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Beth Swinton was the assistant director of the large data office of a metropolitan hospital. She was good at her job, and liked it but she longed for more human contact, since her world was a data world mainly. She was the one to lock up every evening and it always afforded her an hour or so of peace and quiet, once the rest of the crew was gone. The office was spacious and Beth had her own office. There was a common room for the team and a conference room. It had a kitchen off of it. The facilities were comfortable. Beth was in her early 40’s; she was still pretty and physically attractive. She wasn’t one to dress in any sexy manner and made sure that her conservative clothes hid her 36c sized breasts. She also had a pretty, well formed ass but it too was well hidden in conservative clothes.

The word went around one day that the hospital was encouraging departments to take on the task of tutoring local students. The hospital was situated in a mixed neighborhood with a large population of African Americans. Beth felt that this was precisely her opportunity to reach out just a little bit. That’s how James came into her life. He was a young man and was struggling with educational as well as life issues. James was very quick to understand people. It was one of his strengths. It was a fact of the relationship that they built together, once Beth began to tutor him, that James was aware of Beth’s secret submissive nature long before that became an issue between them. He even bragged to his friends, who adopted a ‘put up or shut up’ attitude.

The tutoring sessions went fine; they were initially once a week. Beth found James easy going but not quick to apply his natural born abilities to the lessons that they were working on. She coaxed him on, and he was fairly quick to indicate that he’d do the studying, the work for her because he liked her. Beth accepted that on face value and felt it was fine until better motivation for him came along.

The ‘accident’ that started the two of them down a path that Beth certainly never foresaw but James kind of did, occurred as they were struggling with some math items toward the end of one of their sessions. In what appeared to be an accidental move, as they sat next to one another at a table working on the math, the two of them moved at the same time, and in the process James’ hand came in contact with Beth’s right breast. Beth got red and James just laughed. They had adopted a kind of bantering relationship with one another. Beth never felt it was necessary to keep it formally to tutor and pupil. “What’s so funny? It’s only a breast.” Beth said, although she was smiling.

“Funny? I guess not,” said James. “That was the softest thing that I think I’ve ever felt, and it’s a tit; it’s not a breast. Are you high class or something?” Beth decided to play it cool, although she realized that just the accidental touch was causing her to heat up.

She struggled to make sure that it didn’t show. “No, I’m not ‘high class or something,’ Mr,” she said. She really liked the feeling of that fleeting touch. James grinned at Beth and reaching out, touched the side of her breast again. “Ohhhh!” she spluttered this time. “Stop that!” James was grinning and saw that Beth was smiling too. He was sure of himself now.

“Stop what?” James grinned at her.

“Stop touching my . . .”

“Your what?” he shot back at her.

She sighed: “My tit! Stop touching my tit.”

“I bet you even liked it!” he crowed at her. It took her back that he was almost inside of her head realizing that she did like it.

“No . . .I . . .uh . . .I . . .”

He laughed again. “Don’t get so upset, Ms. Virtuous.”

“Then stop touching my tit!” She said, blushing at her use of the word. It made James laugh again.

“Get to work,” she said fairly quietly.

“I will get to work and work hard on one condition.”

“And that is?” Beth countered, looking suspicious.

“You let me touch your tit one more time; no accident, just a real touch.”

She hesitated. He took the hesitation as a positive sign. “Oh . . .I . . .uh . . .okay, but only once!”

James grinned and reaching out his hand placed it on the front of her right tit. Beth sighed now. “Hey, Ms. Swinton, your nipple is getting hard! ” he was crowing again.

“Enough,” she said with a kind of severity. James, knowing full well his plan, backed off, and he did apply himself to the work they were doing. He certainly could if he chose to. Beth was really pleased with their progress. She complimented him on the work he’d done.

In return he gave her a shy smile, he was good at that, and said sincerely: “And you’re pretty.”

“Oh, stop it and go,” she said with mock exasperation.

He went to the door, and smiled back at her saying: “See you next week.”

“Out you!” she said. He left laughing. When he was gone, she simply sat at her desk until she calmed down. She struggled with what happened, and was lost in a kind of a maze between being rational about and just letting it go, and acknowledging the truth of it, which was that she really liked the touch. She also liked, she admitted to herself, his attitude in forcing the last touch of her ‘tit’. She said the word and shivered.

The next week, when James came, they settled down to the math again. She wanted to review his progress. First, however, he simply reached out and put his hand on her right tit. She stopped and got red in the face. She didn’t tell him not to; she didn’t tell him to stop. She just sat there. He was grinning at her.

She got the mock severity in her voice and said: “Are you quite finished playing around, mister?”

Grinning he said: “Yes, for now, but nice tits, Ms. Swinton.”

“Oh, canlı bahis stop it!’ she said to him. “We’re here to work,” and then looking at him she said: “At least some of us are.”

“Okay, Ms. Swinton,” he said, “But if I work hard on this math stuff, then I get to feel them, both of them again.” It was kind of a watershed moment. He hadn’t asked her this time; he’d simply told her what he was going to do, and she accepted it. She realized later that her rational self had been simply overruled by the submissive who liked to be told those kind of things that you must obey. They also established what James thought was an important principle: namely that once they established a certain level of touching, they never went back to an early form of relating. He was arranging to consolidate his gains with this middle aged white woman. And it looked like it was working. He applied himself to the math lesson. She was impressed.

When they came to the end of it, she said with some admiration: “You did very well with that.”

“Thank you, Ms. Swinton,” he said, and then grinning at her, he reached out and put a hand on each of her tits.

“Ohhh,” she wailed. “Don’t!”

“Don’t tell me, ‘don’t,” he said curtly, “We have a deal and you’ve got to keep your end of it.”

“A deal?” she whispered, as he bounced her tits up and down in his hands a little.

“A deal,” he continued, while he was now squeezing her nipples ever so slightly. And he stopped there. It left her panting a bit and kind of hanging there, wishing that he hadn’t stopped.

She kind of shook herself and said to him: “Good work, James, I’m proud of you. Next week we need to look at some grammar rules.”

“Ugh!” James said. “You’ll have to do something special to make that interesting!” he said as a kind of challenge.

“And that would be, Mr. I’m In Charge?” she said mocking him.

By then he was at the door, and she felt a sudden let down. She thought that he was going to . . . Just then he turned and told her: “Next week, after work, take off your bra; I want to see your tits push against your blouse.” It wasn’t a request; he was telling her, and then he was gone. She was breathless. She knew that the work that they were doing was really paying off for him. She was just so lost in this new realm of being told what to do, and complying as if she had no choice. A small voice in her head said: “You don’t have a choice!” Beth shivered.

The week went quickly. She thought about it all the time. She was surprised that she wasn’t having that much of a debate about whether she should be doing this or not. She thought to herself with a bit of humor: “That train has already left!” This was no longer right or wrong for her, if it ever was; this was being in the middle of a game and not knowing what the rules would be the next time that they played. The day of the tutoring session was, seemingly, a long one. But finally they all left and the office was hers. She wore a skirt, whose hem she’d actually taken up a few inches, telling herself that she wanted to be in style. She also had a pair of 4″ heels with her, which she changed into, after the crew was gone. And she wore that day a light white blouse that let her bra show through. She didn’t think anything of it at the time but realized for the rest of the day that with no bra, he’d be able to see everything. Then the words ‘At least everything above,’ raced through her mind. She shivered and went to the ladies. She was actually humming,when she took the blouse out of the waist band of her skirt. Then she took the blouse off and removed her bra, letting her large tits swing free. She looked at them and saw that they sagged only a slight bit. She caught herself thinking that she hoped he liked them. With that she pulled herself up short and forced her mind to go back to thinking about the grammar lesson. “Well,” she said to herself, “I’d better go let him in.” It wasn’t until she was at the door that she realized that she was still naked to the waist. She laughed at herself for being so silly but realized that she was getting turned on by his manner and his demands. With the blouse back on, she went to the door. He was waiting. She was mystified that he said nothing.

James was grinning behind her back, as he walked with her to the room where they studied. He liked the swing of her ass cheeks beneath her short skirt. “Lookin’ foxy, momma,” he said to himself. But he’d decided that he’d play it laid back today.

“Is everything okay, James?” She wondered out loud, when they got to the room.

“Oh, fine,” he said with a smile, “It’s just that grammar is not my cup of tea.” She hesitated then for him to do something but, when he didn’t, she plunged into the grammar lesson. They got into it and he struggled to get it clearly.

She was impressed with how hard he was trying but felt that something was wrong. (There was also a part of her that was disappointed. She knew that the combination of no bra and the white blouse put her nipples on display for him, and he didn’t do anything.” Finally, she said: “James, we’re friends now, tell me what’s wrong.”

He hemmed and hawed a bit and then said quietly: “I just think that I’ve been treating you with less honor than you deserve, you know; I mean the tit and nipple squeezing. I’ve been kind of forcing you to do it, you know.” She was surprised by this from him.

She struggled with it, realizing that she missed his being so bold and forceful. She didn’t know what else to say to him; she simply told him the truth: “No, James, don’t think that; I don’t feel dishonored. Heck, at my age it’s a compliment that a young man finds me worth the effort.”

“Really?” he asked.

“Really,” bahis siteleri she said, “I find it, if you must know, kind of . . .uh . . .nice at times that you take the time to think of me as attractive.” She didn’t know how else to put it. She was relieved, when she saw the grin back on his face. She smiled and said: “Shall we continue with this?”

He grinned his old grin then, knowing he’d won, and reached out grasping her nipples. He had one nipple with each hand. She caught her breath in her throat. “I tried to ignore it but you look gorgeous,” he said to her.

She was breathless, when she said that they needed to finish the lesson. He pulled at her nipples still harder; it brought groans from her throat: “Oh, oh, oh, oh!”

“Nice!” he said. Beth was panting as they began the lesson again. He worked hard again and was able to tackle some of the difficult concepts of punctuation. Every now and then he allowed himself to reach out and grasp her tit or her nipple.

Beth did nothing to prevent him from doing so. “That train has already left the station,” she cautioned herself agin with a kind of smile. But she wasn’t displeased. When they ran out of time, she walked him to the door.

He was just going out the door, when he turned to her. She knew something was coming. She been waiting for it, and realized that she was eager to hear what he had to say. “Next week, Beth,” he said, “No bra, no blouse.”

She whispered in a quiet voice: “Next week, no bra, no blouse.” He grinned and he was gone. She slumped in her chair and quickly raised her skirt to apply her fingers to the crotch of her panties. The panties were light blue nylon bikinis. She discovered that the old style cotton ‘grannies’ were no longer what she wanted to wear on these special days.

Beth struggled with the thought all week. People in the office said that she seemed ‘chirpy’ these days. She hadn’t noticed that but realized that it was true. The day came and she was a furor of emotions. She did her work through the day and dealt with all their people but was fluttering in side. Finally, his time came. She met him at the door; she had taken the time first of all to remove her camisole and bra. The camisole was necessary today, since the blouse was so thin and transparent. It allowed a lacy bra to be seen clearly beneath the camisole but that was merely a fashion statement. Now, with the camisole and the lacy bra off, she was downright sexual.

She smiled at him. As she backed away from the door and went toward the room where they worked together. He was frowning.

“Why? What’s wrong, James?” she cried almost in a panic. “Don’t I look nice for you?”

“Nice, yes, Beth but what were my instructions?”

‘Instructions,’ the very word almost overcame her. She was really in this area of sex and submission that had so long been a dark but sweet fantasy. It made her breathing hard and made the crotch of her yellow panties wet. “Oh, I’m so sorry, James,” she hesitated to say. “I know you ordered me to have no blouse and no bra on; but I thought . . .”

He interrupted her with a bit of cruelty in his voice. Just the tone increased Beth’s sexual panic for the moment. She discovered that she loved the almost terror of it. He was really asserting himself toward her. “You don’t think, Beth; you don’t think, woman,” she whispered with his face directly in front of hers. “You do what you’re told. Isn’t that right.”

Beth was in a full blown panic by now; she was sure that he was going to leave right then. Her hands flew to the buttons on her blouse. She felt clumsy, not elegant at all, certainly not the way she wanted to feel, stripping for him. But the blouse was then unbuttoned and she shrugged it off of her shoulders. She was naked from the waist up for him. She had a hopeful smile on her face.

“That’s my babe,” he cooed to her, as his hands snaked out and caressed her naked tits. “Nice, momma,” he continued to coo to her. “Nice what?” he then inquired.

She loved the words, the almost dirty words; she loved having them said to her and saying them herself: “Nice tits, James? Are they nice, my tits?”

“Perfect,” he said, “That’s what they are.” Then he pinched her nipples; he pinched them hard. He legs quivered; she began to breath hard, and put her hands on his shoulders to steady herself. “You like that, momma? Huh? You like that, Bethie? Do you?”

“Oh, I like that; the pressure . . .oh, I mean the pain; it . . .it just feels so hot.”

James laughed and looked at her in her ecstasy: “Study now, Beth; study.”

They worked on the grammar section of their lessons, and, as in the past, he worked hard. She was pleased. She was sexually thrilled by sitting there with him with her tits out, naked to the waist. He took time periodically to reach out and stroke a tit or pull at a nipple. She made a comment each time he did it; it was her form of encouragement. All too soon they were through. This time she walked him, bare breasted, to the door. He was about to leave but turned to her first. James gathered Beth and kissed her. She was ready for it by now. She waded into the kiss with everything: lips, tongue, teeth, spit! Everything! She sucked on his tongue as though it were a cock. He laughed. “You do that like you know what you’re doing.”

Beth blushed. It was a message that she hoped he’d get from her kiss. Just before leaving he whispered in her ear: “What color panties are you wearing, Beth?”

“Ohhhh,” she breathed, as he pushed their interactions to a new level. “They’re yellow, nylon, bikinis, sir!” The ‘sir’ simply tumbled out of her. “They’re see through,” she whispered.

“Hmmm,” James said. “Sexy, bad girl!” Then he grinned at bahis şirketleri her. She knew something was coming: “Next week, my slutty Beth, . . .” The new name ripped through her and Beth almost came then and there. “Next week,” he continued, “No skirt; you hear?” “Yes, I hear,” Beth said eagerly. “Next week no skirt.”

“You meet me in panties and bra but no skirt; we’ll go from there.”

“Yes,” she said, ” I’ll meet you in panties and bra and we’ll go from there.” He left. She almost scurried to her office, after gathering her blouse and camisole, and played with herself. She knew it would be a long week.

It was for her. She fretted about it. She gave herself constant messages: ‘my tits are nice but what will happen, when he sees me only in my panties?’ Beth was worried. Twice she went through her entire panty drawer to look them all over. In the end, she went to shop and provided herself with two sets of new underwear. One set was a gorgeous pink set. They were light pink nylon with bikinis and a soft bra that hid nothing at all. The other was a red pair that were also nylon but let the color be what was sexy, hiding Beth’s pussy, nipples and ass crack. When the day came, Beth choose the pink set. She wanted to show off to him immediately. She actually enjoyed the day, trying hard not to fret the day away. Almost as if time flew on her, the work day ended and her team left. She was alone in the office again. He was due in a few minutes. She went into her office and, taking a deep breath, took off her blouse, putting it over her chair, and then her skirt. He had said nothing at all about stockings. Beth simply didn’t wear any that day. She never considered otherwise; he had succeeded in bringing to the fore the submissive part of her personality and she was judging things by what he wanted. The obvious difference in their ages meant nothing at this point. She was just hopeful, really hopeful that he would like the way she looked in her new underwear.

She tried to be bold, as she went striding to the office doors. She stood there waiting for him. Her panties were getting wet just waiting. She unlocked the door as she saw him approach. He stepped in with a grin from ear to ear. “Slutty Beth! Lookin’ good! Slutty Beth.” His attitude and the words that he used just did it for her. “Your slut hopes you’re pleased with the way she looks!” “Pleased I am, you sexy, slutty bitch. Now walk around the office for me. Show yourself, girl. Strut and bend over! Let’s see your snatch and ass at work here.” “Yes, sir,” she said clearly and set off to inspect the office. She exaggerated the swing of her hips and ass cheeks. She smiled for him constantly. They ended at the door of the room they used for study. Today they were scheduled to finish the grammar. She looked at him with a question on her face. She sighed and launched herself to him, putting her arms around his neck. Again she captured his tongue in her mouth and sucked on his tongue. “Sucking good, girl!” he said to her. It caused her to smile. Then she whispered to him: “Sir, what shall I wear for our lesson?” “What do you want to wear?” he countered. She looked at him and said: “Whatever you tell me to wear!” “Good girl,” he said, patting her ass. “Let’s have you naked for the lesson today.” “Naked?” she said in a small voice. “Yes, naked,” he said again. Beth stripped herself of her bra and panties, sliding them down past the swell of her thighs and over her ass. She wore only her black 5″ ‘fuck me’ style heels to teach him grammar. The lesson went well. For Beth it was a constant rolling turn on. She was naked, almost totally naked; he was dressed. The contrast said everything she wanted to say about their relationship. She was pleased with him, when they finished, and praised him. He grinned at her: “Maybe slutty Beth should give me a treat for working so hard.” It was what she had hoped to hear. She slid to her knees, looking up at him as she did. She said to him quietly: “May I please, sir?” “May you what? Speak up, bitch; use the words and don’t try to use pretty language.” Now she grinned at him: “May I suck your cock, sir?” She loved the words and what the mere words said about her here and now. “Oh,” he said with mock surprise. “Is a lovely, white gal like you a cock sucker?” “Yes, sir, I certainly am a cock sucker; may I please show you?” “Well, I don’t know if I should or not; for all I know you’ll be asking me to fuck your white pussy next!” “Yes, yes, yes,” she pleaded. “Let me suck your big, black cock and then I’ll bend over and make my white snatch available.” “What a mouth on this woman!” “A mouth that is empty, sir! Please, please!” He liked the way she pleaded. She loved the feeling that the pleading gave her. She knew she was close to getting what she wanted. His hand went out and simply unzipped his pants. “No hands, whore!” he growled. “This whore won’t use her hands sir!” she said with zeal. His cock was out now, and Beth stared at it. She licked the head and then the underside of the head. He kind of moaned at that point. Then she opened her mouth and took in as much as she could. It didn’t all fit at first. She ran her tongue along the underside of the cock in her mouth. He continued to moan a little. Then he took the initiative away from her. He grabbed her by the back of her head and forced more of the prick down her throat. She gagged and he backed off but just for a few seconds, and then he plunged it back again. He did this repeatedly with her. Eventually the cock was in the back of her throat and her nose was touching his pubic hair. “Fucking nice mouth, Ms. Swinton,” he said through clenched teeth. She was drooling around the cock, letting the drool drip down onto her tits and belly. She’d never felt so dirty or alive in her life. She felt the prick in her mouth swell and then he unloaded into her mouth and throat. She struggled to take it all in and most of it went down her throat. She hoped she’d pleased him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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