Two Heads Are Better Than One

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Two Heads Are Better Than OneThe crackle of the rusted intercom interrupted my day dreams as the secretary, a frigid old hag, summoned me to the front office. I let out a sigh and I grabbed my books, feeling the hot stares from my classmates as I got out of my seat and left the room. What did I do now? I thought to myself. I hadn’t mouthed off to anyone in ages and Mr. Grizwell ‘forgave’ me for telling him to fuck himself if he was long enough. Or so I thought. I sat down on the uncomfortably hideous chairs in the main office and waited until the secretary told me to go into Mr. Flare’s office. Dragging along my pregnant bag, I knocked softly on the door and awaited the muffled, “Come in” that granted my entrance. The door squealed as I pushed it open and shut it immediately after entering. “Have a seat.” Commanded Mr. Grizwell. I sat quietly, but my mind was buzzing. Okay, what the hell is going on here?I asked myself. “Miss Ashley, it has come to our attention that you currently have an F and six tardies.” Mr. Flare began. I rolled my eyes at sat back some, relaxing my shoulders. That’s what this is about? “Yeah,” I breathed out, “so?” “So, do you realize thats grounds for a demerit?” he asked almanbahis yeni giriş me. I nodded and shrugged. Good, whatever it took to get me out of this hell. I’d failed last year, making me the only 19 year old in the senior year. The two exchanged side long glances and Mr. Grizwell stood up. Upon first glance, you could tell he had an erection. “Miss Ashley, eyes up here.” He boomed in his usual dominant tone. I glanced up and swallowed hard. He grabbed himself through his jeans and walked over to me, rubbing himself casually on my shoulder. A cold sweat broke on my arched back, making me feel like vomiting. “What the hell is going on here?” I asked them. A look of deviance passed on their aged faces. “We’re teaching you a lesson.” Mr. Flare said as he stood up and dropped his trousers. Mr. Grizwell did the same. I gulped as Mr. Flare stood in front of me, his dick floating only inches from my face. Mr. Grizwell’s standing at attention and rubbing my arm. “Remove your uniform.” Mr. Grizwell demanded as Mr. Flare placed my hand on his swollen dick. I could feel myself getting wet and I considered the possibility of me fucking these two old men. Mr. Grizwell had almanbahis giriş just went through a divorce and Mr. Flare still lived with his mother. A wave of pity passed through me and I tugged off my skirt, leaving my socks and panties on. “Shirt too.” They said in unison. I removed my collared shirt and bra, my nipples growing hard because of the change in temperature. Mr. Flare put his cock in my mouth and I automatically wrapped my hand around Mr. Grizwell’s dick. They were warm to the touch and my pussy was growing wetter by the minute. Soft moans of pleasure escaped each of their mouths and I spent a few minutes sucking each until Mr. Flare came all over my arm. HIs erection still stood tall, though and he led me to his desk, bending me over it. Mr. Grizwell followed and stuck his big cock in my mouth as Mr. Flare slowly entered my cunt.”Mmmh, you’re so tight.” He groaned and rammed into me faster. Loud moans left my mouth and entered Mr. Grizwells cock. My tits bounced around frantically and Mr. Grizwell groped at them furiously, leaving bruises where his fingers went. This only coaxed another breathy moan from my bosom and he walked over to where Mr. Flare was and almanbahis güvenilirmi pushed him away lightly, laying himself on the desk and pulling me on top of himself. He slid all the way home and streached me out. His ex wife was crazy! With a cock like that, I’d be pleased forever. Moans and groans left his body and Mr. Flare had me spit on his cock. He rubbed it around and walked behind me. Oh, no. I thought as he touched the tip of his cock to my asshole. A searing pain tore through my body as he rammed his cock all the way in. Tears streamed down my cheeks as he spat on my ass and pushed in and out. Then, it started to feel miraculous, having both of their hung cocks in me. Mr. Grizwell’s breaths quickened and I knew he was about to come. A sense of joy flew through me as he let out a choked scream and filled me with his juices, Mr. Flare soon followed. We lay there, a sweaty mess on bodies regaining our composure for a few minutes until Mr. Flare stood up and tossed me my clothes. “Get dressed. And don’t let it happen again!” He yelled. A smile broke out across his face as Mr. Grizwell got up from under me and cleared his throat, “Well, Miss Ashley, was it big enough?” He asked, smirking. I blushed and pulled on my clothes, dreading standing up. Pain shot through my body as I walked back to class with their come dripping down my legs. I’ll never know if I got that demerit, but every time I get a tardy, I pay a visit to Mr. Grizwell and Mr. Flare for a lesson.

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