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Under her deskYou arrive at her office and take the elevator up. She meets you in the hallway. She has on a gray business skirt and blouse that accentuates her curves and boobs. You marvel silently and wish you could reach down and adjust to prepare for your inevitable erection. She greets you professionally, not wanting to display any kind of unprofessional behavior to her co-workers. You follow her to her office. You’re meeting her for a lunch date and this week two of your dating her.You enter her office and she shuts the door behind her, walks past you, and goes to her desk. She sits down and looks at you and, despite her best attempt, she cannot hide her grin. She motions for you and you come over to her side of the desk, thinking she has something funny to show you on her laptop. She places her hand on your shoulder and pushes down. Confused, you drop to one knee and glance at her. She looks down, towards the area under her desk, between her legs, and continues to gently push you down there. You realize what is happening and your blood pressure spikes, your heart beats a thousand times faster, and you cannot believe what is happening. You eagerly crawl under her desk, between her legs. You’re completely hidden — the desk goes all the way to the floor and there is plenty of room for you under there.She scoots her chair forward, and you automatically lower your head and move in to meet her. Her legs are spread to make room for your head. Her panties are still on, and you smell bartın escort her vagina. So fucking good it makes your head swim. She places one hand atop your head and pulls you in, pushes you down. She makes no sound as you bury your nose into her vulva, inhaling deeply to ingest her aroma, her scent. Her lace panties are already moist. Your hands slide up around the outside of her thighs, under her hiked skirt, to find the waistline of her panties. You begin to slide then down, and she imperceptibly lifts her butt and then her thighs to help you get them off. You pull them all the way down and she lifts heeled foot, then the other, and you have them off. You find the gusset and press them to your nose and inhale again, thanking God for what is happening right now. You place the panties around your neck. Then you start in on her in earnest.You pile your face into her woman flesh. You are in heaven and could die right here, right now. You explore her vulva, tasting her, exploring her. Not too fast though — even though you want it all right now. Her mons (mound) and hairs are smushed up under and around your nose, filling your nostrils with the molecules of her juices, creams, scents, and everything else that those hairs capture down there during the course of the day. You move your tongue down to her actual opening. It is wet and sloppy and you have not even gone in yet. You stiffen your tongue and insert it as deep as it will go, cupping your mouth batman escort around her vulva as your tongue enters her vagina. She must be mid-cycle because her taste is exquisite and you can feel the texture of her thick vaginal creams coating your tongue inside her. It tastes wonderful and briefly fantasize about eating it by the spoonful if only she could somehow collect it and save it for you.Her office is empty and the door is closed. You curl your tongue up and backwards, towards yourself, gently hitting her g-spot. She was completely silent until now, but you suddenly feel her quiver a bit and can her a loud breath. Your nose is pressed into her clitoris and you gently rub it back and forth, and she moans a soft sound. Her feet, previously on the ground, arise and come round to rest on the small of your back, her thighs closing in around your ears, sealing off your hearing and locking you into place. Her pussy bulges with pleasure, her flesh, juices, smells, everything. You feel her quiver again. She is having an orgasm. You can feel the quick contractions of her muscles; her thighs around your head, the arches of her feet tensing, and the pulsating of her vaginal walls around your tongue buried deep inside. You keep going and she keeps cumming.After several more seconds of this, you ease up, instincts telling you that she is nearing the end of her orgasm and that further stimulation might might be too much right then. Her thighs relax, her legs escort bayan spread open, and you pull out but keep your face at her entrance. Your tongue comes back into your mouth and, with it, all of her. You can taste her, smell her, so deeply. You take a moment to swirl and swish her thick cream around in your mouth, letting it coat your tongue, teeth, gums, everything, before swallowing everything. Then you go back to her vulva, kissing her so softly, as if it where her other lips you were caressing and tonguing.Minutes pass. Her phone rings. She answers professionally as if everything were normal. You can her her try to begin typing, maybe responding to an email. A knock at her office door. Someone enters and you can her a woman’s voice, and they discuss meaningless job details for a minute. She leaves. You eat. You adjust to get more comfortable. She scoots her hips forward, she’s almost completely off the front edge of her chair now. She cums again. And again. And again. Hours pass. Finally, she scoots back. It’s over. You take her panties from around your neck and have her place her foot through, one, then the other. You slide them up and she takes them on the rest of the way. Her skirt comes back down, she scoots back, and you crawl out. Your face is a wet all over, and there is dried pussy juice and bits of whitish pussy cream on your cheeks and chin. There is a trail of dried pussy juice that runs down your neck and throat.You stand up, and she does too. She grabs your waist and pulls you in close and kisses you passionately. Her big boobs press softly into your chest, her mouth and lips engaging yours, softly, passionately kissing you back as you did to her for the last 4 hours. No words are spoken. You clean up, and she escorts you out.

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