Vacation With Teens – Episode 2 – Departure

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Vacation With Teens – Episode 2 – DepartureBefore you read this story, here are the girls from this episode.EmiliaJoanaAlexandraIvanaEpisode 2 – DepartureShe rotated her slim body, giving Alexandra vision of her rear. “How does my back look?” Ivana worriedly asked, as the three girls left the table.”Oh, my.” Alexandra stammered. The spanish Ivana had such a pale skin, she always got sunburned so easily. The blistering sun definitely hadn’t had any compassion for her back this afternoon. “You lay in the sun for too long Ivana.”Emilia had come to stand next to Alexandra to get a look. “You should never lie in the sun” she teasingly said to her friend.Ivana raised her arms, curled her finger and let our a loud “Hiss”. Her impression of a vampire, it actually looked more like a kitten.”I’ll get some aftersun.” Said Alexandra as she went inside to get her bag.”Did you really get burned before we even started the trip?” Emilia said, trying to provoke Ivana. But Ivana merely sighed as she sat herself down green grass. This time her back averted from the withering sung.Her bag was still in the living room where the girls had put on their bikinis. Robert was in the sofa watching television as Alexandra searched the bag for some aftersun. Sitting bent over on her knees, she could swear he was looking at her. But every time she looked up at him, his gaze was fixed on the television. When the girl found what she had been looking for, she heard Matthew enter the room. He came from upstairs. Matthew and Robert exchanged looks and she saw the teenager was feeling a bit uncomfortable. You didn’t have to be clairvoyant to know what he had been doing upstairs. And by the looks on Robert face, he knew too. No one spoke as the teenage boy shuffled towards Alexandra.”The girls outside?” he asked in a low voice as he reached her.”Ye.” Alexandra replied in a similar voice. “Where else?” she thought, somewhat amused by Matthews behavior around Robert. “You coming?” she asked, offering to help him out off his uneasy situation. He passively followed her as they went back outside, flask in her right hand.She had already squirted some cream on her hand as she neared Ivana. “Bend over.” Alexandra commanded as she sat herself down behind her friend, gently stroking away some locks of wavy hair from her friend’s neck.”Hey Matt, you two left the table pretty fast.” Emilia smilingly said to him as he sat himself down between the girls.He looked Emilia in the face and sent her a smile back, knowing better than to react to her remarks.”Ouch!” Ivana groaned as Alexandra’s hands touched her back.—“I’ll see you in a week, baby.” Joana said as she gave Matthew one last kiss to send him home. After which she turned around and rejoined her in the backyard.”Shouldn’t we get inside?” She asked as she drew nearer to the girls. “I’ll ask my dad for the keys, so we can put our stuff in the mobile-home already.” The evening was turning into night as the girls had been babbling in the backyard. And their bikinis didn’t properly cover them from the cold.Robert had arranged that the girls could sleep in the house tonight, just needing to pump up some air mattresses. But they had all agreed that it would be more fun to sleep in the mobile-home tonight.The baked Ivana stumbled towards the vehicle, her back hurting whenever she took a step. Alexandra had volunteered to carry Ivana’s bag and together with Emilia, the two girls followed Joana inside.”Dad, where are the keys?” she asked as she entered the living room.”Are you going to sleep already?” he asked a bit surprised. “Is Matthew still here?” “Was she planning to take her boyfriend into the mobile-home to sleep with her tonight? he wondered worryingly.”Matthew went home… And we’re not going to sleep yet. We just want to get in, it’s getting cold outside.” Joana explained.This eased him up a bit, Matthew is gone. “The keys are on the kitchen table, honey.” He said to his teenage daughter.—As Joana opened the door, Emilia made sure she would be the first to enter the spacious vehicle. “Wow, it looks even bigger on the inside.” The young girl exclaimed as her friends made their way in.On the right of the entrance was a grand bed, clearly meant for Joana’s parents, Robert and Sarah. Beyond the bed, was the ‘cockpit’, as Joana liked to call it. A roomy space, shielded from the rest of the van by a see through plastic door. It contained the steering wheel and some buttons, probably used to facilitate the driving.Right in front of the girls was a built-in closet, with a small ladder in front. This ladder lead to a small hatch covering the entrance to a narrow sleeping room above the closet. The room wasn’t big enough to sit up straight, but there was plenty of space to crawl. It would suffice as a sleeping place.The small bathroom, Robert had told them about, was located next to this closet.Across the hall that ran through the mobile-home, at the opposite side of the bathroom, on the left of the entrance, there was a refrigerator and some more closets, cabinets and cupboards filled with cutlery and plates. The hallway ended into another bedroom, about the size as the one the grown-ups would sleep in.”Who sleeps where?” Emilia asked the others, as they were exploring their new temporary home.Alexandra and Ivana were the smallest of the four girls. After some kibbling the two girls yielded and threw their bags through the small hatch. Before she had asked, Emilia had already known Alexandra was going to end up in the small room. Alex usually gave in to anything the other girls asked of her.”I’m getting into my pyjamas.” Joana announced, as she started to undo herself from her bikini. The other girls followed her example. Emilia had taken her brothers shirt with her, it used to reach the underside of her buttocks if she stood straight-up. But now it was barely long enough to reach the top of her panties. Joana, who had put on ridiculously tight fleece shortpants and a light top, sat next to Emilia on their bed. Together they watched Ivana and Alexandra undress. The two had decided to change clothes in the hallway instead of their tight room. Both put on a sleeping robe and some panties. Alexandra’s dress reached almost to her knees, but Ivana’s only covered the top half of her cute butt. Emilia was staring at Ivana’s ass as she bend over to collect the remainder of their clothes, when she saw Joana was looking at her…”If you’d rather sleep with Ivana, we can switch.” she joked.”Oh Jo…” Emilia laughed in response “I wouldn’t trade you for anything.” Giving her a kiss as a way to prove what she had just said.The kiss was rudely broken off as Ivana made her way into the bed, quickly followed by Alexandra.Emilia sat herself at one side of the bed, leaning against the side of the mobile-home. Joana positioned herself in between Emilia’s legs, laying back and letting her head rest onto her friend’s soft bosom. At the other side of the bed Alexandra and Ivana followed their example. Although the sunburns on Ivana’s back and the lack of chest on Alexandra, prevented the teens from getting as comfortable as their counterparts.”Did you give Matthew a nice goodbye?” Ivana started the conversations, smirking at Joana.”Nothing special.” She did her best to sound as nonchalant as possible.As they were sitting opposite of each other, Joana could stretch her legs to touch Ivana’s thin belly. In response Ivana did the same. Her legs were a bit shorter, so she could reach Joana only with the tops of her toes.”How about you Ivana?” Emilia mingled in the conversation “Did you give Luis a nice goodbye?””What? What are you talking betist giriş about?” was the response Ivana gave her. “It’s been months since I’ve been with him.” Joana had moved her foot a bit, to get under the pulled-up dress of Ivana. Gently tapping her toes on the soft lower belly of her friend.”Weren’t you seeing him last week?” Emilia asked, wondering if she had misunderstood something.”Oh that…” Ivana mumbled. Joana’s toes were now exploring her belly button. It tickled a bit, but she didn’t mind. It was a nice tickle, not like the ones that made you lose control of your limbs.”Oh… what?” Alexandra asked in a low voice. She hadn’t said anything yet, as is usually the case when they were talking about boys. But she was a good listener and surprised that she hadn’t heard about this yet.”Nothing…” Ivana sighed. “He said he wanted to get together again sometime. And we had arranged to meet Wednesday afternoon. But he called it of a few minutes early… Said something about Mia…” Joana’s foot stopped moving, a concerned expression had taken over her face.”Oh…” Alexandra gasped.”OMG is he dating Mia!?” Emilia almost shouted “That girl is such a slut!””Why didn’t you tell us?” Alexandra continued, again in a low voice.”Cause it’s nothing.” Ivana was indeed more concerned that the girls would unrightfully pity her, than she was concerned about Luis.She was relieved when the girls changed subject and Joana’s foot started to play with her belly again.—As Alexandra and Ivana climbed into their lair, as they had come to call it, they found out it was more roomy on the inside than it looked from the outside. They had been talking and laughing a lot, this night. The last look on a clock Alexandra could remember had shown 01:13. That was about ten minutes ago she guessed. The girls shared a cover as they preferred to be cuddled up against one another. Alexandra lay with her back facing Ivana, hoping she would wrap her arm around her. Her wish came true rather soon than late. A thin right arm embraced her as she felt Ivana close in until their teen bodies were pressed together. She felt Ivana raise her head a bit, her lips almost touching her ear.”You tired yet?” Ivana whispered.Alexandra couldn’t see her face, but she knew her friend was smiling. “Not really, I was ju…”She had stopped speaking when she felt Ivana’s lips at the edge of her ear, her hand stroking Alexandra’s upper thigh. Ivana opened her mouth just enough to suck in the brim of Alexandra’s auricle. Meanwhile her fingers were teasing the inside of Alexandra’s thighs. Ivana had never sucked her ear before, Alexandra thought it was a bit strange. Not that she didn’t like it, every touch Ivana made felt good. Tonight wasn’t the night for her however, she wasn’t even aroused or horny. But she didn’t want to spoil it for her friend. Suckingly Ivana made her way to her earlobe. Alexandra let out a giggle. Under Alexandra’s dress, some fingers were making circles ticking the front of her panties. Trying to lick her way from Alexandra’s ear to mouth, Ivana had to stretch her neck quite a bit. To help her, Alexandra rotated herself, so she lay on her back. In the dim light she could see Ivana’s eyes sparkle.”You’re so beautiful” she said to Alexandra. Although she couldn’t actually see Alexandra’s beauty with this lack of light. She had enough memories of her cuddle-partner to clearly picture her face.Alexandra had wanted to say something back. But as the words passed Ivana’s lips, those lips started covering up hers. Preventing her to speak. The need to say something soon vanished, her lips had now gotten a different use. It didn’t take the girls long to open their mouths and let their tongues meet. Ivana took the lead, as usual. Caressing Alexandra’s lips with her tongue, using the top of her tongue to stroke the surface of Alexandra’s when she had the chance. At moments when Alexandra opened wide enough, she could even reach the canopy inside her soft mouth.Meanwhile a bit lower, Ivana’s fingers had found the rim of her panties. Alexandra felt how her teenage friend pulled away her dress, to get better access. Right before her fingers reached down again, she pushed Ivana’s hand away. The kissing stopped.”What?” Ivana asked in surprise. Why would she stop her now?”Let me do you.” Alexandra said, with a small whiff of guilt “I’m just not that horny right now…” She thought it would be better to inform her friend right now. Instead of letting Ivana find out in practice how dry her pussy actually was. Alexandra had enjoyed everything they had done so far. But she just wasn’t in that kind of mood right now. Luckily her friend understood.”Okay”The kissing continued. This time Alexandra tried to take more of a leading role. As she tried to gain height on Ivana, she pushed her back.”Ouch my back.” Ivana let out in a small cry.Alexandra apologized “Oh… sorry Ivana.” She had forgotten about the sunburn on her back.”It’s ok, let me take some pillows” Ivana said, looking around her to find anything soft enough to rest her sensitive back on.It didn’t take long before Ivana was lying down comfortably in pile of pillows. Alexandra put herself down next to her, softly stroking her legs with the back of her hand. “Cozy enough?” she asked, as she got closer for another kiss.”Mhm… real snug.” Ivana uttered.They quickly got the kissing going again. As Ivana was lying almost immobilized this gave Alexandra the chance to take control. As their tongues played with each other, Ivana needed to catch her breath some times. Alexandra used these few moments, to her advantage. Sucking and softly biting on her lips, but at the same time gently stroking between her legs. Since her dress was so much shorter, she wouldn’t have to push it aside to get into her friend’s panties. She wondered what Ivana had done down there since last time.Herself and Joana kept their pussies properly shaved, regarding their wa as clean. Emilia preferred to shave off everything except for either a small stripe or a triangle above her pussy, dependant on what she preferred at the time of shaving. Joana found this rather slutty, but she knew Ivana didn’t. With Ivana it’s always a surprise. One day she could have an untrimmed bush, other times there wasn’t a fluff to be found.As Ivana took a break by letting her tongue slide back into her own mouth, Alexandra saw her chance to investigate. Her fingers slowly crawling under the upper band of her panties. It didn’t take her long to notice IVana hadn’t shaved. But it wasn’ a wild bush down there either. Alexandra thought about Roberts stubble and how nice it felt earlier today, as her finger kept going further. A quick guess was that Ivana had shaven about a week ago, but her pubes had started to grow back already. As the tops of Alexandra’s fingers reached the top of Ivana’s pussy, she ignored her clitoris and kept going down. Unlike Alexandra, Ivana was indeed aroused. She slid her middle finger between the sift outer lips of her friend, going all the way down. Then back up.Ivana let out a small moan and wriggled a bit trying to get a look of what was going on down there. Which was funny to Alexandra as she knew her friend couldn’t see anything, it was dark and everything was happening under her panties. She continued. Her middle finger was covered in wetness already, but she repeated the process with her index finger as well. Once her two fingers where moist enough, she moved them up to Ivana’s little clit. Again she let out a moan. Alexandra’s wet fingers rubbed in a small circle around her clit, smearing the juice they had betist yeni giriş just collected all over her love bump. When Alexandra felt her fingers get dry again, she moved them down to collect some more moisture. There was plenty there she knew, which gave her an idea. Abruptly she removed her hand from her youthful friend’s panties. Her fingers still covered in juice. Ivana had done this a couple of times to her, she wanted to do it to her this time. She brought her fingers closer to Ivana’s mouth. For a while she wasn’t sure if Ivana was just hesitating or plainly refusing. But then she felt her friend’s tongue licking at her fingers. More eagerly than Alexandra had expected, Ivana cleaned off her fingers. Sucking and licking every bit of her own juice into her mouth.Alexandra giggled as Ivana continued to lick her fingers. “I think you got everything Ivana.” She said.Ivana answered with a soft bite in her fingers.Alexandra pulled her hand back, she couldn’t do much more from this position she figured. On hands and knees she made her way to end up in between Ivana’s skinny legs. She put her hands under Ivana’s butt and gave each cheek a soft squeeze. Getting the message, Ivana slowly raised her waist. Allowing Alexandra to grab her panties and gently pull them off. The first thing Alexandra did was stroke the soft stubbles in between Ivana’s legs using the back of her hand. Not wanting to hurt her back again, she lowered herself slowly over Ivana’s body. Leaning on her arms to prevent Ivana from carrying her weight. When Alexandra tried to kiss her friend again, Ivana soon stopped her.”I want you down there baby.” It sounded almost as if she was begging.Somewhat disappointed about the refused kiss, Alexandra knew what to do. “I’ve teased her enough” she thought as she backed herself up. When she had backed up far enough to feel Ivana’s soft fluff at her chin, she moved her friend’s dress up a bit. A gentle kiss on her lower belly and down she went.As her friend lay spread open before her, she was surprised about the view she had. Had her eyes grown more accustomed to the dark? Or are the juices of her friend reflecting the little light, making everything more visible? It didn’t really matter. When she saw the pinks folds laying before her eyes. The only thing she wanted to do was, lick. She used the top of her tongue to slide through Ivana’s open slit, from bottom to top. Catching every drop of liquid that had come oozing out too far. She heard more moans. She moved her head back a bit to have a better view. The juice that she had just licked up was immediately replaced by fresh fluids. She also saw some cream come out of Ivana’s opening.This had happened before. During certain periods of Ivana’s cycle she produced this white creamy substance. Alexandra had it too, but only very little and not every period. Ivana had it more, especially when she was horny. That’s when it flowed almost as easily as her pussy juice. However Ivana didn’t mind this, the taste wasn’t that much different. And she didn’t want her friend to think she was grossed out by her or anything, because she wasn’t.She decided to work on her clit a bit, so the cream could come out more. She wondered if Ivana even knew she was this creamy. As she started to lick her friend’s clit, Ivana swung her leg onto her back pinning Alexandra down into her sweet pussy. Alexandra felt fingers stroke into her silky hair as she kept on licking. Ivana pushed her down some more, which Alexandra responding to by sucking on her sensitive clitoris. As she heard Ivana’s breath quicken, she moved herself down again. “After Ivana had an orgasm, she would probably find it strange that I still want lick her out. I’d better do it now” Alexandra thought to herself as she started to clear out the accumulated cream. Using her tongue to clean the entire inside of Ivana’s teen pussy, she couldn’t help but bringing up her hand to keep Ivana’s clit busy. As her fingers softly rubbed on her knot, she used her lips to suck out the remaining juices. When she realized Ivana was producing the juices as fast as she could lick them, her tongue went back up. Not long after Alexandra started to suck on her clit Ivana started to moan more loudly. “Oooohh… Yeeahh…” she could feel the teenage body of her friend shaking as she reached her climax. Ivana let out a loud a****l like grunt, which sounded a bit like a boar Alexandra thought. She couldn’t help but laugh a little as she continued to lick and suck on her friend’s clit, not willing to deny her any pleasures.As the orgasm faded away, she heard Ivana mumble “Alexandra… Mhhmm…” Alexandra didn’t stop licking until Ivana was lying completely still, which was when she guessed the rush had passed.She crawled up, making sure not to lean on Ivana, to give her another kiss. No tongue, just sweet lips. “I love you baby.” Ivana whispered, when she got there.”I love you too.” Alexandra cheerfully answered. She caught herself leaning a bit when she felt the pubes of Ivana touching her thigh. “Come lay on top of me.” Alexandra suggested, rolling off her friend into her original position in the bed. “You don’t have to lie on your back this way.”Graciously, Ivana tumbled onto her. After the girls pulled some cover over themselves, they went to sleep. They had some trouble laying down their legs, but settled by laying them alternating. Causing Ivana’s pubic hairs to brush Alexandra’s upper leg. As Ivana lay her face down into Alexandra’s neck, they soon fell asleep.—They had been driving for some hours now, the girls were all still asleep. Sarah tried to read a book while Robert was driving. She had never been a good sleeper. Seeing her daughter and her friend lying there so comfy, reminded her of this. The book she had been reading wasn’t what she expected. It made her carsick, another trouble she often had, on top of the bad sleeping. She couldn’t even remember what the last three pages had been about, she put the book away. She looked at Robert, behind the see-through door. “Better not to disturb him while he’s driving.” she thought.Sarah stood up trying to get the blood flowing in her legs again. Making her way over to Joana and Emilia, she took her glass of coke, which was standing on the cabinet on her left. Not wanting to wake the girls from their sleep, she softly sat herself down on their bed.”What time is it mom?” Joana asked, her voice still drowsy from her sleep, eyes pinched preventing light from getting through.”Oh, no. I woke her up.” Sarah thought to herself “I guess she was as fast asleep, as I’ve always been.” She stroked her daughter’s hair. “It’s only 6am.” She shushed “Go to sleep honey.” The comforting words didn’t have their intended effect however, Joana started to raise herself. Just a little bit, but enough to reveal that she slept with her arm around Emilia tonight. “How cute.” Sarah thought, as she saw it.”I’m thirsty.” Joana said with a small yawn.Sarah figured if she gave her some of her coke, her daughter wouldn’t be getting back to sleep any easier. “I’ll get you some water.” She quietly said, trying not to wake up Emilia as well.By the time she got back with the water, Joana had fallen asleep again. Sarah put the glass within reach and treaded back to her own bed. On the way, she peeped through the hatch above the closet. Ivana and Alexandra were also still sleeping. “They sure look comfortable lying on each other.” She thought, looking at the teens.—It took her a while to realize where she was. She had felt the movement of the driving mobile-home during her sleep. But it seemed betist güvenilirmi to have stopped. “Are we in the hotel already?” was the first thing she could think of. “No wait… that can’t be.” Slowly becoming aware that Ivana was lying on top of her, she started to remember the night before. She moved her arms behind Ivana, to check if her friend had indeed slept without panties as she reckoned. As she rested her hands on the young bum of Ivana, a smile ran across her face.”Hey baby.” Ivana whispered, as she felt the touch.For a moment Alexandra assumed she had accidently awakened her, but quickly realized Ivana had probably been awake for a while already. “Hey.” Alexandra whispered back.”Good morning girls.” A much deeper voice said. It was Roberts face peeping through the open hatch.”Hey.” Ivana immediately answered in a jolly tone.”Hey, Robert.” Alexandra said, much quieter than her friend had done.”Are we taking a stop?” Ivana asked as she got into a more upright position. Making sure the blanket covered her bare ass and Alexandra’s hands.”We just finished one.” He answered. “Joana and Emilia just got up as well. We’ll take a new stop in about an hour.”Alexandra had started to notice the sound of running water. “Is someone in the shower?” she asked, as she looked into his eyes.”Yeah, Sarah is…” He clearly wanted to add something more to his answer, but somehow lost his tongue. Alexandra kept looking straight into his eyes. For a few second their gazes were fixed upon each other. This time he was the one who averted his face.He had a strange look on his face Alexandra thought. “Is he nervous?” She tried to find out what he was looking at. Raising her head a bit to look past Ivana, she noticed the panties her friend had been wearing the night before. “Could he see them from that angle?” she wondered.He could. “Who was it?” he wondered. When he realized the girls were looking at him, he tried to look elsewhere. But for some reason the panties kept drawing his attention. “Was one of them not wearing underwear, under that blanket?” He felt himself wishing he could look through the cover.She kept looking at Robert as he was staring at their blanket. “Robert? You ok?” Alexandra broke the silence. “It seemed as if he was daydreaming.” She thought. The voice in the back of her head said “Daydreaming about me.””Yeh.” He muttered, with a smile. To resist looking any longer, he turned himseld around.Not much later Alexandra felt the vehicle move again.”I’m getting into the shower.” Ivana announced as she heard Sarah getting out.Her friend’s mom passed the hatch as she went back to her side of the room. Her hair still wet, she put her head through the hatch. “Good morning.” She said to the girls. “Shower is empty.”Ivana had already taken her towel and shampoo. “Not for long.”As Ivana descended the little ladder hanging from their lair, Alexandra could hear the other girls giggle. “Did everyone shower yet?” she asked Sarah.”Nope, only me.” Sarah answered with a smile. “The girls and Robert still need to shower.””Who’s gonne drive then?” Alexandra wanted to know.”I can’t drive this thing.” Sarah laughed. “Robert has had breakfast already. The five of us can go outside and do the same at the next stop. Meanwhile he can take a shower undisturbedly.”The next fifteen minutes Alexandra tried to come up with an excuse to not have to go outside when Robert was going to take a shower. She wanted to see his muscular torso again. “I’m not hungry.” Was the best she could come up with… And she really did want to eat something soon, so she figured it’d better to just join the others. By the time Ivana came out of the shower, Alexandra found the entire idea about trying to stay behind with Robert absurd. “Why would I do that?” she thought to herself.—“Your boobs are in my way.” Joana yammered. “This room is too small for the both of us.”Emilia had thought up the genius idea to shower together. “This way we can wash each other’s hair.” She had said.”Just turn around.” Emilia requested “Let me soap your back.” Joana tried, but there was hardly any room to stand up straight, let alone move. Their naked bodies were pressed together under the stream of refreshing hot water. As Joana tried to turn she accidently landed an elbow into Emilia’s ribs. She felt it but it wasn’t too hard and she managed to mostly suppress her “Umpff!””This isn’t working, one of us has to get out off the shower cabin.” Joana said, using a bottle of shampoo to point where she meant. As she lowered her arm again, the bottle fell out of her hand. Her hands were slippery from the soaping she had just given Emilia. She hadn’t managed to reach every part of her friend’s hot body, but that would have been impossible being crammped up like this. Because they had to share the same spurt of water that came from above, most of the soap could still be found dripping down from Emilia’s body. Making everything even more slippery.”Who’s going to pick that up? I can’t reach ot.” Joana sighed in annoyance.”Me neither.” Emilia laughed. She was having fun. The way Joana rubbed against her. The way her hands had gone over her body. The way the warm water ran in between them. Even the way Joana got frustrated was turning her on.As Joana tried in vain to bent over and pick up the flask, Emilia moved her hips forward, pushing into Joana’s butt. Making sure she would not even get halfway of reaching the floor.”Stop that.” She hissed.”Aw, c’mon. I’m just teasing you.” Emilia said in her sweetest voice. With Joana still being bent over a little bit, Emilia could easily reach a new bottle of shampoo. She squirted some onto the back of her friend’s head. Emilia came to stand up straight again. “Now stand still.” Emilia said in a lovable way. Her hands went into Joana’s hair and started massaging her skull. By the way Joana finally shut up and stopped moving, she could tell her friend was enjoying this. As she moved her hands through the hair of Joana, more bubbles were formed. Emilia made sure none got into the eyes of her partner by gently pulling back her hair. This caused Joana to elevate her face upwards, the stream of water washing away all foam. Curious to see what would happen, Emilia started to raise her knee in between Joana’s legs. No reaction… she continued. While still giving her hair all the attention she wanted. Emilia’s leg had gone as high as it could go. In a soft pace she started to grind her knee on the bottom of Joana’s pussy, she tried to keep the same pace as her hands. Emilia was a bit disappointed that she could not reach her friend’s clit from this angle, but turning her around in this tight room would probably do more harm than good. As her hands were still kneading the skin on Joana’s head, she teasingly whispered. “You still want to get out?”Joana made no response. The only sounds her breathe, the flowing of the water and the muffled noises from the other in the outside of the bathroom.Emilia wondered if Joana could feel her nipples. Knowing Joana wouldn’t answer her if she asked her at this point. She pulled her back a bit, into her boobs. “She must feel me now.””You girls have been there long enough.” It was Sarah’s voice, trying to sound strict. “Alexandra is waiting here for almost half an hour.”Immediately Emilia responded “we’re done.” She got out of the cabin, and took her towel.”We’re not done!” Joana loudly whispered to her friend, to prevent her mom from hearing her. Her voice had traces of anger, disappointment, lust and even guilt in it.”I was getting cold. You took all the water.” Emilia reacted with the most guiltless face. If you saw her like this you would almost feel sorry for her, because the poor girl didn’t get any hot water. She couldn’t retain that face for very long thou and after a grin had taken over, she promised: “I’ll make up to you tonight.” Followed by a wink.To be continued…

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