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She was dancing to Joan Jett, her long hair flying around as she played air guitar. She was with some girls that I knew from the local college rock club. Joan Jett finished and she sat down, laughing and taking a deep drink of lager. I watched her from the other side of the dance floor, moving around so I could watch her through the dancing crowd. She looked Asian with a long nose and full mouth and she had a ready smile for her friends. Her hair was straight, black and reached half way down her back. She was wearing a tight vest top with no bra, fitted hipster black leather jeans and cowboy boots. She was slim with small tits but a shapely bum and stood about 5′ 3″. I had never seen anyone as beautiful as her before. I walked across to their table; stopping at the bar to buy a beer so I’d have something to keep my hands occupied, and said hello to the girls I knew. I was greeted warmly by all of them except a girl called Gail. We had recently had a huge argument about religion and she was still looking fairly pissed off with me. The beautiful vision of loveliness was introduced as Tyke. ‘Tyke?’ I queried, smiling and gazing into her big, brown eyes. ‘I was born in Yorkshire but had to move to London to live with relatives when my Mum and Dad divorced. My cousins called me Tyke because of my accent and it sort of stuck,’ she explained. AC/DC came on the sound system and the other girls got up to dance. Tyke stayed at the table. ‘Do you want to dance?’ I asked. ‘No. I’m knackered and a little bit too pissed to be shaking my head around,’ she laughed, ‘ besides, Gail tells me that you’re a pervert and are going to hell so I thought you might be cool to talk to.’ I spluttered a mouth full of beer over the table. Tyke started laughing hard. ‘What the hell has she been saying?’ I asked once I managed to get myself under control. Gail was a born again Christian and I had made the mistake of thinking she might want a discussion on belief. Sadly she didn’t, she wanted to tell me that her beliefs were right and my atheism was wrong. Of bahis siteleri course I couldn’t walk away from the argument and had let my mouth run away with me. Worse yet, I was pissed when I’d had the argument and couldn’t really remember exactly what I’d said! ‘Oh, she said you’re an atheistic sexual deviant with the morals of a cat,’ laughed Tyke. ‘Oh, I thought she had said something bad about me,’ I laughed back. ‘She’s been trying to get me to give my soul to Jesus or something since she met me. My Dad was a Sikh, my Mum was mixed race, half Sikh, half Irish Catholic if you can believe that. My maternal Uncle and Aunt brought me up and they were agnostic. I think she sees me as a challenge,’ Tyke explained. ‘I’m not surprised with that ethnic and religious background,’ I laughed. ‘Yep. I don’t dare tell her that I’m gay as well,’ Tyke said, looking me in the eye. Maybe it was the beer, maybe it was her brown eyes or maybe it’s because I’m me but I went weak at the knees. I leaned across the table and kissed her lips. She responded immediately, holding my face in her hands and kissing me back. ‘Sorry,’ I said when we parted, ‘had to do that. You’re too beautiful not to kiss.’ Tyke laughed and kissed me again. ‘You’re not exactly a dog,’ she said, her smile lighting up her face. We sat together, chatting, kissing and discreetly fondling each other. The other girls, except Gail who stormed out when she saw us kissing, were delighted to see us together. I began to get the feeling we’d been set up by our mutual friends, but didn’t care. After an hour, Tyke dragged me off to the toilet and locked us in a cubicle. We practically jumped into each other’s arms and started kissing. Her hands moved over my body, fondling my tits and darting between my legs to fondle my pussy. I responded in kind, pulling her vest top down and sucking her brown nipples. Tyke grabbed my hair and held my head to her breast, pushing her hand down my top and tweaking my nipple. ‘Can you hurry up in there, I’m busting for the loo,’ said a voice making canlı bahis siteleri us jump. We laughed and straightened ourselves up then walked out of the bathroom. I was so horny I just wanted to take her home and lick her all over. ‘Your place or mine?’ asked Tyke when we got back to our table ‘Come to mine and I’ll make you cum so hard you’ll think you’ve died and gone to heaven,’ I whispered. ‘Oh yes. And what makes you think I’m going to fuck you?’ she laughed. ‘Your hard brown nipple in my mouth and your hand between my legs were my first clue,’ I answered. We said our goodbyes, ignoring the knowing smiles from our friends, and grabbed a taxi back to my place. We held hands in the taxi but did nothing to freak the driver out. As we entered the house we heard music from the living room and the sound of energetic sex. I motioned Tyke to be quiet and led her towards the double doors into the living room. I gently slid the door open to reveal one of my lodgers, Debbie, and a man I’d had never seen before naked on the sheepskin rug. He was flat on his back and she was riding his cock. Her large tits were bouncing up and down and she had one hand on her clit. Her other hand was behind her, fondling his balls. We watched for a minute, the couple totally unaware of us, then I led Tyke upstairs to my attic flat. ‘Does that often happen?’ she whispered as I led the way upstairs. ‘Not really. Everyone else is out tonight and I was supposed to crash in Cathy’s room back at the halls of residence,’ I said. ‘She’s taking advantage of an empty living room because she has the smallest bedroom in the house.’ We fell through the door into my flat and kicked off our shoes. I turned a couple of mood lights on and put Rumours by Fleetwood Mac on the stereo. Tyke excused herself and went into the bathroom while I flopped on the bed, looking at the stars through the skylight. Tyke came back in at the end of ‘Second Hand News’ wearing nothing but a smile. She walked over and knelt beside me on the bed. Her soft, brown body was well canlı bahis toned and she had no pubic hair. Her tits were small and firm with thick brown nipples that became erect at my touch. She pushed me on my back and sat astride me, her glistening pussy just out of reach of my tongue and her thighs holding my arms captive on the bed. ‘Beg little Lucy. Beg for your supper,’ she taunted, pushing her hips towards me. I could smell her sex but couldn’t get my tongue to her. ‘Please let me lick you,’ I begged, looking up into her eyes, ‘Please let me use my tongue to pleasure you. I want to taste you. I want to be inside you and make you cum.’ Tyke grabbed my hair and moved forward so she was sitting on my face. My tongue went straight to her clit and I started to lick her for all I was worth. My hands were free now so I grabbed her buttocks and pulled her closer, forcing her on to my lips and tongue. Tyke put her hands on the headboard and fucked my mouth looking down at me all the time. ‘That’s it. Right there, you little slut. Lick me there. Make me cum,’ she whispered between moans. I slapped her buttocks with my hands, forcing her clit hard on to my tongue. ‘Fuck, yes!’ Tyke cried out. ‘Spank me. Treat me rough.’ I slapped her bum again, harder this time and got the same response. I started slapping her buttocks as hard as I could in the position I was in. Her moaning got louder and louder until she came with a yelp. I felt my mouth fill up as she squirted. I lapped at her pussy like a dog, cleaning her up and causing further jolts of pleasure in her body. Spent, she collapsed on to the bed at my side and I leaned over to kiss her, stopping briefly to nuzzle and suck her nipples. We kissed and hugged until she could breathe properly again. ‘Told you I’d fuck you,’ I said pulling my tee shirt over my head. Tyke pushed me back on the bed and kissed me, her tongue probing my mouth. Our tongues twirled around each other as our hands moved over each other’s bodies. Tyke broke away from me and moved slowly down my body, her hot mouth sucking my nipples one at a time, her teeth gently biting my soft flesh. She reached down and undid my jeans, trying to push them off my hips. They were too tight so she sat up and yanked them off, pulling my panties with them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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