled and said I could eat her all I wanted but she couldn’t guarantee a squirt. I laid her on her back and got down on the floor and stated kissing and licking her toes and feet. She moaned on and on as I slowly worked my way up her toned legs to her thighs licking as I went. I teased her a little with flick in her pussy lips and clit and she said can I ride you now? We changed positions and she straddled my face. Her pussy smelled wonderful and flat out sexy. Her mainly red pubes were glistening with her pussy juice and I asked her if she had played before I arrived. She said “no I didn’t and haven’t since you left.’ I asked why not and she said she wanted to feel the full force of an orgasm over and over. I started to lick her pubes, pee hole and moved to her fully erect clit. As soon as my tongue hit it she moaned loudly and pushed herself down more on my face. I almost couldn’t breathe so I raised her up some and licked the inside of her vagina tongue fucking her. “OOOOOOH! MY CLIT NOW” she said as she shivered and came releasing pussy juice but not squirting. I continued to lick and suck her pussy and clit and could feel another orgasm building up inside her as she squirmed pushing her pussy down on my mouth. “OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, I’M CUMMING.” With that last push she shivered and about smothered me with her pussy and a stream of cum came from her and then she squirted huge streams of pussy juice all over my face and head as I tried to catch it in my mouth. She soaked the pillow and she splattered the headboard. She sat still until she recovered and started to giggle. “I guess you got your wish”, she said. She leaned down and stared to lick my face, neck, head and chest and deeply kissed me. “That was incredible”, she said. “I haven’t cum like that in years and it feels good.” “Now it’s your turn!”She dismounted, toweled my face off and herself. She immediately went down on my cock with reckless abandon, sucking, licking, nipping it and my balls. This went on for about 5 minutes and I told her it was time for her to assume the position. She crawled to the edge of the bed and lifted her sweet bottom to me as I had moved behind her. She spread her ass cheeks and I told her no, not now. I guided my ready to explode cock to her pussy lips circling them and teasing her clit with the tip. She moaned and said, “Oh fuck me and put it in all the way.” I slid into her fully and her vagina clamped around my cock almost to the point of squeezing it. I started thrusts, slowly at first and then picked up the pace. “MY GOD, I’m cumming again as her pussy grasped my cock and she screamed loud, “FUCK, FUCK, FUCK” and climaxed. I was ready to let go, so I pulled out and said I was going to cum on her face. She quickly turned about and faced me, sucking me to climax and I pulled out sending what must have been 6 or 7 streams of hot cum on her face and into her mouth. When I stopped spurting she licked me clean and sucked whatever was left and licked her lips swallowing what was there. I grabbed the towel and cleaned up her face and hair and she took it from me and licked the sperm off of it. She smiled and said I’m glad we think alike, at least sexually. We showered together and of course played with each other and she changed the pussy and sperm soaked sheets and pillows. We crawled into bed and kissed and held each other as she gently stroked my cock and balls. I slid two fingers into her pussy which was already or still wet and I could hear it squish when I did. She slid down on the bed and took my now rock hard cock into her mouth teasing me and finally took it all. “Your cock is perfect for sucking and fucking. Just the right length to hit my G spot and just wide enough to fill me up and where I can take all of it in my mouth. Now are you ready to have another go at it? Shall I assume the position again?” I said yes, assume the way. This time she went face down on the side of the bed and spread her ass cheeks apart. “I’ve been practicing for this all week”, she said. “I’ve used my lube and toys up my ass so I could accommodate you without hurting me and so you wouldn’t have too much effort to fuck me.” I grabbed the bottle of lube from the nightstand and coated her little browneye with it and coated my cock also. I spread her ass a little more and placed a finger in it. She moaned and said it felt good and that she couldn’t wait until I was fucking her ass. I placed my cock at the forbidden entrance and amazingly I slid right in. She moaned really loud and said “Yes, that’s it, now fuck it.”I started to thrust deep into her as she cried out in pleasure as I did so and she started to rub her clit with her hand. I picked up the pace and could not believe how tight her ass was since she had been playing all week. I was about ready to let go and said “I’m cumming.” She said “cum with me now’ as she came just as I let go. My orgasm was tremendous. I could not believe how many spurts I dumped into her and I got chills from it and felt it all the way to my right butt cheek.We collapsed on each other and as I softened I could see my cum leaking out her ass onto her legs. She said her orgasm was intense and she thought she was going to squirt again but didn’t. I said that was OK as there’s always the next time. She said “you mean we’re gonna go again?” I said of course, just give me about 20 minutes. I told her that at my age it may take a while but I could still make her smile and she said I certainly could. We went to the kitchen, had more espresso and chatted a while. She said she had hurt her wrist playing tennis with her best friend Mary and had her feet get tangled up and she fell. breaking it in two places. Now I knew how she stayed in such great shape. Her legs were perfectly shaped tanned and toned. We headed back to the bedroom and she laid down and said “do me missionary. I want to feel your cum in my pussy so no pulling out mister.” I mounted her and slowly started to move in and out almost letting the tip of my cock slip out and then I slid all the way deep into her. She moaned with each thrust and said she wanted it faster and harder. I picked up the pace and she came almost immediately with just a little squirt as she did. I came soon after again impressing myself with the amount of sperm deposited in her. I told her it takes a hot woman to get me to go three times as two is usually my limit, but I really liked her, her beauty, body and openness about sex. She asked if I took those little blue pills and I said no way. If I did I would be walking around with a permanent hard-on as I know I was addicted to sex and it was always on my mind. After all, I was retired and besides golf what was there besides sex? It was getting late and I had to go. She told me she was leaving town for a week to visit her c***dren and would call me once she got back. She kissed me at the door and handed me another greeting card and said don’t open it until you get to the stop sign at the end of the street and I’ll be watching you. I did as I was told and pulled over at the sign. I opened the card and there was a typewritten note from Vicki. She said she and Mary were the best of friends for about 15 yrs. They’d been through losing husbands and held no secrets from each other. She said she hoped I wouldn’t be upset in that she told Mary everything we did together on our first meeting and that she was going to tell her about the second in all the details. She gave me Mary’s phone number and said she was about 5’6″ a little stocky but not fat and was toned due to her tennis playing. She said she had great legs and all in all was one horny woman, more so than she. She had no problem sharing me with Mary if I wanted her and to enjoy her. She then said if I do get with her, she will get all the details as share and share alike. Finally, she said Mary awaits your call. She signed it “Lustly, Vicki.”ps. You’ll LOVE Mary’s TITS!

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