Vampires! Ch 3

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Vampires! Ch 3Danny and Sylvia were on the road well before daybreak. Sylvia, being a vampire had a rather intense aversion to sunlight which necessitated the early departure. She and her eighteen year old neighbor were traveling across the country to meet with Sylvia’s brother and sister vampires.The two of them had a rather unusual relationship, where Danny would let Sylvia snack on a little of his blood and in return Sylvia would give him head.They’d spent the previous night in a motel room and were due to arrive at their destination late that evening. Danny was acting as the beautiful vampire’s driver in return for a promised full sex session with her. Up until now he’d only had his cock sucked, but Sylvia had promised to let him do whatever he wanted with her if he did her this favor. For a horny eighteen year old it had been an offer too good to refuse.That very morning before they set off Danny had asked Sylvia for a blowjob to get rid of his morning wood, but she’d refused him, wanting to beat the sunrise and get on the road right away. He was a little disappointed, but figured it was probably fair enough as she hadn’t drunk any more of his blood since the previous evening’s spa pool oral session.He drove for about five hours before stopping to grab some lunch at a gas station. Danny was half tempted to climb in the back of the limo and see if he could take advantage of the sleeping vampire back there, after all Sylvia had said that it was a very deep trance and she’d be almost impossible to awaken. He wondered if sticking his cock in her butt would wake her up.In the end he’d eaten his sandwich in the front seat and resumed the journey without venturing into the back of the limo. His conscience had got the better of him and he decided he’d never forgive himself if he ruined this free supply of blowjobs by getting Sylvia burnt to a crisp in the sunlight.***It was almost ten thirty when they finally reached their destination. For about the last hour, once the sun had definitely gone down, Sylvia had ridden in the front of the car, giving Danny directions to an old unused factory on the industrial side of town.Danny parked the limo next to the only other car, a black Porsche with darkened windows.”Now when we’re in there I want you to act subservient,” instructed Sylvia.”Don’t worry honey,” replied Danny with a smirk, patting Sylvia’s thigh. “I’ll be a meek little blood slave.””I’m serious,” Sylvia insisted. “Especially around Anita. I’ll make it worth your while and be your meek little cocksucker when we’re alone.”Danny swallowed and nodded. “Deal.”They got out of the limo and entered the run down looking factory building. The inside was pretty much empty apart from a couple of ancient-looking, unidentifiable machines and a wooden stairway leading up to an office at the rear of the factory floor.”Upstairs,” instructed Sylvia leading the way. Danny followed along silently behind her, admiring the sexy sway of her ass in her tight black gown as she climbed the stairs in front of him.In the office at the top there were already two people waiting for them, Sylvia’s brother and sister Danny assumed.Christian, Sylvia’s brother, looking a couple of decades older than Sylvia, roughly in his late forties. He had dark hair speckled with silver and a deeply lined, but handsome face. He was dressed, like Sylvia, all in black, wearing a well tailored black suit, black silk shirt and a black tie.The woman beside him was much younger. She looked about twenty and had dark red hair and blood red lip-stick. She was dressed in a pair of blue jeans, black high heeled boots and a black AC-DC t-shirt. The t-shirt had a picture of two cannons and the caption ‘Fire Your Guns’ written across it. Danny’s mouth went dry as he noticed almost immediately, just how well the woman filled out the front of that AC-DC t-shirt. Her expansive bosom swelled out rather impressively, straining against the black cotton of the t-shirt. She definitely had some rather remarkable guns, possibly even bigger than Sylvia’s impressive rack.The rest of the young woman’s body was almost as good as her cannons. She had long, slender legs, a slim waist and a ripe, full ass which her jeans clung snugly to.”Good evening Christian,” said Sylvia with a smile. She stepped forward and warmly embraced her brother. Danny noticed somewhat jealously that one of the older vampire’s hands rested on Sylvia’s firm right buttock as they hugged, giving it a very slight squeeze.”It’s been too long Sylvia,” said Christian as they stepped back.”Where’s Anita?” asked Sylvia and Danny realized that the red haired girl was probably Christian’s blood supplier, not another vampire.”I’m right here,” they all turned as Anita entered the room, followed by a lanky, pale looking young man.Anita was unlike any vampire that grandbetting giriş Danny had ever seen or imagined, not that he’d seen any other than Sylvia. Unlike Sylvia however, Anita’s hair was blonde and her skin olive and well tanned, Danny presumed it was a fake tan given her vampiric aversion to sunlight.Anita’s body was clearly in perfect shape, slim and well toned and excitingly proportioned. She had long, slender legs, a ripe full ass and voluptuously large breasts that appeared to defy gravity. She was dressed in high heeled black shoes, a very short black skirt that would have left plenty of her impossibly long legs on display if not for a pair of dark black tights, and her royal blue satin blouse was partially unbuttoned, revealing a tantalizing hint of her deep cleavage.The young man shuffling along behind her was so pale his skin almost looked translucent. He had limp brown hair that looked like it hadn’t been cut in months and hung messily around his gaunt face and his eyes had a vacant listless look about them. Danny quickly realized that he was probably in this state from feeding the supposedly ravenous Anita on a daily basis. Danny quickly decided he was very lucky to have such a generous, self-controlled vampire as Sylvia for a neighbor.”So what’s all the urgency about?” asked Anita. Danny noticed that Christian and Sylvia did not greet her with the same warmth that they’d greeted each other with.”Let’s go into the back office,” suggested Christian.The three vampires headed through the back door, leaving Danny alone with the busty red haired metal chick and wasted, heroin-addict looking dude.”I’m Danny,” he offered uncertainly as he took a seat against the wall. For some reason in the company of these two he felt every inch the meek blood slave that Sylvia had wanted him to act like. The lifeless looking young man in particular made Danny feel uncomfortable.”Sharon,” replied the curvy red head.Danny looked over to Anita’s blood donor who was standing silently in the doorway.”His name’s Justin,” offered Sharon.”You’ve met?” asked Danny in surprise. He didn’t think Sylvia had met with her siblings or whatever they were in a long time.”About six months ago,” replied Sharon, not offering any further explanation. “He didn’t look like that though.” Sharon seemed just as disquieted by Justin’s pale, sickly appearance as Danny was. Given they were both presumably giving blood to vampire’s Danny hoped they wouldn’t end up in a similar state.”So how long have you been with Christian?” Danny asked.”A couple years now,” replied Sharon. “He’s a little gentler on the constitution than Anita.” Sharon glanced nervously towards the office where the three vampires were meeting.Danny wondered if Christian went down her in exchange for blood. “Cool shirt,” Danny said, staring at Sharon’s nice looking jugs.Sharon smirked. “Thanks.”They sat in silence for a few minutes. Other than getting his blood sucked by a vampire Danny didn’t think he had a lot in common with these two.Fortunately he didn’t have long to wait as Sylvia and Christian emerged from the back office. There was no sign of Anita.”Got a job for you Sharon,” said Christian. “There’s a nightclub called the House of Pain. I’ve had word that Damon is there.” Sharon seemed surprised at the mention of that name. “Take Sylvia’s boy with you,” added the vampire, nodding towards Danny.Danny was startled. “What, me?”Sylvia nodded, “Go with her. It’ll look less suspicious.””Who’s Damon?” asked Danny nervously. “Another vampire.””A hunter,” replied Christian.Danny swallowed, this was going well beyond just driving now. He looked anxiously over at Sylvia.”You’ll be fine,” Sylvia assured him. “Sharon knows what she’s about, just do as she says.””We want you both to watch for Damon and confirm he’s there. Nothing more,” explained Christian.”Got it,” agreed Sharon, standing up. She looked towards Danny. “Come on then Danny-boy.”***The music inside the House of Pain was thumping despite the fact the place was only half full at 11pm. Danny had to lean close to Sharon to hear what she was saying as she led him across the club floor.”You need to pretend to be my boyfriend,” Sharon told Danny.Danny nodded, he couldn’t help but notice that Sharon smelt nice, and as she lent in to talk into his ear the proximity of her ample chest to his was also pleasantly distracting.”Any sign of Damon?” he asked.Sharon shook her head as they found a seat in a dark corner of the club. “Can’t see him here yet, but we should wait a bit.”Danny sat stiffly in his seat, glancing nervously around the nightclub.”You need to relax,” instructed Sharon. “Damon would pick you out a mile away. Remember, we’re supposed to be a couple.””Okay, what do I do?” asked Danny nervously.”Just act natural. He might even grandbetting yeni giriş be watching right now, put your arm around me,” directed Sharon.Danny nodded and shuffled closer, putting his arm around Sharon’s shoulders and pulling her closer to him. He could feel the lush softness of her body against his side, the ample, warm swell of the side of her breast brushing against his chest. He briefly wondered if Sylvia would be jealous, or even care at all.”I think that might be him! Kiss me,” whispered Sharon out of the corner of her mouth.”What?” blurted Danny in surprise.”Kiss me!” she hissed.”Ah, sure..” Danny turned awkwardly towards Sharon and bent forward, meeting Sharon’s mouth with his own.Danny gave a small moan as their lips touched. Her mouth felt so soft against his, and he could feel her plentiful bosom press against his chest as they kissed. He was expecting her to push him away at any second, but to his surprise she actually started to kiss him back.When Sharon’s tongue slid into Danny’s mouth his eyes snapped open in shock. He gave a moan and let his own tongue meet hers, kissing her back even harder. Sharon’s soft curves pressed against him felt absolutely amazing. Thoughts of Sylvia quickly disappeared from his mind as he locked lips with the sexy red head in his arms.Danny tilted his head further and pushed his tongue deeper into Sharon’s mouth. This was fantastic. He no longer cared if she was just acting. The suddenly aroused high school student put his arms tighter around Sharon’s curvy body, enjoying the feel of her heavy tits crushed against him.She might not be quite as beautiful as Sylvia, but she was still smoking hot and she was right there in his arms. Besides, it wasn’t as if Sylvia was his girlfriend or anything like that.”That was good,” said Sharon breathlessly when they finally broke off their kiss. Danny wasn’t sure if she was talking about the kiss or their acting. He watched as she glanced apprehensively back across the club, her eyes narrowed as she watched Damon.”It’s definitely him?” asked Danny, starting to turn towards the bar.Sharon stopped him. “He’s looking this way,” she whispered. “Kiss me again. And this time make it more believable. Grab my boob or something.”Danny didn’t have time to reply, as Sharon’s lips were abruptly back against his, her tongue pushing it’s way into his mouth.Danny felt her tense ever so slightly as he reached up between their bodies to squeeze her right breast through her AC-DC t-shirt. It felt absolutely fantastic, better than he even imagined. And huge! It was enormous; more than filling his palm as he eagerly squeezed the firm melon through her clothing. She was definitely bustier than Sylvia, although the vampire had great tits still.”Mmm,” Danny moaned as he passionately kissed the stunning redhead, his hand happily squeezing at her right breast as they snogged. He gave her nipple a pinch through her t-shirt and then put his whole hand back over her big tit, massaging the firm sphere. He could feel the texture of her bra through her top, and also the fullness and softness of her warm breast.While they kissed he felt himself growing rapidly erect inside his jeans, and he lent forward, attempting surreptitiously rub the bulge against her warm thigh, although in practice he was almost dry humping her as they made out.”Keep going,” whispered Sharon into his mouth, barely slowing their kissing.Both of Danny’s hands wandered over Sharon’s magnificent, curvy body. Squeezing at her tits, then one hand sliding down to cup and squeeze her round bum through her jeans. Fuck she had a nice body.”That’s good,” whispered Sharon as she pressed her face down into his neck. He could feel her hot breath against his throat. One of Sharon’s hands slid up between them and cupped Danny’s crotch through his jeans, the hard protuberance of his erection pressing into her palm.Sharon pulled away a little. “You’ve got an erection?” she murmured in surprise. She was grinning slightly, a twinkle in her eye.Danny shrugged helplessly. “Is he still watching?” he asked her, trying to change the topic.Sharon glanced sideways and nodded. “Keep pretending,” she told him, her hand sliding almost grudgingly back between Danny’s legs and stroking his throbbing crotch. Danny gave a blissful groan as the busty blonde squeezed his hard-on. He noticed for the first time that Sharon had an intricate tattoo up the inside of her right forearm, a dragon or snake or something. She was definitely not your typical beauty.”He’s ordered a drink,” murmured Sharon as she looked over Danny’s shoulder towards the bar, her hand dropping away from between Danny’s legs.Danny glanced around to see a tall long haired man picking up a bottle of beer from the bar. He was dressed in black jeans grandbetting güvenilirmi and a black leather jacket.”Okay, kiss me again,” instructed Sharon. “And this time stick your hand up under my t-shirt.””What?” blurted Danny in surprise. It wasn’t everyday that a hot, busty chick asked him to grope her tits like that.”We can’t let him suspect who we are,” explained Sharon. “We’ve got to maintain the cover.”Danny reached up and pulled Sharon’s face back towards his, covering her mouth with a hungry kiss. After all, he might as well make the most of his opportunity, who was he to argue with a request like that.Sharon moaned slightly into his mouth as she felt Danny’s hand slip up under the hem of her t-shirt and slide up over her flat stomach, his fumbling hand bumping against the underside of her bra-clad breasts.Danny moaned in return as his hand closed over Sharon’s large, bra-clad breast, giving it a firm squeeze, the lace of her brassiere against his palm, his thumb pressing into the bare flesh swelling up above.God, her tit felt amazing. As Danny squeezing Sharon’s amazing breasts beneath her shirt he felt her hand slip back up between his legs to cup and squeeze his cock through his jeans. He was now hard as a rock, but it didn’t seem to bother Sharon, if anything she was rubbing him harder than before.They carried on like this for a few minutes, Sharon rubbing Danny’s hard dick through his jeans, Danny’s hands squeezing Sharon’s big bouncy boobs through her bra.He slid his hand across the upper slopes of Sharon’s big hooters, feeling the smooth soft flesh that was left bare above the top of her bra. Danny briefly wondered if Christian the vampire was the jealous type. Hopefully not.”I think he’s on the move,” said Sharon, abruptly breaking off from one of their passionate kisses and craning her neck as she stared across the bar.”Oh,” said Danny in disappointment as he reluctantly pulled his hand out from where it had been stuffed up the front of Sharon’s t-shirt. He kept his hand on her ass however, giving her firm round bottom a squeeze.”We need to follow him, see where he’s going,” decided Sharon as she pulled on the hem of her AC-DC t-shirt, straightening it up a little.”What?” said Danny in surprise. “Christian said just to watch him.””Well I can’t go out there by myself. He might be waiting straight outside the bar.””What if he is?” asked Danny in a worried tone.”Um…” Sharon thought for a moment. “Well then we pretend you’ve just picked me up. And that you’re taking me back to your place or something.”Danny nodded. “Okay, that might work.” He was as hard as a rock. If he was lucky he might get a chance to feel her up a bit more.”Let’s go then.”They made their way across the bar towards the exit. Sharon lent in close to Danny, occasionally nuzzling her face into his neck as they walked. Danny’s hand remained glued to Sharon’s arse, enjoying the flex and roll of her lovely round buttock against his palm as she walked. Although her ample tits were definitely her best feature, Danny quite likely her peachy posterior as well.Outside the club there was no sign of Damon.”This way,” said Sharon, taking Danny by the hand and leading him towards a nearby alleyway.”Are you sure?” asked Danny anxiously. He didn’t fancy running into the vampire hunter in a dark alleyway.”Come on!” she urged, hurrying him along. They quickly turned down the alley, but there was no sign of Damon.”Shit!” Sharon swore, releasing Danny’s hand.”Looking for me?” Damon stepped out of the shadows behind them.Danny and Sharon spun around in surprise to see the big vampire hunting blocking their escape. He held a pump action shotgun in front of him, pointed down at ground to his side.Danny almost wet himself as he instinctively put his hands up in the air. Whatever stiffness that Sharon had rubbed into his cock back in the club was instantly deflated.”Why are you following me?” demanded the vampire hunter, a dangerous expression on his face.”What?” replied Sharon. “This must be some mistake.”Damon pumped the shotgun, loading a shell. “I’m not going to ask twice,” he warned.Sharon swallowed. “We were just coming down here to fuck.””I don’t think so,” said Damon coldly. He started to raise the barrel of the shotgun up towards them.”Oh shit,” whispered Danny.There was suddenly a noise, like a rush of wind, and the shotgun was clattering to pavement. A hand appeared on the side of Damon’s head, then a splatter of red as Anita sunk her teeth into the vampire hunters throat, ripping it open.”Holy fuck!” whispered Danny as the gorgeous blonde vampire gave an a****l like growl and buried her pretty mouth in the hunters gaping wound, drinking ravenously. This was nothing like Sylvia’s gentle licking at the tiny punctures on his neck.Sharon took a step back in surprise, equally stunned by Anita’s sudden and effective attack.”I guess Damon won’t be troubling Christian anymore,” Sharon murmured to Danny as she gazed in fascination at the feeding vampire.Danny himself couldn’t help but wonder if their role in the evenings activities not been as spies, but rather, as bait….to be continued

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