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VickieVickie Though everyone working in the library referred to him as “old Saunders”, the head of the staff was really no such thing. He was in his late forties. He was strong and robust looking, with sexy grey hair speckling his temples. He looked more like a successful businessman than a head librarian, and only his wire-rimmed glasses gave him a faintly intellectual air.He was stern, and he didn’t appear to have much of a sense of humor to those who came in contact with him. Not many people did, of course, and this probably added to his reputation. As far as Vickie had heard, he only called people into his office when he was displeased with them and wanted to dress them down or fire them. He never, to her knowledge, called in people for a pleasant chat.But she tried to cheer herself up with the notion that few people really knew what old Mr. Saunders was all about. She was nervous, she couldn’t pretend she wasn’t, but she tried to concentrate on the positive aspects of her past employment. She’d been a good librarian, efficient and thorough. She’d never been late, and until this week had hardly had a day off. Maybe she was going to be an exception.Maybe she was going to be called into his office for a friendly talk.Deep down she felt that this wasn’t so, but she ignored the feelings. She worked steadily through the afternoon and was tapping on Mr. Saunders’ door several minutes before the appointed time. She wanted to get it over with.“Come in, Vickie, my dear,” Mr. Saunders welcomed as she stood in the open doorway. “Take a seat. I’d like to talk to you.”She moved across the room, surprised that he even knew her first name, let alone was friendly enough to use it. In all the time she’d worked here, she couldn’t recall him once addressing her by her first name. She couldn’t remember him ever speaking to her, period, in fact, after the initial interview he had given her. And that had been so long ago. She couldn’t recall what he had said.He stood up as she entered. While she slipped into a seat in front of his desk and collected her thoughts, he turned his back on her and stared out the window. His office was spacious and pleasant, with big plants in the corners. On his large desk was a clutter of papers.He suddenly spun around, stepped beside the desk, then sat on its edge, facing her. His long legs were spread out on either side of her, and she found herself gazing at his crotch. He had his hands in his pockets, but now he pulled them out and planted them on his thighs. He leaned over and spoke very softly.“You’ve been with us a while now, haven’t you, Vickie?” he queried pleasantly, staring into her big blue eyes.“Yes, I have…” she murmured, suddenly very shy in front of him. His presence was a little overwhelming. She heard her heart pounding softly.“And this week you’ve been away, and you’ve seemed so distracted,” he went on, reaching out to caress her cheek with his fingertips. “Why is that?”“I… I’m not sure…” she lied, suddenly quite embarrassed under his steady stare.“Could it be too much cock?” he persisted, quite matter-of-factly. “Could the reason you’re so distracted be your involvement with cocks this past little while?”Vickie’s heart lurched. So that asshole Frye had told on her after all! Or was it Donald? Who knew? Old Saunders had her number, that’s all that mattered right now. Somehow he’d found out about her fuck sessions in the library. Maybe he even had spies all over the place. Maybe Frye or Donald hadn’t told on her after all.“I know how it is for young girls, especially young girls working in libraries and places like that. It can all get so boring, can’t it? Among all those books, I mean. I can understand how a pretty young girl would get so bored and frustrated.”What was he getting at? she wondered. Just what in hell was he getting at? And he was looking at her so strangely! His eyes were lit up so! It was as if he was seeing her for the first time.“What do you think of this?” he asked. Suddenly he was snapping at his fly, wriggling out the limp snake of his pink cock. He held it in his hand as if he were asking her to look over a passage in a book. His prick looked like a huge hunk of salami in his fist.“Mr. Saunders! I don’t know what to say!” she began, staring at his cock in fascination. “It’s nice. I mean… it’s a fine-looking cock…”“Of türbanlı antakya escort course it’s a fine-looking cock! It’s one of the finest-looking cocks you’ll ever see! But does anyone ever see it, in this Godforsaken library? Never! I never get to use it! I’m the head of a fucking library, so everyone thinks I’m sexless!”Vickie glanced at his face quickly. Was this guy nuts? She thought he’d invited her here to fire her, and instead he was showing her his cock.“You’ve no idea how long I’ve watched you from afar, Miss Vickie! Ever since you first came here! I’ve been too shy to do anything, of course. I always thought you were such a virginal little girl. But after what I saw you do last week, and with all those different men! Well, I decided I couldn’t miss out on the fun! I decided since everyone else was fucking you, I deserved a piece of the action too!”Vickie stared at him in disbelief. For a moment she didn’t understand what he was talking about. Then she opened her mouth slowly. “How did you know… How did you see…”“There’s nothing I don’t see in this library. I’m all over the place. Everywhere. Though I keep out of sight, naturally. Last week I saw you fucking some guy between the stacks. Then I saw you later in the week in the basement with one of our own employees. It was great. I enjoyed every minute of it.”Vickie was surprised he didn’t mention the session with Donald. But then that had been in the broom closet. Even Mr. Saunders couldn’t have gotten a front row seat for that little episode! She stared at him dumbly. Then she glanced at the limp snake of his cock in his fist. He was priming it slowly, and his prick was growing steadily, pointing at her.“What… what do you want me to do?” she asked sweetly. “I’m not sure I understand.” Her huge eyes drifted from his face to his cock, then back again.“Well, I haven’t quite decided yet. First of all, you can take my cock in your hand. That’ll be a start. I’ll think of what I want to do as we go along.”He followed her movements as she reached for his gnarled cock with her long cool fingers. She tilted his cock up toward her and began a slow easy, pumping on it with her hand. Then she stared up at his face to see what he wanted done next. She suddenly seemed very young and innocent there in her boss’ office.“Do you want me to suck you off?” she asked. “I’ll suck you off if you like.”“Maybe later. Just jerk me off for now. Your hand feels real good on my cock.”He sat there on the edge of his desk, quite content to let her pull on his swelling prick with her slender fingers. He appeared to be in no hurry at all, as if he had all the time in the world. He lodged his hands in his pockets again and simply stared at her, studying her gorgeous face as she jerked off his cock.Vickie grew slightly self-conscious under his gaze. It felt so strange. This man was the head of the library, the symbol of authority for her. And here she was yanking on his growing erection. He was straddling the corner of his desk, his long legs spread on either side of her, his pink cock pumping in her fist. It just didn’t feel right, somehow.“Open up my pants,” he instructed.She did as she was told, allowing his prick to sway as she fumbled for his belt clasp and pants top. His prick loomed out like a wet rocket, pointing at her face. His cock was more than half-erect now, its domed head shining brightly. As she pulled down his pants and shorts, she bent his prick down beneath the elastic. Then it snapped back violently against his belly as she tugged his clothes farther down his thighs.“Careful, you stupid slut!” he complained, watching his prick vibrate back and forth in front of him. He had lifted up a fraction off the desk to let her pull down his pants. Now, instead of sitting back down, he decided to remain standing. Once she’d succeeded in pulling his clothes to the floor, he moved in even closer.Vickie finished untangling his pants and shorts from his legs and turned up her lovely face to await more instructions. But she was suddenly confronted by the colossal spike of his prick just inches from her face. Before she had time to respond, he began slapping his hardening cock back and forth across her face, patting each of her cheeks in turn with stinging blows. She winced and tried to türbanlı antakya escort bayan draw back.“Stay where you are, whore!” he growled, his erection slapping across her face. “Don’t fucking move an inch!”“Ohhh! Ohhh! Ohhh!” Vickie closed her eyes in self-defense. He wasn’t hurting her. There was only so much force he could get behind his swinging prick. But she was taken aback with shock. She just hadn’t expected him to start slapping her with his hard-on!“You like that, cunt? You like that?” he went on, whacking her face with his cock. His prick made soft rapping sounds on her face.“Mmmmmm! Mmmmmm!” Vickie answered. It felt so strange! How could she like it?He was suddenly grabbing her behind her neck with a strong hand, pulling her closer to him, rubbing the head of his cock against her pretty face. He smeared seeping pre-cum juices on her skin, leaving clear trails of wetness on her cheeks and along her nose. She was forced to shut her eyes as he began rubbing his cockhead against her eyelids and over her forehead.“Feels so nice! Feels so nice to rub my cock into your sweet little whore face!” he groaned, circling his cock around and around on her skin. “You’re so beautiful! I don’t believe how beautiful you are! What a face! What a fucking face!”Vickie sat in her chair in front of him and let him do as he liked, tilting up her face so that he could smear his cock onto her. Well, whatever turned him on! It was something she often liked to do herself, smear a guy’s cock all over her face. Hadn’t she done it with Donald in the broom closet?Her face shook on a shiny coating as the juices seeping from his cockhead clung to her skin. The thin film dried quickly and the stuff felt tight across her features. She wondered how long this would go on. She was curious to know if he would fuck her or what. She felt herself getting wet between her legs.“Come here,” he said suddenly, backing off from her and gripping her wrist. He was pulling her up out of her seat, twisting her around, laying her down over the corner of the desk. He cradled her head and neck in his strong hand, tilted her back till her face was upside down beneath him and her lovely platinum hair was cascading to the floor.“Ungh!” Vickie grunted, caught completely off guard.“Gonna fuck your face! Gonna cram my hard cock into that sweet little mouth of yours and fuck it till you scream!” he gloated, thrusting his prick forward. His granite-hard cockhead sc****d up along her cheek and poked her in the eye as it searched for her mouth.Vickie tried to settle comfortably on the cluttered desk top, spreading her legs out on either side and gripping the edges with her hands. She let her head fall back onto his supporting palms and opened her mouth obligingly, figuring the best thing to do was help him out before he hurt her. His fat cockhead plowed between her lips and across her tongue.“Ggglllmmmnnnn!” she slobbered, her mouth suddenly full of hard cock.He thrust forward harshly, driving his cockhead deep into her throat with one lunge. His dangling balls flopped crazily against her nose. Her cheeks ballooned hugely. She began to snort loudly.“Gonna fuck your mouth! Gonna fuck your face!” he raved, beginning a steady in-and-out motion with his hips. His spit-slick cock drove in and out of her ravaged lips. His prick glistened brightly each time it cleared her mouth.Vickie stayed absolutely still, fearful that he’d do her some damage if she moved so much as an inch. His balls smacked against her nose again and again, and she tried to adjust her breathing so that she could snort in air whenever his hairy sac swung away from her. For some reason she kept her eyes open, watching his swaying balls.“What a hot little bitch! What a cocksucking slut!” he wailed, starting to fuck her mouth in earnest. He let go of her head and neck now, forcing her to support herself. He planted his hands on her tit mounds. He mauled and mangled them through her dress, kneading her full globes.Vickie’s mind raced. Who would believe it? All this time she’d thought Mr. Saunders to be a grim, sexless, middle-aged intellectual, and here he was, naked to the waist, fucking his thick cock in and out of her mouth! This certainly was a different side to him! Underneath he was just as kinky türbanlı escort antakya as everyone else!Saunders sawed his cock in and out of her mouth, forcing her ragged lips to accept his stone-hard erection. He moved faster and faster, pistoning his prick back and forth madly. His ass cheeks were a blur of motion. They flexed and pumped and twitched beneath his shirt-tails.“Gglllggglll!” Vickie moaned, her head spinning. It was so difficult to keep her neck aligned without any support. The back of her neck was tense and sore. She clenched his thighs.“Such tits! Such gorgeous fucking tits!” he chanted. “We’ll save them for later! We’ll save your tits for later! Then we can really have some fun, yes sir!”Later? What did he mean? How long was this going to last? Did he plan to keep on using her after he’d shot off down her throat? Was he going to fuck her afterward maybe? Perhaps he wouldn’t come in her mouth at all. He might pull out before he came and stick his cock somewhere else!“I think I’m gonna come soon! I think I’m gonna come!” he said bucking his cock back and forth insanely. Sweat was pouring down his face and dripping from his chin.Vickie moaned. She wished it was over. She wished he’d come and be finished.One of her hands left his thigh and waved about aimlessly in the air for a moment. Then she found what she was looking for. Her fingers closed around the swinging sac of his balls and she squeezed tightly. No reason why she should be the only uncomfortable one! How did he like having a fist gripping his balls!“Aaannnggghhh!” he grunted, clenching his eyes shut. He’d been ready to come. The jism in his nuts was sizzling.Vickie felt tremors in his balls. His pouch was quaking in her fist. And suddenly his movements became jerky and uncontrolled, and she knew he was coming. She breathed deeply, tried to concentrate, to prepare herself for the deluge to come. She only hoped she could take it.“I’m coming! Ohhh, you hot little slut, I’m coning in your mouth!” he roared, throwing back his head. He pistoned back and forth, and his cock gleamed each time it withdrew from her face.Great sticky wads of jism blasted down Vickie’s throat, shooting to her stomach in a flash. It was like being force-fed raw eggs. Again and again and again, her mouth was being filled with steaming paste.“Gggggglllulggggg!” she gurgled, swallowing rapidly, her neck bobbing with the effort.“Down your throat! Down your cocksucking throat! All my jism! All my steaming hot jism!” Saunders croaked, shooting out gout after gout of cream.Vickie’s mouth was being pumped full of scalding spunk. Her cheeks ballooned, and white streamers spurted from her mouth. Trails of cum slithered toward her eyes, all silver and gleaming. Strings of cum dripped from his plunging cock and stuck to her face.“Ggggglllllggggg!” she slobbered, trying desperately to clear her mouth of cum. Her tits heaved and rolled with the effort. Her pretty neck bobbed.His prick spat out bolt after bolt of the stuff, clogging her throat. And each time he drove forward, he plowed great thick wads of it before him, clear into her spasming gullet. The overflow backed up and splashed from the corners of her shining mouth.“Eat it all down, that’s a good girl!” he encouraged, drilling his cock between her spunk-slick lips. “Swallow all my hot jizz! Suck it to your belly! It’s good for you! It’s very nutritious!”Vickie tried her best. Her fist clutched his balls, and she squeezed and tugged at his sac, pumping up the scalding cum. Just how much of the sizzling cum did he have backed up in him anyway? He was spurting quarts of the hot stuff!“Gggggglllllggggg!” she croaked.“What a hot little cocksucker! What a mean little cocksucker I’ve had working for me all this time! And I never knew it! Well, things are going to be different, from now on, huh, slut? From now on I’m going to take advantage of my hot-pants librarian! She’s going to suck me off at every opportunity, isn’t she? Starting tonight, right? Starting tonight at a hot little party I’ve arranged! You can suck cock there to your heart’s content!”Vickie wondered vaguely what he was talking about, but she didn’t have much time to worry about it. She was far too busy sucking down quarts of cum. She finally had her throat half cleared and was able to swallow the last few spurts of spunk without much effort. It seemed to be over at last. His balls were finally emptying.“How about it, little whore? How about a cocksucking party tonight? You’ll be the guest of honor. You can eat all the cum you want!”Vickie’s head jerked under his last few thrusts and she began to lick his cockshaft clean of jism.“Gggggggllllhlllggggggg!” she moaned contentedly.The End

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