Two Weeks

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Rebecca Jefferson kissed her husband, Dwight. She nuzzled his patchily bearded chin with her nose, her one hand rubbing his flabby chest, and her other the lump in his groin. He may have been well past his prime, but he was all hers. Now if only she could get him to give her another baby.

“Good morning, sexy,” she muttered in the sexiest voice she could muster.

“Hmmm…???” he muttered sleepily.

“How about we work on making that baby?”

“Huhhh…?” he asked briefly before returning to snoring.

Louder this time. “I said…”

Five minutes later, she stepped out of bed, grumbling. Feeling chilly in the late November morning, she threw on her pink robe over the sexy blue baby-doll that had failed her, and tied it taut. Shaking her head as she took one last glance at the snoring man on the bed, she slowly closed the door shut and began quietly shuffling her way to the stairs. At the bottom, she smelled coffee and saw her son, Roman, waiting at the island as soon as she got to the doorway.

He was standing and sipping his coffee with his back to her, wearing his usual tank-top and boxers. As usual, she took a primrose moment to enjoy the thick, rippling muscles of the back, shoulders, glutes, and thighs of her robust young man. Her mind couldn’t help but imagine the muscles being put to vigorous use as he plowed whatever cheerleader of the month he brought to his room. Her imagination only had to provide the visuals, as she had heard the audio track just last afternoon. She could not have imagined that any man, especially after the demands of a rigorous football practice, could beat up a pussy so consistently and for so long. The steady pounding of a headboard laid the rhythm base, the plateaus of the whines and moans of a coed filled the sound, and the loud thwacks and shrill screams punctuated several climaxes.

Being a cool mom, she had always been amenable to his trysts, just as long as he, one, used protection, and, two, his father never found out. With time, at her behest, he had delineated more and more details of his couplings to her rapt, encouraging attention.

Still, he had never done the deed while she was in the house. Yesterday was the first time that the 18-yr old had given her a live recording of just what he had been up to. Later, just before Dwight’s arrival, still sweaty and reeking from the dizzying musk of a good fuck, the boy stood close to her, towering above her. Far too turned on by her son’s sex life, she had tried to defuse the tension with a joke.

“Well, I really enjoyed your recording session.”

Rebecca couldn’t help but shudder as she remembered his answer, delivered with a look that she would never forget.

“Well… good. It was an audition tape I made expressly for you. Did I make the cut?”

Aside from its flirtatious effect, the boys remark referred to his perennial scheme of replacing his father as her breeder. It had started as a jejune comment, sprouted into a recurring inside joke, and eventually a shared fantasy. Yet, while she enjoyed the thrill associated with, for example, the discovery of multiple, nearly bursting used condoms in his trash, she would never take the final step. She was Dwight’s and he was hers.

But that didn’t mean that she couldn’t sample the goods. Glancing once more at the empty stairs to make sure they were alone, she untied her pink robe and walked into the kitchen slowly.

“Good morning sweetie,” she announced.

“Hey mom… oh wow…” the teen began to mutter and gawk at her as soon as he turned around.

Rebecca’s ears pinkened as her eyes looked towards the boy’s boxers and found the rapidly growing bulge she expected.

“Eyes up here, Your Hardness,” she giggled, teasing him.

“S- sorry. You just look really sexy, that’s all.”

“You’re a sweetheart. You don’t look… bad yourself,” she trailed off, her eyes having moved onto his bulging arms.

“Thanks,” the teen muttered as his mother slipped into his embrace, his nose in her red hair. “Mmm… you smell good too.”

“So do you sweetheart…” Rebecca muttered, her forehead pressed against his shapely pectoral. Despite being two decades older, she always felt like a little girl in the arms of the well-built teen. He had slipped his hands into her robe and was luxuriating in sampling the fabric of her baby-doll. She kept her eyes peeled for the stairs; however many ways she rationalized these increasingly frequent embraces, Dwight likely would not agree.

“Is dad coming downstairs?”

“No… he’s still asleep.”

Roman laughed as he looked down at his mother, “Guess it must have been all that baby making sex.”

Rebecca looked up at him and scowled in disapproval, even as she couldn’t help but snort. “Oh ha ha. Don’t be mean to your father. He had a long week.”

“What an idiot…” the boy muttered as the boy stroked and groped the cellulite of her exposed buttocks.

“Roman!” she gasped disapprovingly. Her racing heart felt klasbahis yeni giriş like it would beat out of her chest.

“God… and on the Friday off on a long weekend too.” The teen’s green eyes pierced into hers, “I wouldn’t let my girl out of bed at least until noon.”

“Why not?” the housewife whispered, her heart racing as the boy’s fingers played with her panty straps. Poking out of his boxers, the teen’s fat pussy-spreader throbbed vigorously against her tummy rolls. Despite being inexcusably familiar with the sensation of her son’s fat glans weeping hot precum onto her bellybutton, Rebecca still found her son’s endowment bewildering.

“Because if we’re trying to make a baby, I’m going to make sure we succeed.”

“Oh.. I see… this is about that hare-brained idea of yours.”

“Of ours. You’re just too chicken.”

Rebecca pouted at the boy’s toothy grin and pushed him away.

“You’re too much…” she muttered as she opened the refrigerator.

“What? You know you wanna try me out…” the teen asked as his eyes goggled at his bent over mother’s plump posterior, her robe parted courteously for his viewing pleasure.

“You rascal. We can’t do that.”

“Why not?”

Rebecca put down the last of the ingredients to look at him. “Um, because I’m married to your father, Romeo, and we made a promise to be faithful to one another. Until death do us part?”

The boy’s face hardened and he looked away for a moment, conflicted.

“What?” she asked, surprised by the severity on the teen’s usually jocular face.

He then made eye contact with her again, “What if he didn’t keep up his end of the promise?”

“What do you mean?”

“You know his secretary, Megan?”

“The redhead?”

“Yeah. He’s been… well…”


“Fucking her.”

“Wha-? This isn’t funny, Roman.”

“Unfortunately, I’m not joking.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“I have proof.”

Rebecca studied the pictures on the phone, her eyes wide and her lips pursed as she flipped through what must have been at least 50 pictures. She wasn’t sure how much time passed, but soon she heard Dwight creaking down the stairs.

Dwight neared the bottom of the stairs to find the two redheads both entranced by a phone screen.

“Good morning! What are you guys looking at?”

Ignoring the squeeze in her chest that felt like a heart attack, Rebecca slowly looked up and smiled, “Oh, nothing.”




Roman stood at the door, feeling like he was going crazy. Recently, he had drawn up the courage to finally show the mother he’d longed to fuck for years the evidence of his father’s longstanding infidelity. She had responded with surprising equanimity. She made her usually incredible French toast with love and care, and the remainder of breakfast went accordingly. Afterwards, he got picked up by a friend and left his parents to their day off. When he returned late that night, he found his parents congenial over a delicious dinner his mother had prepared. After his father became smashed from the wine at dinner, she had wordlessly walked him up the stairs and put him in bed with Roman’s help.

As they walked out of the master bedroom, he tried to come on to her as per their ritual. However, she pushed him away and shook her head. Before she walked away, she had only said that she needed to think. He went to bed, but did not sleep much, and even heard his mother sneak back up the stairs and into the bedroom on Saturday morning. His ploy had backfired; his mother now wanted nothing to do with him.

Fortunately, his luck changed after breakfast, when they wished Dwight well on his weekend camping trip.

His mother watched as the car went out of sight before closing all the blinds and locking the door. He would never forget the look in his eyes as she turned to him and said two sentences to him:

“Give me five minutes. Knock and then come into your bedroom.”

Heart pounding and cock throbbing, Roman knocked on the door.

“Come in,” he heard his mother reply.

Roman swung open the door and walked into the room. His eyes went wide.

His mother was on all fours on the bed, her completely naked ass in the air. Gone were the pink robe and slippers she had been sporting so recently. He could hear his heart thud in his ears as his eyes feasted on her uncensored labia, puckered asshole, and shapely buttocks.

“Oh my god… mom?”

Rebecca turned around to look at him, her face horizontal, framed by her loose red hair. She blushed almost immediately. She asked him demurely: “are you just gonna stand there staring all day, or are you come help me make a baby like you offered?”

Roman smiled, shuddering with excitement at her question. He quickly shucked his shorts, revealing his underwear, now bulging with his diamond cutter.

“Fuck yes.”

Rebecca couldn’t help but stare as the teen slowly shed his tight boxers, letting his monstrous klasbahis giriş shaft spring up. His dark T-shirt was ample contrast to the pale shaft, wrapped in tortuous, dark blue veins. The head, a deep, angry purple, throbbed and drooled menacingly in anticipation of its impending task. As he approached her, the boy stroked his hard-on with the bulging muscles of his right arm and the sizeable muscles in his thighs flexed with each step. The handsome, freckled, boyish face of her sweet baby contrasted with the rippling six-pack and throbbing pussy-stretcher of the stud coming to breed her. A deep pit formed in her stomach and she had to look away.

Was she making a mistake? Sure, Dwight had broken his vows to her, but should she? No – fuck Dwight. She had to get even. And she wanted a baby, damn it.

The boy climbed onto the bed as he shucked his T-shirt, almost drooling. Almost by instinct, he traced the pale, smooth skin of the buttocks before him as they tapered down towards a winking butthole and swollen, dark labia. Thanks to his many prior girlfriends, it a familiar preamble to the delectable ritual that followed. However, even though it was flabbier and less defined than what he was accustomed to, this one felt particularly sublime. Certainly, he had never been harder.

“God, you’re beautiful, mom.”

Rebecca didn’t know her face could get this hot. “Umm… thank you, sweetheart… ummm.. I’ve been wond-… umm I mean… oh! What are you doing?”

“Making sure you’re wet…” the boy muttered as he used the flesh of his index finger to gently stroke her already sodden opening.

“That’s… mmm… gossshhhh… there’s lube on the desk… ohhh fuckkk…” she moaned, surprised by the teen’s expert touch.

“More never hurts. Although… doesn’t look like I’ll have to work too hard.”

“Shut up…” Rebecca parried, giving him a light donkey kick, his joke greatly lightening her heavy heart. She said sarcastically, “You’re going to make me change my mind…”

“Sorry… sorry…” the boy chuckled. Both of them knew, however, that he was not wrong. He lubed up his truncheon and placed the head at her outer walls, stroking them before entry. “Ready?”

“Y-yeah… wait! Are you sure you wanna go through with this? There’s no going back you know… what about the ethics of the situation?” She muttered looking back at him with a concerned look he had known for years.

The lad sighed and rolled his in a manner that was equally familiar to her. Heated about the interruption of his upcoming penetration he couldn’t help himself.

“Are you fucking kidding me??? God yes! Fuck ethics – I really really want this. I just need to know you’re good.”

She giggled, “Language…”


She smiled at him, “It’s cute how excited you are.” She looked away again and straightened herself on all fours, staring at the wall as she took a deep breath. “Okay. I’m good. Go ahead.”

The lad wasted no time pushing the glans into her opening, relishing the warm, wet pressure. The partners couldn’t both help but hiss at the contact. The lad continued after the intense feeling subsided. Before long, he felt the resistance rise, causing him to push a little harder. Soon a few inches slipped in until the glans again knocked against another resistance.

“OHH!!!” Rebecca’s left palm instinctively shot out behind her and pressed against the lad’s hard abs.

“Are you okay?” the boy paused.

“Yes, yes… sorry… just surprised. Try again.”

The teen tried again, his head swimming from excitement. He fed his mother the first few inches of his thick erection, relishing her mellifluous moans and whimpers.

Rebecca felt like she could barely breathe. Her pussy was on fire as it stretched to house the largest glans that had ever come knocking. She was glad that she was wetter than she could ever remember, and as the lad slowly massaged her walls, the pressure and discomfort melted into a pleasant warmth that grew stronger and stronger.

The teen licked his lips and his eyes rolled back in his head as his fever-pitched cock was being coiled by warm, tight, and forbidden pussy. Punctuated by the sounds of his groans and her sharp breaths, the pleasure slowly engulfed more and more of his shaft. Soon he felt a quick squeeze that pushed him out, causing a clear froth of fluids to drip down Rebecca’s thigh.

“Oooooh!!!” Rebecca grunted as she fell to the bed, her hips shaking involuntarily. She gulped in air as she felt relief from the intense sensations that had just come before. Soon she felt the warm head of her son’s dong at her clit as he smacked it against her. This caused the paroxysm to return and made her hiss.

“Ssshhh!!! WOW… what… was…that?”

“I donno… girls like it when I do that after they push me out.”

“God… it was kinda like an orgasm… but… I donno…”

“Yeah, maybe…”

“Jesussss… fuck… how those little coeds of yours take this fucking thing I don’t know.”


“Shut klasbahis güvenilirmi up,” she donkey kicked the teen again as he chuckled. She couldn’t help but laugh either.

“Okay, okay…” he lined up the head against her opening once more. “Ready again?”

“Jeez.. yeah I guess… go slow…”

“Yes ma’am…” the boy sighed as he slowly slid back into the warmth of her tightness. The stamina he had cultivated from his precocious experience nearly failed him and he was so close to emptying his painfully swollen balls. What if this were the only time he could partake of this forbidden pleasure? No. He would at least make her come – his bold seduction would be worth it if she kept coming back for more. He squeezed his pelvic floor and reined in his jit with gritted teeth.

While the son did his best to keep the union going, the mother was overwhelmed with sensation. Clutching the bedsheets, her face red against the mattress, she didn’t know how much longer she could take this.

“Fuckkkk… ohhhhh…. ughhhh… I feel… oh! Like a… fucking… virgin again… argghhh…”

The teen had been staring at their union, hypnotized by how his mother’s pink labia clutched his thick pipe every time he withdrew, leaving a trail of white, frothy fluid on the pale shaft. The formidable diamond-cutter would then slowly sink back inside, stopping only when it’d feel a spasm of resistance and hear the accompanying yelp as it bored through. The combination of the sight of her pale moon-shaped ass, the heady smell, her increasingly vulgar talk, and the frequent spasms upon his penis made him finally close his eyes, as the sensation was nearly too much.

“Godd… mommmmm… I can’t…”

“Ughhhhh…. Romann….. ohhhhh… I’mmmmm… uhhhh… OHHHH!!!!” Rebecca’s groans loudened until she screamed.

Roman grunted as his mother began to desperately rut her hips against him, her walls squeezing his over-sensitized schlong relentlessly with each spasm of her intense climax. He could no longer hold back the volume of baby batter that had been simmering in his balls. Just as his screaming mother began spraying him with her own love juices, the first rope jutted out of the teen’s over-sensitized vas deferens, making him throw back his head and roar.


The teen’s lifechanging orgasm shattered his mind, and his gentle thrusts became more bestial as he mated. The painful distension of innards, filtered through an already mind-bending orgasm, wracked the housewife’s body in spasm after spasm, making her scream shrill murder with each one. The teen’s grunts eventually turned into whimpers as the pleasurable ropes of jizm would not cease spurting out from his yawning piss-hole. On and on it went, with the desperate fornication slowing only gradually until it collapsed in a heap.

The spasming vagina finally evicted its ferocious invader, the now stretched-out hole oozing the frothy result of its recent fucking. Roman’s spear, covered bulb to a few inches above the base in same white fluid, still throbbed at full size, even as its tip still spurted the final ebbs of its climax. As is customary for lads his age, he was ready to fuck again.

The housewife rolled to her side in a fetal position as the surfeit seed slowly trickled out her and onto the inside of her thighs. The teen’s mind desperately tried to capture the erotic scene. She still panted into the pillow, but as the adrenergic drive cooled, tears began to well in her eyes. She could only mutter one sentence.

“I want to be alone right now.”




Rebecca woke up when she felt the morning light in her eyes. She reached over to her husband’s side before realizing he was still gone for the weekend. Then, she remembered the pictures of his infidelity, and what he had done. Then, as she sat up, she then noticed the soreness in her core, and remembered what she had done. Feeling a deep pang of guilt, she couldn’t help but ring him.

“Hello?” Dwight replied over a fuzzy connection. There was the sound of laughter from a group of guys.

“Good morning, honey.”

“Good morning, babe… so… what’s up?”

“I… nothing. I just wanted to hear your voice.”

“Sweetie, if it’s nothing important, then I better get back to it. I’ll see you later today?”

Rebecca pressed her palm to the phone as she couldn’t help but croak out a deep sob. Weakly, she muttered, “Okay, hon. I lov-. Goodbye.”

“Wait, babe are you okay?”

“Yeah.” Rebecca intoned coldly as she ended the call and threw the phone aside. Suddenly, she heard her door knocking. She wiped away her tears and sat up.

“Come in.”

“Good morning, mom,” the boy opened the door and, garbed in his usual boxers and shirt, walked in with a tray.

“What is this?”


Rebecca couldn’t stop laughing as she looked at the shoddily cooked meal.

“What? You didn’t say a word to me for the rest of the day – I was worried that… I donno,” the boy shrugged as he set the tray on the table beside her, sitting down on the bed beside her.

Her heart ached as the lad’s face fell a bit. She touched his face with the palm of her left hand, her pink nails lightly stroking his fine, red beard.

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