Two Strangers Ch. 02

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” Patti………Listen up and don’t say a word until I’ve finished…..” She looked up at me, her hand paused halfway to her mouth, a forkful of omelet dangling between us………” I know we only met last night and barely know each other, but I’ve got a weeks vacation starting today……..I’m going up to a cabin a coupla hundred miles from here, just me and the snow and solitude…………I was wondering………..”

She reached across the table and covered my hand with hers, squeezing gently………..”Sshhh……” she whispered, ” I’d love to come with you”. My heart flipped when she said that.

“Are you sure? Haven’t you got work, or someone you need to be with?”

“My husband is working away for a week or so. And my Mom would love to look after my daughter for a few days. I could use a little vacation with a friendly guy.” I felt like a kid on a first date………….I sat there watching her finish her omelet………I was actually gonna spend some time with her. As soon as we’d finished breakfast, I paid the check. I offered her my arm as she stood but she slipped her hand into mine as we walked out to my car. We talked nonstop as she gave me directions to her place. All too soon we arrived, ” Pick me up in an hour” she told me.

“Patti………thanks, I’ll try and make this a good break for you”

“I need a break Garry, and you’re a nice guy and a good listener…….there’s something about you that makes me trust you……I want to spend some time getting to know you” She leaned across to me, intending to give me a little kiss……as our lips touched though she moaned softly, her hand reaching around and stroking my neck as we kissed gently, tentative tongues reaching out, yet slowly building the intensity until we were almost trying to wear each others face……………”Wow!” she said.

“Double Wow……” I answered, smiling…………

I watched as she went in, a huge grin on my face. I headed back to the motel to get my things and settle my bill, taking a quick shower before I checked out. I found a grocery store and picked up some basic provisions, smiling to myself as I bought enough for two. What had been intended to be almost a solitary retreat to recharge my batteries was now going to be hopefully the best week of my life.

I was 10 minutes early as I rang the bell at Patti’s…..I’d been sat in the car for 5 minutes but couldn’t wait any longer. She opened the door looking great in jeans and a shirt………”All set” I asked?”

“I don’t have to be back for 6 whole days……………think canlı bahis you can stand to be with me for that long?” she said teasingly…………..She locked the door and we got in the car. “Jennifer thinks I’m crazy going away with a stranger” she said, “I just think she’s jealous…….did you know she wanted you too?”

My mind whirled……….if Jennifer wanted me “too” then that must mean that Patti wanted me! “Ok” said Patti, “I’ll navigate”. We set off, Patti giving me directions as we left the city and headed on up into the hills. Almost immediately, I felt her hand resting on my thigh as we drove, talking, laughing………..

It was just after midday when we left, and though it wasn’t searingly hot, the sun still blazed down on us. We passed the time learning about each other, our families, our past relationships. It was amazing how much we had in common. I had to really concentrate on the road; the gentle squeezes of her hand combined with the hypnotic lilt of her voice mesmerised me, and several times I found myself drifting under her spell.

“We’ll be passing through a small township in a few minutes……mind if we make a bathroom stop?” I spotted a gas station and pulled in, Patti leaning over and giving me a soft kiss on the lips ……….my heart leapt as I felt her hand brush against my crotch as she got out of the car, smiling back at me teasingly.

As I sat there waiting for her my mind raced – how had I gotten so lucky? How could two strangers be this comfortable together? I decided right there that I’d make this a helluva break for her……..after that who knew?

She climbed back in the car, noticing me looking as the seat of her jeans stretched tight against her ass. “Like what you see?” she teased……….

“Damn right” I answered. She’d picked up a coupla cans of coke in the store and opened one for me. As I reached out to take it she pushed my hand away, raising it to my lips for me to drink, my cheek burning as the backs of her fingers brushed my skin……..

Shortly after, we pulled off the road, following a dirt track along the edge of the woods. Still no snow but it was definitely a lot colder, and the sun was nowhere to be seen……..hopefully those were snow clouds up there. I’d dreamt of walking in the snow with Patti, playfully snowballing each other, rolling in the snow together………….still, we had all week for it to snow………

Around 10 minutes into the woods we saw the cabin……….from the outside it looked like something settlers bahis siteleri would have built in the 1800’s, but larger. Smoke was coming from the chimney…….maybe this was the wrong one? “This is definitely the address your friend gave you” Patti said, “let’s go ask” We got out of the car and headed up the wooden steps to the porch……there was a note tacked to the door.


“Steve your old Airforce buddy?” she asked.

“Yeah, he must have come up earlier and done this…….c’mon lets take a look inside”

I took out the key Steve had lent me and opened the door. Patti held my hand as we walked inside. It was much as I expected……..just like all the log cabins you see in the movies. A roaring log fire was blazing at the far end of the room, a large furry rug in front of it. Two large couches dominated the room, both with deep soft throw cushions. In the corner was a state of the art music system…..a small bar nestled in the corner of the room. “No TV” said Patti………..”what will we do for 6 days?” She turned to me and smiled as I took her in my arms and kissed her deeply.

“I reckon we can think of something” I replied teasingly.

I slipped my arm around her waist as we continued exploring our home for the next 6 days. There was a small but functional kitchen, and a bathroom with a large tub and separate shower. That left just one door……………..”Looks like there’s only one bedroom Patti”………..

“Well the couch looks comfy Garry…….I’m sure you’ll be alright on there!” I looked at her shocked……this wasn’t what I had been expecting! Patti just kept looking at me……then burst out laughing……….”You should see the look on your face! Don’t panic lover………you’re in with me!” She laughed again as a big grin creased my face……..”Guess you’re pretty pleased you’re not on the couch then!”

It was around 5 by the time we’d finished unpacking and unloading the provisions…..not that we needed them…..Steve had left enough food to feed a small army. “Wanna take a walk?” I asked……………we put on coats to ward off the early evening chill, threw a couple of logs onto the fire and left. The view was amazing; tall trees lined the edge of the wood around 100 feet from the cabin, almost but not quite obscuring the view a decent-sized mountain. We didn’t stray too far, finally finding a clearing, still in sight of the cabin, where we sat on an upturned log bahis şirketleri and told each other of our wants and fears.

It was getting dark by the time we made our way back, both looking heavenward trying to spot a shooting star, but the sky was still cloudy……..

I held the door open for Patti, and she headed for the couch near the fire. Throwing off her coat, she kicked off her boots and curled up into the deep cushions. I stood there looking down at her………..she looked so contented, all trace of last nights tiredness gone. I turned away, taking off my coat and shoes, heading to the music system. Soon the smooth soulful voice of Marvin Gaye filled the room.

I went to sit beside her, but she stretched out on the couch, opening her arms to me. As I lay beside her she kissed me softly, looking deep into my eyes……”thank you Garry”……..

“What for?” I asked.

“For this……for bringing me here……for being a good listener, a friend…….” she paused……….”and my new lover…………” she finished, kissing me again, her hand curling round my neck and running her fingers through my hair.

I was in heaven…..the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen lying next to me, kissing me passionately. Her tongue slipped between my lips, curling around mine before gently sucking my tongue into her mouth. I could feel myself getting hard and instinctively pulled away from her slightly, not wanting to spoil things……..Patti felt me easing away and threw her leg over mine, pulling me back to her until our crotches were grinding frantically together.

All too soon she broke our kiss……..”Wow! she said breathlessly, our hips still dancing together but more slowly now.

“Feel like an early night?” I asked.

“Damn right” she replied……”but give me some time will you? I want our first time to be special – I want to get ready for you”

She climbed over me, and I pulled her on top of me as she passed, kissing her…….”easy tiger” she whispered and headed for the bathroom. I sat there listening to Marvin telling the world all about “Sexual Healing”………..I know that feeling Marvin………..and I hoped that tonight I’d get to experience a little sexual healing of my own……..

The shower stopped and Patti headed for the bedroom, wearing a robe…… “I’ll call you when I’m ready” she said over her shoulder.

“Hang on babe…..I’ve poured you a drink!” She kept the bedroom door closed, just an arm reaching out to take her wine……

I decided a shower would feel good after our long day, and stood there idly daydreaming as I soaped myself. I snapped awake suddenly hearing her invitation…….”OK Garry, you can come in now……….” I quickly dried off, wrapping a towel around my waist.

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