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Subject: Vampyre part 27 Nifty is the constant source of all your erotic dreams. All kinds of fetishes can be found here. I am grateful to Nifty for posting my stories. If you enjoy my stories or any others on this site then please show your appreciation and donate whatever you can afford. Every little bit helps. fty/donate.html ———————————————————————- I reassured him as I cut across my palm, my blood black and thick oozed out of the cut, I held my palm open to Zoltan’s mouth `Lick it up fella, lick it up’ I helped smearing it in on to his tongue and into his mouth, he was very weak, god I hoped this worked on animals; healing as it does us, Boyra pushed in beside us, whimpering to his friend. `Only time will tell now’ I suppose I was speaking to Gunther, no one else was near, or maybe I was trying to reassure myself. ***************************** Vampyre – Part Twenty Seven Gunther and I carried Zoltan down to the Great Hall, making sure he was comfortable on a rug in front of the fire, we both knelt down next to him, Boyra joined us and sat with his nose close to Zoltan’s. We both sat stroking him and trying to comfort him. The silence was broken as the door behind us opened and Martin, my head of security came in. `Sir, Zeke and Ian are secure in Zeke’s room, the house and estate is in lockdown, I have posted guards on this door and in the garden outside, you are totally safe’ I nodded `Err, I need to speak to you about what to do with Pyotr’s body Sir, I have moved it to one of the outhouses, but’ I interrupted `Thank you Martin, I am sure any threat has now passed, but leave things as they are, come back to me in a couple of hours unless there are any changes, I will speak to Montfort and then let you know about Pyotr, thank you for everything you have done.’ `Yes Sir’ Martin looked troubled as he turned to leave, he stopped at the door, `Sir, I am so sorry, how is Zoltan, Sir’ `He is still with us, which is a good sign, hopefully we will know more later, don’t blame yourself, Zoltan and Boyra, knew what they were doing and what is expected of them’ Martin nodded and left the room closing the door behind him. I felt Gunther place his hand on my back, I glanced at him, my eyes full of tears, Gunther pulled me closer to him, no words were spoken his actions spoke louder than any words. After all the excitement of the evening; if I can call it that, during which we must have been running on nervous energy, now in the quiet aftermath exhausted mentally, we both nodded off, Zoltan’s head resting in my lap. As sleep over took me, I drifted into a dream; more a nightmare really. I was fretting in the kitchen, what should I do about Pyotr, right this was no good I was going to speak to him, I called Martin to me and discussed what I was doing, he warned me against going to the room alone, so with my ever faithful Zoltan and Boyra at myside and Martin following, I went up to Pyotr’s room, knocking on the door, next I was sitting chatting to him, he wouldn’t say what I had done wrong, but he wanted to leave my service, stunned I had just finished saying that I couldn’t think of a way that could happen, I was looking at the floor as he got out of his chair and made his way to the mantelpiece, next he was lunging at me shouting, I saw the wooden stake plunging towards my chest, next I was falling, gunshots echoed round my head, dogs whimpering, howling, no, now barking. `Jonathon wach auf, wach auf, es ist Zoltan, schau auf Zoltan’ I was in that space between dreams and consciousness, aware, but not able to process, what the fuck was Gunther saying, I was staring at his mouth, why was he speaking German? Hang on I speak German, Gunther repeated himself becoming more agitated, my translation kicked in. `Jonathon wake up, wake up, it’s Zoltan, look at Zoltan’ I felt a hand shaking me, more barking. `Zoltan’s been shot’ I stammered, confused, more barking. `Jonathon, wecken Sie Ihre Traume, Wachen Sie auf, es ist Zoltan’ What, what’s happening, my mind was in a fog. What was Gunther niğde escort saying? `Jonathon, wake up your dreaming, wake up, it’s Zoltan’ Gunther was now shaking me harder, my open eyes now began to focus and my brain engaged, I stared at Gunther’s face, why was he smiling, laughing. `Schau, schau’ he repeated, `look, look’ I followed his gaze there was my faithful companion Zoltan, standing barking at me, Boyra was jumping up and down at him and joining in the barking. `Zoltan, Zoltan’ I cried, He bounded the few feet to me, knocking Gunther and me backwards, as he jumped on top of us, joined by an ecstatic Boyra, lots more barking and a mixture of sobs and laughs from me and Gunther. It must have been quiet a noise as suddenly the door burst open as Martin and one of the other guards rushed into the room guns drawn pointed in my direction, no not mine, Gunther’s. `Don’t move another muscle or it will be the last thing you do’ Martin shouted Gunther had rolled away his hands up, I was still under Zoltan and Boyra, struggling to get myself up. `Martin, stop, STOP, everything is fine, look its Zoltan, he recovered, he’s recovered’ I half cried, half sobbed out. Suddenly realising the seriousness of the situation in the room, with guns pointing at Gunther, I shouted again `Martin, put the fucking guns down, Gunther has done nothing, I am fine absolutely fine’ With their guns quickly raised and holstered, Martin crossed to Gunther; who still had his hands up `Sorry Gunther, let me help you up, sorry about that, what with all the night has brought, I thought…you know.’ Martin’s voice trailed off. With Gunther back on his feet, Martin hugged him, `Come here, I thought you were attacking him, I nearly bloody shot you, you silly bastard’ Luckily Gunther could see the funny side and they both laughed, then Martin turned to Zoltan. `Here boy’ Martin got down on his haunches and embraced Zoltan too, burying his face into the dog’s neck. `Thank Christ, thank Christ’ his voice was breaking. Pulling himself together, Martin got up, his eyes looked watery, he quickly wiped them. Then he was back to his formal self. `Sir, I have posted one of the new guards outside your bedroom door for tonight, Will there be anything else, Sir’ `No nothing, nothing at all, thank you, thank you Martin for everything’. Martin and the guard withdrew from the room leaving Gunther and me alone together with the dogs. I had to update Montfort, I dialled his number again once connected, I explained everything that had happened, I was pleased when he said to leave Pyotr’s body to him, it would be `sorted’. I came off the phone, Gunther was waiting patiently for me to finish. I turned to him `Hey is that offer to feed still open?’ He smiled, and bringing himself to attention barked `Yes Sir’ I led him and Zoltan and Boyra, up to my room, sure in the knowledge that Gunther was going to become an excellent familiar, acknowledging the new security guard outside my room; nice, good looking, I closed the door behind us, and tomorrow would be another day. I am not going to tell you I slept quickly, I didn’t, my mind kept rerunning the events of the last few hours, luckily Gunther kept snuggled up to me and when I did sleep, it was with him at myside. `Guten Morgan, mein Herr’ Gunther announced as he opened the curtains, he had reverted to his respectful self. `Morgan Gunther’ I yawned, adding `You are going to have to start speaking more English, you throw me every time’ `Yes Sir’ He snapped back `And be less formal’ I mumbled as he gathered up his clothes. `Can you take Zoltan down and get him something to eat, you had better check on Ian too, I doubt he has had anything’ `Yes Sir’ And he was gone closing the door behind him. I lay staring at the ceiling, my mind returned to the incident with Pyotr it had really shocked me, he had never shown me anything but unconditional obedience and respect since we had first met over ten years ago, that was why I had chosen him to become my familiar, I was really at a loss as to how it had gone wrong and so quickly. nişantaşı escort I was brought back to the present, by a knock on the door, I sat up, pulling the duvet over my midsection as it opened and the new security guard came in, I had briefly seen him last night, but hadn’t had a good look. He was typical of one of Martin’s team, early twenties, six foot of solid muscle, jet black crew cut hair, with a sexy nights stubble showing on his jaw line, beautiful dark eyes, his skin either well-tanned or a bit swarthy, I looked him over, he looked like he had been stitched into his uniform, his dark brown shirt was stretched tight over his chest, he had obviously been hot during the night as he had taken his tie off and undone his top button and forgotten to do it up before he came in, tuffs of short black hair burst out around his open neckline, I dropped my gaze to his light beige trousers, Christ, wow, a thick five inch length outline of a very healthy looking cock, was showing, dressed to the right, this guy was cut too but the look of the ridge, very nice. `Good morning Sir, Martin asked me to check on you and see if you needed me for anything further’ A slight French accent unless I was mistaken, Good old Martin, boy could he pick them, I smiled to myself. `Good morning, I don’t think we have been introduced, I am Jonathon’ `Good Morning Sir, I am Philippe’ `Philippe pleased to meet you, are you French? `My mother is French and my father is English, Sir, I have lived in England for since my teens’ `Well I am very pleased to welcome you Philippe’ I said, connecting to his mind. I lay back as he closed the door behind him and began walking over to the bed; I love the ability to mind control. He walked slowly to the foot of the bed, unbuttoning his shirt as he did, exposing more of that thick chest hair, he had trimmed so it was the same length all over, as he pulled off his shirt, I could see it thickened on his stomach, forming into a pillar of tight black curls disappearing under his belt. His skin was defiantly a lovely light tan colour so typical of the French and Southern Europeans; lovely. He knelt down undoing his brown `Doc Martin’ boots, he pushed them off, revealing he was wearing short white socks, I could smell the sweat from his feet, not offensive, but fresh and horny smelling. He stood back up and began undoing the brown leather belt at his waist, there was the sound of metal on metal as he let go of the buckle and left it hanging open as he unbuttoned his trouser waistband, more gorgeous black hair became visible, this guy had a treasure trail to die for, he slowly pulled down his zip, revealing more of that lovely treasure trail, before it vanished into the top of a small pair of white briefs. I watched intently as he began to peel down his uniform trousers, tilting his hips as he pushed them down over his fit looking butt, soon they were down past his white underwear, he pulled them off his feet and stood naked apart from his white boxers and his white socks although low cut they were in fact white stretchy fabric short fitted boxers. The thick fat looking five inches of cock now even more visible stretched down to the right, a thick ridge gripped by the material visible about three and half inches along the length revealed his bellend, its tip reaching to the hem of the boxers; wow. He adjusted himself, shaking the pouch of his briefs, lifting and pulling it forward, unsticking his obviously large sweaty nuts. He stepped back and took hold of his boxers’ waistband, he then pushed them down, his fat cock swung slowly down the weight of it obvious. His cut bellend hanging past his clippered nuts; very nice, in fact he had manscaped all of his pubes, that gorgeous treasure trail merged into his pubes beautifully above and in line with his fat hanging cock, he scratched his nuts again, I was hit by a wave of pheromones and fresh sweat and musk. His right hand dropped to his cock and gripped it and began to slowly squeeze and pull, pumping blood into it, he spat in his left palm and ankara olgun escort swapped hands, he spat into his right palm and used it to cup, his wobbling bellend, I watch as both hand now worked his meat, it responded to his touch, thickening even more and swelling in length, he soon had it standing at 45 degrees from his body, a large vein swelled along the underside of his shaft, I followed it like a road map along his cock to just below his circumcision scar where it forked; this guy had been designed for us. I moved to the edge of the bed so I was sitting in front of him, I took his hand and pulled him closer, his cock level with my now open mouth, I took the head between my lips, his smell coming from his pubes was intoxicating, I breathed deeply and pushed my mouth down his shaft, I took hold of his arse with my hands, the short hairs coating it sending tingles through me, I pulled him closer, opening my throat, I swallowed down his cock, my lips and nose burying themselves in his wiry pubes, I began working his cock. Rocking his arse with my hands gave him the clue he needed and soon he was gently fucking my mouth and throat, his cock rewarding my work, with dribbles of precum, which awakened my desire, I pulled back off his cock, my hands taking over wanking him hard and fast, his knees buckled and he grunted as he began spurting his load onto my tongue, I gasped as his cum was absorbed by my body, I felt the stress of the last few hours leaving me, I hungrily swallowed his offering, this guy was now on my radar; wow, if his cum was this good what would his blood be like, I squeezed his cock from his balls to the tip, licking up the last of his creamy load, I let go of his cock and got him to climb on the bed and lie on his back. I got between his legs and pushed them up and back, his deflating cock hung fat and juicy over his balls, I manoeuvred his legs higher, exposing his taint and hole, I leant forward kissing each of his man eggs, taking them in turn in my mouth, rolling them over my tongue, tasting his sweat and musk, with them clean I moved a hand to hold them out of the way and lowered my mouth to his taint, wow again his scent crashed into me, my tongue flicked out licking his taint clean of sweat and musk, I couldn’t resist it, I was drawn to his hole, I let my tongue circle round the twitching muscle before it plunged in, my tongue and mouth working together to lick and suck at his hole, when I finally came up for air, his cock had swollen again, not rock hard, but thick and fat with blood, I could sense the vein warm and inviting, I leapt round so I was astride him my face over his rising cock, I gripped it again, stretching the skin tight below his cockhead, the forks in the vein marked the targets for my fangs, I pushed them into his cock, he let out a cry, I mentally silenced him and began to feed, I had been right his blood was a good as his cum; this guy was a keeper, to be kept close at all times. Sated, I left him sleeping on the bed and headed for the shower, the three S’s later, I made my way down to the kitchen. Gunther, Ian and Martin were sat at round the table all three of them stood as I walked in, Zoltan jumped up too and rushed over to me, it was good to see him back to his old self. `Good Morning Sir’ the three of them said in unison `Good morning Gentlemen, Oh I owe you another thank you Martin’ Martin smiled, he knew what I was thanking him for. `Ian, I suppose I have to ask, how is Zeke? Is he aware of what happened yesterday? `Sir, Zeke, still hasn’t eaten, I am getting worried about him, I have offered several times, but he just lies on his bed crying, I haven’t told him about Pyotr’ Ian’s face was one of concern `Okay thank you Ian, I had better try speaking to him again, thank you for looking after him’ I turned to Gunther and Martin `Gunther, you will now be taking over all of Pyotr’s duties as my PA, with the exception of driving me, Martin, please familiarise Philippe with the Mercedes, he will be my new driver’ Gunther and Martin both nodded. Right what next, ah yes Zeke. ***************** Guys, it’s always great to hear by email that you are enjoying the story and want it to carry on. Other stories by this writer: `Exploring my brother’ `Joshs Adventures series’ `An Army life for me’ `Grandmas Bedroom’ `Nightcam Fun’ `Dominic Online’ `The Extraordinary Christmas Party’

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