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Two-ferThe electric razor was loud, but it was soft against my skin and Justin was an expert at shaving. He ran it across my nipples. Gently. Back and forth. The vibrations, the cool steel against my nipple, Ronald’s soft warm tongue working in and out and around my mouth was making my cock throb. Justin shut the razor off. “You okay?” Ronald stopped kissing me. I turned toward Justin and nodded. He started the razor again and began shaving my left nipple.I was sitting in a leather covered chair in a hotel room somewhere in New Hampshire. Naked and with my legs spread so Justin could shave me. We’d been drinking and smoking weed and I was as relaxed as I’ve ever been, And horny. How I got here, well it was a bit of a blur. I’d been skiing all day and I was relaxing at the bar with a rum and coke when the two of them approached me. They were very forthcoming. They told me that they’d been watching me from across the room and that they agreed that I was an unusually sexy man. They wondered if I’d ever made love with two men at the same time. I should stop here and tell you that they were sexy men also. Ronald was an athletic blond with broad shoulders and green eyes, Justin a thin brunette with a good sized bulge in his skin tight corduroys. Ronald kissed and licked my ear, then worked his way down my neck while Justing finished my nipple and began shaving my balls. He gently squeezed them, tightening the skin to allow the closest shave possible. Ronald kissed his way to my nipple and began running his tongue over and around it. I was throbbing. Justin moaned a little and licked the end of my penis. “You’re dripping sweetheart.” I was thinking he was lucky I hadn’t cum yet! Once Justin had finished my shave, he left a cute little tuft of hair just above my penis, he asked me to lay on the bed and raise my legs above my head. With my ass exposed he deftly shaved all around my sphincter and my ass, turned off the razor, and went into the bathroom. Ronald and I continued kissing.”Come in here boys, let’s clean Rick out good and take a shower.” batman escort Ronald stood beside the bed, took my hand and led me to the bathroom. Justin had laid a towel on the floor and stood next to it with an enema bottle in hand. Three more sat on the counter next to the sink. Justin asked, “Will you be more comfortable on your back or your knees?” “Knees I think,” I replied, and got down on the towel and spread my ass. Justin slipped the enema in. The plastic was cold for a second, but the fluid streaming into me was warm. It felt fantastic. I lay my head on my hands and waited. One of the two was caressing and kissing my back. It didn’t take long for the full feeling in my bowels to turn into urgency and I stood and jumped on the toilet. We did the other three enemas, each time the stream into the toilet became clearer and clearer. After I emptied for the last time, Justin turned on the shower and we climbed in together.In hadn’t yet kissed Justin so I faced him and stroked his cock and balls with both hands. You’ll remember that I mentioned his bulge? Well let me tell you, that bulge didn’t do justice to the actual size of his penis. It was think and long, maybe 10 inches, and his nutsack was huge and hung low. He could kiss too, much like Ronald. While Justin and I kissed and stroked each other, Ronald caressed my shoulders and rubbed his hard cock against my ass crack and between my legs. Ronald wasn’t small either, just a little shorter and a little thinner than Justin, but Ronald’s head was much more pronounced. I turned a little toward Ronald and starting stroking him with my right hand. Just as I thought we might finished each other off in the shower, we stopped. We got out and dried off and Ronald led me by the hand back to the bedroom.We stood next to the bed. Ronald dropped to his knees, took my cock in his mouth and began sucking. Justin kissed me some more and played with my nipples, alternating between his fingers and his lips and tongue. Ronald was very careful not to let bingöl escort me come, I don’t know how he managed that. My cock was throbbing hard, I wanted him to finish me off so badly. He pulled away, looked up at me and asked “I’d like you to cum in my mouth.” I nodded. He went back at it, slowly taking my head between his lips and rolling his tongue along the underside of my shaft. Justin came up from my nipple and began kissing me. Harder this time, deeper. He pulled gently at my nipples with his fingers. Ronald wrapped his hand around the base of my penis and began working me in and out of his mouth a little faster. I’d had enough, I was over the edge. My cock stiffened, Ronald moaned and took me deeper and I spilled into his beautiful mouth. He didn’t gaga, didn’t hesitate. He kept sucking and licking as if he were eating ice cream.Exhausted and sweating, I relaxed a bit while Ronald finished up. He stood, took my hand and motioned toward the bed. I climbed aboard. They directed me to my knees. Justin took a tune of KY from his suitcase. Ronald kneeled on the bed in front of me. “Will you swallow me?” I nodded. He was hard. Gently holding my head, he pushed his hips forward, his cock beside my cheek. He turned and slapped it against me a few times, then put it against my lips. I parted them and he slid it into my mouth. I was eager to taste him and he tasted wonderful. His cock was beautifully soft on the outside and wonderfully hard on the inside. He gently moved it in and out of my mouth, but I wasn’t content to let him do all the work and I began sucking.In the meantime, Justin was lubing my ass with the KY and his cock I hoped! It was going to have to be very slippery to push inside me, I’d never had one that big. I felt his hands on my back and his cock pressing against my sphincter. He was so gentle, working against me slowly, pushing a little harder each time. I relaxed, and relaxed more every time his head pressed in to me. Soon he was starting to make it inside. My sphincter began bitlis escort to hurt a little as more and more of him managed to push in. I accepted the pain, I wanted him inside me. I relaxed more, focused on Ronald’s sweet meat. Suddenly Justin gave a gentle push and breached my sphincter muscle. His head pushed inside me and his shaft followed. I gasped and stopped sucking Ronald’s cock. I nearly passed out, my head fell toward the bed. I’d never felt as full. Justin stopped with it inside me and waited. “You okay?” I took a breath and nodded. “Yes, go ahead and fuck me baby, go ahead and fuck.”I took a deep breath, or maybe it was another gasp, as Justin pulled back quickly. Not enough to come out of me, but almost. He paused again, and then slowly pushed his way back in. This guy knew what he was doing. He continued, out quickly, back in slowly. He developed a rhythm, and that let me join in, rocking toward him as he pushed in and away from him as he pulled out. He came all the way out a few times, quickly and surprisingly, and it felt sweet. It felt sweet as he pushed back inside me too. I had all I could do to return to work on Ronald’s cock, but I had promised. So there we were, sweating, moaning, rocking. The bed was making a racket and my head was spinning. Justin came first, his cock stiffened inside me, his hips jerked and he thrust as deep as he could. I felt the warm juice streaming into me as he moaned and jerked. Ronald wasn’t quite there yet, so I bore down a little, alternating deep throats with some glans work while I stroked his shaft. It didn’t take long, maybe because he’d watched Justin come. Ronald stiffened, he began moaning and his cock came to life in my mouth, a huge warm load down my throat, across my tongue and spilling down my chin. I swallowed what I could and sucked until he placed his hands on my cheeks and lifted my head. He kissed me and licked the cum from my chin. Justin pulled out of me and collapsed on the bed. I fell into Ronald’s arms and we lay together. Ronald fell asleep. After a few minutes, Justin raised himself and lay with us. Justin and I kissed gently and caressed each other. Soon I felt Justin’s cock begin to get hard again. I looked at him and he asked if I could take another fucking. I nodded and kissed him. As I rolled toward Justin, Ronald turned away and snored.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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